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Giving Week nmgreen @nmgreen57🔁 giving away the $45 infernal shotgun rt and follow, rolling in a week
Harrison Barnes @hbarnes🔁Great time this week celebrating the season of giving with a holiday dinner, gifts and a court unveiling at the Boys and Girls Club of Oak Cliff. Such a great group of kids. A special thank you to all of the staff and our sponsors who helped make this event possible!
Robert Hutton @RobDotHutton🔁If the government couldn't win tonight's vote, having gone a lot of the way towards giving the rebels what they wante d, I don't see how they win next week on writing Brexit date onto the bill.
Herts Police @HertsPolice🔁This is the last known CCTV footage of 15-year-old Jacob Abraham who was fatally stabbed in exactly one week ago. He can be seen buying bread, which he then took home. He made sandwiches with his mother before giving them to homeless people. Please RT our appeal.
Feelo @Feelouu🔁Get hyped!

This week we are giving away THREE Ironside mice! Just like & retweet to enter. Winner announced December 21st. Good luck!

Richard Parayno @richardPARAYNO_🔁Really tho, since when did school and learning become all about giving students so much to do in so little time to the point that they literally don’t sleep for almost a week? :-)
*Fitiong* @fitiong95🔁Health Total TREAT OF THE WEEK! We are giving away ‘DIP-Baked Methi Chips’ to 2 lucky winners. Participate in 3 steps-
1- &
2- Tell us what your favourite health food is in the comments below
3- Tag your friends & get them to join in
ends on Friday Dec 15!
Toni Stevenson @tonisib🔁Don't know why when I was watching him talk to the attorney and he asked what he was im rehab for, when he said hero in, I about fell over. 30 days, you're just getting started. And wjo was giving him 10k a week to get it? All very puzzling, especially all the families' enabling
John Orzol @J_Orzol🔁Here’s a fun idea - create a PlayTape holiday village and take tiny cars on a trip to marvel at the incredible illuminations! We’re giving away 10 free rolls of every week until Dec. 25. RT and follow for a chance to win. Open to US shipping addresses only.
Alyssa @alyssa_4899🔁 Man who couldn't spell the word, "neutrality" a week ago now giving out expert Net Neutrality advice.
Binks @WassightLouie🔁This week we'll be giving away 4 FREE copies of Final Days as part of 's Q&A raffle! 🎁
We'll be posting quiz questions at 11am EST / 4pm UTC. Be sure to answer, retweet, and follow for your chance to win! 🎉

✌️ @simplyy_kaycee_🔁My boss is giving me 12 hour shifts 5 days out of the week now since I'm out of school 😭😭
Nikolai Riazantsev @friendmoscow🔁Hi! We are sending the NEW Jet200 Lime paddles for FREE!
We will be giving the total of 7 paddles, one per week.
All you have to do is share a video or picture of your UnPlugNPlay party with your family, friends, or coworkers. Please DM us here for more info.
Good luck! 😄🏓
Dunder 〽️ilflin @Affrightful🔁So this girl I volunteer with showed me this video last week of her leg giving out during a HS dive competition and I now watch regularly when i need a laugh
Leah Rose Kessler @leahrosekessler🔁I dreamed last week I was hanging out with Mary and Paul and they kept giving me plantains and I didn't know what to do with all the plantains! It was terrible!
dexter morgan @zachnava2🔁🎅🏽 is here early! Giving away a game worn Desmond Trufant glove from Week 1 in Chicago tomorrow (FRIDAY)!

To win:

1. RT this


2. Follow AtlantaFalconsFanatics on Instagram (link below)

~~Mame~~ @PatrickMame🔁Giving away 4 litecoins to 3 people next week..just have to retweet and follow..and tell what will u do with it :)
BHADRA @Bhadra_Ale🔁Happy to announce that we’re partnering with to celebrate the holiday season by GIVING AWAY 10,000 PINK!

To enter, RT and subscribe to

Winner will be announced later this week!

Devan Neubauer @HookEmDevo🔁1 week till I’m officially a Hawkeye ‼️🗣 Dreams turning into a reality and it’s amazing to see everything unfold . Thank God for everything he’s giving me 💯😈 3️⃣1️⃣7️⃣➡️3️⃣1️⃣9️⃣🐥🐤
Ghana Music Review @GhMusicReview🔁As a thank you to the many fans buying on we will be giving away a special prize to one of you every week until the new year!

Dr. Jacqueline Lang @Dr_J_Lang🔁This week, we provided food for another month for both Kathmandu Rohingya refugee camps. Our team are now researching water filters for all the families. If you wish to give to this project, click here:
minty @mint_seato🔁NEW CONTEST!! Un-Wine'd is celebrating the holidays by giving you a chance to win Six classic tastings to King Family Vineyard! Just RETWEET this to be entered in a drawing for Six classic tastings from King Family Vineyard! The WINNER will be announced next week!
TooMuchStick @much_stick🔁 If I lose more than 1 slate for the rest of this week I’m giving away $1,000
JanMichealVincents @GuyL_🔁The only thing giving me life after a shitty week
LiveBarn @LiveBarn🔁We're in a giving mood: a bonus Game of the Week! 19U knock off top-ranked in the Windy City Girls Elite Championship from
karina👸🏽 @kvela0783🔁This week we will be giving away 2 shirts of your must rt, and like t choice.You his picture and also must be following . Entry’s end Tuesday 12/19


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