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Girardi Josh Wolfe @wolfejosh🔁Figured it out!
@MichaelAvenatti =

Joe Girardi
Wentworth Miller
(Scofield of Prisom Break)

Devan @dcapp1996🔁 Brad Marchand just flipped Girardi to the moon.
Girardi Saara Leon @saara_leon🔁Dan Girardi — Lightning at Bruins postgame interview
Young & The Restless @YRInsider🔁Exciting News! Welcome Back Erika Girardi! @erikajayne #YR
#GoBolts @TBLightning🔁He redirects the puck in the slot for his fourth of the playoffs and second of the game. Hedman and Girardi with the assists.

2-0 !!

#GoBolts @TBLightning🔁Backes crushes Girardi into the boards and Paquette takes exception and the two go after each other.

Backes gets the fighting major and two for boarding, Paquette hit with the fighting major, two for instigating, and a 10-minute misconduct.

◇Il Padrino◇ @SanitySane123🔁Cedric Paquette and David Backes droping the gloves! Paquette didn't like Backes boarding Dan Girardi. Paquette sticking up for his teammate. not intimated one bit by
Tampa Bay leading 3-1 after 2.
🍹 PartyWill 🍹 @SoapSudsFanClub🔁Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Erika Girardi is returning to Y&R as realtor Farrah Dubose on Monday, June 4 and Wednesday, June 6!
FrogBruin/MTL33 @HockeyChik33🔁Marchand with the puck gets slashed on the glove by Johnson then later punched in the face by Girardi. No call. Of course. We don't want the refs to decide games. But not making calls is deciding the game.
Elaine ⚾️💙 @BYankeeFF🔁@eboland11 I don’t think Girardi would have let him pitch the 9th
#AHornyHornqvist @MagicFingers420🔁@LukeAdomanis Blows mine too I love the girardi McDonah third pairing what a waste
Crystal Metheny @iconickbitch🔁Erika Jayne, Girardi or whatever she calls herself this week is a horrible person. A fake, phony, disingeniuous, snotty, bratty bitch with no sense of humor and zero personality or charisma at all.
Luke Adomanis @LukeAdomanis🔁They ended the season terribly. Stamkos had like 1 goal in the last 19 games or something. Blows my mind they tainted that team with Girardi.
Sophie28 @Sophie281032116🔁 We're so excited for this, @erikajayne and @eileen_davidson! 🥂

Steven David 🏒🥅 @Garts2point2🔁@RangerRichLI It think its dangerous. Girardi comes down the wrong way and he’s paralyzed
Sabrina @Sabrinaa733🔁 its almost like Rick Nash knew Girardi would mess up. Can't imagine where he'd have learned that.
Jeff Bluhm @jjbluhm🔁 Exciting News! Welcome Back Erika Girardi! @erikajayne #YR
Elvis Moomgwambi @ElvisMoomgwambi🔁@HockeyHangout Look like Girardi trip over his beak
HalfDeafGuy⚾️ @nick_serrone🔁@vicdibitetto A Yankee pitcher actually threw a complete game! Would not have happened under Girardi.
Justin Rodgers @kaijuslayer77🔁If this gets 1,000 RT’s AND the Tampa Bay Lightning Win the Stanley Cup, I’ll get a tattoo of Dan Girardi hoisting the Cup somewhere on my body.

Why? Because I hate myself. Game on.

Clayton Cragan @DonatoWatch🔁@bigbadbruins73 But I have Girardi with Donato. Only change I'd make
Mouce @Mouce_5🔁Figured it out!

Joe Girardi
Wentworth Miller
(Scofield of Prisom Break)

Dave Girardi @girardi_dave🔁A true leader
ashley light @ashnicole1316🔁. defenseman Dan Girardi says the plan for Game 3 was for the Bolts to create their own energy and take the crowd out of the game a bit.
Lauren LO @LaurenLO113🔁Girardi would’ve never let anyone throw a complete game.
Data.Slut @wintermute0101🔁Fuck it. Just Girardi + A-Rod works
samantha @newportliving🔁ever since I changed my header picture to joe girardi we’ve been dubbed the “best team in baseball” so i am NEVER CHANGING IT
Bethy @BethyBarry🔁@wiz9978 @NHL He charged from the blue line. Just because Girardi isn’t a baby and didn’t sell it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a bad hit
FOX Sports Florida @FOXSportsFL🔁. defenseman Dan Girardi says the plan for Game 3 was for the Bolts to create their own energy and take the crowd out of the game a bit.
sean kelly @seank8133🔁So Kadri gets three for boarding in round 1. Wilson gets three games for hit vs Backes is as much of a repeat offender/predator he should get exact same suspension for hit on Girardi
Colin @c_johnson36🔁You can minus three, krug was not a slash pastrnak...not even him and millers hit was clean don’t know how that’s a board but gorardis is not plus a crosscheck on pasta by girardi just saying
Nick Wirth @theREALwirthy96🔁 Backes hits Girardi from behind...100 games I think
Tim Baumgardner @timmyb72🔁@Nick_Pepecoli @YankeeSource Not common? Try its so uncommon it's front page news when it happens. Doubt Girardi would have allowed it.
josh @jHaabz🔁@Fabio227 Could have AV who would get Girardi back and leave Dahlin in the press box for lessons
Lord_Sheridan © @eriksherif🔁@YESNetwork Girardi would of taken him out
Robert Riccobene @robertricco25🔁Girardi really makes it hard for me doesn’t he
Over Macho Grande @StillLawnBoy🔁@peteforgets Dan Girardi might have some cracked ribs after tonight.
Chris Scandaglia @ChrisScandaglia🔁$700 selling jersey 15 signatures notably AROD Girardi Cano Sabathia Texieria Mattingly Sheffield Hughes Granderso n
Susan Brooks @nyryanks🔁Glad to see you had the same success against more New York players: McD, Girardi, Stralman, JT & Cally - GO BOLTS GO! !!!
señor_ohly @BeBrave83🔁@YESNetwork #Girardi would have pulled him in the 7th sticking to his precious script. LOVING Boone! Go #Yankees !
Jamila @Jamila_Pope🔁This is why we needed Girardi out. CC getting to pitch till the 7th and having his confidence back and Severino pitch ed a complete game. This would have never happened with Joe. My got their swagger back
NYY Fan In Bama @NYYFanInBama🔁I'm so glad Boone trusted his starter and left him in. Girardi would have pulled him in the 7th as soon as the Astros got a man on base.
LOOOOOOOOOL @HowMadAreYouu🔁Girardi would of 100% pulled him after the 8th inning... Girardi HATES pitchers pitching complete games.. Or Girardi would of sent him back out for the 9th but pulled him after he gave up that hit
Charlie Baldi @charlie_bee11🔁Girardi would’ve never let him finish that game
Joe @Joege99🔁lol Girardi doesn't let Severino go 9, 8 if that.
Chris Passarelli @SupRos22🔁Hey @BarstoolHubbs if that was Girardi he would have put Robertson out there for the 8th.....just saying.
MilyStar ******1/4 @DayDreamThis🔁Girardi would have mound visit Severino twice and shaken him.
Robert Pisciotti @rjpisciotti59🔁@nyygirl333 Not with Girardi as manager
Jerry Beach @JerryBeach73🔁@MetsDaddy2013 @EmPHaach @lowe074 @NYPost_Brazille Nobody was ever lucky to be managed by Girardi!
Mets Daddy @MetsDaddy2013🔁@JerryBeach73 @EmPHaach @lowe074 @NYPost_Brazille Severino was lucky he got managed by Girardi.
Jerry Beach @JerryBeach73🔁If it was just him that'd be one thing. But it's Bears. It's MDaddy. It's Zach. It's even you. Oh and how is Luis Sev erino doing tonight freed from Joe Girardi?
Mitchell_yula @MitchellYula🔁 The Lightning are kind of all the Rangers that could never win the Stanley Cup 😂


Robert Pisciotti @rjpisciotti59🔁Under no circumstances with Severino would pitch the ninth if Girardi was still manager..and for those who say Boone is a Cash wrong.he has been in and around the game way to long for that. If Cash wanted a puppet anyone of Joes coaches would ha d jumped at the job.
Matt @Mchii7🔁Sevy finishing the job, Girardi wouldve plucked
Dr. Turd Ferguson @patwithbeard🔁Stralman, Girardi, Nash, McDonough, and Miller all had points tonight. #LGR
Lenny Kosberg @KosbergL🔁@OysterBayBomber Wasn’t he at a game last year sitting front row and Joe Girardi told him with his eyes that he wasn’t coming back?
Joey B @joebel67🔁@BryanHoch Boone is managing not Girardi. Absolutely he does
alex atallah @aatallah95🔁@incarceratedbob I don't even know if he would have even went 8 if Girardi was still here
iAmKristie @KristieValdez🔁CCA outlasted a class-act program in Chaminade Madonna in the 4A District 7 Semi-final game. Dante Girardi went yard. Mykanthony Valdez it an absolute...
Joey B @joebel67🔁Thats one difference between Boone & Girardi. Girardi would've been in panic mode with guys warming last inning when he had slight trouble.
z - ⚡️🦀 Julianna ⚾️🏒 @Baycrab3🔁Cooper on what guys like Girardi and Coburn mean to the : “They make guys want to work harder with the way they play.”


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