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BCat98 @Kitkaaat98🔁 so it seems like i’m never getting over this
Jacksanticeye @Jack_Septic_Eye🔁Just recorded some "Getting Over It" and it might be the angriest a videogame has ever made me.... I need a balloon and a lollipop
Bennett @bfod🔁My new game, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, is out on Steam and iOS TOMORROW at 8pm GMT / 3pm EST / 12pm PST.
/ (・ ^ ・) \ @kyuhyun🔁 so it seems like i’m never getting over this
Bennett @bfod🔁My latest game, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is now available! See you at the summit… maybe :) Steam: iOS:
The General 20K @Haron_Getui🔁AG Githu Muigai warns Raila against swearing in scheduled for 12th Dec terming it high treason. A capital offence that attracts death penalty.

Raila insists it is happening regardless. Lines are drawn, we thought it was over but just getting started. Teren!

👻 incredible_simz @simzdelaw🔁Code getting breathing the same air as my favourite midget iss over 2018 can come.... ( I hope its twins)
Justin Holmdahl @HolmdahlFLASH🔁I can't even believe the lengths some women go in attempt to get back at / over me. Some get boyfriends immediatly, s ome husbands and even kids... Like give it up, I'm not getting back with you no matter what you do to try and get back at me...
kristak @kristarchy🔁The argument that the president cannot obstruct justice by exercising his executive powers over prosecution is frankly too ridiculous to warrant all the attention it’s getting, but here’s why via
Gabriel Coetti @coetti_gabriel🔁@PUBATTLEGROUNDS please bring on a hammer like that of "getting over it" to the game, smashing heads could be amazing :O
Tenement Val @ValerieRooney1🔁Journalists have let them get away with it over and ever again and as a result they are getting bolder. The lies are more blatant. There is absolutely no penalty for lying only huge political upsides. Democracy is a joke in this environment.
mal @kittentacos🔁why y'all fuckin with someone who a) raped a 13y/o girl then joked about it and b) has a mix between skittles and chiclets for teeth. only thing he should be taking over is a bed in the ER after getting his shit wrecked.
Gaming News :P @NewGamesPlay🔁Getting Over It Bennett Foddy Genre: Price: $4.99 Release Date: December 6, 2017 A game I made For a…
liz @elizabethyesong🔁Yo, I'm getting really emotional over you guys saying Thief is still banger of the year and it came out last year. Like woah. I didn't know what I did but thank you guys.
David Fliesen @dfliesen🔁Pain, Difficulty, and Getting Over It #edtech
JonpandeBTT @ribbjurgen🔁Sometimes I wish there was an area of my life that hasn't taken over. Because it is every single part now. Every conversation. Every single day.

Don't get me wrong, I love this stuff but when your irl friends start getting interested and they match your dms....good luck

Brian Corbett @HD2onPBdotcom🔁This Government that is supposedly "in crisis" over has in reality carried every vote on the subject since the election... Might be a storm in the media, but in Parliament where it matters, the job is getting done!
PriscilliaOkpan @priscilliaokpan🔁Thinking about getting your child a sewing machine for the holiday but unsure how to use it? Check out this video on how to properly set up a machine - and book them in for some lessons over the holidays!
Bitcoin Baby @alanphelo🔁With Iain Duncan Smith getting pissed off and Ireland getting bad press over the deal, I'm starting to wonder was it worth inviting England over to plunder, rape, starve and murder our people for centuries?

keshav @Silence_Speaks🔁It’s over a month now the traffic is only getting worse - why can’t an officer be stationed there to ease the traffic? Why don’t the officers challan the bus drivers who park in the middle of the road to board passengers? It’s crazy & frustrating to drive in
Kirsty @JustSomeGirl44🔁 so many things i hate about this series

•amir just generally
•dennis being a prick & then getting snappy when people are offended
•people being horrible to iain over literally nothing
•how vanessa was barely even in it
•people saying iain is playing a game

. @TheGameSpace10🔁My latest game, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is now available! See you at the summit… maybe :) Steam: iOS:
Natalia @nataliabxox🔁I’m sorry but if your in year 11 and are unsure of either getting an apprenticeship or going to college because you feel it will be ‘better for your future’ do not pick college or you will fully regret it not even a month in x not to be over the top x
Leon @TylerClarkTalks🔁I really over did it this time. My body is stuck on getting 4 hours of sleep every night
Timothy DeQuinze @iam655321🔁 who's down for a game jam to make games specifically for bennett foddy, as payback for Getting Over It?
Lisa Champney @lisachampney🔁Getting the train to the office and you over hear other people from other companies on the platform discussing and if it’s a new craze! 😂 Totally got into OneDrive yesterday! are so on trend! 😃
SomeFilthyCasuals @SFCGaming🔁IOTA is down so I'm Getting Over It - | #GettingOverIt #Twitch
Chandy McNooby @ChandyMcNooBy🔁Getting Over It Wih Bennett Foddy - Scale Up FoW WuT!?: via @YouTube


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