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#GetWoke Jeremy King @bctechteacher🔁 Because #emints is awesome and its #TalkLikeAPirateDay #GetWoke #bcemints #baldwinproud
Heather Wallace @yeJhRHelBfcUHqv🔁 [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] Love, hate, respect, envy.. FEED ME YOUR ENERGY! #GetWOKE #StayWOKE
#GetWoke F0r3v4R @F043v4R🔁Guys... don't brew #getwoke at 10pm. It's legitimately a bad idea... @Professorbroman @kings_coast
#GetWoke Kenneth Rexroth @Kenneth_Rexroth🔁 Celebrate White people.


#GetWoke DaedalusNyx @DaedalusNyx🔁 Guys... don't brew #getwoke at 10pm. It's legitimately a bad idea... @Professorbroman @kings_coast
Zhershe @CquickRcorrect🔁 Obama the greatest authoritarian to ever reign. With the stroke of his pen he changed man to woman and women to men
KINGS COAST COFFEE @kings_coast🔁Kind of wish I had a high end camera so these 2 shots could be one. Loving the sun rise though!
A. Deplorable @hman5🔁#NFL clowns should end THEIR drugging and domestic violence #CleanYourHouse #GetWoke #LMAO #ColinKaepernick
#MIP #GetWoke 6-9a E @MakeItPlain🔁Our #DREAMerADay is @PierreBerastain, watch live here: #GetWoke
wildweezle @wildweezle🔁I'm listening 2 a bastard (Ron Johnson) from a TAKER STATE (Wisconsin) lecture us on how FED $ should be spent
#morningjoe #resist #GetWoke
Lala M. smith @LalaMsmith1🔁#MIP #GetWoke 6-9aE. Cenk is the Alex Jones of the left. ENOUGH! Current caller is 'spot on.'
Shiftydrunk @Shiftydrunk🔁Kind of wish I had a high end camera so these 2 shots could be one. Loving the sun rise though!
SiriusXM Progress @SXMProgress🔁DNC Vice Chair @MrMikeBlake gives our usual weekly update from @TheDemocrats, with news & marching orders on the healthcare crisis. #GetWoke
DKP @dkprestin1🔁You are the lemming you say no voter fraud and then there are numerous reports of it and no you change story. Be tru thful for once.
DKP @dkprestin1🔁@ChrisCuomo Your lies come home to roost pussy cat #GetWoke
christian4muslims @cma4peace🔁"I am not afraid. I was born to do this." #joanofarc #getwoke
eyeswideopen @wedonopeneyes🔁Dear All
Every won fighting to take #Obamacare from your family has being paid in full.
It just isn't about you.
#GetWoke, #SaveACA.
Jacques Clouseau @InspektorClouse🔁@Richardafowler Obamacare is worse. #GetWoke
BRIAN FUNNAGAN @FUNNAGAN🔁 #Trump tries and fails to make a liar out of #JimmyKimmel #getwoke #Obamacare #politics
Anjali Sawhney @AnjaliSomatics🔁This is happening as U know... & worse. 💔

Pls spread the word...& call # below. ❤️

PatriotG3 @PatriotG3🔁I think u approached us. The Dems just want your vote. We have nothing to show for it. KKK was the military arm of th e Dem party 📕.
Shawn McGillicutty @ajfive2007🔁Your staff are the people to whom you really need to apologize. I recommend getting them pizza & root beer. You are w elcome.

Edelruth @edelruth🔁 #Trump tries and fails to make a liar out of #JimmyKimmel #getwoke #Obamacare #politics
Politicore 2.0 @Politicore🔁Con Man POTUS Using Campaign, #RNC Funds To Pay His Massive Legal Bills #politics #getwoke #GRFI #Trump
JL #SansPresident @JennaLeeTV🔁 Tried to Make a Deal for a Bipartisan Fix, Walked Away
Politicore 2.0 @Politicore🔁#Democrats Tried to Make a Deal for a Bipartisan #HealthCare Fix, #Republicans Walked Away #getwoke #politics
Politicore 2.0 @Politicore🔁#Trump tries and fails to make a liar out of #JimmyKimmel #getwoke #Obamacare #politics
Khalil Charles Penn @cforce4success🔁LIVE NOW: of is in studio talking his show and more, WATCH -->
Jolly Green Giant @PIRATE_RAD1O🔁America, Sanders fan or not, READ and I like real ideas! Hash out a one time only tax rate and let us people choose ! MURICA
Elise Mysels @02Cents0PositivelyJoan: 🔁
Add the hilariously demeaning and only slightly racist don…
Rose Rose @beagle709🔁 #CleanWater #ScienceMatters Let's #GetWoke
Pierre Berastain @pierreberastain🔁I will be speaking .@MakeItPlain on Thursday 8:35am ET abt. #DREAMAct and my story. Thnx for invite. Tune to SiriusXM 127 #MIP #GetWoke
•🌌M Orion Rising🌌• @king_kairos🔁Elizabeth Beck, Afraid For Her Life, Blows Clinton Body Count Wide Open #getwoke #wakeup
z @KARMAPYMNTPLAN🔁#CleanWater #ScienceMatters Let's #GetWoke
amie @amiehetfield🔁#getwoke this Saturday.
Mark @TdotMark🔁"Pick your friends like you pick your fruit." #GetWoke
Rob Povia @Robbybltz🔁@MATTHARDYBRAND "These are some MARVELOUS green beans!" 😂

#GetWoke #KingMaxel 👑

Laura A. Van Vleet @LauraVanVleet🔁Seriously! Swastikas are NOT equivalent to rainbow flags and black lives matter banners. JESUS H CHRIST!
Patrick Mayo @ThePME🔁 @timanderson87 Says the man who no longer eats at Swiss chalet due to a delivery debacle..... #getwoke
BillyBoy @ShalashMuh🔁Btw
there's NO greater friend to the American people
than Iran
who kills the ISIS scum
YOUR government birthed w/Saud i
Tim Butts @hiimbutts🔁My dream is for you to shut up about chilis. What are the chances my dreams come true????
fed up 🌟Terry🌟 @UpInTheHills🔁And why, why do liberals always go to race? Your party started KKK and planned parenthood to murder black babies.
Politicore 2.0 @Politicore🔁'He Can't Hear You!': Deaf Man Shot Dead by #OklahomaCity Police as Neighbors Scream in Horror #getwoke
marianne r reynolds @gardengirlove🔁 You may be able to spend $150,000 per year on healthcare but most of America cannot
•🌌M Orion Rising🌌• @king_kairos🔁Genral Hyten Warns EMP Is A Realistic Threat to US #getwoke
DenTavious Baker @BakerDentavious🔁@Goldust #GetWoke #StayWoke vs #RhodesFamily @WWE make it happen
TakeAction TakeCare @TakeActionCare🔁Haven't read this yet? Stop everything you're doing and read it now. Trust us.

PunchYourLocalNazi🌹 @BJSolomonCarson🔁 People don't know shit about what Natives have endured. #getwoke
fed up 🌟Terry🌟 @UpInTheHills🔁@scott_squires That happened during the last 8 years. #GetWoke 🇺🇸


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