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German #![feature(unicorn)] @ #contentful @asaaki🔁 #mealprep, German style.
Emily Parker @gayradiotalk🔁free picture download papua new guinea xxx hardcore porn blacks fucking german
German Aten-Ra @richy_inger🔁 What they are doing to German girls in EU paradise


Gillian Morgan @mic__hi🔁german anal girls pics xxx middle school girls
German LeDahu ن @LepontDahu🔁 German Cops Kick US Army Convoy off the Road for Endangerment
Kunal Sharma @kunalsharma2002🔁nude-german sexiest matures
Andrew Neil @afneil🔁German exports have benefited from “declining” currency for years. The euro is around 30% undervalued for German econ omy.
Bill Neely @BillNeelyNBC🔁Amazing quote from German Industry Chief on UK exit from EU “I understand that you don’t want to be like Norway,(or). .Switzerland. I understand that you don’t want an agreement like the one with Canada. But for God’s sake, give us a bit of an idea of what you want.” Theresa?
Arthur Schwartz @ArthurSchwartz🔁The US has been without an ambassador in Germany for over a year. German newspaper calls on the US Senate to send the m .
tillzen @tillzen🔁Most often, seems a man of character who abides S***hole in order to serve his constituents & his principals. Thi s is pragmatic except that by having 1 foot enlightened & 1 foot in silence his legacy begins to mimic that of the "Good German" who said nothing.
Sophi_eD @marekzzaspy🔁Civic Platform MEP Róża Thun (born Róża Woźniakowska) comes from a highly distinguished Kraków family. But because she committed the crime of marrying a man with an Austrian name, PiS MPs routinely use her name to insinuate in a cowardly manner that she is a German and a traitor
Celebrity Birthdays @celebbdays1🔁German property developer Instone targets March IPO: sources
Todd M Johnson @drtoddmjohnson🔁Sorry to see held in so low regard. BTW was Asian and was German and Jesus predates Marx in China by 1300 years!
Sandra Thompson @sgthompson3🔁As a teenaged German immigrant, ' grandfather moved in with his sister, who'd come 2 years before; he was a "chain migrant." After making a fortune as a brothel-keeper, he moved back home--but Germany quickly deported him for having originally emigrated to dodge the draft
Evidenziatore Oscuro @TheExtremista🔁German Bishops seems to me as moronic as the German government.
Hind Fares @Hind_Faress🔁German friend of mine visited to jerusalem, converted to islam in Masjid Al-Aqsa. All cheered, gifted him a Quran and other stuff. At the airport in Tel Aviv they interviewed him, searched his stuff, found the Quran and beated him bloody.
EU 🇪🇺 Trends @EUstrategist🔁A convoy of US Army howitzers got stopped by German police, and it points to a major problem NATO has in Europe

Andrea Kropp @kroppandrea1🔁Dear Erik,
we the German Chipis (Sarah, Viola, Dana, Andrea and i) sent you last month a X Mas Package (that you got it) We hope you like all these Gifts. And hope you had a great start in the new Year.
Greetings Melanie and the German Chipi Gang.
MY.COAL🍙 @_servand0_🔁Anyone want this German shepherd before we put her down? She’s 8 months old her name is Bella she’s very nice and friendly and deaf
cee_cee @cee_cee🔁 German bishop urges church debate on blessing same-sex unions
Sarah @BrockwayVoila🔁Yes! I thought P*** (AKA IMoM) might be cross at my childish’re not with him are you? Is that how you kn ow? I’m still waiting for my pint of German Pilsner and Currywurst....
marcussimmonscc @marcussimmonscc🔁@proseb4bros hmm? i suck at german... :(
Amaryllis Thomas @AmyMarvel🔁 Thank you Velshi for finally allowing the whistleblower to honestly show what Trump's ethnic cleansing is. Truth is I think we're all afraid and don't really know what to do. Remember how German's stood by under Hitler.
lacanada @lacanada🔁The Trench of Death at Dixmude is the last remnant of the Belgian trench system. A 0.6 mile-long network, the trench was just 55 yards from a German bunker. It was subjected to almost constant fire from German snipers and machine guns.
Warren Grossman @TheRealDocG🔁Dear German FM : If you care about international law, why did you let Iran's Ayatollah Shahroudi flee when he oversaw mass executions, rape of women, persecution of political & religious minorities, homosexuals, Bahais, Kurds & atheists?

Samantha John ☀️ @Sammy_springerr🔁I just want to be a little older so I can get a German Sheppard and name him Gunner...I don’t need a mans if I have a dog
Jaap B. @kwybes 🇳🇱 @kwybes🔁🚨 BEHOLD THE 4TH REICH IN THE MAKING 🚨

🇫🇷 has encouraged 🇩🇪 to hurry to form a government after a German power vacuum threatened to stall his reforms to further integrate the Eurozone


Shawn G @1shawnster🔁A convoy of US Army howitzers got stopped by German police, and it points to a major problem NATO has in Europe via
Cristobal @cristoferdeo🔁I can trace my family back over 400 years to the first Spanish settlers of New Mexico and the native population.
My G erman wife has had her green card for about 12 years.
Guess which one of us is told to go back where they came from? To get out of "my country"?
Global Pharma News @pharma_global🔁#German Market news- WELEDA Sanddorn Handcreme
Two plus that @CMTCopy🔁Spoiler alert: started life as Bild Lilli, a German call girl character made into a gag gift for men.
Soft Knits @SuperSoftKnits🔁 Yo! Check out Nativity Scene German Birth of Jesus 13 Piece Set Mary Manger @eBay
Tricia Bridges @taidasati1979🔁Lmao I was meant to read a german book and a french book but me and Sara havent done it so were both gonna fail together
(((Christine Fair))) @CChristineFair🔁 You have thugs in your organization. Austrav is a disgrace to any uniform. What do you have to say about this out rageous abuse of power? When I return to DC, I am seeking an apt with the German Ambassador.
J.D SFM @JD_sfm🔁*taggs all german followers*

*loses all of them*

H. @SkyflightH🔁Germany's NIGHTMARE COALITION: Merkel forced to hand over MORE cash to fund EU superstate
Emma B 🐧 @Snuggles84🔁Magnificant halo display is formed by the refraction and reflection of sunlight through diamond dust at an altitude of 1100m on Mount Keilberg in the Ore mountains on the German/Czech border.
Richie Eugenics @EugenReugen🔁"Hahaha ur a German in Germany, u can't feel like a minority"

Jesus Christ it will be horrible in Germany in a few years.

cozy shawty @emotionaIbaby🔁 @Farts Take her to a shelter. German Shepherds get adopted faster than any other breed. Do not put her down.
The Irish Times @IrishTimes🔁 German coalition talks deal puts Merkel step closer to political revival
Jan Erickson @Mistress_Jan🔁Merkel strikes deal with social democrats, opening way to new German government
chris foster @cfosterworld🔁This just in: @realDonaldTrump claims Obama to blame for the German blitz on London in 1942 ... called it “sad”
.:{Fitz Carraldo}:. @fitz_carraldo🔁The German again: None bleeps anything here, we find it still very funny the americans do that – since everybody knows anyway what has been ‚f***ing’ said (including the kids). Did anyone ever grow up NOT knowing? Why did the US start that in the first place? When?
Global Pharma News @pharma_global🔁#German Market news- APIS INJEEL S Ampullen
Kristin Andrene @KristinAndrene🔁 Historian finds German decree banishing Trump's grandfather
Danethor2 @Danethy2🔁QUAD (1557-1613): German map punlisher. With so much geopolitical discussion on Quad, it’s time to revisit the real one.. before China was ever ‘contained’ and see if its current ‘inherently sovereign’ SCS control was known to any soul on earth incl Chinese
DPCHILLIN @shizzambangle🔁Fee that. check out “Dark” it’s a German original, soooo good. New Cranston on Amazon Prime “Electric Dreams” is next on my q
Andy McLean🔴⚪⚫ @andymc_69🔁German engineering at its finest....
Hannah_GLP.TV @Hannah73243654🔁He's been at for three years now, so how good is 's German?

We'll let be the judge...

Dani Saurio 🇨🇱 @danihamsta🔁 Here's an official German source:

goddessSHAVOKA ♎️ @Lady_Herbalist🔁A non-native American of German / Norwegian descent asking 'how did they get here in the first place?'
Ray Veck @German_Pisan215🔁@Enopoletus God I fucking loathe Jeff
Prawy zawodnik @PawWiniarski🔁@HistoricalPics German resistance movement during WWII? In Nazi Germany? Really?
Panakin™️ @ChercheLover69🔁Soleil‘s american title: No homo
Soleil‘s german title: F U L L H O M O
Stefan Strasser @spstrasser🔁Find your Server in German Datacenter for low prices ... better then less Webhosting and many Storages ... beginn in price of 49,95€/mo.
ariadne vromen @ariadne_syd🔁Lessons for the UK from as Germany's new "Act to Improve Enforcement of the Law in Social Networks" targets racism on social media?
Robert Czerniawski @ROCHERRY🔁Timothy Snyder explains the Russian propaganda (with German subtitles) via @SCHWEIZUKRAINEORG
World IP Review @WorldIPReview🔁AG advises CJEU on German castle name:
A trademark referring to Neuschwanstein Castle is at the centre of the case. .
CommodoreBlog @CommodoreBlog🔁Amiga Future #130 English/German Amiga Magazine Released!: The English and German editions of Amiga Future 130 (Janua ry/February 2018) have been released, they can be ordered from Amiga dealers or directly from the editorial office. This issue’s topics…
Abby Matthews @almhrs🔁 Jokes about German sausage are the wurst.
AlineedstoTravel✈️ @AliciaCtheworld🔁After months of political deadlock, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her liberal rival Martin Schulz have reached a preliminary deal to begin coalition talks
Alyssa @alyssamo42🔁Irish? German? Eastern European? Catholic? Jewish? Americans didn’t want your ancestors here when they came either. They thought your ancestors came from “shithole” countries too. And your silence right now is deafening.
[NORTH 🌟 STAR] @tamashiitake🔁. Germans left Germany in absurd numbers. That is why German american's are America's largest ethnic group.

michael jones #NHSLOVE @mick4111michael🔁Farage calls for ANOTHER Brexit referendum
Due to Nigel’s announcement, the West German Government have demanded a replay of the 1966 World Cup .and WWI and WW2. Macron has declared that The Battle of Waterloo was “too close to call” and wants a re-run.
★Ryaaan★ @ItsYaBoyRyaaan🔁Some German guy heard me n my gf listening to our google maps for directions and walked us to where we needed to be : ) so there is some nice people in the world after all!
Mathieu Castano @casta13🔁Amazing quote from German Industry Chief on UK exit from EU “I understand that you don’t want to be like Norway,(or)..Switzerland. I understand that you don’t want an agreement like the one with Canada. But for God’s sake, give us a bit of an idea of what you want.” Theresa?
richard.pom. @richard_pom🔁@ivorymoney @ClutchreedMTG I forgot it was German af
🇩🇪artep🇩🇪 @artepmobil🔁🆘‼😬🔥 : the city of Sindelfingen (here Mercedes builds his cars) is looking for "Merkel's refugees" suitable apartments. Question, have you ever seen such an ad for German "homeless"? I certainly not!
SteveGerv @mcGerv1🔁A German Shepherd was struck by a vehicle near the American Legion on Main St last night (1/11/18). The dog was able to run away, but cannot be located. Please call OPD (508)987-0156 if spotted.
adenosintrifosfato @omaegacentauri🔁christoph waltz—
- austrian, acting debut in 1981
- fluent in german, english & french
- it took him 30 years to become an overnight sensation
- won 27 awards for his role as hans landa in inglorious basterds
Paul Austin @paustin0816🔁well you exceedingly retarded over privileged bimbo its because of a very large Earthquake...I'd be very interested t o know your family's heritage since the name would indicate a German and Norwegian descent.
Irish Times World @IrishTimesWorld🔁German coalition talks deal puts Merkel step closer to political revival
Manish Vij @manish_vij🔁Think about the policy ramifications of this story. Trump is implying Chinese-American intel officials should deal only with China, Indian-Americans only with India, German-Americans only with Germany, etc.
Esther ten Wolthuis @Eire353🔁🔥Is the ’ Federation became crazy❓They demand killing of 70% of all wild in including sows & newborn as a preventive measure for the swine fever , that has not even broken out❗️🐗💔
Nicola Smit @smit_2014🔁German criminal probe into Steinhoff could still take 'several months' via @Fin24
NevadaHumaneSociety @NVHumaneSociety🔁Annalisa is now available for adoption! This female German Shepherd Dog is 1yr old. Learn more at
Ross Sheil @RossySheil🔁can you share your data source for this ? and official summary have total German VC funds at roughly £694.49m not t he number above...
Espen H. Kristensen @bgosl🔁@AnnCoulter @RichardBSpencer Trump’s family is German. When’s his flight?
Thomasbcn @Thomasbcn🔁Berlin startups raised 2.969.000.000 € of venture capital last year. That's a new record and shows how dominant Berlin is in the German VC scene. Berlin startups gathered 69% of all venture capital in Germany

Brent Martineau @BrentASJax🔁Tune in to CBS at 5:55 tonight to hear the Hurricane Irma “message in a bottle” story with our German Club! 🇩🇪 ->🍾->🌊->🇺🇸->🦈
David Weiss @DavidWe18019162🔁"Merkel’s star is waning as she pays for her 2015 decision to leave German borders open to over a million refugees, a move that cost her Christian Democrats votes and fueled the rise of the far-right. "

Sam 🎀 @muIlerish🔁@Marie_VfB Yes I know that ZDF is a German channel but he shouldn't have that problem then haha


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