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#GeorgeRomero DD_NK @Shadow_XOF🔁 .@JamesGunn's Touching Tribute to Horror Film Great #GeorgeRomero goo.gl
#GeorgeRomero Oxy🔰 @OxyFPS🔁#GeorgeRomero has died at 77. He was the father of the Zombie genre. Rest in Peace 💀
#GeorgeRomero#GeorgeRomero Rey Gonzalez @Ray_Bans75🔁 Rest In Peace to one of my favorite directors. #GeorgeRomero
#GeorgeRomero PopCultureReferences @RPCReferences🔁Rest In Peace George Romero #RIPGeorgeRomero #GeorgeRomero
#GeorgeRomero Simon (Dark Angel) @RealmofHorror🔁RIP George Romero! :( #GeorgeRomero #GeorgeRomeroRIP
#GeorgeRomero angrypeanut™ @Angrypeanut4🔁 Rest In Peace George Romero #RIPGeorgeRomero #GeorgeRomero
#GeorgeRomero Marcello @Marcello_FRB🔁RiP master, we will miss you a lot (((((( #GeorgeRomero
#GeorgeRomero Tony Field @TonyJField🔁 We mourn the passing of two cinema greats, #GeorgeRomero & #MartinLandau. 📸 @leo_erickson
Zack Snyder @ZackSnyder🔁The world has lost a master. Thank you for the inspiration. You changed my life with your art. You will be missed. #georgeromero #dotd
KevinSmith @ThatKevinSmith🔁RIP Indie Film Icon & Lord of the Dead #GeorgeRomero, the genius pioneer who created an entire genre with no budget but lots of imagination!
James Gunn @JamesGunn🔁RIP #GeorgeRomero. You made me want to make movies, and helped me to find meaning in monsters. Thank you. I love you.
Teck News Report @tecknewsreport🔁The legendary #GeorgeRomero has passed away. gamezone.com
Thrice Of Dad @ThriceOfDad🔁#GeorgeRomero #RIPGeorgeARomero absolute genius.
What's the odds on him scaring everyone by waking up at his own funeral?
Johnny Monnier @johnnyghetto🔁@ThatKevinSmith Mother of God. A loss to all. #GeorgeRomero
Yicai Global 第一财经 @yicaichina🔁, , , & More Pay to twitter.com
Billytrash @EDWOODSbilly🔁 RIP our pal and the man who changed the world
Connor Stewart @CStew_101🔁RIP #GeorgeRomero, you will always be the god of horror till the universe ends
BriansmitH @brianscribeNY🔁Losing both & this weekend is a doubly tragic loss. They were irreplaceable and we will deeply miss them. RIP
Big Gull @BigbigGull🔁I just hope understood how highly he was respected by his peers and beloved by his fans.
jonestowne @jonestowne🔁#GeorgeARomero, Night of the Living Dead director, dies aged 77 theguardian.com ##RIP #GeorgeRomero #NightOfTheLivingDead
BabeLuck @rocknanlly🔁So sad!! 😭RIP George A. Romero We will miss you! instagram.com
Craig81 @crackerman81🔁 Rangers to hold a minutes silence for #GeorgeRomero RIP
jonestowne @jonestowne🔁"They're coming to get you Barbara" youtu.be via @YouTube #RIP #GeorgeRomero #NightOfTheLivingDead
PromoteHorror @PromoteHorror🔁Rest in peace, Romero (or rise again... you showed us how it's done!)
Ken Lauder @ElTodgerino🔁 RIP #GeorgeRomero. You made me want to make movies, and helped me to find meaning in monsters. Thank you. I love you.
Ashley Rheiner @ashcatonfire🔁Paused ASOIAF reread to reread my Living Dead shorts in memory of #GeorgeRomero #rip #zombiedaddy I'll be looking for your zombie,George!
Josh Stepp 📼 @SteppStuff🔁If you haven't seen Night of the Living Dead, here you go. #GeorgeRomero


Ursula Koenig @ursulakoenig🔁Rest In Peace . Literally a one of a kind filmmaker and a true maverick to the art form. Such a huge loss
Shane Robinson @CrystalReed1000🔁the reason my day dreams are inspired by nightmares... you were stellar & will be missed by all our dark hearts
TV Superfan @Tv1Superfan🔁 #MartinLandau and #GeorgeRomero gone 😞2 greats! I got to work for Mr. Romero. Lovely man.
Jennifer Kay @Jenny_Backhaus🔁RIP Indie Film Icon & Lord of the Dead , the genius pioneer who created an entire genre with no budget but lots of imagination!
Spøøky Spicy Øtter @The_PullOutKing🔁 Rest in paradise #GeorgeRomero
Jason @JayTwist86🔁RIP . A man who redefined the genre and shaped pop culture through his work along with social statements. A true artist.
HITMEN collective @doomeddobetter🔁Bye #GeorgeRomero, thank you for #cinema #history. @ Media Park Hilversum instagram.com
Kiddo Shows @kiddoshows🔁R.I.P my favorite charater from BO1 Zombie, our father George A Romero rest in peace. May your spirit roam free 🙏🙏? twitter.com ?
Jason @JayTwist86🔁George Romero, The Godfather of Zombie Movies Has Died truejuggalofamily.com
Jacob Dominguez @SonofSunday🔁#GeorgeRomero is one of the best filmmakers of all time. Period. He has been such a huge influence to me. Thank you. ❤ #RIP #Martin #NOTLD
Viejo Fer @ferbsc🔁Rest in Peace #GeorgeRomero ....#quake #zombie
Elaine @myrandoms🔁Just in case, here are the films streaming for free on Amazon Prime:



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