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JuJu @juju_suke🔁 RIP George A. Romero, thanks for the fun! Not quite sure where zombies would be without you
nya@祝SHERLOCK S4放送! @nyasmanor🔁 RIP George A. Romero, thanks for the fun! Not quite sure where zombies would be without you
George A. Romero Darlene Culkin @DarleneCulkin🔁RIP George A. Romero! You will be missed
George A. Romero Aiwin Joseph @notaiwin🔁 R.I.P. George A. Romero.
A true revolutionary.
George A. Romero Carlos @CharlSmtg🔁 NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968)
Shot & directed by George A. Romero
Aspect Ratio: 1.37:1
George A. Romero Adam @theofficialCPT🔁 George A. Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' creator, dies at 77
George A. Romero Mihk Vergara @mihkvergara🔁 Wrote this on the late, great George Romero, to whom I owe a film career.
George A. Romero nick diorio @thek1n1fer🔁 RIP George A. Romero #godfatherofallzombies #nightofthelivingdead
George A. Romero Respek Lee (Sage) @Nightwing_23🔁 George A. Romero Has Passed Away at the Age of 77
George A. Romero Los Angeles Times @latimes🔁George A. Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' creator, dies at 77
John Carpenter @TheHorrorMaster🔁George Romero was a great director, the father of modern horror movies. He was my friend and I will miss him. Rest in peace, George.
Tom Savini @THETomSavini🔁Goodbye George A Romero. We laughed through 50 years and 9 films. I will miss him. There is a light that has gone out and can't be replaced.
Anana @anagayald🔁R.I.P. GEORGE A. ROMERO: a message from Jerry Only in memory of the horror icon now online at
djelrock @djelrock🔁RIP George A. Romero.
Night Of The Living Dead was truly transgressive, socially conscious & chilling filmmaking.
DeshKhabar24 @DeshKhabar24🔁George A. Romero, father of zombie movies, dies at 77
Doug @ImThatDoug🔁RIP George A. Romero
DonCarlo Stanton @1Gunn416🔁 RIP George Romero. If you come back as a zombie, we're all ready for you.
JasonRBender @JasonRBender🔁Goodbye George A Romero. We laughed through 50 years and 9 films. I will miss him. There is a light that has gone out and can't be replaced.
Alex patio @Alexpati738🔁😟 George Romero George A. Romero, Night of the Living Dead director, dead at 77 ➡️ ➡️ ➡️
Queen Arthur @Queen__Arthur🔁George Romero made a film where the levelheaded Black hero survives zombies only to be killed by scared whites. Almost unfathomable in 1968.
DevotedHiveling @Chris_Undiemi🔁If I do bring it back we are so watching Night of the Living Dead & City of Ember in remembrance of George A. Romero & Martin Landau
El Bearsidente 🐻 @Edohiguma🔁I go away to do stuff for a few hours and George Romero dies. What the fuck? 2017, stop learning from 2016.
ModernTV @ModernTvYoutube🔁I liked a @YouTube video RIP GEORGE ROMERO (CALL OF THE DEAD EASTER EGG)
Coby 🎋 Troy 🍂 @TroyCoby🔁George A. Romero, Father of the Zombie Film, Dead at 77
Lorenzo.B @JoKs_Lolo🔁 RIP to a major legend today, George A. Romero. A master of horror, you will be missed.
Edu Queiroz @queiroz_edu🔁And George A. Romero too. What a day! #cinema #movies #Hollywood
8631 Adornments @8631Adornments🔁R.I.P. George A. Romero 💔😥 We had to play this classic tonight. …
Nicholas Wooley @Kirby999999999🔁Farewell George Romero. You were a revolutionary director who will be missed by all.
Caregivers Companion @BowenSissy🔁Film to watch tonight is North By Northwest, featuring a young Martin Landau, and young George Romero working behind the scenes.
A V @abeforce🔁 George Romero was a genius. There is no tweet I can write that will do him justice.
IrisWestAllen=Hero⚡ @KnowledgIsPowa🔁George A. Romero, the filmmaker behind the cult-classic horror flick "Night of the Living Dead," has died at 77.
Miss T. @MissT_Reviews🔁George A Romero, who directed Night of the Living Dead, defining the zombie movie genre, dies at 77, US media report
Jonathan Dresner @jondresner🔁Irony: I went to George Romero around 2005 about doing a zombie TV show. He said no, arguing it would never sustain.
Josh @LoserCrew🔁RIP George Romero... as a student I had the privilege of briefly working with you. The Last of Us wouldn't exist without your inspiration.
Jess ♡ @PuunchDrunkLove🔁 R.I.P. George Romero - if you dug Get Out, do yourself a favor and watch Night of the Living Dead tonight.
Fiorella Panizzon @FPanizzon🔁George Romero, who started the zombie craze in 1968 with "Night of the Living Dead," has died at 77, after a short battle with lung cancer.
محمد @m7madd🔁George A. Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' creator, dies at 77
ivan palma sanchez @navizehcnas🔁So sorry to hear of the passing of Horror Maestro George Romero. His work definitely shaped who I am today as a creator. Forever thankful!
Tabby 🐱 @iiTzTabby🔁George A. Romero, who stared in Call of Duty: Black Ops 1’s Call of the Dead map, passed away today. RIP.
Rohit Sawant @iamrohitsawant🔁 I loved George A Romero's films. Thank you sir. Rest in peace, but only if you want to.
Rick Pamplin @RickPamplin🔁 Night of the Living Dead Director George A. Romero Dies at 77 After Battle with Lung Cancer
Matthew Wiseman @matt_wiseman🔁Here's hoping a friend was nearby with a loaded gun in case he ca,e back. RIP.

George Romero, Horror Legend And... @PunkRockTours🔁For George A. Romero
Michael Brody @MichaelBBrody🔁Rest in peace, George Romero, the "Father of the Zombie Film."

At least for a little while.

kelly m hudson @KellyMHudson🔁My tribute to George A. Romero #georgearomero #georgeromero #nightofthelivingdead #dawnofthedead...
trendbot @trendbot🔁George A. Romero is the most read article on Wikipedia now: #trending
Drew Hollway @Trade_Agreement🔁 Oh no. George Romero has died. For a while.
C∂t∂lιη∂ ♥ @Catlyn_G🔁 George A. Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' creator, dies … , see mor e
Maryanne @windymint🔁 I’m sorry to hear about Mr. George A. Romero’s passing.
Scott Foundas @foundasonfilm🔁A decade on, Romero's DIARY remains the most incisive cinematic response to the era of first-person video voyeurism.
kalipay @mouthcorals🔁 George Romero has passed. A moment of silence for one of the most influential filmmakers ever.


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