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Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!
Brian Spoze @BrianSpanner1🔁I too have googled General Pershing.
Bill Kristol @BillKristol🔁Trump besmirches the good name of Gen. Pershing, the only American to be promoted in his lifetime to the rank of General of the Armies.
Tony Posnanski 🎧 @tonyposnanski🔁General Pershing once read Obama's Kenyan birth certificate to the people of Bowling Green & was recorded on the Comey Tapes.

Trump History

Valiant Thor @Valiantthor2🔁The alt-left & CNN were more upset about Trump's General Pershing tweet than the Islamic terror attack in Barcelona.

Let that sink in.

Jennifer Emenike @jenniferemenik4🔁President Trump responds to the attack by spreading a debunked rumor about Gen. Pershing
Michael Peters @michaelepeters7🔁they resist reading. because if they read 'the life of general pershing' - like politico did; they retracted - they'd read trump is right.
Maureen Roy @MaLoRoMa🔁Trump said to study General Pershing. Here’s what the president got wrong.
Marco Nurra @marconurra🔁Fact Check: General Pershing on How to Stop Islamic Terrorists

Full Report:

Pathla Bheem🔵 @pathlabheem🔁 General Pershing was the one who said shoot the Jihadis with bullets dipped in pigs blood 👌
Luis Heyer @luisheyerusa🔁President Trump responds to the attack by spreading a debunked rumor about Gen. Pershing
CitizenKayS🌱 @CitizenKayS🔁The United States Military & Congress should condemn for spreading lies that celebrated U.S. General Pershing committed war crimes.
KateFX @KatetheFX🔁Do you hate it when Trump assumes he's smarter than everyone? "General Pershing. You know who that is?" Yes, I went to junior high. Did you?
Michael Enz @enz_mike🔁Trump's tale of General Pershing killing Muslim captives "has no basis in truth," an historian of the Moro War said
Barbie Williams @Barbie892🔁WATCH: This is one of the many times Trump told the debunked General Pershing story...the language he uses is so descriptive.
Maui @tahiti93🔁General Pershing once said anyone who spreads lies about U.S. Generals on the Internet must be tar & feathered.
Then impeached.
craig jurisevic @jurisevic_craig🔁@realDonaldTrump Maybe you should "study" what General Pershing did. Ignorant fool.
Margaret Foreman @mforemanAVL🔁I know more about history than anybody! Fact-checkers better stop debunking my stories about my friend US President General Pershing! Sad!
Cassidy Phoenyx @cassidyphoenyx🔁First, trapped & the Media w/the statues. Now, he's trolling them w/ General Pershing again!😂🤣
Jane @janemarkland52🔁TRUMP, STOP LYING. Even FoxNews admits General Pershing didn't dip bullets in pig's blood and shoot 49 Muslim terrorists. YOU ARE A DISGRACE
First Place Listings @WhatRULooking4🔁- Tina Fey - Heather Heyer - The Hitman S Bodyguard - General Pershing - Logan Lucky - The Defenders - Gary Cohn…
it's me Jesús @tjcollado🔁WTF with @realDonaldTrump who gives him this fake information?
Estela Garcia @EstelaRGR🔁 “The U.S. military learned escalating counterterrorism was not effective... took great steps to de-escalate."
Alex Lydiate @alexlydiate🔁Study what General Eisenhower did to Nazis. Which actually happened, unlike this Pershing nonsense. There was no more Nazism until...well.
Jeffrey Lustman @ljslct🔁@realDonaldTrump General Pershing ? Really? Are you making America great again?
Lesley J 🐉💜 @lesleyj28🔁Trump responds to Barcelona attack by reviving debunked myth
Αλεξανδρου Γεωργιος @alexandrou56🔁Trump responds to Barcelona attack by reviving debunked myth
Elaine Rich @Allmyalibis🔁Earns you a history lesson via AmazonWaPo
Great work, sir!


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