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Dustin Brewster @babyfacebrewstr🔁Really Hess? #LSU #GeauxTigers
#GeauxTigers SEC Country LSU @SECCountryLSU🔁LSU trounced by Oregon State, faces Northwestern State next #GeauxTigers sec.news
Israel F. Garza, Jr. @ifcgarzajr🔁 Here’s the starting lineup for your Fighting Tigers of LSU! #GeauxTigers🐯


#GeauxTigers#GeauxTigers#GeauxTigers#GeauxTigers Garrique @Garrique1🔁 Locked in and ready to Geaux!


#GeauxTigers KR3 Musketeers @KR3Musketeers🔁Goodnight to all our fighting Tigers, tomorrows a new day #geauxtigers
#GeauxTigers LSU Baseball @LSUbaseball🔁RHP Cam Sanders will take the mound for the Tigers Sunday at 2 p.m. CT against Northwestern State! #GeauxTigers
#GeauxTigers#GeauxTigers Skillz 2 real @Skillz_2_real🔁 Extremely Blessed and Humbled to receive my 1st offer from LSU‼️ @LSUfootball #GeauxTigers
#GeauxTigers LSU Baseball @LSUbaseball🔁All smiles after a W! #GeauxTigers
LSU Baseball @LSUbaseball🔁TIGERS WIN! TIGERS WIN! LSU enters the winner’s bracket in Corvallis and will face either Oregon State or Northwester twitter.com n State at 9 p.m. CT Saturday! 🐯

NCAA Baseball @NCAACWS🔁You can hear the Tigers roar in Corvallis!

with a big 6th overcomes San Diego State 6-4.

🐯 twitter.com

Chris Eichhorn @mykidzdad🔁RHP Cam Sanders will take the mound for the Tigers Sunday at 2 p.m. CT against Northwestern State!
All4LSU @j_samuelson88🔁Everyone needs to calm down... let the kids enjoy the official visits... he’s a Tiger that’s all you need to know and twitter.com he had a good time just like anyone else would have on an official visit...
CWhitaker @snooksmoketiggy🔁Congrats on your Largest crowd of 4k fans tonight? has that during fall ball practice.
Crown ™ @tWash970🔁Today’s gonna be a great day! Tiger Football Skills Camp. Hope to see some future Tigers get better and learn from the best. #GeauxTigers
Rowdy McFlowdy ™ @RowdyMcFlowdy🔁I give us a better than 50/50 chance to pull off the unthinkable and win both Sunday games. Then who knows what can h twitter.com appen. Who knows, maybe Hilliard can pitch Monday after all.

iamtrendbot @iamtrendbot🔁Jake Slaughter Go-Ahead Single ✅
Devin Fontenot W ✅
Todd Peterson Save No. 6 ✅

Next up: Oregon State or Northwestern State at 9 p.m. CT Saturday.

Anjelica Finn @AnjelicaFinn🔁That game was sad. #geauxtigers
Derick Bercegeay @dbercegeay🔁Haha they just said Oregon State baseball stadium was electric then proceeds to say that their stadium holds 3500 people... LSU averaged over 10,000... nice try ESPN
grey @tacozkill🔁Good game @BeaverBaseball but tmrw starts a 2 game rally #GeauxTigers twitter.com
Cecile @thesignlady2🔁@chris_b4 @KeippiBain @k4roux LOL! Yeah, uh huh. #GeauxTigers !
Celeste Cirinna 🐯 @cecelsu🔁Merciful heaven. This #OSUvsLSU game is finally over. Tigers are gonna shake it off and beat the Demons tomorrow. #GeauxTigers
Erin Leonard @Stunnerunnerin🔁The ⏱ is ticking until we . Catch up with all of our individuals who will be competing next week in Eugene!
Patrice @PSportsfan3🔁They'll win tomorrow @LSUbaseball #GeauxTigers
Monica @monicamomof2🔁I remember playing in last year. 1st game, AWFUL! lost badly. BUT, y’all remember what happened the NEXT 2?!?! TIGERS WON! TIGERS WON! WHAT A TIME WE HAD! A BLAST!
drey New England patriot Gang 💯💯💯💯💯 @HolmesDrey🔁God damn LSU down 14-1 to Oregon State man oh man
radmadricks @radmadricks🔁This game has been so painful to watch but it’s funny to me that they keep bragging about OSU breaking 4,000 in atten twitter.com dance. Alex Box draws 10,000+ regularly. We’d fill 4,000 easily for a Tuesday morning batting practice. Come on now.
Cecile @thesignlady2🔁 These announcers are making me mad. Acting like the game is FINAL. I’d give anything if would come back and win. twitter.com WOULD BE SO SWEET. They are not good announcers.
JosephPolitoJR @JPolitoJR🔁I’ve never wanted a baseball game to just hurry up and end this bad #GeauxTigers
Cecile @thesignlady2🔁I remember playing in last year. 1st game, AWFUL! lost badly. BUT, y’all remember what happened the NEXT 2?!?! twitter.com TIGERS WON! TIGERS WON! WHAT A TIME WE HAD! A BLAST!
Chase Blackwelder @chase1040🔁ICYMI: The nation’s leader in batting average () hasn’t had an at-bat since eighth grade, but don’t worry, he’s hit dingers in BP. 🐯
raine mitchells @flyingtsunami🔁@justsomegymfan That's #cool! The tiger's eye is wicked looking! #geauxtigers #geauxcoffee ;~)
Matt @SouthernGntlmn1🔁I had high hopes for this game tonight but not bringing in runs with the bases loaded and no outs in the first killed twitter.com the morale in the players. I just hope we find some pitching for tomorrow!
Paul Medica @PaulMedica🔁Too much talent to be going to Louisville. #GeauxTigers twitter.com
Dale Dale Dale @Lildyce504🔁Just end the game and play tomorrow ughhh #LSU #GeauxTigers 🐯⚾
Jason Young @ThatJasonYoung🔁 #GeauxTigers ??? More like #FauxTigers. 🤣🤣🤣 GETTEM Beavs #GoBeavs @BeaverBaseball
Jimmy Pigue @irLSUfan🔁LETS #GeauxTigers !!!!!!@LSUbaseball
jo💛💛💫💫💋💋 @jourdyny🔁A look back at the 2018 season. Thank you Tiger Fans for being with us every step of the way!
Ashley Spangenberg @amspangenberg🔁@WWLAMFM Streaks are meant to be broken. #GeauxTigers
TheWackyChris @TheChrisMike🔁 We may be down 10-1 but atleast we don’t touch little girls... #iwentthere #GeauxTigers
〽att Taylor @mlbmmamatt🔁On the comeback trail! #GeauxTigers
Garrett Simoneaux @geezy_fbaby🔁We may be down 10-1 but atleast we don’t touch little girls... #iwentthere #GeauxTigers
Dam Nation @_DAM_Nation_🔁#GeauxTigers ??? More like #FauxTigers. 🤣🤣🤣 GETTEM Beavs #GoBeavs @BeaverBaseball
Andie Anseman @andie__candy🔁watching Luke Heimlich pitch and people cheer him on disgusts me. he's a child molester. says a lot about Oregon State and their fans
Maryrose Welch @ms60mrw🔁@gammie9701 @jburrow3 @fanslsu It truly is awesome! #GeauxTigers
Mj nobles @nobles_mj🔁LSU is in a real bind. Team is injured,wasting quality opportunities and the umpire zone is different for both teams. twitter.com Recipe for disaster!
elainey @heltzelainey🔁 CANT WAIT FOR AUGUST 12TH!!! #LSU22 #lsu22 #GeauxTigers
Tanner Hettig @TannerHettig🔁CANT WAIT FOR AUGUST 12TH!!! #LSU22 #lsu22 #GeauxTigers
Hillary’s Shoe Goes Bye-Bye @tweetwen115🔁Honored to join Dean Thomas Galligan and more than 140 graduates as I delivered the commencement address this morning.

⚜️Shoemaker⚜️ @mattshoemaker95🔁OSU killin us can’t say I’m surprised though probably gonna be hoisting that trophy in Omaha twitter.com
GeeGee @LSUGeeGee🔁 Trying to make that bush league ball park something special is a joke #GeauxTigers @LSUbaseball
Chassity N. Oubre @ChassityNOubre🔁Z.Hess gotta come out...He must be tired. Giving away too many balls. Thanks for catching that Watson. 💜💛 twitter.com
Owen's Staff @OwenTheTonk🔁I'm bout to switch to some wrasslin' if things don't change soon #GeauxTigers
Todd Pourciau @ToddPourciau🔁Trying to make that bush league ball park something special is a joke #GeauxTigers @LSUbaseball
Scott Gaudin @OG_Bankster🔁No autocorrect. You should just automatically know when the LSU game is on, I am not trying to type “ducking”. #LSUBaseball #geauxtigers
Todd Pourciau @ToddPourciau🔁Annoucers for the games are so terrible I just muted it #GeauxTigers @LSUbaseball
Dale Dale Dale @Lildyce504🔁Pitching bug strikes us again. Can't get it going today. #LSU #GeauxTigers 🐯⚾
Owen's Staff @OwenTheTonk🔁Dang it LSU I'm staying up late for this! Let's get going!! #GeauxTigers
Greg Lavergne @gmlavern🔁 📺 UPDATE: Tonight's game against Oregon State will now air on ESPN2. First pitch is slated for 9 p.m. CT! #GeauxTigers
Todd Pourciau @ToddPourciau🔁@Zack_Hess38 is working hard but he needs some run support #GeauxTigers @LSUbaseball
Southern Justice @DarryDekens1🔁@LSUbaseball Seems like everything is going OST's way
Todd Pourciau @ToddPourciau🔁Let's get focused tigers @LSUbaseball #GeauxTigers beavers are #tigerbait
Charlotte💜 @CMHill3🔁I forgot how much I disliked Madrigal from Omaha last year, his facial expressions just piss me off. #LSUvsOSU #GeauxTigers
Joe Rogers @JoeRogersCFBR🔁Five runners on in the first two innings without an out and not a run across the plate versus #2 Oregon State. Gotta twitter.com be better than that
Cecilia Sonnier @pugsrule21🔁Miss our home state representation. twitter.com


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