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leon Cullen @leocullen4🔁 Israeli drones rain down tear gas in Gaza
GazaGaza AJ+ @ajplus🔁A funeral is taking place for an 8-month-old Palestinian baby who died after Israel fired tear gas into Gaza.
Yasmeen @whydoeslife🔁 60 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces during protests in Gaza.
Muhammad Yanis @my_yanis🔁 Here's what children in Gaza have to say about being shot and tear-gassed by Israeli forces.
Sen Dianne Feinstein @SenFeinstein🔁I’m deeply disappointed in Ambassador Haley’s remarks and her decision to block a U.N. inquiry into the deaths in Gaz a. An independent investigation is absolutely necessary when more than 100 people have been killed in protests.
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁Today there were 58 people killed on the Gaza border. 6 children were killed, including an 8-month-old baby who died from tear gas inhalation. More than 2,700 people injured. All in one day. Meanwhile, Ivanka & Jared celebrated at the embassy. Elite, out of touch & unqualified.
Domenica Ventura @ReefDream1🔁How the UK's wall of silence gives Israel impunity for its actions.Those who shout loudest about Labour Party anti-Semitism have nothing to say about Israel maiming and killing unarmed protesters in Gaza. via
#DiaryOfNasawali @nasawali_phame🔁In case you missed it, this was leader Yahya Sinwar, just a few weeks ago, talking about the goals of the riots: “We will tear down the border and we will tear out their hearts from their bodies.”

What a lovely peaceful chap, hey?

Micky @MinxG14🔁The World is playing into the hands of Hamas. My article on Gaza violence in today’s Daily Telegraph.
- @_amyraz🔁Heartbreaking.💔
Palestinian Mother says last goodbye to her 8 month old baby 👶 (Laila Anwar al-Ghandour),has died of tear gas inhalation,the youngest victim of Israeli attacks on Gaza.
You just need to be Human to pray for them.
Palestine Dying to Live 😭
DeinAyurvedaNet2 @Net2Ayurveda🔁Every life lost, particularly that of a , is a life lost too many! Devastating that 2 of those killed in yesterday were students, one of them a girl, 8th grader Wesal Fadel Sheikh Khalid; the other a boy, Iz Al Deen Musa Al Samak
Sarah Brodsky @sarahbrodsky🔁With riding high after series of political and military victories, and having suffered 60 deaths on border, observers wonder what's next for the leaderships on both sides
The Queen of reTweets @RochelleBarozzi🔁PLEASE RETWEET
Chris Cillizza LIED About His President Trump In the Crosshairs Picture Excuse

Herman Badio @BadioHerman🔁Today's Broadsheets, Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Tasirius @tasirius🔁As a relative quiet descended at the fence between Israel and Gaza, there was uncertainty about whether the demonstrations would grow, fade, or give way to an outright armed conflict
Linda @SE25A🔁"When emergency room is flooded with patients, there is no time to think. The thoughts come afterwards: this was someone’s brother, father, husband. It brings back the painful memories of the last war." Khader, nurse in
jacqueline @jacquel91409826🔁 Chelsea Handler is a vile ignoramus
Barry Ickes @barryickes🔁Palestinians living in Gaza under the governing control of Hamas, a terror group with a history of using human shield s and child soldiers, were encouraged to rush the border with Israel...
Safiya بنت حيي‎ @khaybar628🔁Israel has now killed more than 90 Palestinians in the past six weeks for simply walking towards the fence it placed around Gaza, surpassing the total number of East Germans shot and killed for trying to scale the Berlin Wall from 1961 to 1989. There has been 0 Israeli fatalities
David @truenavypatriot🔁Have you seen this reported in major media? Why do they censor the facts about the Hamas riots on the Gaza border?
Ruth Drummond @dedryman1🔁This is so sad. All these stolen lives, people with hopes, dreams, aspirations. People they love and who loved them. Israel must make amends and fight as hard for peace as they do for symbolic plots of land. Their own humanity depends in it

jay wilkinson @I_Jay🔁THREAD: The use of live ammunition by the Israel Defence Forces must always be a measure of last resort. There is no justification for shooting unarmed civilians behind the border of Israel, inside . 1/7
آية. @ayaos_🔁The killer (Israel PM IN Tel Aviv).
The victim (Little Laila in Gaza).
She will hold him accountable until he is thrown in Hell.
Habibe Majid @habmaj🔁In the heart of Tel Aviv, israelis are shutting down traffic, chanting that we don’t want another war. this is not a solution. no one is more safe because of this. end the occupation. end the siege. Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies. In solidarity with Gaza.
UmAr @Umershahzad5997🔁Video exposes Israel's lies! It shows Palestinian protesters being shot while posing no threat to the nuclear racist Israel.

Shoot to cripple.

مهنا @itsalina97🔁I just read that,Gaza will be unliveable by 2020, or sooner. Their mental health is bad.. Palestinians are trying to take their own lives. my heart is burning with anger, they are suffering, physically and mentally and no one gives a fuck. This world is inhumane. i’m sick of it.
Lara Demidova @Mainrushun🔁Moshe Dayan,1of t/Israel’s Founding Fathers said in 1956:“What cause have we 2complain about their fierce hatred to us?For 8 years now,they sit in their refugee camps in Gaza,&before their eyes we turn into our homestead t/land &villages in which they&their forefathers've lived.”
Carlos Valdés @Elbolocandanga🔁The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of 🇨🇺 expresses its strongest condemnation of the criminal repression of the Israeli army against the defenseless Palestinian🇵🇸 population in the Gaza Strip, which has killed at least 52 people & left more than 2,400 injured.
a e s t h e t i c a l l y i r r e l e v a n t @julionaojulho🔁I am a rabbi.

I love Israel.

I condemn without reservation the bloodshed in .

Not so hard.

You can challenge the Israeli government’s policies without being anti-Semitic.

Anders ljungberg @AndersLJborgerl🔁
This explains why people in Gaza are so upset #Gaza #Palestine #Israel
Darren Duff @darren_duff🔁Two pastors- one a Palestinian believer and the other a Jewish believer stand at the Gaza fence to Pray for Peace. Jesus can reconcile enemies, and it’s beautiful thing.
WHiltonZ @WHiltonZ2🔁 erupt today in Kazerun over mismanagement & suppression. People shun regime's demagoguery w/ chants of "They support Gaza but betray Kazerun. Our enemy is right here, they're lying when they say it's America" (Film via MEK activists in )
LAAS @LabourAgainstAS🔁WATCH:
In a very fair and balance interview - that also included chairman - asked to also condemn Hamas (twice) for their part in the situation in Gaza. His response...!!
Gareth Davies @garethdavies110🔁🇹🇷 Expels The Israeli Ambassador .
The security personnel at Airport forced the Israeli ambassador to take off his shoes and put him in a strict security check .. Israeli ambassador expelled by the Turkish government in response to the massacre
\\\|/// @HenryNoboaA🔁An armed assault disguised as a protest: Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are starting to publish the identities of their operatives killed yesterday at the Gaza-Israel border. The left-hand image is of Hamas "martyrs"; those on the right were Islamic Jihad. ()
Laura Rich @TryChick🔁 Don’t Expect White Evangelicals to Be Troubled By Violence in Gaza
Humza Anwar @humzybinshad🔁Pathetic mealy-mouthed piece from the BBC. Where else in the world would 100 dead & 10,000 unarmed protesters injured be called anything but a massacre? Imagine the headline if the victims were Israelis

Did Israel use excessive force at Gaza protests?

Reeter McKeeter @ReeterMcKeeter🔁"There is a proliferation of reports from the World Bank, various U.N. agencies… there is a consensus that the proximate cause of the horror in Gaza is the Israeli blockade, it's not Hamas… Gaza as we speak is unlivable." - , now at
MARVO 👍#MAGA🇺🇸TRUMP👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 @Marvo23927052🔁The MSM has blood on their hands

Hamas paid protesters to cause trouble in Gaza

All they wanted was a body count, and they got it

The MSM is complicit because they covered the event exactly like Hamas wanted them to

It's no longer just "fake news"

RealPolitik @machiavelli_gr🔁 is the second state of the world that recognises (de facto) Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Guatemala has recogn ised the sovereign State of Palestine since 2013...

Raneem @iiiiHiraii🔁“But but Hamas” erm... there was no Hamas in 1948, and still Palestinians were being slaughtered for the sake of Israel. The homes demolished in the West Bank, the lives stolen. Don’t mistake excuses and justifications for reason.
Andrea Whitmore @AndyKCity🔁London stages multiple protests in solidarity with Palestine – Mondoweiss #Gaza
Carolus³ @affumicator🔁Protests on Gaza’s border with Israel turn deadly
Karen Ciresi @Yellowstonewolf🔁Today there were 58 people killed on the Gaza border. 6 children were killed, including an 8-month-old baby who died from tear gas inhalation. More than 2,700 people injured. All in one day. Meanwhile, Ivanka & Jared celebrated at the embassy. Elite, out of touch & unqualified.
S. Griffin @WalksWithEagles🔁Why don't YOU take your Lazy Worthless A$$ over to Gaza and do your own investigating (without ARMED body guards)? M aybe, just maybe you'll run onto your buddies from Iran while you're there!
Texas Banker @TexasConsBanker🔁 Nikki Haley blocks UN statement on Gaza violence, walks out on Palestinian envoy
De Plo Ra Ble @deplorable888🔁War in Gaza 2009 (Embassy is in Tel Aviv)
War in Gaza 2012 (Embassy is in Tel Aviv)
War in Gaza 2014 (Embassy is in Tel Aviv)
Clashes in Gaza 2018: "Embassy move causes Gaza violence!"
Rucksac @Tangi56🔁Credit to Israeli military thwarting, with professionalism and restraint, Hamas terror attacks and preventing an invasion from ''. Any sovereign Nation has the right to defend its borders and people!
hate for Israel @DrSikand_r🔁Manal Issa, you have my respect! Stop attack on Gaza: French-Lebanese actress Manal Issa draws attention with placard at Cannes Film Festival
ABQJournalWatch @ABQJournalWatch🔁Jared Kushner at Jerusalem embassy: "The pursuit of peace is the noblest pursuit of humankind. I believe peace is within reach if we dare to believe that the future can be different from the past, that we are not condemned to relive history…”

Gaza, same day, via :

Ed Settle @elsasia🔁Ivanka Trump will always be remembered for her smile of indifference as Israeli snipers picked off 58 Palestinians at Gaza border protests.
Rev. O. Lution @rev_o_lution17🔁Hell that is Gaza: A mother cradles her dead baby via

A "mixup" led to this. Yet, it's always blamed on Isreal. Th ese barbarians sacrificed this child for publicity purposes and, of course, got it.

finola reilly @finola_reilly🔁The UK has sold almost $0.5bn in arms to Israel since 2014, when it bombed Gaza for 7 weeks.

Last year the gov approved sniper rifles & ammunition, weapons just used to kill scores of unarmed protestors.

Britain has a legal duty to stop arming Israel while these abuses go on.

Delphine Costedoat @CostedoatD🔁🇵🇸 : Israeli occupation forces attacked Palestinian family near the borders of by tear gas this morning .

Tom Gallagher @cultfree54🔁Utterly craven British PM is calling for enquiry into deaths arising from Gaza provocation when unsentimental action needed to end UK role as a platform for violence.
fazal_alr @fazalalanallur🔁Tolerance has a limit when they're being haunted in all brutal ways without getting enough support from others

WireSpy @wirespyuk🔁 Who's to blame for the deaths and violence in Gaza?
Rose Raven @RoseRaven1603🔁Another big day for Israel - more than 150 children shot in Gaza thanks to your mindless grandstanding
Robben Constant @RobbenConstant🔁RT DaysofPalestine "60+ Palestinian civilians slaughtered and thousands injured in by "Israel" whose leaders were celebrating in occupied Jerusalem meanwhile!


King Leonidas @LeonidasBatman🔁Watching Netanyahu's speech being telecast globally, calling it a glorious and historical day while Gaza witnesses perhaps the worst bloodbath in years. Tyranny has a face.
Amarillo Armadillo @MWAgain🔁Finally a Brit who speaks the truth about Iran and Gaza. The ayatollah doesn’t want us to know what is really happening in Iran. We need to support the people of Iran.
مدريدي&هلالي⓬ @helalmadred77🔁except that not one rocket was fired since the , not one soldier was scratched, and not one civilian was hurt - instead nearly 50 dead and more than 9000 wounded in Gaza.
رويحل @UGzJL50p30gnxU4🔁Retweeted CTV News ():

Canadian physician Tarek Loubani shot in Gaza Strip while providing medical care

Unsettling Goods @UnsettlingGoods🔁TAKE ACTION: Ask Canada to call for an immediate end to violence in Gaza and take an international leadership role in negotiating just peace. [Photo: Associated Press/Khalil Hamra]
Debi @hopefuloptimist🔁Lack of power, clean water, adequate medical care and other essential services exacerbates the humanitarian situation in Gaza. I’m joining to call on Sec. Pompeo to intervene and put the full weight of the U.S. behind solutions to this crisis before conditions worsen.
saad othman @saad_svs🔁 5/16/2018
Second clip of the Kazeroon people's demonstration
The slogan of people in today's demonstrations:
Is supported From Gaza, Betrayed To Kazeroon(Taunted to the ruling mullahs)

Tina Maria @t_be2cre8🔁@WesSmith123 Looking at the Gaza strip? What else has he done so far?
Raffles! @LordsRaffles🔁Breakdown of US/North Korea talks and ongoing Gaza violence threaten to distract from main news story regarding man's possible attendance at daughter’s wedding.
Adil Asif @AdilAsif001🔁Time for military sanctions against the Israeli government, and those responsible for the Gaza massacre to face justice.
Dhul Qarnein @SkanderZu🔁Hamas also confirmed that they refused a shipment of Israeli medical supplies. "These trucks carrying these medical supplies are covered with Palestinian blood," spokesman said.

Comes as Gaza hospitals are pleading for supplies to treat the wounded.

Pavan Ram @PavanRa88548295🔁Palestinians in Gaza protesting the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem killed by Israelis today-

- 52 dead.

- 2400 injured including women & children.

Silence is complicity - Political leaders need to speak out now & condemn unreservedly.

Prairiefire Patriots @PFP_Org🔁 aka fake news reports that Israel faces widespread condemnation for protecting its borders. The report fails to take into account those who favor State sovereignty and the rights of Israel.
(((kweansmom))) @kweansmom🔁These settlements near the Gaza border are all in pre-1967 Israel. Nobody considers them illegal unless they consider all of Israel to be illegal. You might want to rethink that tweet.
Pluto Press @PlutoPress🔁'After 70 years of Palestinian suffering... to show the world and each other their spirit of resistance that endured after decades of repression, violence, humiliation, and denial of the most fundamental of rights.' - Richard Falk
Dhul Qarnein @SkanderZu🔁We just finished an interview with Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem.

He said June 5 is the next big protest and Hamas hopes it will be just as large as May 14. June 5 is the anniversary of the start of the 1967 war.

Bird @birdiflyinghigh🔁Thousands of Palestinians marched and protested in demonstrations across the West Bank and Gaza this Tuesday both to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Nakba and to protest the recent attack on protesters in Gaza.

Stuart Graham @StuartGraham3🔁Thanks to our MPs and cross party MPs coming out today to stand in solidarity with the and demand an end to the ongoing Nakba and a stop to the killing in - w/ our partners
Leo Carlos @leokarlos🔁Escalating Gazan casualties cannot be due to indifference (Israel dropped warning leaflets about approaching the bord er fence and its consequences) but suspected Israeli infiltration into Gaza using the same Hamas terror tunnels and killing Gazans in their own homes.
AbuAhmad @feelfreeNS🔁pakistani nation strongly condemn brutal killings of innocent Palestinians by Israeli forces in Gaza

Israeli n American authorities r responsible

Taufiq Jahan @taufiq86aa🔁Iran president raps some Arab, Muslim states for silence on Israel's Gaza crimes
نادين @nadinzhussein🔁Israeli journalists, me included, have in recent weeks requested answers from the IDF on the circumstances of the killings in Gaza. They either refuse to respond directly to the question, or refuse to respond period. This is one of the most outrageous & underreported issues
Rebel of the street corner @__Keyti🔁"Gaza, no despair! We will end the occupation!" Israeli left-wing activists chant in a Jerusalem protest.
AnnaFarrelly @farrelleye🔁Does anyone have a list of Israeli products sold in supermarkets and other stores here in Ireland? Time to let retailers know how we feel. I won't be buying anything from there.
Maggie K 🇺🇸 #ClearGenFlynn @tweet2u2🔁Reminder : Israel supplies with all electricity, gas, building materials, 90% of food and water, as well as medical services.

has rich,arable land on the Med coast.The place should be an economic powerhouse,with a free & wealthy population. has ruined it 👇

angela thomas @angelathomas22🔁Media Bias: How Media Turn U.S., Israel Into Villains By Misreporting Gaza 'Protesters' Violence (If you support the so-called "Palestinians" you are a supporter of terrorism.) via
Aya @Njengomhlaba🔁We are witnessing an abhorrent violation of international law & human rights in . 38 confirmed dead, including 6 children, with close to 2000 people injured. Many are reporting injuries to the head and chest. Over 500 injured with live ammunition. This must end immediately.
Gregor Flock GCSN @GFlock_GCSN🔁My latest: The West's refusal over many decades to sanction Israel for its abuses of Palestinians led directly to Monday’s massacre. And the failure to inflict a price on Israel this time will ensure the next massacre
IsraeliCojones @IsraeliCojones🔁Reminder: “Wishes” of the overwhelming majority of Palestinian Muslims in Gaza & Judea-Samaria--80% want State of Israel destroyed by JIHAD; 73% want the Jews annihilated en masse, per Left leaning Clintonista pollster’s face to face interviews in Arabic:


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