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Gaza Tuck's News @tucksnews🔁Israeli Nationalist: It’s Time to Annex Gaza, West Bank
Gaza x Madenie x dan @MadzXdan🔁 Gaza hospitals under emergency state due to medicine shortage
Gaza @JewishPress🔁Full Text: Remarks by Jason D. Greenblatt at White House Gaza Conference - @JewishPress
Gaza 🌿News-Now🌿 @juergen_p🔁#Explosion in #Gaza targets convoy of Palestinian PM Rami #Hamdallah
felali mohamed @felali9🔁 #Palestinian PM survives assassination attempt in #Gaza.
Gaza Tetrisnet @Tetrisnet🔁 Palestinian PM safe in Gaza after explosion near convoy: live TV
Gaza Ÿousef🇵🇸 @Joo_Gaza🔁Peace ✌🏼 city ❤️🇵🇸 Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine 🇵🇸
Ÿousef🇵🇸 @Joo_Gaza🔁 Netanyahu isn't satisfied with what was deducted from UNRWA's budget and calls for more.
Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish🔁BREAKING: Explosion hits the convoy of Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah upon his entrance into the Gaza Strip, wounding several people
Max Blumenthal @MaxBlumenthal🔁Israel experiments on caged Gaza natives protesting their perpetual imprisonment by drone bombing them with teargas. For the clearest vision of our dystopian future, always look to present day Israel.
Golan Shahar ® 🇮🇱✡ @GolanSh🔁 resident arrested after crossing into with grenade, knife |" target="_blank">
louai @louai1969🔁 (1) Iran did this.

No doubt.

Ÿousef🇵🇸 @Joo_Gaza🔁The attack on Palestinian campus activism moves beyond the conversation of “free speech.” Suppressing Palestinian student activism is simply the denial of Palestinian identity and narrative.
Alison Hall @AlisonHall20🔁"I was shocked to learn of the attack on Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah’s convoy in Gaza today, and wish the injured a very speedy recovery.  Achieving Palestinian Authority government in Gaza remains a high priority."

British Consul General - Philip Hall

justicepal2014 @justicepal2014🔁Palestinians in Gaza are planning a six-week-long tent city protest near the Israeli border, starting on March 30, demanding that Palestinian refugees be allowed to return to their homes
Marilyn Lavala🇺🇸👊 @MarilynLavala🔁Day dream n dream to scoop u
Up in bring you here I mean Israel
Ur whole Country n yes Gaza strip
Do you thk I would leave Jerusalem
B hind no way in also drain first of
You know, on your borders N&S
Vicious evil creatures Leb n Pales
👹's but r CNTRY large 320m
More ppl thn u
Skiin 🐱 Glee @nuiotwo🔁Explosion goes off near Palestinian Prime Minister's convoy in Gaza
justicepal2014 @justicepal2014🔁Palestinians point to the Israeli siege on Gaza as the main culprit behind the collective punishment of over 2 million Palestinians. The decade-long Israeli siege has led to shortages in medicine and electricity, and left the economy at a standstill.

S.LonCycling4Palestine @SLonCycling4Pa1🔁BREAKING: Palestinian PM Hamdallah: What happened today (the assassination attempt) will not prevent me from visiting Gaza again
Jason Davis @Grinder4382🔁Hamas also tried this week to smuggle mercury into Gaza. It was hidden in a consignment of medical equipment.

Mercury is a dual-use material that could be used for making bombs.

Hamas only cares about arming its terrorists. It doesn't care about the real needs of Palestinians.

S.LonCycling4Palestine @SLonCycling4Pa1🔁Palestine TV now calling the Gaza blast an "assassination attempt" against Prime Minister Hamdallah and intelligence chief Majed Faraj, who was with him in the convoy.
Tetrisnet @Tetrisnet🔁Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah survived an assassination attempt in northern Gaza on Tuesday morning, according to Wafa, the official Palestinian news agency
justicepal2014 @justicepal2014🔁In January, the US government announced its intentions to cut $360 million dollars in pledged aid to UNRWA, the agency responsible for the food, health-care, and educations needs of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.
JBS @JBSTVORG🔁 holds conf on crisis. "Bookkeeper of Auschwitz" dies before serving time. lights up w Spectacular. Thes e stories & more on JBS News:
RickyDale Brown @RickyDaleBrown🔁Hundreds of Gazans took to the streets today to protest the arbitirary Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip amid the deteriorating humanitarian situation.
Courtesy Al Quds News

RAY HALL @RAYHALL10🔁The week in pictures: Jihad Awad, 50, a Palestinian woman of special needs, works on embroidery on the occasion of International Women’s Day, in al-Bureij refugee camp, in the center of Gaza strip.
Andreas Baader @stop1984🔁Gaza under emergency state for medicine shortage
#FreePalestineNow @zunatho🔁 Gaza under emergency state for medicine shortage
justicepal2014 @justicepal2014🔁Meetings are scheduled for next week in DC to discuss the economic, humanitarian, and security concerns of Gaza, as it struggles to survive the decade-long Israeli siege.
Kevin FitzMaurice @k_fitzmaurice🔁Palestinian PM's convoy bombed in Gaza assassination attempt
justicepal2014 @justicepal2014🔁"Graduating from university is a shock as it is, with existential questions about the future turning into the tangible burden of searching for a job. Graduating into a war zone took those strains to an extreme."
Agent_Nass_007 @MuslimsNo2Trump🔁“We launch a resounding scream to the world: Save Gaza. How long will you wait and how many more victims do you...
إيمان عريقات @ImanYEreiqat🔁In cutting funding by 83% the will cause untold additional trauma to Palestine refugees in Gaza and Syria who depend on life-saving humanitarian assistance through emergency cash, food, and shelter support.
Joao @appliedsoft🔁 Serious deterioration of internal Palestine situation following Gaza assassination attempt.
Agente Cuádruple @AgenteCuadruple🔁It is also used for amalgam fillings. If you confiscate all dual use materials, you will starve out all , but that s eems to be the desire of . Go live in , as I have, for a while and see the truth. You don't have to go to to feel the oppression.
Raul Girão @girao_raul🔁The video shows the attack on Palestinian Prime Minister and the head of Palestinian security, as they enter in Gaza, from Erez Via Palestinian TV
عمو کوین @lVlahtabi🔁Ted Mosby: So, the crisis in the Middle East could be solved by...?
Barney Stinson: Gaza strippers. Next!
Ted Mosby: Apartheid?
Barney Stinson: Apart thighs. What else you got?
Ted Mosby: Cold War?
Barney Stinson: Mrs. Gorbachev, take down those pants!
Mark Michel Carter @swatchmark🔁 Palestinian Attendance Unclear at White House Gaza Conference
Kevin FitzMaurice @k_fitzmaurice🔁Gaza Offers 10 Shekels To Anyone Willing To Kill Stray Dogs - Mar. 7, 2018 - YouTube
Fred Williams @UnkelFred🔁Israel experiments on caged Gaza natives protesting their perpetual imprisonment by drone bombing them with teargas. For the clearest vision of our dystopian future, always look to present day Israel.
Tommiesfriend @tommiesfriend🔁Gaza and other places house a lot of Palestinian refugees that by international law and UN resolutions have a right t o return. They are illegally kept out to keep the majority Jewish. WB doesn't belong to Israel, is occupied and annexated slowly, a war crime. Therefore BDS.
Albert Fiorino @AlbertFiorino🔁 in Gaza need a real government that will provide basic services—not today’s attack on officials trying to inaugurate a water treatment plant desperately needed in
🇱🇨O N E ☝️ S O N🇬🇭 @Ibed_GAZA🔁One son
#NoJusticeNoPeace @PalsJustice🔁Um al-Nasser Bedouin village is the front line of Israel's next invasion of Gaza; they know they will not survive it
Fatma Lotfi @Fatmahemisa1🔁 | Palestinian PM survives assassination attempt while visiting Gaza Strip
Bravo 👏👏
#NoJusticeNoPeace @PalsJustice🔁A special honour to participate with Ambassador Takeshi Okubo in annual kite flying event expressing solidarity with Japanese affected by 2011 tsunami. Amazing ability of 1000 kids from 4 schools to do so amidst their own deteriorating circumstances!
AmndA @qAmndAp🔁Because a white zionist supremacist does not have the intelligence or depth to understand that Hamas is a resistence movement and elected leader of the people of Gaza. LieDF operates in close cooperation with their terrorists friends Daesh/ISIS/ISIL. Do you support them?
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+ Palestinian PM survives assassinatio n in Gaza

+ Trump ousts Rex Tillerson, names Pompeo

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Barre Wilks @Barre40077094🔁 Palestinian PM survives assassination attempt as convoy bombed during Gaza visit via @timesofisrael
RAY HALL @RAYHALL10🔁 occupying forces used unmanned drones to drop tear gas on Palestinians in for the first time last Friday
Dr. Nataniel Agour @docagour🔁A new blow to Hamas' efforts to attack Israel:

IDF uniforms were seized today at the Kerem Shalom crossing. Hamas tried to smuggle them into Gaza so its terrorists would disguise themselves as Israeli soldiers when perpetrating cross border attacks.

Innocent lives were saved.

Yoko Molekula 創造的思想家 @MolekulaH2O🔁 Fatah Asked Israel to Help Attack Hamas During Gaza Coup, WikiLeaks Cable Shows
Opinion Minister @OpinionMinister🔁Isn't the behind Hamas? Therefore it should bear full responsibility for the humanitarian situation in Gaza.
Flat Eric @armor1er🔁Israeli occupation authorities release prisoner Ibrahim Abu Mustafa from Khan Younes, in southern Gaza Strip, after 15 years of political imprisonment, today at Beit Hanoun border crossing, on Gaza's border with occupied Palestine.
Hollie Ford @flwrpwr🔁GAZA SUMMIT: Jared Kushner Convenes Historic Middle East Peace Talks With Israelis And Arabs At White House
MaxPlanck @entropy664🔁Israel is spending multi millions bombing Gaza where the average citizen lives on a dollar a day
Zara Malvasias @Malvasias🔁BREAKING: Explosion hits the convoy of Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah upon his entrance into the Gaza Strip, wounding several people
🇺🇸 ProTrader Alan 🇮🇱 @ProTraderAlan🔁History is Made as Israel, Arab States Meet at White House to Help Gaza -
Matthias Schmale @matzschmale🔁A special honour to participate with Ambassador Takeshi Okubo in annual kite flying event expressing solidarity with Japanese affected by 2011 tsunami. Amazing ability of 1000 kids from 4 schools to do so amidst their own deteriorating circumstances!
David Alexander @davidalexander5🔁The bloody Hamas-Fatah power struggle that threatens to return following Gaza assassination attempt
OccuWorld ❌ @OccuWorld🔁UPDATE: Palestinian PM unharmed in Gaza bombing
Bashir Solangi @Khoabr🔁 Israel naval forces detain 10 Palestinian fishermen in occupied Gaza Strip
Taylor Swift Forever @T_Swift_U4ever🔁 Analysts and officials in Gaza are speculating about who, beside Hamas, ...
Manmeet Sahni @sahni_manmeet🔁Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah escaped an explosion Tuesday morning, as he was entering the Gaza strip along with his envoy.

Aleta @Flower_Volcano🔁The truth always comes out: A leading pro-Palestinian campaigner involved in the flotilla that attempted to enter Gaza in May 2010 has appeared to corroborate Israel’s version of the events which led to the bloody confrontation on board the Mavi Marmara.
GA @GamalAkabani🔁After the 2014 ,I was taken this Photo.And I asked where were the people who were lived here? People told me that ( just this was left,and the people was dead)Sad story is finding in .

judith ravestein @judithravestein🔁In less than 3 months, Israel has murdered 19 of Gaza's Palestinians — most of them youths & 3 of them children
GA @GamalAkabani🔁Many of people didn't know how is the life inside . can't catch fish. from long distances in the sea.We don't have . There aren't jobs opportunities for many college graduates.
We don't have good
And it's cut 12 .

Kiran Khan PTI @KiranLoveIsPTI🔁Explosion hits the convoy of Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah upon his entrance into the Gaza Strip, wounding several people.
Tzippy Yarom صِپورة @zpyarom🔁 Please read my remarks from the Gaza conference held today at the White House
KOTA Territory News @kotatweets🔁UPDATE: Palestinian PM unharmed in Gaza bombing
justicepal2014 @justicepal2014🔁Israeli occupation forces have detained 29 Palestinians across the West Bank & East Jerusalem overnight/this morning - in addition to 10 Palestinian fishermen detained off the coast of the occupied Gaza Strip.

otroRuizenelmundo @unruizopina🔁To look is not always to see, behind each person there is always much more. to let them live.
Lives of Gaza 💔

🇱🇨O N E ☝️ S O N🇬🇭 @Ibed_GAZA🔁 Lmao this how strong my cut off game is :


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