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#GarageRehab chris stephens @Chris_TheHustle🔁Security Camera Warehouse is always a fun vendor, I get to spy!! #garagerehab #scw
#GarageRehab chris stephens @Chris_TheHustle🔁And this is what my car looked like getting ready to leave Dallas and head 21 hours home #garagerehab
#GarageRehab Cherry🍒 🏳️‍🌈 @lafelpa🔁 Cut that ribbon!! #garagerehab great job guys @RussellJHolmes @RRRawlings
#GarageRehab chris stephens @Chris_TheHustle🔁Cut that ribbon!! #garagerehab great job guys @RussellJHolmes @RRRawlings
#GarageRehab Cherry🍒 🏳️‍🌈 @lafelpa🔁Alright guys and gals, tonight it was fun! #oldmediateam 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #garagerehab @RRRawlings
#GarageRehab B.T. @70Formula🔁 Use #garagerehab during the show tonight at 10/9c only on @Discovery to join the conversation!
Nicholas Caprio @ncaprio🔁Join us tonight for an all new episode of at 9/8c followed by a new episode of on
B.T. @70Formula🔁 Thank you to everyone who watched and joined the conversation! Same time, same place next week! Good night. #GarageRehab
Keks @AS_Keks🔁 #garagerehab but it is what makes America great 👍 live the dream
Ray O'Dom @frayodom🔁@RRRawlings Great looking shop as usual. Everything is done right. #garagerehab
Adam Hileman @AdamHileman🔁@RRRawlings Don't be laying your shit around and big man won't throw it off a fork lift lmao #GarageRehab #GasMonkeyGarage
谷口 あおい😚 @MushiDoku🔁 Everything that they need is here and ready to rock! Now its time to sink or swim. #garagerehab
Adam Tbo @AdamTbo911🔁Hey @RussellJHolmes is the sign going to say "Scott's Auto and bbq repair " ? = dual income lol #GarageRehab
谷口 あおい😚 @MushiDoku🔁 That's some sweet @Dickies gear!
谷口 あおい😚 @MushiDoku🔁 Check out and our FB page for #BTS pictures tomorrow!
谷口 あおい😚 @MushiDoku🔁 Crush value only!
谷口 あおい😚 @MushiDoku🔁 These cleats are crazy!
✯✯BanderSnatch✯✯ @MissAmyJayyyWatch Wednesdays 10/9c only on ! 🔁
HJ Pizarro @hjPizarroWriter🔁Thanks for joining the watch party. That was fun! #garagerehab on @Discovery @RRRawlings, @RussellJHolmes @Chris_TheHustle @NYCCliff
C. Joshua McCardle @cjmccardle🔁@RRRawlings scottys! Wow seeing the whole town turn out! Idea: season two episode one of #garagerehab. Updates on season one garage flips.
tom giglio @tommmigunz🔁@Chris_TheHustle @RRRawlings @RussellJHolmes no problem - great show great people - cant ask for more !!! #garagerehab
Adam Hileman @AdamHileman🔁@RRRawlings Have a great night man loved the show like always #GarageRehab
Richard Ray Rawlings @RRRawlings🔁Thank you to everyone who watched and joined the conversation! Same time, same place next week! Good night. #GarageRehab
tom giglio @tommmigunz🔁 @tommmigunz @RRRawlings @RussellJHolmes Thanks for watching Tom #garagerehab
chris stephens @Chris_TheHustle🔁@Lindas1st @RRRawlings @RussellJHolmes Thanks Mike, tweeting next week too #garagerehab
Keks @AS_Keks🔁awesome job guys! @RRRawlings @RussellJHolmes @Chris_TheHustle
thanks for tweeting
hope;see ya next week #GarageRehab #garagerehabgermany 😎
SexyMexy @summergyrl71🔁@RRRawlings @RussellJHolmes good night guys.. great show! #GarageRehab see you soon! #tacosandtequilla
Mark @VernieMark🔁@RRRawlings another good episode #GarageRehab
chris stephens @Chris_TheHustle🔁@tommmigunz @RRRawlings @RussellJHolmes Thanks for watching Tom #garagerehab
UNKL PETEY @unklpetey🔁@RRRawlings #garagerehab great 👍 job on Scotty's buddy. Stop ✋ for beer when in hood #keller
Erik Morton @emorton78🔁Another excellent shop rehab, y'all knocked it out of the park. Next one. @RRRawlings @RussellJHolmes @Chris_TheHustle #GarageRehab
Karen Catone @KarenCatone🔁Another Great job @RRRawlings @RussellJHolmes @chris_thehustle #garagerehab #gysot and Scotty really seemed to appreciate you all did !
Nici Larson @NiciMN🔁Another great one! Thanks @RRRawlings, @RussellJHolmes and @Chris_TheHustle! Until next week. Have a great night! #GarageRehab 🛠
Mandy 🐶🇺🇸 @mrhyne68🔁@RRRawlings @RussellJHolmes would love an update at the end of the show indicating how business has done since rehab. #GarageRehab
Mike D. @Lindas1st🔁Good Night Gas Monkey, great show @RRRawlings #garagerehab
Joe @wolfcustoms🔁@360Wraps Nice job on the #garagerehab design & signs !!
J0®G£ @georgie_boiii🔁This #GarageRehab episode was sentimental in the end 😕🏎
Jeff Mason @jeffsmason🔁Oh, and look, there is the mayor of Roanoke #garagerehab
✯✯BanderSnatch✯✯ @MissAmyJayyy🔁@RRRawlings @RussellJHolmes @Chris_TheHustle This guy is making me tear up #garagerehab
Richard Ray Rawlings @RRRawlings🔁Everything that they need is here and ready to rock! Now its time to sink or swim. #garagerehab
HJ Pizarro @hjPizarroWriter🔁Obviously they've had a good impression in the Community. Awesome #garagerehab on @Discovery @RRRawlings, @RussellJHolmes @Chris_TheHustle
Cherry🍒 🏳️‍🌈 @lafelpa🔁I see Richard has glossy eyes too ah ah #garagerehab @RussellJHolmes @Chris_TheHustle
Nici Larson @NiciMN🔁Did Richard make himself a shirt? Cute. 😋 #garagerehab
Joe Schmoe @JoeSchmoeVideos🔁All them people at the ribbon cutting... came for the barbecue ?#garagerehab
Rodney&Kelly Parks @RodneyJr_Kelly🔁@RRRawlings We watched #garagerehab and it was ok. Still big fans of #fastnloud.
✯✯BanderSnatch✯✯ @MissAmyJayyy🔁@RRRawlings I want one of those shop shirts!! #garagerehab
chris stephens @Chris_TheHustle🔁@AdamHileman Man it takes a army! Couldnt have done it without that team, cool shop for sure #garagerehab
Richard Ray Rawlings @RRRawlings🔁That's some sweet @Dickies gear!
Mike D. @Lindas1st🔁I seen a '67 or '68 Camaro in the background, it was Green so that's telling me it's @RRRawlings no? #garagerehab
Jeff Mason @jeffsmason🔁#garagerehab uh oh, now Scotty has Richard as "big brother", always watching..,,,,
HJ Pizarro @hjPizarroWriter🔁Not surprised by the green car Richard. Lol #garagerehab on @Discovery @RRRawlings, @RussellJHolmes @Chris_TheHustle @NYCCliff
Adam Hileman @AdamHileman🔁@Chris_TheHustle Hell of a job chris #GarageRehab
Jeff Mason @jeffsmason🔁#garagerehab Scotty definitely is genuinely touched by all this. Happy for him and his family
Adam Hileman @AdamHileman🔁@RussellJHolmes hell of a job guys #GarageRehab #GasMonkeyGarage
Joe Schmoe @JoeSchmoeVideos🔁You trust these guys mechanics skills? I mean before you invest... you know they're good? @RRRawlings #garagerehab
GaPeachAlisa @Alisa_GApeach🔁@RussellJHolmes Looks really good! So much better. #garagerehab
Nici Larson @NiciMN🔁@RussellJHolmes Even old Tripster looked a little teary eyed! 😋💕 #garagerehab
Adam Hileman @AdamHileman🔁@RRRawlings love the new shop guys hell of a job #GarageRehab #GasMonkeyGarage
HJ Pizarro @hjPizarroWriter🔁Do they get training on the new software? #garagerehab on @Discovery @RRRawlings, @RussellJHolmes @Chris_TheHustle @NYCCliff
Ryan Schooling @1nonlyfallguy🔁Fantastic finish to another #garagerehab
✯✯BanderSnatch✯✯ @MissAmyJayyy🔁@RRRawlings @Chris_TheHustle @RussellJHolmes You guys rocked this job!! #garagerehab
Mike D. @Lindas1st🔁Another great job @RRRawlings @Chris_TheHustle @RussellJHolmes best of luck in the future w/this shop. #garagerehab
Russell J Holmes @RussellJHolmes🔁Tears? I love tears. Scotty was fantastic. Love Scotty's #GarageRehab
Cherry🍒 🏳️‍🌈 @lafelpa🔁@RussellJHolmes 4.56 am here 😂😂😂😂#garagerehab @RussellJHolmes @Chris_TheHustle
Denny @TheEndOfRoads🔁 Wednesday's new bed time is 11:05. How can you not stay up for all this stress? #GarageRehab
Cherry🍒 🏳️‍🌈 @lafelpa🔁@RussellJHolmes as usual... #garagerehab @RussellJHolmes @Chris_TheHustle
Richard Ray Rawlings @RRRawlings🔁@woody4577 . @RussellJHolmes would love that!
Denny @TheEndOfRoads🔁@RRRawlings will there be a follow up on any of these businesses? #garagerehab
Russell J Holmes @RussellJHolmes🔁That's right. We killed it #GarageRehab
Schwinky @Jchalestorm1🔁 Let us know you are watching and tweeting!

#garagerehab @RussellJHolmes @Chris_TheHustle

Nici Larson @NiciMN🔁@Chris_TheHustle @RussellJHolmes @RRRawlings @Ginnie1963 @gasmonkeyenergy Love me some GME! 💚 #garagerehab


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