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Raph @Raph10356572🔁 .@PanicAtTheDisco knows how to get the Game 5 party started! #StanleyCup
Washington Post @washingtonpost🔁Capitals win Stanley Cup, Washington’s first major sports championship since 1992, defeating Vegas Golden Knights, 4 -3, in Game 5
Meagan Kitko @meagan_8_🔁 .@PanicAtTheDisco knows how to get the Game 5 party started! #StanleyCup
LUV @HoxtonSZN🔁 Why did CP3 have to get hurt in game 5
Shea Serrano @SheaSerrano🔁cavs win game 3
warriors win game 4 but draymond gets two technicals
draymond suspended for game 5
cavs win game 5 cavs win game 6
blocked by james pt. 2, cavs win game 7

please universe i'm begging you

The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: Washington Capitals win their first Stanley Cup title, beating Vegas Golden Knights 4-3 in Game 5.
niamhx @niamhfellenger🔁 Going back to sleep for ‘5 minutes’ is such a dangerous game 🤧
Ben Cummings @Ben_Kumma🔁🏆⚽️ World Cup Semi Final 2014 Stadium

🇧🇷 Brazil V Germany 🇩🇪

🏹 Shots 18-14
🥅 On target 13-12
👣 Possession 51-49
⛳️ Corners 7-5
⚽️ Goals 1-7

🤭It's a funny old game saint

❤️Like if you watched it
🔁 RT if you had a bet on it!

Zeeshan Masih @MrZeeshanMasih🔁Liverpool fans have developed an delusional ego that they've surpassed united post fergie despite finishing below United in 3 out of 5 seasons , trophyless while united as 2 and has not won a league game against united since 2013 . Tinpot
Nick Sion 🌸💙 @NitipatSion🔁. are and kicking off game 5 tonight from the fountains on
FrancesStockton @FrancesStockton🔁The Knights and Caps kept trading goals in a fast-paced battle, but in the end, Washington earned their first Stanley Cup title in the team’s 43-season history. Catch all the Game 5 highlights here.

hottunavb @hottunavb🔁 BREAKING: Washington Capitals win their first Stanley Cup title, beating Vegas Golden Knights 4-3 in Game 5.
Josh Dickson @joshdikko🔁Team taking a break from E3 prep to attend Game 5 in Vegas. We want the Cup! Let’s Go Caps!
Tiffany MCcormick @mstiffany184🔁SWEET VICTORY: Where were you when the Washington won the Stanley Cup? Here's how DC celebrated when the game ended
J. Pk @kapjh13🔁@goheroesgame oh no. Getting code 90 when launching game on syncing with server. 5:43 EST.
Ben Sellwood @DefaultDNB🔁I am releasing my first PS4 homebrew game named "Strike Elite" for firmware 4.55 or above(works on 5.05).
This FPS game was developed using unity3d.
Special Thanks to Snake Plissken and LightningMods for support.


cams 🌷 @arcticathedisco🔁First: playing at the Fountains of .
Then: Final Game 5
| | |
Rebel101 @rebel101rocks🔁The NHL season ends in Vegas last Night. Washington Capitals are the Stanley Cup Champs winning 4-3 in Game 5. ~ korn icky
Matteo @ML6TM🔁Final: battle hard on the road. The series is tied with Game 5 set for Saturday.

S. H. Love @AuthorSHLove🔁A DANGEROUS GAME by - "A page-turning thriller set in Mexico." (Amazon 5* Review.)
Ville @FatherKiimis🔁@ZydeCOD_ hahaha i dont play over 5 come on a game i play ill play u 100
Doug Johnson @DJohn2017🔁LeBron this post season has dropped
51-8-8 on 60%
46-11-9 on 55%
46-12-5 on 70%
44-10-8 on 60%
45-8-7 on 65%
44-5-3 on 60%
42-10-12 on 55%
43-8-14 on 70%

But as soon as KD finally drops a 40 point game everyone loses their mind.

CobyPersin @JirehJoseph4🔁 Prediction sa finals

Game 1: G
Game 2: S
Game 3: W
Game 4: C
Game 5: A
Game 6: V
Game 7: S


Tabitha Blue @tabithablue🔁Need a quick hack to take better pictures for social media?? Make this $5 marble background to up your game!
Banter Lab @BanterLabVideos🔁LIVE in 5 on with some shitty Putin game Ben bought , then some Republic Commando! Plus, an announcement from us th at we are very excited about! The chat will be open, come hang out!
The Truth 24 UK @TheTruth24UK🔁 Capitals win first ever Stanley Cup after Game 5 victory over Golden Knights.
Report UK @ReportUK🔁Capitals win first ever Stanley Cup after Game 5 victory over Golden Knights.
NintendoMike @NintendoMikeC🔁I liked a @YouTube video Capitals win Game 5 to secure first Stanley Cup title
COOLEST KID @AlldayloveKpop🔁Who is ready for game 5? haha
Game 5
Stanley Cup
Reg @REGGIES_WORLD🔁Wendell Carter Jr. 2018 NBA Draft Scouting Video. Carter is one of the highest-floor prospects in the draft. 6-10, 7-5 wingspan, can beat switches on the block, space it to 3, think the game, protect the rim, and rebound his position.
Brook @Brook37371408🔁CAPITALS vs KNIGHTS 4-3 Game 5 StanleyCup Finals 2018. The Capitals win the StanleyCup for the first time, Congratulation!. Series (4-3 Capitals).
Corinthian League @EssexCorinthian🔁Just confirmed our final Pre season game and our schedule now looks like this

29-7-18 away
5-8-18 Home
12-8-18 Away
19-8-18 Away
26-8-18 Away

CamBuchanan @CamBuchanan1🔁Somehow missed Freo V North by 0.5 so happy to go again with Over 147.5 TMP's Port V Tigers. Dew point is high but 1 47.5 has to be rain involved & with very little breeze i have rain hitting very late in game.
Sammo @thetinysambo🔁I’m more bummed out than I thought I would be with Vegas losing in game 5
🏳️‍🌈BULLYHUNTER_69🏳️‍🌈 @mdthompson2001🔁@colton_potter i was excited for bf5 until i found out it was a world war 2 game, so i was excited for about 5 minutes lol
Sean Navarro @seanavarro🔁"ALL CHAMPS"

Tomorrow's front page.

📷 by Jonathan Newton
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Son of Thanos @UncleTimi🔁Gotta play the game at times though. The occasional work drink here, ask about their 2.5 children. But other than tha t, do not care.
Ilёm @Ilem_Gamer🔁Game Time | Far Cry 5 Hours of darkness #2: via @YouTube
Botany Swarm @BotanySwarm🔁Quick correct to our tweet earlier, tomorrow's game is at 5:30pm!
Mark Cruickshank @MCruicky🔁Still amazing that QLD are +9.5 against this halves combination game 2...
Loick Larocque @RoxaLink🔁God dammit Cloud being in Smash just really showed that anything is game to be in. I have foreseen 14 million possible Smash 5 rosters and there can only be 1
Crypto Airdrops @CoinAirdropsAll🔁
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Jennifer Thompson @DrThompsonUMUC🔁Jackpot! Capitals rally past Golden Knights, 4-3, in Vegas in Game 5 to win their first Stanley Cup
Ultra Instinct Stephen Curry™️ @Flores1587🔁This Iguodala steal was the biggest play of the game. Warriors only up 1, the steal leads to a transition three by steph which than led to a 12-5 warriors run to end the game.
PokerBaazi @PokerBaazi🔁Grinders Day 5 starts today @ 3PM.

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Stejos Tours & Travel @Stejos_Tours🔁5. Pay for one lodge, experience two
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