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Gallo Pasquale @Chase_Gallo🔁BIGGGGGG BETT. Outcha panties, outcha damnnnn panties
Gallo Francesca Chiusaroli @FChiusaroli🔁 Al canto del gallo
The New Yorker cover
Petit Gallo @petit__gallo🔁 Nyto💓💓
Gallo Petit Gallo @petit__gallo🔁 2000 retweets for this beautiful handmade written pls
Inc. @Inc🔁Steve Jobs used 3rd-grade language to sell ideas. Elon Musk and Richard Branson also use simple words
Human Rights Campaign @HRC🔁After several foster family placements, Foundation Youth Ambassador Weston Charles-Gallo found his forever home with two dads and six siblings.
Inc. @Inc🔁How Google's CEO uses brain-friendly slides to create simple, engaging presentations.
Valeria'🌺 @vremigi123🔁 How many pounds of gallo Pinto can a nica eat?
Lisa Finlayson @FinlaysonL🔁George Gallo To Direct ‘Covet’; Reteams With ‘Bigger’ Producers Steve Lee Jones & Scott LaStaiti
Jas 🤙🏼 @JasmineMeraz_🔁I miss working with you and gallo 😢 — Why would you? 😷 😂
Sherry Lee Campbell @SherryFLRealtor🔁 How Google's CEO uses brain-friendly slides to create simple, engaging presentations.
MyLoc @MyLoc_Tracker🔁Avocado Pico De Gallo Appetizer Snack Crackers - a great appetizer for your next gathering (AD)
Greg 🇨🇦 🏒🍁 ☘️ @Puck_Tough🔁 welcome back from vaycay! U've been missed.Hope u enjoyed urself. U & I know someone in common, my cousin Caitlin Gr iffin (mentioned she went 2 high-school with u) small world. P.S. Is there a way I could get a soundbyte of the angry Gallo, grrr? My son and I love it
BatFlip Crazy @batflipcrazy🔁xHR leaders through May 14 via :

Betts 14.3 xHR (13 HR)
JD Martinez 12.8 (11)
Harper 12.2 (13)
Albies 11.0 (13)
Judg e 10.9 (11)
Lindor 10.6 (12)
Haniger 10.6 (10)
Story 10.2 (10)
Gallo 10.2 (12)
K Davis 10.0 (12)

QUEEN YLONA @Awesomechinky🔁📸starmagicphils

Marco Gallo and Ylona Garcia during the

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Jimmy Lang @jlang2🔁The Astros’ shift on Joey Gallo is preposterous. Spoiler: He fell down a well and is still trapped there.
Wharton Moneyball @WMoneyball🔁Here is the shift the Astros played on Joey Gallo this weekend we are referencing now ... And of course it worked!
Santiago M. Gallo @smgdupuy_gallo🔁Today the members of the Executive Committee of the are gathered together with international experts and partners to reflect on the Forum process and define the road map ahead.
A topic on the table? The next host of the forum! Stay tuned for updates!
Santiago M. Gallo @smgdupuy_gallo🔁Carmen Castreno Sevilla first deputy Mayor underlining importance of sustained effort on for the future of territories and communities making even more
θ @Persin711🔁@MLBNetwork Honestly Gallo if he starts hitting the ball more often. Man is buff
IG: sportsmvt @sports_mvt🔁Bowlers and batters led by Laura Wolvaardt saw the sponsored Proteas beat Bangladesh by five nil to execute their fi rst Women’s ODI series whitewash in a five-match series when they met at Mangaung Oval on Monday

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Andrés @AndresMarchante🔁Update:
6 players are tied atop the Majors in home runs with 13
Ozzie Albies (born 1997)
Joey Gallo (born 1993)
Mookie Betts (born 1992)
Bryce Harper (born 1992)
Manny Machado (born 1992)
José Ramírez (born 1992)

Future looks bright.

🇧🇧 Adrian Ashby 🇧🇧 @ashbygourmand🔁 Forget that PowerPoint deck, tell me a story.
Joshua Jennings @jenningsjaxfl🔁May 15th is the feast of Saint Cassius of Clermont: 3rd century Gallo-Roman senator, convert, and martyr—murdered by invading Alemanni pagans.
Mike Alexander @Roto_Wan🔁I was convinced it was bad for the game until the Gallo case this year. He's leaned into it harder than anyone and sa id I'm going for a home run on every pitch. That's kind of exciting.
EVindell @avocadopapii🔁How many pounds of gallo Pinto can a nica eat?
young dilf @thedirtybender🔁@DurtyDangles Shut up gallo.
Carlotta Gallo @carlotta__gallo🔁June 19: WikiLeaks publisher marks 6 years in Ecuador's Embassy in London—detained in the UK without charge, denied healthcare & sunlight, and now gagged & isolated, for documenting the world. Join the solidarity vigil 11am-8pm, speeches from 6pm.


Joseph W. Gallo @JW_Gallo🔁@JSB_TV Best of luck with whatever’s next! Gonna miss ya on the morning show.
who cares @paulie_gallo🔁 how do i block any tweet that's remotely close to this
who cares @paulie_gallo🔁@CarleyLeitao well it’s not ct! fuck ct
Obstreperous Sin @MadiOCarroll🔁The Gay & Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo.
Holmen Vikings @HolmenVNation🔁ANNOUNCEMENTS

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

MENU: Walking Tacos or Soft Shell, Taco Triangles, Refried Beans, Spanish Ric e, Pico De Gallo Homemade! Assorted Fresh Fruit

The “Word of the Week” is mere. Mere—used to...

Ylona Elites @Ylona_Elites🔁📸starmagicphils

Marco Gallo and Ylona Garcia during the

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Petit Gallo @petit__gallo🔁 This nigga got baby pictures?!
Cat Pizza @catpizzabot🔁Creamy Pico de Gallo layered with Curried Cauliflower, smothered in a mound of Chicken and Ricotta Cheese
MaryLou Torre @TorreMarylou🔁 Jeff Bezos Banned PowerPoint in Meetings. His Replacement Is Brilliant via @Inc
Domm @Deuxemes🔁This breakfast taco with added sour cream and pico de gallo 😋😋😋😋😋
Ari Herzog @ariherzog🔁Fascinating! executives are prohibited from using PowerPoint in meetings.

Instead, they must create a "six-page me mo that's narratively structured with real sentences, topic sentences, verbs, and nouns."

Petit Gallo @petit__gallo🔁@Nokuzol16356738 @fumanekilee Can I send my number too, I really need the video 🙈🙈🙈
Kevin Cook @cuttercane🔁The head of UMMC talks about the contract negotiations with BCBS of Mississippi on :

who cares @paulie_gallo🔁 Are the Montagues and the Capulets still beefing?
Dany G @danygallo3🔁Isaac John Alexander Carter is with Tom Gallo and Randor Lin.
Just working on the new The Betty Alice Effect EP with Phil Anderson!
Tayssa Hubert Jesse Strecker Alice Hubert Sacha Hubert.

MahardGuard @MahardGuard🔁 Steve Jobs used 3rd-grade language to sell ideas. Elon Musk and Richard Branson also use simple words
NJ Lenders Corp @NJLendersCorp🔁5.0 Star Review on #SocialSurvey by Katty K. for Christopher Gallo
Carlotta Gallo @carlotta__gallo🔁 Palestinian right of return is non-negotiable: activist
adam harris @freshmindset1🔁 The 1 Crucial Trait Steve Jobs Taught Apple CEO Tim Cook
T❤️ @leaa_gallo🔁White kid: nigger
White mom: sorry he’s 4
white adult: nigger
other whites: sorry he is 64 & from a dif time
White young 20 something adult: Nigger
Older whites: He’s still a kid. He didn’t realize how bad the word is , you guys say it all the time in rap songs.
Gaetano Gallo @Gae_Gallo🔁Delighted that our paper on is amongst the top 10 most accessed a rticles of 2016-17 - and that another on is no. 1 - congrats Julio!
Aaron Hogan @aaron_hogan🔁Jeff Bezos Banned PowerPoint in Meetings. His Replacement Is Brilliant via @Inc
高嶋 啓 @papipunushi🔁Vincent Gallo - Yes I'm Lonely


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