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Thomas Brannon @BigBadTom11🔁Especially on the road #GTvsDUKE
#GTvsDUKE David Gracey @dgracey3🔁 We are wearing gold helmets and pants with white jerseys today in Durham #GTvsDUKE
#GTvsDUKE RedditCFB @RedditCFB🔁Now that's an odd piece of trivia from Duke's win over Georgia Tech: #GTvsDUKE
William Satterwhite @W_Satterwhite🔁Can't even stop the third-string QB from breaking big plays in garbage time #GTvsDuke
#GTvsDUKE Patrick Weiland @PatrickWeiland🔁 Now that's an odd piece of trivia from Duke's win over Georgia Tech: #GTvsDUKE
#GTvsDUKE John in SC 🐝 @johninsc1🔁@GeorgiaTechFB This was the best thing about tonight’s game. #GTvsDUKE #GaTech #TogetherWeSwarm @GTAthletics
Yellowjacket_gfx @yellowjacketgfx🔁INJURY UPDATE: Safety Corey Griffin’s status is questionable after suffering a lower body injury.

John in SC 🐝 @johninsc1🔁This was the best thing about tonight’s game.
Big E @e_nordin🔁 It’s cupcake weekend in CFB and Tech ends up being one of the cupcakes #gatech #togetherweswarm #GTvsDUKE
Anna Cathryn Finch @annacathrynn🔁 The roof caved in today #FireTedRoof #GTvsDuke
The Crouton @thecroutongt🔁The roof caved in today #FireTedRoof #GTvsDuke
pgill01 @pgill70🔁 @GeorgiaTechFB it is time to move on from @GTPaulJohnson #gatech #TogetherWeSwarm #GTvsDUKE
Barry Hix @BarryHix🔁This Tech defense is softer than day old Charmin. Zero mental toughness. Zero fight. twitter.com
Matt Eicholtz @matteicholtz🔁Glass half full: maybe ticket prices will finally drop for #UGAvsGT next week.

Glass half empty: #FireTedRoof


Andy Goss @CSSDuke🔁All right! With the win, improves on their performance from last season and keeps bowl hopes alive! 20-43 twitter.com ! (PS -- we outrushed a triple option team this week.)
hope howard @hope_bmore🔁@GeorgiaTechFB Can I have the first half team back on the field please?!!! 2nd half BLOWOUT. Damn. #gtvsduke
Josh Teitelman @teitelman🔁@GeorgiaTechFB it is time to move on from @GTPaulJohnson #gatech #TogetherWeSwarm #GTvsDUKE
Kyle Gabriel @kylejgabriel🔁Well, this game was quite a disappointing start to my weekend. Better luck next week ! 🐝 twitter.com
Heather Barrett @hbarrettx2🔁We’ve literally done nothing this half... cool! #GTvsDUKE
Brent Terry @bbrentterry🔁Think how many FCS teams played better against FBS teams on CFB cupcake weekend than Tech played against Duke twitter.com ?
Brent Terry @bbrentterry🔁It’s cupcake weekend in CFB and Tech ends up being one of the cupcakes #gatech #togetherweswarm #GTvsDUKE
Brent Terry @bbrentterry🔁The ultimate indignity- Duke up so much it puts in 2nd teams against you. #gatech #togetherweswarm #GTvsDUKE
Ben Andrews @BenAndrews21🔁We suck at dealing with adversity. Too often we fall apart after a botched play or bad call. Since that Phantom Pass twitter.com Interference call gave Duke a free 1st and Goal at the end of the half, they've outscored us 30-0. We need to get better at moving past stuff like that
Brent Terry @bbrentterry🔁Since Tech was up 14-3 Duke has outscored them 40-6. That’s FORTY to SIX. To DOOK! Gutless. Brainless. From coac twitter.com hes all the way down.
Kirk Little Jr @KirkJr06🔁Two sorry teams trying to out sorry each other and Tech is winning in that regard. Thanks Ted Roof for another forget twitter.com table season. please find a new D coordinator in the off-season PLEASE
Stephen Rozier @KeepOnStepheng🔁Wow... these rules and these refs.
I guess that ref who called PI against GT to end the 1st half is getting his money twitter.com 's worth in Duke TDs.

Will Taylor @TheOGSkulle🔁@theACC everyone of these OFFICALS need to be fired in this game. Worst I've ever seen #GtvsDuke
J.B. Ricks Sr. @JB_Ricks🔁Where'd this offensive explosion come from Blue Devils?? And where the hell was it at last week at Army??? #GTvsDUKE


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