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#G2Great Fran McVeigh @franmcveigh🔁Book Love continues....
Kelly Taylor @kctaylor_kelly🔁“If we could spread love as quickly as we spread hate and negativity, what an amazing world we would live in.”

Do your part. Share love, compassion, empathy, understanding. Be kind. Always.

Cindy Valdez-Adams @TESOLoz🔁A1 We acknowledge that there is NOTHING more powerful than a teacher who knows research and knows kids. No script will ever replace professional decision making. THE END!
Giselle Pempedjian @megiselle🔁“This world needs connection, compassion, humanity, kindness, caring and authentic relationships more than ever before.” -Kristin Granger

Be kind. Always.

JoAnne @joanneduncanjo🔁A1 Increasing READING VOLUME! No excuses about time or other responsibilities. Increasing time for joyful (and intentional) reading AND writing goes first in the schedule - always
Lisa McNally @runnerteach🔁A7: Be aware of how much you talk, video a lesson watch it back. Nothing like hearing your own voice to make you go "Hmm I need to talk less" lol Model how convos should be. Fish bowl with Ss and then step back. They need to learn the skill but you need to pass the ball.
Kasey @LiteracyCoachKS🔁A7 Too much teacher talk is also a conferring issue. We spend so much time telling that we forget listening is the undergirder of the conferring process. That’s a problem!
Kasey @LiteracyCoachKS🔁A3 Above all, become an expert kidwatcher. We cannot foster safety, community, collaboration OR purposeful learning if we don’t know our kids – not as numbers but as learners!
Kasey @LiteracyCoachKS🔁A4 First we ditch the labels that blind us to the amazing child in front of us so that we can notice and nurture the incredible potential that resides in each child without exception!
Tori Bachman @ToriBachman🔁More book birthday celebrations with
Kristen Babovec @runnergirl70🔁I’m getting ready to leave for tomorrow so getting inspiring by Regie Routman’s incredible: How to Fill Your Class with Joyful Learning. It fill MY heart with JOYFUL LEARNING each time I read it!

Fran McVeigh @franmcveigh🔁A1 I believe all students deserve equal access and opportunity to grow into the literate people they are destined to be & their Ts must meet them where they are as individual learners.
Fran McVeigh @franmcveigh🔁 Hopes and dreams are key! #G2Great twitter.com
Mary @Mwallauerteach🔁 And #G2Great is the magnet that draws us all together. @DrMaryHoward twitter.com
Liz Corson @LizCorson1🔁 If you're not already, follow Brian Kelley! :) I thought you would appreciate this thought. It's an answer to g2gre twitter.com at twitter discussion - also check out !
JoAnne @joanneduncanjo🔁Jenn Hayhurst compares homework to jeopardy in this wonderful new post. (very fitting comparison)

Ashley Semrick @HelloSemrick🔁A6: Real Talk- There is so much crap out there that we could cut out of class. Like spelling tests without context, mad minutes in math, title pages for units...worksheets to cover writing skills that actual writing with feedback could cover better...cut all that out.
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁Jenn Hayhurst compares homework to jeopardy in this wonderful new post. (very fitting comparison)


Ellen Meyer @MissMeyer🔁A6 Awareness about time lost is CRITICAL. Notice/record time is spent in line (bathroom lunch water fountain) or transitioning. You’d be shocked how much time is wasted you’ll NEVER get back!
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁We had such a wonderful chat tonight, trending as we do week after week because of the many dedicated educators who twitter.com share their wisdom and dedication to kids. Here is our Wake for this week friends!
Mark E. Weston Ph.D. @ShiftParadigm🔁A6 If we know time is the cruncher, then let’s use it wisely. Prioritize what’s important to you for your students and class culture. Not to be an excuse for stuff not done that you wanted done. What do we let go, to really get going.
Jenn Hayhurst @hayhurst3🔁My gratitude is coming your way JoAnne. I feel shortchanged I'm not seeing you this summer. twitter.com
Jenn Hayhurst @hayhurst3🔁Thank you Karen it was fun reading your thinking. You are a dynamic leader and I appreciate you. twitter.com
Faige Meller @dubioseducator🔁Thank you all. Wherever we are in our continuum of teaching, were never too late (or old) to learn. love learning wi twitter.com th you
amyREEDpulliam @amospully🔁A7 "Don't waste the learner's time" -Marie Clay Too much teacher talk gets in the learner's way. #G2Great
Andy Schoenborn @aschoenborn🔁We hope that you’ll join our chat next week when we explore collective curiosity for informational texts and authors! We love collective curiosity at

Jenn Hayhurst @hayhurst3🔁@aschoenborn @DrMaryHoward @franmcveigh @brennanamy Thank you Andy! #g2great
Karen Sauter @principal711🔁@hayhurst3 @DrMaryHoward @franmcveigh @brennanamy Thank you for another engaging and exciting #G2Great night!
JoAnne @joanneduncanjo🔁It can't be over!! Thank you for hosting another inspiring chat! Thank you to everyone who was here tonight s twitter.com haring your thinking, beliefs and wisdom! Grateful!
Brent Gilson @mrbgilson🔁Thanks you and for another delightful chat, the storm has passed and I am going to get my stuff packed for holid twitter.com ays. Books in the mountains by a beach. Yes indeed.
Jenn Hayhurst @hayhurst3🔁@DrMaryHoward @franmcveigh @brennanamy So beautifully said Mary. #G2Great
Andy Schoenborn @aschoenborn🔁Thank you @DrMaryHoward @franmcveigh @hayhurst3 @brennanamy and all my #g2great friends. Great conversation as usual!
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁We are so incredibly grateful for each of you who come to to learn in the company of others. Everything we do is to twitter.com create this community of learners each week. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Elisa Waingort @ElisaW5🔁Thank you ! So happy I made it tonight. Have to convince my admin team that we need to have our meetings on a day oth twitter.com er than Thursday so I can make these weekly chats in the fall. Will be here all summer, though!
Shannon Petty @shannongpetty🔁I enjoyed my first time! I'll be back! #g2great
Fran Haley @fahaley🔁A7: Embed the time & protocol for student discussion (“active engagement”) - and plan ahead to ask the questions that twitter.com get the ball rolling. Then - listen in!
Karen Caine @KarenECaine🔁Goodnight. Thank you! #g2great
Valinda Kimmel @vrkimmel🔁Thank you and all the crowd for this chat tonight. Lots of new thoughts I need to reflect upon. Also, happy to a twitter.com ll those attending. Tweet it up so those of us not attending can learn from you!
Fran McVeigh @franmcveigh🔁Thanks to all our friends for the great conversations tonight. Your ideas and participation are truly our inspirati twitter.com on!
Until next week!
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁Right back at you my friend ❤️ #G2Great twitter.com
Faige Meller @dubioseducator🔁@mrbgilson Yes! To engage in meaningful “talk” students have to “talk” #g2great
Jenn Hayhurst @hayhurst3🔁@mrbgilson Thank you Brent. #G2Great
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁We hope that you’ll join our chat next week when we explore collective curiosity for informational texts and authors twitter.com ! We love collective curiosity at

Cristi Julsrud, NBCT @Mrs_J_of_EAMS🔁I try to transition by the 2nd nine weeks-- I'm not carrying the conference anymore. Ss have to be the ones to start twitter.com and carry the conversation. Otherwise I just stare awkwardly at them!
Dani Burtsfield @girlworld4🔁@kstorebo @janmillburk @kimyaris Yes and Yes again! #G2Great
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁Exactly why we’re so lucky to have YOU at the helm my amazing wonderful friend! #G2Great twitter.com
Elisa Waingort @ElisaW5🔁A7 If we engaged students in much more peer collaboration experiences and then stepped back so that we could become a curious fly on the wall… well problem solved!
JoAnne @joanneduncanjo🔁Pressure to show a product, give a score. Admin needs to understand and encourage teachers to let go of these time w twitter.com asters!


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