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#g2great Vincent Raimondo @MrRaimondoXHS🔁 Words of Wisdom from @RACzyz @brennanamy @DrMaryHoward #G2Great
#g2great Rich Czyz @RACzyz🔁@OrganicLeaderVB Henry Rollins. Personal Hero. #4OCF #g2great
#g2great Jessica Jaime @JustTechIt🔁 Try these strategies for switching up staff meetings! #4OCF #g2great
#g2great Amy Brennan @brennanamy🔁one minute…
#g2great STEM Play Every Day @STEM_Play🔁 @D4Griffin3 This is in one of my colleagues classroom. Be a Learner, Not a Finisher! #4OCF #g2great
#g2great Susanna Smith @literacyladytoo🔁 A1) I think the term #ContinuousImprovement plays a role here. #G2Great
#g2great Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁 @OrganicLeaderVB Henry Rollins. Personal Hero. #4OCF #g2great
#g2great BarbaraGruener @BarbaraGruener🔁A6: Look at my friend Rachel's model classroom w #alternativeseating options. First grade heaven! #g2great
#g2great Rich Czyz @RACzyz🔁A7: Try these strategies from #4OCF #g2great
#g2great Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁 A7: Try these strategies from #4OCF #g2great
#g2great Amy Brennan @brennanamy🔁one minute…
#g2great Dennis Griffin Jr @D4Griffin3🔁A4) I have had the opportunity to have #Great #Mentors to challenge my thinking and saw my true potential. #G2Great
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁A8 I want to explore more in-school Ed-camp examples to better understand how this works in schools. So intriguing! #G2Great
Courtney Kinney @EduCourts🔁The idea of revision is built off of beautiful thinking & convo w/ enigmatic

Her work is an inspiration 2 me

Jenny Restock @jrestock3🔁A8) Allowing choice into PD which can create more leaders throughout the school #G2great
Dennis Griffin Jr @D4Griffin3🔁 @D4Griffin3 @jrestock3 Of course. Let me know how I can provide support or help in any way! #4OCF #g2great
Kasey @LiteracyCoachKS🔁#g2great A8 offer new avenues via social media, on going bite sized PD
Christine @ChristineMatula🔁@hayhurst3 @RACzyz @brennanamy @DrMaryHoward Yes! T's take ownership for their learning just like we ask the kids! #G2Great
Jenn Hayhurst @hayhurst3🔁A8 I like the idea of tweaking my staff meetings. We need more collaboration in that time, less of me.
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁TRUTH! #G2Great
Chris Cooper @cooper1503🔁A8 Food! Thanks @kmurfitt1 --- Take time to listen A LOT! Give voice & Choice. Make Leanring > Seat Time! #g2great
Rich Czyz @RACzyz🔁@D4Griffin3 @jrestock3 Of course. Let me know how I can provide support or help in any way! #4OCF #g2great
Dave Wheeler @DaveWheeler11🔁A8 I like the idea of tweaking my staff meetings. We need more collaboration in that time, less of me. #G2great
Kimm Murfitt @kmurfitt1🔁@RACzyz Ok. Now that one made me literally laugh out loud! #4OCF #g2great
Brent Gilson @mrbgilson🔁A8 I want to get an edcamp approach going. Start small school...then town...then district. Piece at a time. Show the potential #g2great
Rich Czyz @RACzyz🔁@DrMaryHoward Thank you Mary! #4OCF #g2great #gratitude
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁A8 I plan to go back to Rich’ wonderful book again and again. It’s a treasure trove of rich PD possibilities. So good! #G2Great
Laura Robb @LRobbTeacher🔁 That just completely warmed my heart Lauren! #G2Great
Johnny Downey @johnnydowney🔁A8 I'm going to add choice into what I do with Ts I work with this year. #g2great
Rich Czyz @RACzyz🔁@kmurfitt1 Also love that you refer to yourself in the third person! Rich thinks that is great! #4OCF #g2great
Dennis Griffin Jr @D4Griffin3🔁 A4) Video reflections-sharing a video of myself teaching and receiving feedback from Ts #G2great
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁A6: Look at my friend Rachel's model classroom w options. First grade heaven!
Valinda Kimmel @vrkimmel🔁A7 When I coach, it helps to ask Ts "What's keeping you awake at night? Want to tackle that in a shared inquiry." #bettertogether #g2great
Kasey @LiteracyCoachKS🔁#g2great A7 offer different levels so teachers can track progress and keep growing from initial implementation 2 refine & revise over time
Rich Czyz @RACzyz🔁@AffinitoLit @hayhurst3 @brennanamy @DrMaryHoward All genius ideas! #4OCF #g2great
Ben Brazeau @Braz74🔁When you were growing up and wanted to be a superhero...did you realize it would be as a teacher?

BarbaraGruener @BarbaraGruener🔁@DrMaryHoward Got most of this funded through @DonorsChoose #KidsDeserveIt #g2great
Kimm Murfitt @kmurfitt1🔁@RACzyz Bam.'s what trends with Kimm. #4OCF #G2Great
Courtney Kinney @EduCourts🔁Hear edus; they know what they need

Hear what kids & fams & communities we serve need

Follow thru w/ actions to mak e it happen

Johnny Downey @johnnydowney🔁A7 ask and then give what they ask for! Relevancy is everything. #g2great
Fran McVeigh @franmcveigh🔁A7: Setting up choice board & letting Ts determine the order of info is a +! Choice matters!
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁Be sure to grow your PLN tonight, There’s nothing better than learning in the company of others. Grateful for our #G2Great family!
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁A7 We create a culture of Voice/choice PD so it’s a normal part of our learning day– not just a scheduled event. #G2Great
Dennis Griffin Jr @D4Griffin3🔁 @D4Griffin3 @jrestock3 Can't thank you enough! #gratitude #4OCF #g2great
Dennis Griffin Jr @D4Griffin3🔁A5) I do an honest self assessment of my and and use to grow my .
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁 A7: ASK....LISTEN....REPEAT AGAIN & AGAIN. #G2Great
mollie nye @mollienye72🔁A7:change the mindset that PD is something done to you.Allow for voice and choice to make it meaningful.Ts have hopes &dreams,too.#G2Great
BarbaraGruener @BarbaraGruener🔁@RACzyz Wouldn't you LOVE to go to first grade again, if it were in this space? @rkwillard rocks! #g2great
Rich Czyz @RACzyz🔁@D4Griffin3 @jrestock3 Can't thank you enough! #gratitude #4OCF #g2great
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁I’m sur you will Phil even if you have to pursue hem on your own! #G2Great
Kasey @LiteracyCoachKS🔁#g2great A7 Our district provides Keller University hosting multiple varied PD sessions at various levels, attendance grows yearly #choice!
Dyan Sundermeyer @DyanSundermeyer🔁A7: I think getting teachers involved w pd helps it become so much more personal, excited to work w @AnnaUpah this year for this! #g2great
Jenny Restock @jrestock3🔁A7) This year I have created a survey for literacy Ts to find out what they want to learn and grow around #G2great
Jenn Hayhurst @hayhurst3🔁@ChristineMatula @RACzyz @brennanamy @DrMaryHoward Doesn/'t that make sense? #g2Great
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁A7 I love the idea of in-school Ed-Camp PD. Voice + Choice + professional ownership. What’s not to love? #G2Great
Rich Czyz @RACzyz🔁@kmurfitt1 Kimm, you just keep dropping the mic tonight! #4OCF #g2great
Laura Robb @LRobbTeacher🔁Collective Efficacy by Jenni Donohoo. Trying to help Ts I'm coaching become more confident & see seeking support as s trength.
Jenn Hendershot @JaxTeach3🔁A7: Speak up;stand up for what you need. Staying silent only hurts T's & S's. Bring fresh ideas to the table instead of complaints
Justin Dolci @jdolci🔁A7: ASK....LISTEN....REPEAT AGAIN & AGAIN. #G2Great
Fran McVeigh @franmcveigh🔁A7: PD needs to be 40-50 hours for change. Half has to be teacher's choice. Ts must be part of planning & implement ation choices!

Rich Czyz @RACzyz🔁@BarbaraGruener This is beautiful! #4OCF #g2great
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁So sad. One of my brothers is in Spring TX and another in Naples FL #G2Great
Christine @ChristineMatula🔁A7: Alliw for teachers to choose where they want to grow in their teaching. So many resources out there for PD outsid e of sit &get!
Rich Czyz @RACzyz🔁@mrbgilson Going ROGUE is the only way to go sometimes! #4OCF #g2great
Mr. Phil Strunk @MrPStrunk🔁A6: I am pursuing my masters. Hopefully I will continue to add useful tools to spark student interest in history! #g2great @ERobbPrincipal
Dave Wheeler @DaveWheeler11🔁A7 by encouraging them to create their own way. We all have things we can do better or different. Pros identify and p ush themselves
Kasey @LiteracyCoachKS🔁#g2great A7 start w/ feedback, surveys, be present in their world and willing to look through their lens to match with relevant PD
Jenn Hayhurst @hayhurst3🔁 a7 asking for some type of input ahead of time and feedback after -- and honoring that #G2great
Valinda Kimmel @vrkimmel🔁A6 Gobsmacked by all that has to be done. Choosing 2 wildly important goals vs. 20+ Learning this from 4 Disciplins of Execution #G2Great
Courtney Kinney @EduCourts🔁Yes!

And introspective.
And humble.
And determined to life our life in revision.

We've all so much to learn from one another.

Rich Czyz @RACzyz🔁@DrMaryHoward I love this! Meandering our way to understanding. Sometimes that meandering is absolutely necessary! #4OCF #g2great
Dennis Griffin Jr @D4Griffin3🔁A5) #Twitter #Twitter #Twitter

Did I say #Twitter😁 #G2Great

Brent Gilson @mrbgilson🔁A7 I think @RACzyz nails it when suggesting if it is not there for us we need to make it for ourselves. Then invite others to join #G2Great
Kimm Murfitt @kmurfitt1🔁A7: Simple. Stop telling teachers what they need and ask them what they want. #g2great
Sara Kiffe @SaraKiffe🔁A6: I'm learning to be a mentor to my student teacher & reading Feedback that Moves Writers Forward! #G2Great
Chris Cooper @cooper1503🔁A7 Ask, listen, use! Nothing promotes Risk like trust. #g2great
Brent Gilson @mrbgilson🔁I think @RACzyz nails it when suggesting if it is not there for us we need to make it for ourselves. Then invite others to join #G2Great
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁A7 We can stop controlling PD as something we do TO TS & allow learning to rise from interests/needs. #G2Great
Kasey @LiteracyCoachKS🔁#G2Great A6 pt 2 My journey started here at G2Great when "going rogue" seeking bite size PD now I'm working 2 open that door 4 district Ts
Two Guys @twoguysde🔁When you were growing up and wanted to be a superhero...did you realize it would be as a teacher?

Jenn Hayhurst @hayhurst3🔁 @DrMaryHoward Student Centered.
#4OCF #g2great
Fran McVeigh @franmcveigh🔁A6: Reading The Writing Teacher's Companion. Spent a week in grade 2 LEARNING! Voxer
FB book
Melanie Hutchinson🍎 @gvtechteach🔁@Ms_Mac4 thanks for the tip! #G2great
Dennis Griffin Jr @D4Griffin3🔁 A4) Book club and had a slow chat on twitter to discuss thoughts and move practice forward #G2great
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁My brother actually lives in Houston (Spring) Were you ok in the hurricane Barbara? #G2Great
Dyan Sundermeyer @DyanSundermeyer🔁@AdrianMcKay14 are you chatting? Or just liking? I'd love to hear your answers but am not seeing them on my feed #g2great
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁A6 My FB page is my SLOW twitter. Sometimes I need more than 140 characters to meander my way to understanding. #G2Great
Vicki Den Ouden @vicki_den🔁A6: I am learning and working on flexible seating and classroom design!
Rich Czyz @RACzyz🔁@DrMaryHoward Student Centered.
#4OCF #g2great
Valinda Kimmel @vrkimmel🔁A5 Knew my campus couldn't send me to PD in Nov. so I splurged for @BurkinsandYaris Check it out #G2Great
Dr. Mary Howard @DrMaryHoward🔁Incredible le images Rich! It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated - just student driven #G2Great
Kimm Murfitt @kmurfitt1🔁A6: Building my own #PLN so I can come back for support when I need it has been invaluable to me. #4OCF #g2great
Math912Teacher @Math912Teacher🔁Hoping to make it to a #CoffeeEDU someday! ☕ #4OCF #G2great


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