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Vicki Den Ouden @vicki_den🔁@PaulWHankins YES! I AGREE. PREACH! #g2great
#G2Great Jennifer King @JenniferNKing🔁 Creative educators are "story activists" - they activate the potential of a book. #G2Great
#G2Great Gara B. Field @gbfield🔁 Story is still the best "technology" for storing information and inspiration. #G2Great
Total Wellness @TWRCenter🔁@GROWCounseling Total Wellness Is turning #G2Great in peoples lives. #RT #lifecoach #CareerAdvice #business
Ro Menendez @romenendez14🔁The books I write & collaborate on are inspired by big themes that I want to world to tune into. Here's a peek at a few. I rely on educators to explore these big ideas with their students.
Reba M Wadsworth @WarEagle67🔁A2 Barriers are Basal and computer reading programs b/c they take all class time with worksheets and excerpts of long texts. They use huge dollars and schools say no $ left for books. Also, there are educators who preach independent reading is unimportant.
Stephanie Jeppson @sajeppson🔁A8: Picture books reach all ages. We can share these powerful messages across the grades and across the subject areas. Read to my own daughter on the evening of her HS graduation to share how proud I was of her! We sat side by side on the couch & talked about memories.
Tami Westmoreland @TOJWest🔁 Love these big themes for picture books!! Thank you, @peterhreynolds #G2Great
Marcia Covill @CovillMarcia🔁 here is a sneak peek of the almost completed animated film version of our book - telling the true life story of
Laura Cowie @LHCowie🔁Cheering on all creative educators who help discover each child's unique story... picture books/books are often the key to that understanding.
Italia Cea @ceaitalia🔁I LOVE all the "sparks" flying for ideas inspired by my latest book THE WORD COLLECTOR - - an educator told me - their principal will throw a bag of empowering words (generated by staff) off the roof as students arrive for the new year.
Helen Schmidt @HSchmidteacher🔁A2: We begin our year in with a dramatic reading of I WANT MY HAT back. If you don't believe in the potential impact of picture books at the secondary level, you've not heard laughter and tears, and gasps as I have heard in the sharing of a book like these.
Rita Wirtz @RitaWirtz🔁@emilyfranESL Wonderful reading corner, most appealing! #g2great🍎
Rita Wirtz @RitaWirtz🔁@vicki_den Hello tonight! Messy is great! #g2great
Kathryn heinze @HeinzeKathryn🔁Excited about I AM HUMAN - our newest collaboration - published by : ) 's most powerful book yet.
Julie McGahan @jmcgahan31🔁 @jmcgahan31 Paperbag Princess is one of my favorites too! Girl Power! #G2Great
Total Wellness @TWRCenter🔁Total Wellness Is turning in peoples lives.
Laurus @LaurusT001🔁So happy to see how creative educators activate the themes in all ' books.
Samantha Berger @BergerBooks🔁A picture book worthy of putting on your calendar, "What If..." by and such a creative wonder!! April 10 is the release.
Ryanne @Ryanne_Deschane🔁 Here's a handy list of my picture books and the ones I have collaborated on with : )
Ryanne @Ryanne_Deschane🔁 A1 Because of Ish and The Dot, students are willing to give anything a go. Thank you for that! #g2great
Jenny Mitchell💡 @Jmitch462🔁Rockstar presenters! is so fortunate to have such amazing talent in the house tonight! 🙌
Tia Maddox @kindermaddox🔁Educators really know how to !
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Noemi Reyes·🌱🌼 @mydesk_not🔁💥Join us SATURDAY💥 as we finish our March series on Momentum with Core Warrior

Julie Gribble @JulieGribbleNYC🔁. has awesome specials that kids and teachers love, including this one with
Julie Gribble @JulieGribbleNYC🔁Here's on StoryMakers for and an awesome livestream on all on
Mollie Welsh Kruger @molliewk🔁A2: picture books get all of us talking. Sharing, thinking, exploring, and of course feeling connected to others. Conversation is key and picture books start the conversation.
Randa Gary @RandaGary🔁A8: Picture books. Every building. Every staff member. Every teacher. Every grade level. Every content area. Every room. Every reader. Every day. Every where.
Maureen Houser @maureen_houser🔁Q2: I think in state test taking grade levels we are so stressed and overwhelmed with performance that we lose sight of the importance of creating a “culture of readers” and we end up creating a “culture of great test takers”
Paul A. Reynolds @FablePaul🔁Thanks, - & I are amazed at what you have done with your students to inspire them. Tip to our friends - FOLLOW
Angela Abend @AngelaAbend🔁 and all friends- thanks for joining us tonight on
tagdef @tagdef🔁Wonder what #g2great means? Look it up on
Laurus @LaurusT001🔁 I have to go finish my sequel to THE WORD COLLECTOR - almost done! Will be out March 2019. #G2Great
Susana Benitez @FifthSusana🔁 A6: My favorites are also my student favorites 😍🌍💕🌟🙌🏼 #g2g reat

Franz Kafka @frankykafka🔁They had realised, though, that there was no supporter of this trial. #G2Great
Vicki Den Ouden @vicki_den🔁@Scharfie I read it with K-5. They all love it! #G2Great
Sarah Reed, NBCT @KYTOY15🔁Love 💕 celebrating picture books with community! Still love being read to! Thanks to Peter Reynolds and Susan Verde for giving us picture books to read and read again and again!
Sandra Hernandez @Hernandez_CJUSD🔁Let's keep connecting - find your kindred creative spirits - & "connect the dots' with them. A
powerful network - let's light up the grid! Be a : )
CAtkinson📚💫 @word_working🔁I'm lucky in that and I met face to face & really got to explore our books together... I adore her brain - it is an honor to help illustrate her amazing ideas.
Peter H. Reynolds @peterhreynolds🔁I have to go finish my sequel to THE WORD COLLECTOR - almost done! Will be out March 2019. #G2Great
Peter H. Reynolds @peterhreynolds🔁NOW - time for everyone to go curl up with a picture book and enjoy - and get some sleep! #G2Great


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