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Jaden Garces @jadenthebum🔁 When you party too hard the night before graduation.
#FresnoStateGrad 🎓
Nav @2NE1BlackJack96🔁 When you party too hard the night before graduation.
#FresnoStateGrad 🎓
Amrit Ghangas @AJabbaJabba🔁 When you party too hard the night before graduation.
#FresnoStateGrad 🎓
#FresnoStateGrad#FresnoStateGrad#FresnoStateGrad#FresnoStateGrad Steph @_StephanieAmor🔁Our first college graduate! So proud of my cousin ❤️👩🏻‍🎓📚#FresnoStateGrad
#FresnoStateGrad Jessiicca @ohhjessiicca🔁Congrats @ahnthnyy 🎉🎊👨🏻‍🎓you did it babe!!!!!! #FresnoStateGrad
#FresnoStateGrad#FresnoStateGrad#FresnoStateGrad Drea @dreaferia76🔁Graduating with my sisters 💜💞 #clccFS17 #FresnoStateGrad @ChicanoGradFS
#FresnoStateGrad row-z @Ramos4Rosie_🔁Huge congrats to my sister #FresnoStateGrad
#FresnoStateGrad Aimee. @aimeeeleee🔁 Congrats to you both. We are so proud of you! Love me & Steph! 😚 #Bulldogs #FresnoStateGrad
#FresnoStateGrad Chicano/Latino Commt @ChicanoGradFS🔁 Love you mom and dad!! 2 graduates in the same year!! #FresnoStateGrad
#FresnoStateGrad#FresnoStateGrad Joseph I. Castro @JosephICastro🔁 Here we come!
#FresnoStateGrad Stevo™ @HellaSaxyTho🔁 The @ChicanoGradFS was lit tonight. So happy I got to be a part of it @Fresno_State! #FresnoStateGrad
#FresnoStateGrad Daniel Errotabere @DErrotabere🔁 #FresnoStateGrad we love you!!!
#FresnoStateGrad CLASSA @FRESNOCLASSA🔁A memorable night for all of us. #FresnoStateGrad @FRESNOCLASSA @MEChACSUFresno @FresnoStateCLAS @FSSocialScience
#FresnoStateGrad jose💀ferra..MCMCXVI @enlazado8ati🔁 #FresnoStateGrad from left to right. Google, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.
#FresnoStateGrad Paloma @vieyrapaloma🔁 Proud of you girls! ❤😙 #FresnoStateGrad #Bulldogs
#FresnoStateGrad Diana Marin @xoxo_dianam🔁We did it!! 🎓#FresnoStateGrad #CLCCFS17 @ChicanoGradFS
#FresnoStateGrad Fresno State FB @FresnoStateFB🔁Defensive End Wyatt McBee, a @FresnoKremenEdu graduate in liberal studies. Congrats, Wyatt! #FresnoStateGrad #GoDogs
Fresno State FB @FresnoStateFB🔁Safety Dalen Jones, a graduate in mass communication & journalism-multimedia. Congrats, Dalen!
Fresno State FB @FresnoStateFB🔁Place Kicker Jimmy Camacho, a graduate in criminology-law enforcement. Congrats, Jimmy!
Michelle DenBeste @MichelleDenBest🔁Brilliant scholars, talented faculty, and equally amazing friends! Just missing Laura!
Jim Bartko @JimBartko1🔁Here's to bright futures! Thanks & for covering
Kevin/KristiStiffler @kstiffler4🔁Kameron's Fresno State Grad Party!🎓🐶 Go Bulldogs! @…
Kevin/KristiStiffler @kstiffler4🔁Grad Party Fun!🎓🐶#kamsgrad2017 #fresnostategrad #celebratemcj @ First Church of God, Fresn o
Kevin/KristiStiffler @kstiffler4🔁Kameron's Fresno State Grad Party! 🎓🐶 @ First Church…
Fresno State @Fresno_State🔁With Nan Barker and Susan Tracz representing at the African American graduation
Jayme S. Garcia @jayme5garcia🔁A memorable night for all of us.
Breeeeeeeeeeeee @BKnishka🔁Bego Faz Davalos is a graduate in business admin.-marketing. Congrats Bego! 🐶🐾🏀
Tom Uribes @TomUribes🔁Here's to bright #FresnoStateGrad futures! Thanks @corinhoggard & @VeronicaABC30 @ABC30 for covering @Fresno_State
Frank Volk @volk_frank🔁Emilie Volk is a graduate in kinesiology-exercise science. Congrats Emilie! 🐶🐾🏀
Jan Edmunds @bYbQXhXs1YsHsyS🔁La Ola Roja Latina brought it tonight 16,000 almas full of pride and resiliency
Rey @SanchoDiMaria🔁#2017 commencement REACHING CAPACITY in the 👩🏽‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓👩🏻‍🎓👨🏽‍🎓🐶🎓
Joseph I. Castro @JosephICastro🔁Pres congratulates graduates on earning degrees! 106th Commencement. 🐾🎓🐶
J.Bryant 🕊 @Jaron_Bryant🔁Defensive Back Alan Wright, a graduate in economics. Congrats, Alan!
Ray Anthony @zuloagaray🔁Robert Leija is a graduate in kinesiology-exercise science. Congrats Robert! 🐶🐾
Juan Marcos Moreno @J_M_Moreno38🔁Defensive End Wyatt McBee, a graduate in liberal studies. Congrats, Wyatt!
Tom Uribes @TomUribes🔁Thanks for coming out to cover Commencement this a.m. alumna
luiz! @luizortiz706🔁Felicidades to my sister, best friend, and future leader of America #143 LOL
La Voz de Aztlán @LaVozdeAztlan🔁Live from the Chicano/Latino Commencement Ceremony at !
HamLIT @SahagunGenesis🔁The is full of joy with the Chicano/Latino graduation celebration!


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