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Fox News @FoxNews🔁BREAKING NEWS: Reports of shots fired at Freeman High School south of Spokane, Washington.
Sarie 🥗 @Mom_Salad🔁Don't bother tweeting me "Too soon to talk gun laws." It's always too soon in America. For kids shot at Freeman High School, it's too late.
Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee🔁This morning’s shooting at Freeman High School is heartbreaking. All Washingtonians are thinking of the victims and their families.
Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts🔁Today's school shooting near Spokane at Freeman High School was the 31st American school shooting of 2017, and the 2 nd in the last 18 hours.
Rachael @rachaelw1323🔁Today's school shooting near Spokane at Freeman High School was the 31st American school shooting of 2017, and the 2nd in the last 18 hours.
Mía 🇵🇪 @pollitoencrisis🔁There’s been a shooting at Freeman High School in Spokane, WA. 3 injured. One person possibly dead. Suspect has been arrested.
Cheryl Shanks @cheryl_cds🔁Prayers for the 6 people shot at Freeman High School in Spokane, Washington! God bless the First Responders!
tilly @Im_Nathaly🔁I knew he was..
Maggie B🔴 @Maggieb1B🔁 A brave student saw an opening when the shooter's gun jammed and tried to get the shooter to stop.
Aaron Luna @aaronkxly🔁 Spokane Co. Sheriff says a staff member at Freeman High School played an important role in halting today's shooting. #KXLY
Aaron Luna @aaronkxly🔁BREAKING: Freeman High School student who died tried to stop the shooter when he was shot, according to Spokane Sheriff.
glenda george @sofiegeorge🔁 Student Killed Trying To Stop High School Shooter, Staff Member Took Shooter Down via @bluelivesmtr
Bernie Brown @berniebrown432🔁How many pics of anguished parents waiting to hear if their kid was shot will it take to demand lawmakers protect us?

Freeman High School

Government Affairs @MMT_GovAffairs🔁 Link to statement is here: #waleg
myle loves teen wolf @dopeasfifth🔁Police are responding to reports that someone has opened fire near Freeman High School in Spokane, WA.

Linda Kennedy @Bulldawg2482🔁Everytown and respond to the fatal shooting at Freeman High School in Rockford, Washington.
Annie Fowler @TCHIceQueen🔁 One student dead, three in hospital after classmate opens fire at Freeman High School
Valkyrja @ValkyrieTurner🔁At Freeman elementary currently. I am a junior, evacuated from the high school. At least 4 shots.
Mead High School @MeadHighSchool🔁 - Wear your Freeman Colors Tomorrow. Support the students, staff and families of Freeman High School. &prayers
Steve Russo @Steverusso1🔁Another school shooting today at Freeman High in Rockford, WA. My heart is heavy over this senseless violence that has claimed a young life.
ch!c4n0.piNchiPunK3r @anf3rny510🔁Suspect in Freeman High School shooting in Spokane County, Washington, identified as student Caleb Sharpe
Ammie @Amielou79🔁 Multiple victims in shooting at Freeman High School; one student dead; suspect detained
Denver Pratt @DenverPratt🔁One student dead, three in hospital after classmate opens fire at Freeman High School
Shannon T @Shan73198🔁 Witnesses say the Spokane shooter - a high school sophomore - had a both a rifle and a handgun.
Haley @pagdenhaley🔁Our hearts go out to those affected by today's tragedy at Freeman High School, please keep them in your thoughts or prayers.❤
ClipTrends @ClipTrends🔁First-hand accounts from the ... - #5575370347001
A @alecjones01🔁 My love goes out to the students at Freeman High School. My heart is breaking for you
ElizabethBlackwell @elizabe57280924🔁 Multiple callers reporting shots fired by Freeman High School. WSP and SCSO responding.
sophie @bilger_sophie🔁MM/RAL staff and students, please wear blue and white tomorrow to show your support for Freeman High School
Taryn Galbreath @tarynreports🔁UPDATE: Spokane County Sheriff confirms five people shot, one dead, shooter in custody at Freeman High School


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