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Represent Us Or GTFO @ForByOfThePpl🔁@jespernweigner @feathersnpaws @DavidCornDC Wherever you go when you think Fox News is #tooliberal
Fox News Smokey1954 @Ajax2847🔁 TRUMP RALLY -- NEXT THURSDAY
Cedar Rapids, IA.
LIVE Coverage on Fox News.
Fox News lili @Trumpiit🔁 Fox News Poll: Issues facing country today.
Fox News Bella Dawn @BellaDawn01527🔁 Trump and Pence approval ratings drop to new low in Fox News poll:
Justin Moorhouse @XxJnmjnm92xX🔁 Fox News's Tucker Carlson is white Morpheus.
Fox News allan d passarelli @PassarelliAllan🔁 Fox News: "Foolish" to think Sean Hannity won't return from vacation
Fox News Fox News Fan @FNC_Ladies_Rule🔁Falling @FoxNews .....

Fox News Eric Sipos @dawkinsjr🔁 Trump and Pence approval ratings drop to new low in Fox News poll:
Fox News mr. mojorising @aldayoub🔁 Trump and Pence approval ratings drop to new low in Fox News poll:
Bradd Jaffy @BraddJaffy🔁Fox News crew witnessed it—says Gianforte grabbed by the neck, slammed him to the ground and punched him
The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: Fox News says crew saw Montana House candidate Greg Gianforte grab Guardian reporter by neck and slam him to the ground.
Ana Navarro @ananavarro🔁Fox News reporter/eye-witness: "Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck and slammed him into ground behind him."🤦🏻‍♀
Matt Kester @MattKester🔁Well this is a plot twist. FOX NEWS is going to be the one corroborating the LIBERAL reporter vs the GOP candidate.
1-Eyed Squat Monster @SayenCroWolf🔁Here's one from your buddies at Fox. Care to call that Fake News, or will you just accept the fact you suck at this?
Alex Gomes @alycat0609🔁Some context:

Gallup 39%
Fox News 40%
Economist/YouGov 40%
Reuters/Ipsos 37%
Quinnipiac 37%
Rasmussen 48%


Vicki Lee @NanaVLee7🔁Am I the only one talking about the news of Obama spying. Not anywhere in print. However FOX Bret Baier had the news on Special Report,
Jerry Harding @talmid2017🔁@US9thCircuitCt With Associate Justice Gorsuch on the SCOTUS @AlanDersh assured Fox News that you ruling would be overturned. Thank God!
Jim Thresher @jthres🔁BREAKING=>Hannity to Make HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT Tonight About Seth Rich and His Future at Fox News
Deplorable Mary @epps7epps🔁When will that new conservative news channel planning to compete with FOX come out? Tired of #3 FOX purging their conservatives!
Emmita 17E @Emmita17E🔁Breaking: Fox News gives update on Sean Hannity
Pezz @Pezzman7🔁CAN YOU IMAGINE if Trump sold 20% of our uranium to Russia while Melania was getting speaking fees there?🤔

"AG Jeff Sessions"
Fox News Poll

Tracy BarrettFranken @tbfranken🔁I just don't understand my fellow Americans. I'm honestly trying but rewarding violence? Oh yes, it was fake news wit nessed by Fox News. Sad
Farhana Rahman @farhana_rahman🔁this clip from fox news about hasan minhaj should be all the endorsement you need to go watch his netflix special
Laurie @GiftsAndTalents🔁 BREAKING: Fox News reassures viewers they support Hannity, not going anywhere via @realDennisLynch
Cory Willingham @ColeWilliams42🔁 Funny to imagine how Fox News would cover it if their reporter had witnessed a black Democratic candidate lunge at a reporter
Candy @NOSGAMES🔁There's a tape, you nitwit. And the witnesses who confirmed the tape work for Fox News. Punt this one: your boy Gianforte is going to jail
Slanky D @BlueTraneing🔁Fox News eyewitness account of GOP candidate Gianforte's assault of .

He's not a congressman. He's a violent criminal!

Happy Old Woman @di8285502🔁Fox News: Hannity Will Come Back From His Memorial Day Vacation

Hang in there Sea n. We know the score.

Pat Abernathey @PatAbernathey🔁Fox News rebutted Greg Gianforte’s story about his fight with a reporter. Here’s why that matters.
Anye @reallybigGAP🔁
What is this country coming to? Someone running for public office body slammed a reporter?
Judy Woods @JudyWoods8🔁 Fox News Had The Best Reporting On Reporter Attack, But Its Top Hosts Ignored It
Kimberly Sparling @Sparli1Sparling🔁BREAKING: Fox News CONFIRMS Gianforte committed the assault. Gianforte must withdraw from the race. He assaulted someone AND lied about it.
Louise @Louise86824414🔁@MontanaGnostic @punadave @WalshFreedom Here ya go.
mickey @mickeymcireland🔁@RightWingWatch She's a fox,I mean fake news contributor. Ur right, she's nobody.
Graybeard Deplorable @graybeard55🔁 Gowdy: Surveillance Programs Won't Be Renewed Until 'Unmasking' Questions Answered | Fox News Insider
Harley @softail12🔁Advertisers Pull Fox News Ads: Hannity Blames Soros, David Brock & Hillary #MAGA @RealAlexJones @realDonaldTrump
IGOBYBTOTHEJ @Wewdrshug🔁@RealMattCouch Even Fox news won't lie for the #crazytown @gop #Montana candidate
Carol Angelo @CarolAngelo🔁Fox News Had The Best Reporting On Journalist Attack, But Its Top Hosts Ignored It via @YahooNews
Walter Shapiro @MrWalterShapiro🔁@SteveWCarlson @Bencjacobs This is the Fox News version that I trust:
Maureen L Julseth @DitchLakeLefty🔁Sean Hannity takes abrupt vacation as advertisers continue to flee his Fox News show
Chris Ancil @christoffler🔁Fox's Sean Hannity loses advertisers after conspiracy theory
♔вяyαη™ @Riskobe🔁Fox News rebutted Greg Gianforte's story about his fight with a reporter. Here's why that matters. - Washington Post
MMchiara @MMchiara🔁Fox News pushed back against rumors that Sean Hannity will be taken off the air
larry norman @ll_norman🔁@FoxNews Fox news the anti- conservative network
CentFL4Trump @CentFL4Trump🔁 Bombshell: Montana Fox News Reporter Changes Her Story, Admits No Neck Grab
TBR Feed @TheBFRoom🔁QUARTZ: Fox says Hannity will be back after a vacation—but that won’t solve the network’s major problem
Randi Jo Fisher @Brown1971Jo🔁This Fox poll is bad news for the White House. Pence's numbers are tanking. And 68% back the special counsel.
Robert Cerney @rc4110🔁@FoxNews Started watching Fox news after Trump was elected. You're the best! Love Hannity, The Five, Tucker Carlson, and Martha MacCallum.
James Cranford @jcjawbreaker🔁Fox News host Sean Hannity takes abrupt vacation after losing more advertisers - Democratic Underground
Linda @GoldieAZ🔁 Gianoforte had a 2pm interview on Fox News and a 5pm interview on MSNBC

Both canceled now

samnsara❄️ @Samnsara1997🔁Gianoforte had a 2pm interview on Fox News and a 5pm interview on MSNBC Both canceled now - via @demunderground
Lb @LbLom71🔁@KaBucchi @POTUS If Fox News stops
Steven Cabral @Steven_Cabral🔁@PoINews2 @CNN And what is FOX, Breitbart and One America? Jus to let you know CNN and MSNBC are accredited news organizations.
Pam @pamleo65_pam🔁Hannity takes abrupt vacation after seven advertisers pull out of his show for reporting

Matthew David @matthewwdavid🔁Nice work using the only numbers that look ok. Next highest after rasmussen is Fox News at 40%. Average'd of all = 3 9.1%. 54% disapprove
socalannie @socalannielw🔁The most terrifying thing at right now is a "Pal, you deserve a vacation!" call from HR.
bridget ryder @bridget4kicks🔁FOX NEWS ALERT: UK to stop sharing intel on Manchester attack with U.S. after photos of bomb leaked to NYT
babadook jones @BabadookJ🔁 Gianforte has also canceled his scheduled Fox News Channel appearance
Daniel House @dhouse🔁Fox News is going to absurd lengths to avoid Trump’s scandals—and paying a price:
ht miller @hm77367_ht🔁Fox News:
- Calls it "assault"
- Says Jacobs had no aggression
- Says Gianforte grabbed Jacobs "by the neck"
- Says they were in "disbelief"


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