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Fox News Sherry Knowlton @KnowltonSBooks🔁 Fox News doesn't even try to hide the fact that they are state television
Fox NewsFox NewsFox News GDieudonne @DieudonneG🔁 Please check on your elderly friends and relatives who watch Fox News during this trying day
Fox News (((Robert B Cohen))) @RobertBCohen🔁 Fox News is now running a segment targeting Robert Mueller.
Michael Swanson @swansonite🔁Meanwhile on Fox News...
Fox News Phillygirl1441 @Phillygirl1441🔁 Fox News right now
Fox News Ben Jacobs @Bencjacobs🔁Fox News right now
Brian Klaas @brianklaas🔁1. OK, so this is the summary of the Trump/Fox News argument this week. Let’s try to follow it. It makes absolutely no sense. Here we go:
Roberto Ferdman @robferdman🔁Paul Manafort just agreed to turn himself in to the FBI. What should we report on?
CNN: Manafort
MSNBC: Manafort
Fox News: Hamburger emoji
Claude J. Millette @ClaudeMilletART🔁Paul Manafort just agreed to turn himself in to the FBI. What should we report on?
CNN: Manafort
MSNBC: Manafort
Fox News: Hamburger emoji
Righty Populist @populistearl🔁Neo-Nazi website 'El Daily Stormer' is now in Spanish, too | Fox News
Sandy H @tribalwon🔁@BSteffenilla @NIVIsa4031 @kayleighmcenany Dude I would trust news from my 6 year old nephew before I believe anything from Fox News. LOL
Georgina @girving715🔁 Fox News attempts to defame judges in Manafort case - with no byline
buttfart mcgee @dinguspigeons🔁Fox News Twitter army already mobilizing against Manafort's DC judge. And yes, she's a black woman.
Sammi He @SammiHe🔁CNN: Manafort indicted!
MSNBC: Manafort indicted!
BBC: Manafort indicted!
NY Times: Manafort indicted!
WaPo: Manafort indicted!
Fox News:
queen jenema @delawarebluejen🔁Fox News is state propaganda.
Fox News is state propaganda.
Fox News is state propaganda.
Fox News is state propaganda.
Fox News is state pr
David Villar @davidwvillar🔁Fox News facing "familiar tension between its ideological allegiance and editorial responsibility," writes
Jax-o-lantern 🎃 @Jax6655🔁 sarah sanders shows u how dumb fox news arguments sound outside of fox news
DNC Killed Me @naturalbabies3🔁Fox News viewers are loyal. But there’s one hour every weekday that they can’t tune in to watch. RT if you agree.
Ayy Geeee @Flowergarden13🔁I've been watching Fox News for 1 hour and I'm convinced that President Hillary Clinton is about to be impeached for giving me Mesothelioma.
LaraSeymour @LaraLovesCrows🔁 Once again... Fox news is on the pulse of the day's news.
Susan Story @Susstory49🔁@garciamanuel77 @FoxNews Fox is covering Mueller but this is also news. Are you incapable of following more than one story at a time?
Marching Orders @orders_marching🔁As Manafort was getting indicted Fox News covered "Halloween candy and the uproar over Google’s hamburger emoji"
Sminok @cickonthelink🔁US captures key militant in Benghazi attack - Fox News
Our BiNation @OurBiNation🔁A FACT YOU SHOULD KNOW: 'House of Cards' ending amid Kevin Spacey sexual harassment claim - Fox News
Adam Weinstein @AdamWeinstein🔁Fox News is already making personal attacks against one of the judges in the Paul Manafort case. Seriously.
Editing Fox News @fox_diff🔁California stun-gun robbery spree: 3 women on the loose in LA area | Fox News
An Oppressed Voice @InformedTakes🔁 Fox News currently featuring guests who are calling on Robert Mueller to resign...
Astrid Berger @berger_aberger🔁@paleofuture @jbendery Why? This is now beyond partisanship. Why is Fox News ignoring the truth?
Joseph D Christian @1JosephDC🔁Announcing our collaboration with as we work together to move 's research forward! 👟
Matt Skywalker @matthewdavies🔁I like picturing all the Fox hosts huddled around a TV watching CNN during commercials to get caught up on today's actual news.
charliesann @annietfirst🔁New Host on Fox News Premieres Tonight via @po_st
maggie jones @maggiej36775571🔁Fox News is attacking—I shit you not—the “Clinton administration” as every single other network is covering tomorrow’s upcoming arrest(s)
Purrfections5 @Purrfections5🔁If that was on FOX News, I missed it.
Carolyn @Hooplaoly🔁 Wondering how trump, GOP & Fox News will work uranium & Hillary into this??
Rick Barrio Dill @rickbarriodill🔁Sweet! I would love to feel like gravity exists again in the US. Course, that would also require Fox News to die so I won’t hold my breath.
djr @dinablue🔁 @Bencjacobs FOX news can't believe that Clinton is not being impeached today. 🤣
Dorota Zagorski @ruda19_dorota🔁@BillOReilly Welcome to racist, fake news called Fox News
Athena @A_thena🔁Update:

CNN: Manafort turns himself in
MSNBC: Manafort turns himself in
Fox News: The Economist (British magazine) is unpatriotic

John L. Hamilton @StyxMaker🔁Twitter Catches Fox News Pushing Shiny Things As Manafort Goes Down
Dave Schultz 🇺🇸 @HowlinMadDave🔁someone on Fox "News" speaking sense? Get outta here!

PS innocent men let justice take its course, not rant like a lunatic like Trump...

StephPaige40 @sberghuis43🔁The same can be said for the other side. Fox News is fair, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC- all of them don't even report anythi ng objectively.
Becky @BextersWorld🔁@brianklaas @SophiaBush Fox news is a disgrace to our Country
Michael Louis Davis @papa_miker🔁Fox News it possible to get both your head out of your ass and out of the sand ?easy when you are two faced 🤓 🤓
Mona Davidson @gryphonmom🔁 @renato_mariotti It's certainly new news to Fox News viewers.
Antonio @Antoniopu_🔁Read with me:"Passengers 'held against their will' at airport because officers were late" via FOX News!
Luis L @llalalu1🔁My dad thinks Bill Clinton is going to jail in Hillary's place. He did just have a stroke but also, fuck Fox News for poisoning a generation
Michael @Michael53023840🔁Risky move for a “news” outlet, right?

Fox News will go down with Trump. And they know it.

They’re not news. They’re propagandists.

Dean D. @dean_duckworth🔁Cocktail time and time to watch Fox News! Enjoy your Halloween Ms. Scarecrow!
Arthur Kimes @ComradeArthur🔁A special afternoon edition of 's newsletter to get in a few extra digs at Fox News. But The Cable Gamer wonders, why does CNN appear to regard coverage of the Menendez trial as a bad thing? (Other than because Fox did it, that is.)
TRUMP HAPPY MS PATTY @hammil_patty🔁Congratulations to Laura Ingraham on the premiere of her Fox News show on Oct 30. WH Chief of Staff John Kelly will appear.
Ragnar @RagnarWestad🔁[in a few months]
MSNBC: Trump indicted with treason
CNN: Trump indicted with treason'
FOX NEWS: Do goats understand French?
tokyotyrell @tokyotyrell🔁Guys everybody turn on Fox and Friends, they are ALL OVER what is clearly the biggest news of the morning


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