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Popular tweets tagged with #FossilFriday:
#FossilFriday Cecily Nicholl @piginatutu🔁Happy #FossilFriday! Here's someone who needs little introduction - it's Sue! (Very excited Cecily for scale)
#FossilFriday Ben Miller @Bhmllr🔁1. This Acrocanthosaurus relative at Tumbler Ridge making weird claw traces #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday Seds group @Censedgeol🔁Jesus' sturdy pectoral fins were great for benthic gliding; they left beautiful cruziana traces #fossilfriday
#FossilFriday Robert Ford @MrRobertFord🔁 The beautiful Giant Deer. Only extinct 5000 years ago. #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday#FossilFriday#FossilFriday Andrew Knapp @KnappRew🔁dSome nice finds in the bowels of the @NHM_London for #FossilFriday! #Dinosaurs #Protoceratops
#FossilFriday Ruth Siddall @R_Siddall🔁No Sirenians yet, but there are fish scales. This is 1 Tower Bridge, San Vincenc Fm. #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday Roger Horton @Roger_Mhc8🔁@FernBPS ready for meeting Sat/Sunday at @UniOfHull 'Yorkshire Ferns' including FOSSILS! #FossilFriday #FernFriday
#FossilFriday Ruth Siddall @R_Siddall🔁And sea urchins #FossilFriday #urbangeology #live 1 Tower Bridge
#FossilFriday Royal Ontario Museum @ROMtoronto🔁#FossilFriday: Seed fern fossil, Neuropteris sp., collected 1985
#FossilFriday Ben Miller @Bhmllr🔁2. Mastodon flinging a dude, with bonus mammoth being run off a cliff by torch-wielding human #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday Ben Miller @Bhmllr🔁3. Simosthenrus strrreaching for leaves at AMNH #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday Sam Barnett @Palaeosam🔁@AAlechiarenza @CofCNatHistory There's one like this in the @SedgwickMuseum also - beautiful! #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday#FossilFriday#FossilFriday London NERC DTP @London_NERC_DTP🔁 dSome nice finds in the bowels of the @NHM_London for #FossilFriday! #Dinosaurs #Protoceratops
#FossilFriday Ben Miller @Bhmllr🔁5. Another from HMNS: angry pony chases hyena #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday Kelly Lloyd @gingersnapsk🔁 Jurassic crustacean Glyphea from the Solnhofen limestone #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday#FossilFriday David Gelsthorpe @paleomanchester🔁 Beautiful iridescent #fossil #feather 40 million years old #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday Emma Mochi @emmamochii🔁Happy #FossilFriday!! <3 #fossilHunters @ReptoidGames #drawing #digitalart #gamedev
#FossilFriday LophiusPat @LophiusPat🔁 #FossilFriday: Seed fern fossil, Neuropteris sp., collected 1985
#FossilFriday Game Dev Guy @AprenderGameDev🔁 Happy #FossilFriday!! <3 #fossilHunters @ReptoidGames #drawing #digitalart #gamedev
#FossilFriday Super MMO Nicku @fabulosuchus🔁 1. This Acrocanthosaurus relative at Tumbler Ridge making weird claw traces #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday#FossilFriday#FossilFriday#FossilFriday Sam Barnett @Palaeosam🔁#FossilFriday ichnofossil from Whitby which may or may not be a swimming pterosaur.
#FossilFriday Brandon Nguyen @brandonnguyen72🔁 #FossilFriday Armadillosuchus
#FossilFriday Kat Woodward @KatHunt4🔁A specimen from my own collection, shark tooth, possible mackerel shark family #FossilFriday #shark
#FossilFriday Rose Cooper @repooc63🔁 Third instalment of our walks & talks programme, please retweet for #FossilFriday! (3/3)
#FossilFriday Kim Launert @KimLaunert🔁 A specimen from my own collection, shark tooth, possible mackerel shark family #FossilFriday #shark
#FossilFriday Kota Kubo @kotapleo🔁#fossilfriday Jaw of tyrannosaurid? from Nemegt formation
#FossilFriday#FossilFriday Kota Kubo @kotapleo🔁 Fossil dragonfly from Late Jurassic Solnhofen Limestones of Germany with UV light #fossilfriday
NaturalHistoryMuseum @NHM_London🔁 for : in the 'How we revealed a new family tree for dinosaurs'
John R. Hutchinson @JohnRHutchinson🔁For : incredible Eoraptor takes pleasure in leaping around dinosaurian phylogeny but is at least a Triassic cousin to dinos.
John R. Hutchinson @JohnRHutchinson🔁For : the Cretaceous crocodile Bernissartia; a very close cousin of all living crocodiles. Stunning rare fossil, hard to access
Paleo_Bonegirl @Paleo_Bonegirl🔁 The original Mrs Ples, Australopihecus africanus discovered by Robert Broom and John T. Robinson on April 18, 1947
Kat Woodward @KatHunt4🔁And amongst the precious crystal, lies a little memory of the past... Turtle Poop. My personal collection is varied and silly.
Kathleen @kikichick53🔁A specimen of an extinct Mesolimulus 'horseshoe' crab from the Jurassic period, and another fossil from Solnhofen, Germany
Pieta Greaves @PietaGreaves🔁Great dinosaur prints this Luckily life jugs are available if you get too excited and fall into river.
Dino C. Dobrowski @Dino_Dobrowski🔁We're looking forward to next and the Bank Holiday weekend at the in Lyme Regis with
NaturalHistoryMuseum @NHM_London🔁A specimen of an extinct Mesolimulus 'horseshoe' crab from the Jurassic period, and another fossil from Solnhofen, G ermany
Juan Benito Moreno @J_BenitoMoreno🔁 My last preview of upcoming poster of Ischigualasto Formation before is up for sale (next week). Jacheleria
Alessa Geiger @CosmicIceFairy🔁Massive icebergs drifted close to Florida in the last glacial leaving keel scars on the seabed
Meg Harrington @meg_harrington3🔁Creating cross sections of H. naledi humeri to hopefully better understand its locomotion. U.W 101-1240 shown below
Kate Thomas @For_the_Wynn🔁 Pentacrinites ossicles (forms stem of crinoid) from Blue Lias, Maisemore Cliff
2 New Things @2NewThings🔁After 200+ years, we're finally figuring out what Megatherium did with its teeth and claws
NickStevens Graphics @runnymonkey🔁What better way to celebrate than with our Natulus Necklace, inspired by our favorite living fossils?
samantha cronin @sam__cronin🔁UW 101-478 H. naledi lumbar vertebra illustrates a human-like surface concavity despite its atypical ovoid shaped spi nal canal
ROMKids/Kiron @ROMKids🔁 to the last of the season.

Sam Barnett @Palaeosam🔁Exceptionally preserved ammonite for : 🌈 colour comes from the original materials (aragonite and conchiolin) of the shell 🐚
Craig Fleming @Hyper_glory🔁Great news, and note the feathery fellow on the right. #ScientificallyAccurateDinosaurs #FossilFriday
Simona F.B. @crazybonelady🔁 meets : Fossil Gryphae were once used against joints pain and ground to a powder against injured backs
Craig Fleming @Hyper_glory🔁What a freaky beaky guy! #FossilFriday
Craig Fleming @Hyper_glory🔁Nice. #FossilFriday
Elizabeth V ⚒ @geolizzy🔁This consider a small donation to our workshop supporting diversity in Paleontology We hope you can join us in August
Faces of Fieldwork @facesfieldwork🔁 Sometimes the most beautiful fossils come from the dirtiest places... ="" target="_blank">
Sarah Boessenecker @tetrameryx🔁 a nice armadillo 'band' osteoderm - Dasypus bellus, Pleistocene, Folly Beach, SC - for collections
ByTheBay @FoodieByTheBay🔁Lots to do & see #lymeregis #FossilFriday. Have fun & don't forget to fuel up the family at ByTheBay!
The PalAss @ThePalAss🔁We're looking forward to next and the Bank Holiday weekend at the in Lyme Regis with
Dino C. Dobrowski @Dino_Dobrowski🔁Happy ! with "bunny arms"!😆Great animatronics! Anyway having a great time
Johnny Marrs @jaymarrs07🔁The Carcinosoma, from the for showing the lateral flexibility of the tail as it would have been in life
Ben Miller @Bhmllr🔁For #fossilfriday, I'm going to post fossil mounts that are especially life-like, dynamic, or represent surprising spatial interventions
Bexhill Museum @bexhillmuseum🔁 The Silurian tabulate coral Alveolites, top surface encrusted by corals and bryozoa, underside by spirorbid worms and bryozoa
Doncaster Markets @Doncaster_Mkts🔁Fossil Friday: this weeks selection is a fossilised fish specimen from our stores.
Lilysea♿🏳️‍🌈 @_Lilysea🔁Paid my respects to the true legend, Mary Anning: The original palaeontologist.



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