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#FossilFriday#FossilFriday#FossilFriday#FossilFriday Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ” Some final photos before I leave Beijing for home tomorrow... #CMNPalaeo #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ” A little FABULOUS for #FossilFriday βœ¨πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Žβœ¨ DiamantΓ© raptors on 5th Avenue in NYC. #dinosaurs
#FossilFriday JosΓ© L. Ben @bengeologistπŸ” #FossilFriday from #UrweltmuseumHauff, Posidonia shale
#FossilFriday#FossilFriday Jo BurnettπŸ¦‹ @joBurnett78πŸ”Another of my fossils #fossilfriday
#FossilFriday Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ” #FossilFriday Corythosaurus @RoyalTyrrell
#FossilFriday Christina Byrd @christinabyrd88πŸ” #FossilFriday: #baby #teleoceros #jaw found in the Minium #Quarry of #Kansas
#FossilFriday Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ” Hey, it’s #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday Mostly Mammoths @MostlyMammothsπŸ” Hard to make a Stegosaurus look more dynamic than this! #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday David Moscato @DMos150πŸ” Don’t mess with Arsinoitherium zitteli #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday Derek Bryant @DerekJohnBryantπŸ” Here’s a woolly mammoth scapula trawled from the North Sea #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ” Conularid from the Devonian of Coralville, IA. Happy #FossilFriday.
#FossilFriday Cameron Muskelly @PaleoCameronπŸ” Specimen of the year at the Hunterian... Pb 2017 Sphenopteris lescuriana #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday NaomiS @GreenGeologyπŸ” Coming April 2018... #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday#FossilFriday Ben Grace @BG_GraceπŸ” Another of my fossils #fossilfriday
#FossilFriday Cameron Muskelly @PaleoCameronπŸ” This is one TOOTH from a Tyrannosaurus rex!!!! ONE TOOTH!!!! #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday Cameron Muskelly @PaleoCameronπŸ” Year 13 have summarised the main fossil groups 🐚 #fossilfriday
#FossilFriday Cameron Muskelly @PaleoCameronπŸ” #FossilFriday ontogeny of 4 french planktonic ostracods species Β© Vincent Perrier
Dean R. Lomax @Dean_R_LomaxπŸ”Beautiful 47 million year old fossil beetle with original colour! Hear more & read mor palaeocast.com e about them here: twitter.com
Smithsonian's NMNH @NMNHπŸ”If you look carefully at this picture, in the back of the jaw of our bronze Triceratops skull outside of the museum y twitter.com ou can see a mama dinosaur (a robin) sitting in her nest of dinosaur eggs. We say that they are dinosaur eggs because birds ARE dinosaurs!
The Field Museum @FieldMuseumπŸ”Herrerasaurus was one of the earliest dinosaurs. Though smaller than T. rex, it had a meat eater's sharp, knife-like twitter.com teeth.
Cameron Muskelly @PaleoCameronπŸ”A reconstruction of the Chinese pterosaur Dsungaripterus weii at exhibition
Cameron Muskelly @PaleoCameronπŸ”Hard at work on part of a large order of replica echinoids for ready for teaching sessions next week!
Mostly Mammoths @MostlyMammothsπŸ”Happy ! This time last week I was on my way to at , where I got to hang out with good ol' Dunkleosteus AND see where the fossils came from at !
Ben Grace @BG_GraceπŸ” gorgeous and freshly repaired mosasaur skull (Platecarpus) which suffered some damage from a maintenance accident earlier in the week. Back on display !
Tracey L Held @tracey_heldπŸ” - Beautifully preserved echinoid: Clypeus ploti, Middle Jurassic, warmer seas in Gloucestershire UK 170ma ago.
Mostly Mammoths @MostlyMammothsπŸ”For here's the trackway, called Lithographus, of a winged insect in 200 million year old rock from Massachusetts. All six legs left well defined tracks in different positions. Specimen is at the .
Ben Grace @BG_GraceπŸ”With the release of a new hadrosaur histo paper, I'm reminded this of the time we teamed up with the talented palaeoartist to bring the dental battery back to life last year. Our new study adds a whole bunch more to the story!
Cameron Muskelly @PaleoCameronπŸ”Happy ! Devil's Toenail (Gryphaea) from the Jurassic of Skye. (And sneaking into the corner)
Ben Grace @BG_GraceπŸ”Miocene otter had a bite even bigger than it's wolf-sized body would suggest


Cameron Muskelly @PaleoCameronπŸ”Skull of the early legged whale Dorudon, with tooth marks made by a bigger whale!
NaomiS @GreenGeologyπŸ”It's ! So here's a friendly Fractofusus and its buddy Plumeropriscum, soaking in the summer sun on the Ediacaran E-Surface at Mistaken Point, NL
Cameron Muskelly @PaleoCameronπŸ”: Nov 15th was the 10th anniversary of my publication with of Xenoposeidon, the world's most amazing sauropod dinosaur fossil. Xeno has been revisited at and I'll talk about it at soon.
Ben Grace @BG_GraceπŸ”Too excited to not share a : walls have been framed for the new prep lab! Now waiting on sheet rock. πŸ”¬πŸ¦–πŸ¦•
Cameron Muskelly @PaleoCameronπŸ”Another gorgonopsian for because they deserve more scientific love: UMZC T880 (Dinogorgon). surface
NaomiS @GreenGeologyπŸ”Trochactaeon giganteus from the Upper Chalk of the Austrian Tirol; Munich Palaeontology Museum
Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ”It's a baby eurypterid for from the collections of the taken during my postdoc with the
I need to do something with these little ones someday
Cameron Muskelly @PaleoCameronπŸ”This is the multituberculate Meniscoessus robustus , happy to be your fossil. We can only assume it is one multi-talented mammal.
Omaresbus @omaresbusπŸ”We need more of these reconstructions, and fewer of the ones that look like nosferatu-sasquatch hybrids
Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ”Join us in the Russell building and come see the fossil plesiosaur bones!
Mostly Mammoths @MostlyMammothsπŸ”Happy ! Today we've got some new -supported research on the armour of titanosaurian sauropods from Patagonia!
AnimeZilla @ZillaAnimeπŸ”New blog post for : Can we predict the horn shapes of fossil animals? Perhaps, with enough data, we have more insight on horn sheath shape than we realised. Stars Triceratops, because it's a post about horns. Also features new !

Pablo Gabela @paolo57πŸ” Meet the tiny, fleet-footed feline who lived alongside the ferocious sabertooth cats at Batallones: Leptofelis:
Cameron Muskelly @PaleoCameronπŸ”Cast of Daspletosaurus skull along with its maxilla and lower jaw bone
Ruth Carden @RuthFCardenπŸ” The original Neanderthal skull cap was found in Feldhofer in 1856, the zygomatic arch was found in 2000. They fit perfectly.
Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ” Holotype of Scirrotherium honaensis from , oldest known , showing the characteristic lobed teeth of these armored mammals. One of many important specimens from the middle site of La Venta, Colombia.
Laura Wilson @LEW999πŸ”Too excited to not share a : walls have been framed for the new prep lab! Now waiting on sheet rock. πŸ”¬πŸ¦–πŸ¦• twitter.com
W Is For Duck @wisforduckπŸ”This is - a very good friend and one of THE BEST local experts on the Jurassic Coast and the fossils found there. He twitter.com 's a great ambassador for and a genuinely nice guy. He is my top and I recommend you follow him on here

Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ”Have 'Tristan' for . Some neat jaw pathologies, surprisingly similar to another rex I saw recently.
Archaic Ape @archaicapeπŸ” The Dali skull - Ancient skull from China may rewrite the origins of our species (Photos: Sheela Athreya) via
Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ”In situ fossil stem in the Karoo.
Searsapple @SparrerswayπŸ”Today is both and the feast day of St Hilda, unofficial patron saint of ammonites! Here are some from carved with snake heads after her legend
Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ” Wonder why Charles & Benson Marshall, Shepreth churchyard, have gravestone with fern & fossil?!
Paleozoic? Good Lord @BrianBrachiopodπŸ” Sometimes, some of the Paleo Bay fossils get together to have a debate. But, occasonally, they ALL gather togethe twitter.com r to thrash out a MASS-debate. (That's handy). [0254].
realscientists: Dr. Lisa Buckley, Palaeontologist @realscientistsπŸ”We're excellent at getting one-time, specific project grants, mostly for gear, renovations, and the like. What we nee twitter.com d is guaranteed long-term stable operational funding.
Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ”This time last year I visited with a grant from
Paleozoic? Good Lord @BrianBrachiopodπŸ” Sometimes, some of the Paleo Bay fossils get together to have a debate. But, occasonally, they ALL gather togethe twitter.com r to thrash out a MASS-debate. (That's handy). [0253].
Mostly Mammoths @MostlyMammothsπŸ”Check out my specimen of the week blog post! It's about a fossil preserved in limestone
Paleozoic? Good Lord @BrianBrachiopodπŸ” Sometimes, some of the Paleo Bay fossils get together to have a debate. But, occasonally, they ALL gather togethe twitter.com r to thrash out a MASS-debate. (That's handy). [0252].
Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ”Edmontonia rugosidens skull and first cervical halfring, on display at the .
Christian A. Sidor @ChristianSidorπŸ”Today's update: flight to McMurdo cancelled again. Try again tomorrow. twitter.com
Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ”Fossil that fills missing evolutionary link named after professors
Nadine Gabriel, Hunter of Rocks @NadWGabπŸ”And here's Sophie the on display in . This fossil was discovered in Wyoming, USA and is 85% intact (360 bones) twitter.com
Alex Hastings @Dr_CrocoGatorπŸ”Happy ! Here’s a recently acquired bat skull from a Virginia cave. Not sure of the age yet, but cool no matter what! twitter.com
Mostly Mammoths @MostlyMammothsπŸ” Leptofelis vallesiensis, a new from the Late of Spain that shows a mosaic of characters, combining a modern elbow (above) and a very primitive knee (below), not seen in extant felines
Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ”For , here are my photos of Aurornis xui, a crow-sized Jurassic maniraptoran theropod from China. Aurornis has been regarded as an early bird, as a troodontid, or as part of a clade outside the troodontid-bird clade.
2 New Things @2NewThingsπŸ”Miocene otter had a bite even bigger than it's wolf-sized body would suggest

2newthings.com twitter.com

Mostly Mammoths @MostlyMammothsπŸ” Happy #FossilFriday! Get your fossil fix right here in our news roundup! blogs.plos.org @PLOS @PLOSBlogs
Gordon Neighbour @CornubiaGeolπŸ”Ammonites of the Oxford clay 3rd year project on diversity, disparity and ontogeny
Alton Dooley @AltonDooleyπŸ”A printed Bison calcaneum. Original , scanned by during . Pleistocene of CA. twitter.com
u3Y4BDE @u3Y4BDEπŸ” for : amazing specimens of the tiny, vaguely vesperbat-like Jurassic Anurognathus, a short-faced, big-eyed predator that almost certainly caught insects on the wing. Specimens photographed in Germany.
MarionEAE @avifollowπŸ”New paper from

Complete thin-sections of a dental battery show: (a) tooth migration through ontogeny and (b) strong similarities with mammalian ever-growing incisors.


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