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#FossilFriday Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁 #fossilfriday some new #belemnites with blue tooth
#FossilFriday#FossilFriday Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁 Happy #FossilFriday @FieldMuseum
#FossilFriday Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁 #FossilFriday - the intricate suture pattern of an ammonite.
#FossilFriday Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁 #FossilFriday From the American Geode Collection.
#FossilFriday Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁 #FossilFriday partially dressed #TRex
#FossilFriday Mirage @MiraDraconequus🔁#FossilFriday I went to high school with this dude! #ImmortalProblems
#FossilFriday ガイスP @shitake_reverse🔁 #FossilFriday Tabulate coral in place, Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming
#FossilFriday ガイスP @shitake_reverse🔁 #FossilFriday Unnamed polycotylid plesiosaur from Morocco, at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center
#FossilFriday ガイスP @shitake_reverse🔁 #FossilFriday A tangle of crinoids, at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center
#FossilFriday Luis A. Quesada @lualque🔁 #FossilFriday
Najash rionegrina: 90 million years old snake fossil (with tiny legs)
#FossilFriday#FossilFriday#FossilFriday#FossilFriday さんせうを @Mr_Hanzaki🔁 The many faces of ichthyosaurs: Angry. Shocked. Happy. Puzzled #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday さんせうを @Mr_Hanzaki🔁 #FossilFriday A mass of ammonoids, at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center
#FossilFriday FossilForward @FossilForward🔁 Pyritized brachiopod from the Silica formation of Ohio, Devonian age #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday Thomas J. Salerno @Salerno_Thomas🔁 Fighting Dryptosaurus mount at the New Jersey State Museum #FossilFriday #tyrannosaurs
Jules Valera @Lieabed🔁 #archaeopteryx movement test for #fossilfriday
#FossilFriday#FossilFriday#FossilFriday#FossilFriday Dean R. Lomax @Dean_R_Lomax🔁The many faces of ichthyosaurs: Angry. Shocked. Happy. Puzzled #FossilFriday
#FossilFriday NaturalHistoryMuseum @NHM_London🔁A near perfect #FossilFriday tooth specimen from the largest shark to have ever lived - the mighty Megalodon
BGS @BritGeoSurvey🔁From Instagram: Thank goodness it's ! The dominant fossil in this image is Caloceras intermedium, an…
David Gelsthorpe @paleomanchester🔁'Negative' evidence - external moulds of Melocrinites decadactylus, a Devonian ! (ROM11482, Germany)
TheFossilProject @projectFOSSIL🔁Hooray for ! Here is our classic Lambeosaurus lambei mount in the gallery. 75 million yrs old, Dino Park,
TheFossilProject @projectFOSSIL🔁Happy from ! Here's a section of the lycopod tree Lepidodendron. Beautiful stuff out here.
TheFossilProject @projectFOSSIL🔁: When you're always surrounded by 360 million year old fossil fish! Happy from !
Thomas J. Salerno @Salerno_Thomas🔁Happy ! Read our roundup of the week’s paleo news here!!
florin calciu @FCalciu🔁A 100 million year old beautiful BABY BIRD preserved in Amber! Look at the feet!!!! (Image Xing et al)
David Clark @Clarkeocrinus🔁It's rare to find preserved color patterns in fossils. It may have had bright colors while living, but the patterns are true. #FossilFriday
Jan Freedman @JanFreedman🔁A 100 million year old beautiful BABY BIRD preserved in Amber! Look at the feet!!!! (Image Xing et al)
Verena @shayajaelle🔁A near perfect tooth specimen from the largest shark to have ever lived - the mighty Megalodon
John S. Mead @Evo_Explorer🔁 The first Paranthropus, TM 1517 discovered on June 8th 1938 by Robert Broom in Kromdraai. Photo D. Gommery
Thomas Brody @brodyt66🔁 Possible evolutionary position of Jebel Irhoud-thanks
Anthony J. Martin @Ichnologist🔁 Palaeo-friends, it's #FossilFriday! Can you help give us a bump in this very silly poll?
David Clark @Clarkeocrinus🔁Pentremites blastoids with preserved color banding from Miss. Grayson Co., KY. First specimen also has delicate brach ioles.
fernanda castano @ferwen🔁#FossilFriday Roundup: June 9, 2017
Anthony J. Martin @Ichnologist🔁For #FossilFriday, large theropod & other #dinosaur tracks at Mill Canyon tracksite near Moab UT, @paleochick explaining it all. #BLMpaleo
MTPLKids @mtpl_kids🔁 Happy #FossilFriday!
Nathan MCR Live @battenfobs🔁. on : David Gelsthorpe talking Fossils
Luigi Gaskell @Geeky_dino🔁 Juravenator starki, a Jurassic compsognathid shows can still have fluff despite having scaly body parts. Ahem.
Alessandro Chiarenza @AAlechiarenza🔁Congrats @RafaelDelcourt #FossilFriday
KTM17 @palaeotaku🔁For , here's an old photo I took of Bob Bakker holding an apatosaurine skull in the United States of America.
sander van der deure @SVanDerDeure🔁 Selection of todays finds. Includes: Shark, mammoth, wisent, hors, deer, beaver and bit of crab and a shell.
ガイスP @shitake_reverse🔁Prep work is complete on our tyrannosaur skull roof, just in time for . Absolutely stunning. Great work by .
ガイスP @shitake_reverse🔁And here's a couple of upright Calamites horsetails in the cliff face .
janniegirl g 🐴 @jsusang_66🔁@mikejknuckles Thank you for sharing, John! Very nice finds!!! #FossilFriday
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁 99-Million-Year-Old Bird Found Fossilized in Amber #FossilFriday
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁Scientists Find Oldest Fossil Mushroom /
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁Fossils found in Morocco suggest early Homo sapiens evolved in many locations & had faces like our own
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁
How Homo Sapiens Fossils Found in Morocco May Rewrite the Human Story - History in the Headlines
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁! Here's a newly discovered from ! 👣✌️
Molly Taylor @M0llyPolly🔁 #FossilFriday A mid-Cretaceous enantiornithine frozen in time
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁! mystery pachyrhinosaur- the only one known from Prov Park- and minus frill, making ID difficult!
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁This heteromorph from the is on display at Adam White's exhibition
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁This , find out more about the range of fieldwork opportunities we offer our Geology students:
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁Have the ultimate adventure by checking out Evolving Planet + Jurassic World: The Exhibition
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁Gondwanagaricites magnificus, world's oldest
, for . Published Wednesday in
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁Gondwanagaricites magnificus means "magnificent fossil fungus from Gondwana" Oldest fossil mushroom
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁Enantiornithes hatchling fossilized in Burmese amber (via )
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁 Margaret Crosfield on a Geologists’ Association field trip to Leith Hill
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁My second gift for you is a wallpaper size render of the Ammonite trace we published a few weeks back:
Ben Grace @BG_Grace🔁It's me! Read about my in

Covfefe in my Coffee @Reid_CO🔁99-Million-Year-Old Bird Found Fossilized in Amber #FossilFriday


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