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#FoodTank Juan Maria @imyouronlyjuan🔁Food #foodie #FoodTank Follow me back.

#koreanfood #LeeJongSuk

#FoodTank Federico Goria @federicogoria🔁 RT foodtank: "Urban farming is a huge part of our future!" - kimbal WATCH NOW: …
#FoodTank AboyHasBeard 🇳🇬 @susmanmohd🔁 This is one of the best discussions we've ever seen! #foodtank watch now:
#FoodTank JOSÉ W. VIAZCÁN .•. @ViazcanV🔁 "Politics is a reflection of our culture. They are not separate." - @chefsamkass #FoodTank
#FoodTank🌱 @HydroponicLife1🔁 "Food waste has become normalized over-production." - Carina Millstone, @feedbackorg #FoodTank
#FoodTank Mcr SC Foodbank @MSCFoodbank🔁 "Wasted food is not garbage!" - @tomcolicchio Watch Live! #FoodTank
#FoodTank carola bocchiola @carolaboc🔁 "Urban farming is a huge part of our future!" - @kimbal #foodtank WATCH NOW:
GIFMOS @GIFMOS1🔁Actual footage of me at an All you can eat buffet #foodies #buffet #FoodTank
#FoodTank Danielle Nierenberg @DaniNierenberg🔁"Millennials are not in the entitled generation they are the empassioned generation." @Kimbal #FoodTank
#FoodTank Danielle Nierenberg @DaniNierenberg🔁"Food waste & loss can be solved!" Watch our NYC Summit Live: #FoodTank
FAOKnowledge @FAOKnowledge🔁🍎Check your fridge
🥒Love your leftovers
🥕Shop smart

Do good, save food. We can all reduce our .

Laurence Claerhout @LauClaerhout🔁"We slaughter 125 million pigs and 4 billion chickens per year."- Justin Kamine Watch Live:
🎀 لعيون ايمي 🎀 @E_40k🔁 watch


BBC @o_i_j11🔁watch


NAC Rwanda @NacRwanda🔁🍎Check your fridge
🥒Love your leftovers
🥕Shop smart

Do good, save food. We can all reduce our .

Prakash Dogra @prakashd🔁#Earth The Sustainability Daily is out! #technology #sustainable #foodtank #foodwaste
LifEnrich @LifEnrichLLC🔁 Food waste is driven by our desires for convenience and abundance. @RockefellerFdn #foodtank @furtherwithfood
Una Buona Occasione @1buonaoccasione🔁Farmers need to be a part of the conversation about food system change. RT if you agree!
Megan Blake @GeoFoodieOrg🔁So happy to partner with for our NYC Summit! When we work together, amazing things happen!
Annette Sweeney @AnnetteSweenITT🔁“When you pursue great flavor, you also pursue great ecology.” - , Thanks for the support!
Utilitygo @utilitiesgo🔁"These kids never thought that garbage (food waste) could save their life." - Tony Hillery,
Rochelle Greayer @pithandvigor🔁It's tomorrow! 40+ Speakers. Whose watching the free live stream? / starting a t 9:30EST.
carola bocchiola @carolaboc🔁 Policies to distribute the surplus are ok but it’s important preventing #foodwaste #FoodTank
carola bocchiola @carolaboc🔁"Millennials are not in the entitled generation they are the empassioned generation."
SLHC in Seychelles @SLinSeychelles🔁RT "Farmers need to be a part of the conversation about food system change. Agree? RT! "
Lynette Johnson @Just_LynetteJ🔁Truly hoping what I said was, "...don't know any more about how to cook & use veggies than the rest of us."
CogZum @CogZum🔁 "We have to be bold to solve complex food waste issues" @CMReynoso34 #FoodTank YES! Let's do it!
Lina Mahy @LinaMahyl🔁"We talk about farm to table but table to farm is the other half of that equation"
Cooper-Richard @Cheltenham55🔁 you don't have to be a hi-tech organization to feed hungry people #foodtank
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁"The most nutritious foods are the most perishable...Food loss is nutrient loss."
䷢Edward💙Caffrey𝌛 @CaffreyEj🔁Having fun with the Tribute booth at the summit in NYC today. Powerful gathering of…
Hazel Pinner @hazelmpinner🔁You know the , but how about the pyramid?
IDRC AFRIQUE @IDRC_AFRIQUE🔁RT "Farmers need to be a part of the conversation about food system change. Agree? RT! "
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁 Urban compost for restoring urban healthy soils and community gardens #foodtank
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁 if food loss & waste were its own country, it would be the 3rd-largest GHG emitter?
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁Things learned at :crickets bred as high protein human food will take on different flavors based on what they eat.
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁 .@NRDC food waste reports from #NYC, #Denver and #Nashville to be released next month @monicular @RockefellerFdn #foodtank
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁There's massive opportunity through the shared economy to increase efficiency in food donation.
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁 Great work being done by @CityHarvest getting food quickly to those in need. #FoodTank
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁We visited Denmark's first grocer -- salvaging surplus food + reselling at 30-50% discount
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁We can't sustain a nourishing global food system if we don't eat more of what we grow. Time 4 a greener revolution
Megan @PoseySessions🔁 Investors see #foodwaste as an untapped economic opportunity with incentives across the supply chain. #foodtank 🍎🍓🥝🥑🍒🍋
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁 Join me in watching 40 great speakers tackling food waste. Live all day at #FoodTank
LA Worm Farm C. ~ @lawormfarm🔁Could food waste power your home? Find out and take action with at
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁 Read more about @BKROT: This Bike-Powered Compost Service Goes Where the City Hasn't #foodtank
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁 Yes, ""Table to Farm and how about bread to beer..... #foodwaste #foodtank
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁Wow, dropping the knowledge about bottom-up innovation and black soldier fly larvae at .
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁There are Farm days in many communities or go to the state fair get connected get educated about food
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁 Greenmarket farmers donate nearly 1 million lbs of fresh produce to NYC food pantries & soup kitchens every year!🖒🖒#FoodTank
ALAMO RANCH FARM MKT @AlamoRanchFMkt🔁We love what we're hearing at the summit on food waste! Here are 5 easy ways to cut your own :
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁There's a stigma on college campuses where students who can't afford food don't ask for handouts/surplus.
Deena M. Jeffries @SweetDnaMarle🔁"The most nutritious foods are the most perishable...Food loss is nutrient loss." ,
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁 #FoodTank Measure your own food waste!
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁Great discussion with the true creators of the foodwaste discussion.
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁 We need to find the story behind the #foodwaste movement. @ruthreichl #foodtank
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁Building the White House garden was a strategy to gauge the temperature of the country. - Sam Kass
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁Spent the day interviewing folks like and at the summit. Shocking…
Richard Bennett @iPolicy🔁@KarthikAghoram #foodtank is pretty hokey.
Norma Burnson @NBurnson🔁 900 jobs have been created since the #LandfillBan on #foodwaste in Massachusetts - Monica Munn, @RockefellerFdn #foodtank
Rakesh Sharma @rrakesharmaa - One of the best in our .
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Tambra Raye @tambraraye🔁 "Your most nutritious foods are your most perishable foods" -Bonnie McClafferty, @GAINalliance #foodtank
BakeItBottleItSellIt @BakeItBottleIt🔁The latest Bake It Bottle It Twitter News! #foodtank #notquitenigella
WRI Indonesia @WRIIndonesia🔁 Don't miss today's #FoodTank summit on #FoodWaste - watch live here:
Voi siete qui ☢ ☠ 48 @Laurignano🔁"It's about teaching kids that real food is delicious." - Watch him live now:
emwofa2015 @emwofa🔁Investments in food waste. To have the greatest impact, you need to have the greatest economics.


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