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Katie Allen @Itskatiiieee🔁 When they said @chefcorybahr came in third place.... #FoodNetworkStar
#FoodNetworkStar#FoodNetworkStar Dave.♠️ @D_kees🔁 Who will win this season of #FoodNetworkStar? Tune into @FoodNetwork TONIGHT at 9pm to find out!
#FoodNetworkStar Deb Loftis @GirlPakProds🔁Here it is again, but there are two this time! Where can I buy this island???? @FoodNetwork #FoodNetworkStar
Suzanne @MoonlightChirps🔁 Try these fluffy wiggly #pancakes 🍮

#Foodie #FoodNetworkStar

#FoodNetworkStar Food Network @FoodNetwork🔁The FINALE of #FoodNetworkStar is happening tonight! Tune in @ 9|8c to find out who is crowned the winner!
#FoodNetworkStar#FoodNetworkStar Bobby Flay @bflay🔁Who will win this season of #FoodNetworkStar? Tune into @FoodNetwork TONIGHT at 9pm to find out!
#FoodNetworkStar Food Network @FoodNetwork🔁SPOILER ALERT!! Hear from the WINNER of #FoodNetworkStar in his first interview: !
Cosette Colpetzer @CColpetzer🔁The latest Food & Recipes Daily! #foodnetworkstar #guysfamilyroadtrip
Cosette Colpetzer @CColpetzer🔁The latest Food & Recipes Daily! #foodnetworkstar #guysfamilyroadtrip
Wellbeing Messenger @CarmenMPerezWM🔁The FINALE of is happening tonight! Tune in @ 9|8c to find out who is crowned the winner!
Nicole @NicolePelayo44🔁Can't wait for the ! My boys & killing the game tonight on !
Dave.♠️ @D_kees🔁Help please sign 2day!

Dave.♠️ @D_kees🔁

Shrimp Bisque
Tomato Ginger Salad Dressing -Garden Salad
Grilled Thai Salmon served with Braised Spinach in Tamari Sauce

Dave.♠️ @D_kees🔁 #FoodNetworkStar bitch heyyyyyyyy tf
Dave.♠️ @D_kees🔁 If Jason survives cooking with Suzanne he should just automatically win the whole show. #FoodNetworkStar
Dave.♠️ @D_kees🔁Well kiss my grits!Tonight at 9 is the finale of Tune in to FoodNetwork. Who will takethe win!
Dave.♠️ @D_kees🔁I'm kinda missing the OLD finale's when the pilots were actually about what show the contestants would have on air!!
Dave.♠️ @D_kees🔁When they said Cory was going home and I totally was expecting them to say Rusty was outta there
🤞🏽 @seanshinneblvd🔁#FoodNetworkStar bitch heyyyyyyyy tf
Jetson Neal @Real_Jetson🔁

Shrimp Bisque
Tomato Ginger Salad Dressing -Garden Salad
Grilled Thai Salmon served with Braised Spinach in Tamari Sauce

Mauro Recchia @bioenoteca🔁The latest Il quotidiano di Bio Enoteca! Thanks to @Brighida_ @salvatorcentola #birra #foodnetworkstar
sonali @8000DESSERT🔁The latest Most beautiful desserts- ! #foodnetworkstar #guys familyroadtrip
Rachael Fishman @rachaelfishman🔁 The #FoodNetworkStar finale is tonight, but I don't even want to watch since @chefmatthewg didn't get to film a pilot. 😞
simplychillingout @nurseleonard🔁My mom #FoodNetworkStar
Charlie_Matheson @cipipi🔁Help please sign 2day!

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Johnny Calzone @MrVegtablePants🔁Eggs Benedict Cucumbercabbagebatch Doll #FoodNetworkStar
FCSI Italia @FCSIItalia🔁The latest The FCSI Italia Daily! #foodnetworkstar #guysfamilyroadtrip
Colleen @jetergirl410🔁Please go back to three judges for #FoodNetworkStar. Alton is so missed! @FoodNetwork
Fair Play @FairPlayHuman🔁I want the old food network back- when it was about learning how to cook-not how to win #FoodNetworkStar
GoodFoodChannelRocks @GFC_rocks🔁The latest GFC Rocks Daily Roundup! #foodnetworkstar #guysfamilyroadtrip
Sandra Gustchen @tinkie101🔁🔪🍴🍷🍨🍢🍖🍖🍅🍆🌽🍋🍓🍯 @lowcarb77 Congrats on winning #FoodNetworkStar! Looking forward to watching you on the @FoodNetwork...
KatiePie @katiecomick🔁#FoodNetworkStar SO HAPPY Jason won, I saw him another competition and he should have won it, but this is awesome. Can't wait 4 his show!
Colleen @jetergirl410🔁The right person won! #FoodNetworkStar
Randall Snott @RandySnott🔁#FoodNetworkStar Much respect for Jason, but hard to deny Cory was most improved and most natural pilot. No catchphrases necessary.
Marsella ✌ @Mar_SC_ella🔁I may be late-ass Captain Obvious here but @FoodNetwork should have just renamed this season #SouthernFoodNetworkStar. 👨‍🍳#FoodNetworkStar
Colleen @jetergirl410🔁Rusty is one of the final two?! #WTF #EpicFail #FoodNetworkStar
😈 @monstrousbecca🔁I'm so happy Jason won Food Network Star!! 💞 I adored him since the moment I saw him on the holiday baking #FoodNetworkStar
Ben Whaley @hockeyfanphx🔁THIS IS MY FOOD NETWORK STAR! 💚 regardless of who won, is hands down the best EVER!
Nicole LaTina @nicolexthatsme🔁@natgotze @chefmatthewg Said no one ever #FoodNetworkStar
Peter Malcolm @anyidea🔁 thoughts - What would a turkey 🦃 taste like if cook 👨‍🍳 with 🍗 Secret recipe ?
JenHen @jenhen🔁@ChefDPhillips PLEASE look out for your fellow Kentuckian and #foodnetworkstar winner @lowcarb77. Lord honey, he seems so innocent and sweet
Colleen @jetergirl410🔁The fact that Rusty and Cory got into the final three is a huge WTF. #FoodNetworkStar
Colleen @jetergirl410🔁Man, I miss Alton Brown on #FoodNetworkStar.
R. Christina Omar @RChristinaO_34🔁#LordHoney I knew you could do it!!! YES!! @lowcarb77 I told y'all he was my #FoodNetworkStar
Kimberly Coates @Kimberly_Coates🔁#FoodNetworkStar I miss Bob and Susie coming out to make it super official.
Monica Chumbler @monicachummy🔁Would've LOVED a show that teaches young college people how to cook on a budget w/
Diane Barvels @DianeBarvels🔁 It doesn't matter who wins #foodnetworkstar. We all lose for watching.
Becky Rohde-Eckblad @Becky_Eckblad🔁Just watched the finale of #FoodNetworkStar Way to go Jason! #LordHoneyYouDidIt
Quoth the Pigeon @quoththepigeon🔁The inglorious arts of peace. #FoodNetworkStar
Linda Locke @LindaLocke🔁Lord Honey I'm so happy that Jason was the winner of #FoodNetworkStar Can't wait to see his new show!
Pamela Nielsen @Pamnielsen🔁It just occurred to me the same could be said for last season. Way to be consistently clueless Bobby, Giada & #FoodNetworkStar executives!
Cindysez @cindysez🔁Lord honey I was not a bit surprised about who won but I'll tell you, I'd watch any of the final 3's show. #FoodNetworkStar
Andie Kennedy @andieinlv🔁Just watched finale of #FoodNetworkStar & all I can say is not enough @chefmatthewg He's the real ⭐️#Thepeopleschef
r.r.r. @rrrchica80🔁Congrats Jason!!! #FoodNetworkStar 🎉🎉🎉
Lori Szybist @LoriSzybist🔁Congrats Jason! Excited to see your show! I know it will be delicious! Fun season!#FoodNetworkStar
Bobby @Bobby6740🔁@lowcarb77 congrats on winning tonight I was pulling for u , u deserve it #FoodNetWorkStar Championship
Lauren Howlett @softBALLA_Laur🔁How could @FoodNetwork not pick @chefcorybahr?! He can cook and is easy on the eyes 😍😍😍 #foodnetworkstar #fail
??? @foggyfantasy🔁#FoodNetworkStar @lowcarb77 totally deserved to win. I've been rooting for him since day one. Congrats! Can't wait to see your tv show!
KDPerri @PrezJudgeJudy🔁Anyone else think Jason looks like Mr Garrison from South Park?
Pamela Nielsen @Pamnielsen🔁This is where stunt-casting gets you...a mediocre cook that tries too hard to spew ridiculous phrases for attention.
KDPerri @PrezJudgeJudy🔁 Food Network should replace Giada with non-biased judges for the next season of #FoodNetworkStar
brendajos @brendajos🔁#FoodNetworkStar of course that is only assuming you actually have them cook rather than reviewing someone else's cooking as usual.
Molly Jo Realy @RealMojo68🔁When I panic while watching #FoodNetworkStar until I remember I'm not a contestant and it's #okaytobreathe. #foodiefan foodie @FoodNetwork
brendajos @brendajos🔁#FoodNetworkStar I think Jason is lovely but he and rusty are actually a little annoying. Corey's show would have been more watchable.
Diane Barvels @DianeBarvels🔁 And the winner is... Danushka! #FoodNetworkStar #WhatATwist
The White Spoon @TheWhiteSpoon🔁The latest The White Spoon Daily #Food News! #health #foodnetworkstar
Katie Allen @Itskatiiieee🔁 @chefcorybahr was by far my favorite contestant. @FoodNetwork made the wrong decision. #FoodNetworkStar
Katie Allen @Itskatiiieee🔁 @FoodNetwork you'll give some random YouTube personality a show but not an award winning chef?! 🤔 #FoodNetworkStar
Belinda Givens @belindalcg🔁Think #foodnetworkstar has failed -again. Can Giada please go away?
Andres @DivaChampLOTUS🔁Yeeees Jason won ! So happy for him, who wouldn't watch him ? #FoodNetworkStar
Bmurray @Bmurray13813655🔁Can't wait to listen to ridiculous phrases and be called honey 75 times an episode. 🙄 #FoodNetworkStar #tryingtoohard
Pamela Nielsen @Pamnielsen🔁Well, you know this season of #FoodNetworkStar sucked when the Bobby & Giada outtakes are the best part of the finale! 🙄
Samantha Allen @SamanthaAllen88🔁@FoodNetwork you'll give some random YouTube personality a show but not an award winning chef?! 🤔 #FoodNetworkStar
Jennipher Jo @JennipherJo🔁The latest The Jennipher J. Journal! #foodnetworkstar #guysfamilyroadtrip
Will Adams @Cukoo4u🔁SPOILER ALERT!! Hear from the WINNER of in his first interview: !
Pamela Nielsen @Pamnielsen🔁Rooting hard for Rusty now. #FoodNetworkStar
Which probably means that clown Jason wins .....
Bmurray @Bmurray13813655🔁 Anyway until Giada is removed as a judge from #FoodNetworkStar I won't be watching this rigged pile of BS.
EmKay @McKennaWrites🔁#FoodNetworkStar Glad the show gave only 2 seconds to that annoying attention whore Matthew, already hamming it up. Cringe, fake ass smile


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