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#FloridaStrong Chris Torello @TorelloSports🔁#Illini defers to 2nd half, #USF gets the ball. #TampaStrong #FloridaStrong
Marta ™️ @CanOfWhoopAssss🔁 Ladies and Gentlemen...YOUR #USF BULLS! #BullsStrong #TampaStrong #floridastrong
Paul @Diddybull32🔁 Ladies and Gentlemen...YOUR #USF BULLS! #BullsStrong #TampaStrong #floridastrong
#FloridaStrong Diego Garces @DiegoGarcesTV🔁So nice to see @CityofMiami & @CityofMiami getting back on track. This view will never get old. #FloridaStrong
#FloridaStrong Maryann Connolly @Maryann_C5🔁I survived Irma! #IrmaHurricane2017 #besties #WeGotThis #FloridaStrong
YborNative @OldSchBucFan98🔁 Ladies and Gentlemen...YOUR #USF BULLS! #BullsStrong #TampaStrong #floridastrong
#FloridaStrong Lil Hobson @hobscotch59🔁Happy Friday night #America! We are #FloridaStrong. #Irma can't keep us down. #Lovefl
#FloridaStrong#FloridaStrong RobertHorvitz @HuricaneHorvitz🔁 Adding something new to our game helmets! We are #FloridaStrong
Rob Bradley @Rob_Bradley🔁Clay County cattle being led to safety during Irma by Jody Farley's cousin and his dogs. We are a tough people, we'll twitter.com be OK.
USF Football @USFFootball🔁We are all stronger together, and when we face adversity, we unite as one family to overcome all obstacles.

We are twitter.com

Bad Girl Productionz @BadProductionz🔁Donations accepted through Saturday for at 575 S. Rosemary Ave in WPB
KariLyn @BlaundiLyn🔁 Let's Go! #FloridaStrong twitter.com
ASBN Sports @asbnsports🔁#FloridaStrong. USF coaches are wearing these hats for the game tonight against Illinois. espn.com
MicroSorb @MicroSorb🔁Some weathered the storm better than others.
DanceMomK2 @DanceMomKristi🔁If I ignore the rest of Hurricane season will it make it go away? #IrmaHurricane2017 #stressed #FloridaStrong
PryncessKathy @PryncessStitch🔁@BradPaisley Love Florida!!!#floridastrong
Feeding Tampa Bay @FeedingTampaBay🔁If you are in need of food, here are our distributions for tomorrow, 9/16 twitter.com
Brooke Palmer Kuhl @rsbpevents🔁Dine w/ us this Sat. & 100% of proceeds go to Relief. ❤️️

KD @kwd805🔁A big thanks to all the #lineman who helped #FloridaStrong get back online. #HurricaneIrmaRecovery
Juan Carlos Salas @jcsalas0909🔁To all affected by the Hurricane Irma I wish you the best as we begin the post Hurricane recovery We are
Brent Jowers @TheBrentus🔁Penalty: Hiring #LovieSmith as coach. Against #Illinois...repeat coaching hire. #USFBulls #Bucs #FloridaStrong
Jorge Luis Lopez Esq @lopezgovlaw🔁Serving our Broward community post Irma. Ciotti&Church family memory.
Andrea Ciotti @AndreaCiotti1🔁Thanks for the opportunity to serve our community after weathering Hurricane Irma! twitter.com
Mayte Norona @MNorona🔁In need of a full body massage....every muscle and joint in my body hurts!! 😩#postirmaproblems #IrmaCleanUp #FloridaStrong
Andrea Ciotti @AndreaCiotti1🔁Serving our Broward community post Irma. Ciotti&Church family memory. twitter.com
donna kemrer @donna_dee_79🔁Day 4 meals!
Diego Garces @DiegoGarcesTV🔁Wonderful to hear the engines of a B767/B747 roar over Brickell Glad to know things are getting back to normal at @iflymia #FloridaStrong
Patronis Elementary @PatronisES🔁Tate has already collected all these donations and $200 to go buy more supplies to send to Naples. twitter.com
Joshua White @GeekyTechyCool🔁And we've got power!

Thank you . Now I can get back to work. twitter.com

FPRA @FPRA🔁My message today to our members regarding and .
Alta @ Magnolia Park @AltaMagParkApts🔁 from real-life superheroes like our police officers to costumed debris clearers twitter.com
CPATaxProblemSolver @KeithJonesCPA🔁 🇺🇸does now you from ! I to fix problems! 844-888-1040 twitter.com
Mommy in Training @katkroz🔁We made it through. #FloridaStrong
Now, does anyone have 101 recipes to enjoy Spaghetti O's?
Horsesanddogs @nicobeans0🔁 Hey get on Fox, CNN. CBS, NBC etc and tell everyone what you're doing for Florida residents, you cad. twitter.com
K Moreland @devilrays55🔁Per release, over 4,000 shirts will be handed out to HS football players at tonight's game. Over 80 schools coming!
mary paul @mc68paul🔁Our thoughts for all those affected by Hurricane Irma and the brave heroes and first responders
Horsesanddogs @nicobeans0🔁 You had plenty of time to get on network news shows didn't you. twitter.com


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