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backtavis @cutcoknifeplug🔁 when flint residents hear rappers brag about sipping dirty:
M. ✨♐️❣ @Marissaaaaaaa__🔁 when flint residents hear rappers brag about sipping dirty:
Flint John Gates @Ozzyoutdoors🔁Follow us on Twitter to see new products & sales. Check out our products: small.bz
Davi @Davi76219917🔁 Wooooow, I've been idle on this account for way too long. Here, have some slurpy XL Flint fun!
FlintFlint Nick Amos @Nick_Amos🔁 Who would you rather have at CB?

🔃 Aden Flint
❤ John Stones


Philip Lewis @Phil_Lewis_🔁When students got back from Christmas break, Flint students were still unsure whether to drink from water fountains. twitter.com

The superintendent admits the schools' water hasn't been tested in a year.

Channel 955 @Channel955🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/951232184978882560" target="_blank">twitter.com n
Harrison Township
Macomb Township
Mount Clemens
New Baltimore
New Haven
Saint Clair Shores
Channel 955 @Channel955🔁Rt if you're from the 810

Imlay City
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North Branch
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Hamburg Township
New Lothrop

Stein Bagger @stein_bagger🔁You mean like in Flint, Michigan...? Eastern Tennessee...? North Carolina, parts of California...? And especially ev twitter.com erywhere in the US where they still have coal mining...?
So now - UK is a shithole country for have enough backbone to call YOUR leader, not mine, for what he is..?
Nasty Woman @t2meg🔁@RealJamesWoods Sounds like Flint, MI.
Stephen McInerney @stephen0695🔁@triplej small victories by flint Eastwood for number 1? Very under played !
Tatah Flint @tatah_flint🔁@OBJ_3 today
The ReviewMan @The_ReviewMan🔁It has almost anything you’d need in a small wrist band. You could unspool the band for 550 cord. You have the knife twitter.com for cutting. Whistle for attention. Compass for getting more lost if you don’t know how to use it and a flint to make fires. Got it at
Luciano Sewell @Lucihimself🔁Flint.... twitter.com
volkner @volkner_ebooks🔁did u know that.........uh............i love flint?
Miroslav Georgiev @mirogeorgiev97🔁Federal Judge Orders All Parties In Flint Water Case Into Mediation npr.org via @NPR
RockinChic4🚂TRUMP🇺🇸💨 @Rockinchick69🔁@mariadishappy @DabMentality @AntManXII @nanluvspearls @jdawsey1 Flint...liberal controled🤔
Suzanne A Witkin @suzannewitkin🔁@RealJamesWoods So I guess Flint Michigan is a shithole? I think the White House is a shithole.
CRIMES AGAINST MELAN @CrimesMelan🔁 #Flint: 1,357 Days With No Clean Water; Control Over City Finances May Return to Local Government fb.me
Lippage @Lippage🔁I lived near Flint for 20 years. It’s a shithole by US standards. Best hope I’ve seen for the rust belt in the last 3 twitter.com 0 years is Trump. Funny though, I learned to drink bottled water from living in CA because I didn’t always catch the nightly news to know when it was unsafe.
Lesbian Frankenstein @LesbnFrnknstein🔁Jim ... you do know that places like Flint and Puerto Rico are struggling with clean water, right? (They are in Amer twitter.com ica 🤫) And some homes in the U.S. around fracking sites can light their tap water on fire? 🔥 (Again, America. 🇺🇸 🤫)
MadMarx @Marxofthejungle🔁@RealJamesWoods Shithole like Flint USA?
Samus Aran @SamusAran2020🔁What happened in Flint is horrific. I've read many stories. Something is fishy about how the government is handling twitter.com it. Governor Snyder declared "State Of Emergency in 2016... nearly 2 yrs after it started. VERY FISHY.

Brett Maniscalco @lblrleltltl🔁If this isn't corruption, then not sure what is: Nestle pumps millions of gallons for free, Michigan gives Nestle tax breaks, and people in Flint are still paying for poisoned water.

Kathy Gill @SwimKathy🔁Of course Flint still doesn’t have drinking water but I digress, this isn’t about them it is about your fake bragging twitter.com rights.
M_O @AmericanWow2017🔁I think it was keep quite in those states under Obama, the news never reported on it, don't use Michigan lead problem twitter.com in flint there are several other states which have democratic leaders not addressing the problem for the citizens that they sever.6/7
🎒 @FlintstoneAnton🔁So I have to be up at 8:30 for my haircut, and I’m not even back in flint yet 🙄 after that I have to move in on Camp twitter.com us (by myself) since momma v isn’t letting me commute and will be at work 😭
Jimerican 🇺🇸 @Cape_Cod_Jim🔁@C1TY_0F_FL1NT At least Flint didn't have black snow....and I don't mean Shaun King..... bbc.com
Selena Mantequilla @SwitchOutsold🔁Flint still doesn’t have clean water twitter.com
Dee @DipTeaS🔁Has America even fixed the flint water crisis yet for you to be talking about drinking water to be a luxury item? Be twitter.com quiet pls


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