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Sticky8766 @Jstrickland8766🔁 when the fleury chants hit you
FleuryFleury Cordie Fleury-c/o o' @fleury_cordie🔁 @mattmfm .@mattmfm's LIE receives 27K Retweets & 52.5K Likes
Fleury Janelle Sheetz @LittleJanelle🔁 Fleury: "You still get goosebumps and butterflies when the crowd chants your name."
Fleury Mike Rebholz @MikeRebholz1🔁 Your #PITvsCBJ three stars →
⭐️ Rust 🚨🚨
⭐️⭐️ Fleury 4️⃣9️⃣🚫
⭐️⭐️⭐️ Kessel 🚨🍎🍎
Fleury Olivia Buss @Olivia_Buss🔁 Another Outstanding Game from Fleury @penguins #FlowerPower 🌺
Fleury Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins🔁Your #PITvsCBJ three stars →
⭐️ Rust 🚨🚨
⭐️⭐️ Fleury 4️⃣9️⃣🚫
⭐️⭐️⭐️ Kessel 🚨🍎🍎
Fleury Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins🔁Fleury: "You still get goosebumps and butterflies when the crowd chants your name."
Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins🔁Marc-Andre Fleury stopped a playoff career-high 49 shots to earn his 57th career playoff win, a new record. Way to g o, Flower!
Timothy Pontzer @CandGPontzer🔁Marc-Andre Fleury- 49 saves - single-game high for a non-OT playoff game in his career-had 55 saves in a triple-OT win over Red Wings 2008
riina 🇫🇮 @hockeypakka🔁 Marc-Andre Fleury had an unbelievable series - he stopped 119 of 123 shots at home. 49 saves tonight. #FlowerInFullBloom
Cordie Fleury-c/o o' @fleury_cordie🔁This is why on Fridays at will be one of the best nights on the island!
Steelers World @SteelersWorld🔁NFL_Steelers247 What an awesome achievement for the Pittsburgh Penguins goalie! #Steelers
Matthew Walsh @mattw1987🔁Fleury: "To be home in front of our fans and able to get that win, with the support they gave me through the season and all these years..."
Tigist (tigi ) @christigi25🔁A ridiculous Wilson goal, another Crosby snipe, and a milestone night for Fleury.


chris venus @roxvenus🔁 Who feels more stupid right now? "Bobrovsky is the best goalie in the NHL" guy...or..."The Pens shoulda traded Fleury" guy?
Michael Irr @peterspitt🔁Get a new goalie coach? Have him see a psychologist like Fleury did? Go after a backup who's had playoff success lik e Halak? All of above?
Owtahear @owtahear🔁Best trade at NHL deadline: Pens holding onto Fleury!!! Worst trade at the NHL deadline: Flames not giving up eno ugh to acquire Fleury!!
nuuukdabomb @SainesMatt🔁 @penguins Still no word from the Fleury Imbeciles the lot of you.
Matt Seder @SederVCU🔁Marc-Andre Fleury stopped a playoff career-high 49 shots to earn his 57th career playoff win, a new record. Way to go, Flower!
Steelers247 @NFL_Steelers247🔁What an awesome achievement for the Pittsburgh Penguins goalie!
Janet Kustra-Hadrick @JanetHadricky🔁@PghHockeyNOW @mvukovcan Great game Fleury!!!
taylor @garrison_tay🔁 So when Werenski is bleeding play continues, but when Fleury flops outside the crease play stops. Got it.
Danatello @skozi15🔁 The entirety of Twitter should line up to kiss Marc-Andre Fleury's ass. #49Saves #2Sweet
Hans Mantel @overjas🔁Valentine of Milan Mourning her Husband,the Duke of Orléans. Fleury-Richard,1802
Cordie Fleury-c/o o' @fleury_cordie🔁 TODAY's FOOTBALL TIPS! ⚽️

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Evan Thompson @Evanthompson_22🔁Marc-Andre Fleury not only establishes a franchise record, but it's his most saves ever in a series-clinching win
Cordie Fleury-c/o o' @fleury_cordie🔁Record or Livestream any App or Game from your iPhone/iPad directly to YouTube Live or Twitch without a computer -
Lovey @TheRealLovey🔁 jarry staying means this is fleury's horse to ride
Troy Devlin Bird @Thunderbird838🔁 He stepped in when the @penguins needed him the most and helped them to the Second Round. #StanleyCup
Charlotte C @moonadventures🔁Final Thought: Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champion. So is Marc-Andre Fleury. Some seem to forget that latter part from time to time.
Lidicky Ball @kfishe_🔁 Classic Fleury
nuuukdabomb @SainesMatt🔁 @penguins @GentleMenJay Fleury first star, no questions. Totally snubbed. D left him hanging a lot and he showed up hard.
nuuukdabomb @SainesMatt🔁 @penguins Fleury is no1 in my ❤
nuuukdabomb @SainesMatt🔁 @penguins Fleury is 1 and 2
nuuukdabomb @SainesMatt🔁 @penguins Fleury first star and it wasn't close
Eric Milholland @eammm21🔁Also, got to give credit where credit is due. Fleury had a great series and the Penguins came to play. Don't like 'em, but I respect 'em.
Hey_Coach! @ucoolwiththat🔁Exactly. Save % is a skewed stat quality of shot and rebound second shots in which Fleury is very good at avoiding by deflecting/smothering
🏒mike🐧 @MontaviousX🔁What if. We're hoping VK don't want to pay for Fleury and don't want to gamble on a young Murray who just finished on e season and is "hurt"
Alex @PitxPenguins🔁Fleury said he wanted to get that win in front of the fans because of how they've supported him throughout this year.
Julia Lawrence @julia4868🔁Why do they insist on being jerks 24/7??? I hope Fleury falls apart and they get swept in round 2. I can't take snott y Pens fans anymore.
4/16 @_Letang58🔁@HunterHodies if fleury has a bad game and he gets pulled matt will come back, only way rhough
a problem @KitKaat_22🔁how can you even call yourself a penguins fan while degrading fleury and discrediting his talent and past
gav @avolosk🔁We ride together, we die together. Marc-Andre Fleury for life.
Crystal @jultz4norris🔁Murray is toast, keeping Fleury has paid off. Almost like JR knew what he was doing despite what some bitter haters say 😆
@30sec @30secio🔁Flower Power: Fleury thriving in familiar spot for Penguins via the @FoxNews Android app @30secio
Ryan Levasseur @Rlevasseur34🔁 .@BlueJacketsNHL Your fans still chanting "Fleury" or nah?
Will @w_snyder_jr🔁Jarry not being sent down to @WBSPenguins likely mean Murray is badly hurt. Which means its all on Fleury #Pens
Chip @jackandemmett🔁Trade Crawford to Calg before Pit trades them Fleury. Darling could start and take the 3 mil savings and let all of t he other FA go 1/2
rich 🍍🍕 @atrichmiller🔁jarry staying means this is fleury's horse to ride
mike vukovcan @mvukovcan🔁The Flower Who Saved Pittsburgh: CBJ claimed 30 scoring chances (?!) but Fleury made 49 saves. + Pens D solution:
La Duch @laurenceolga🔁@Le_Branlisme Une alliance Washington/Fleury-Merogis/Moscou.
Dva Experta @Dva_Experta🔁Fleury robs Johnson with the right pad #Karlsson #Johnson #BlueJackets #Fleury #Pens #PITvsCBJ #CBJ #StanleyCup #NHL
x-Anth @__Kessel🔁@BillyLeino yeah I got a lot of shit mostly got “lol Fleury is just getting lucky right now”
Cooper @oohcooper🔁@Steigerworld John, I am a huge contrarian but these people are idiots. Fleury won that series. Hands down!


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