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Chris Colyer @chris_colyer🔁 The @penguins Twitter name has a flower for Fleury #ThankYouFleury
Justin Mckinney @Lucky_strikez🔁 Officially the first "Fleury" chant in @TMobileArena history. #VegasDraft #BoldInGold
Fleury Ryan Lalle @LalleRyan🔁 He's coming back to the 'Burgh in Feb! FULL SCHEDULE:
Fleury Billy Epp @billy_brz🔁 Casually shopping next to Fleury in the team store 😂
Fleury stans3teamsnow🌼 @trubluePensfan🔁 me trying to comfort other Pens fans sad about Fleury
Michael Montanye @Montmich🔁@ABuchman0 90% of my recent postings have been about Marc-Andre Fleury not our Stanley Cup win
Penguins 🌼 @penguins🔁Vegas, you got a good one.

Fleury, you are an incredible netminder, prankster, teammate, and an even better person. Thank you.

NHL Public Relations @PR_NHL🔁THIS DATE IN 2003: Marc-Andre Fleury selected 1st overall at in Nashville, leading impressive draft class.
Penguins 🌼 @penguins🔁Fleury on being the 'face of the Golden Knights': "I'm not looking to be the face of much. I'm just trying to come and play hockey."
Courtney Martin @cork_cem🔁Vegas, you got a good one.

Fleury, you are an incredible netminder, prankster, teammate, and an even better person. Thank you.

🌼 Has🚶🏼The 🏢 @MAFsDog🔁 Marc-Andre Fleury will return to Pittsburgh for the first time on February 6.
yani @artandtheories🔁 Fan screams out "I love you" to Fleury. He stops mid-sentence and says, "I love you too."
🅱eau 🅱erman @BeauWTAE🔁Thanks to for interviewing me about my Fleury card! Catch the story ONLY on news at 11!
🌸💛FLOWER💛🌸 @TheThrillest81🔁MC of on Fleury: "He is one of the best people I’ll ever meet in my life.” All the feels:
adam boyle 🌼 @adamcboyle🔁Thanks to @BeauWTAE for interviewing me about my Fleury card! Catch the story ONLY on @WTAE news at 11! #MerciFleury @penguins
aimz ☯ @amymcguire_🔁Gonna miss this guy so much. Fleury was my favorite Penguin ever. Such a fucking awesome player and person.
Kara Kaniecki @kara_kani🔁I literally teared up today when talking to my dad about how Fleury is leaving so ya that's where I'm at
Alice Skerjanc @Al_icecube🔁 i hope marc-andre fleury is having a blessed day
Travis Holman @HolmanTravis🔁@Rick_City Pick prior (I think it was 5 years). They traded for the Fleury pick so that didn't count against them
Mary Jane Hunter @Mjhtwh🔁 A classy send-off for a classy guy. Marc-Andre will be missed by the @penguins.
🌼 @72hornqvist🔁between fleury and schmidt they should just call them the vegas rays of sunshine
sad baseball phan @ryanisntreal🔁Marc Andre Fleury is a below average goaltender who held the Penguins back and only ever won anything because of CRosby and Malkin
Kathryn 🌼 @kpcunningham4🔁This photo by of Marc-Andre Fleury a few weeks after the Penguins drafted him in 2003 explained him perfectly:
Billy Gayno @Billysbuttcave2🔁If I had the option of banging Fleury and Dupuis or Selena Gomez and Kate upton I would easily chose fleury and dupuis 🍆💦🤤
David Moncrief @dmoncrief1🔁 Thanks for everything, Fleury! Make the haters jealous in Vegas!
Coach Coddington @Coach__Codd🔁🎶 Queue the Sarah McLachlan music... 🎶

Fleury's era in Pittsburgh has come to an end:

Real Joe Yinzer @Joe_Yinzer🔁Life after Fleury: Pittsburgh Penguins salary cap 2017-18 looks very, very good
Marko Ollonqvist @OllonqvistMarko🔁Marc-Andre Fleury has been a member of the Vegas Golden Knights for less than 24 hours and he's already teaching a street hockey clinic.
Ride or Die 🌸🌸🌸 @42bottlesofbeer🔁Marc-Andre Fleury has been w/ the for less than 24hrs and is already out w/ the youth hockey league
Heather McDonald 🌼 @Heather5_22_87🔁Marc-Andre Fleury is already being recognized in public, and starting to connect with fans in his new city.
Jake Leyland @ITSJAKELEYLAND🔁@BrendanABailey @BarstoolBigCat I want Fleury back.

I'm sorry... I don't know how to talk NBA

Melissa 🐧🏒 @wordfrommelissa🔁For those wondering if Fleury is staying put in Vegas. He's house shopping with his wife & getting baby clothes from The Armory.
Leah Marie @Leah_Marie_386🔁we should never forget that Marc-Andre Fleury, a 14-year veteran, handed the Cup to the kid who took his job and became his biggest fan
Daniel @FloppyPENGuinn🔁😭😭😭 I wore my Fleury t-shirt today in honor of him. Fave player of mine to play for Pittsburgh in my lifetime BY F AR! ❤️
Joan Johns @JoanJoh29840955🔁 the @penguins put a flower in their name on twitter for fleury and i'm crying about it 😭
Mr. City @Rick_City🔁Random "early Fleury career" thought. At the time, I was so mad the Penguins didn't win the 2004 lottery so they could draft Ovechkin.
JB @JB_HockeyTalk🔁It's like you take it personally how I rate certain players. Murray is night and day better than Fleury. You just don 't know hockey.
Jerry @phisig150🔁Also for we got from NYR and Det we should have received some type of draft comp. Everyone lost in the excitement of the moment and Fleury
Helle Hansen 🌸 @hellevarmtvann🔁@GoldenKnights please stop it with the Fleury pictures, I've been crying since last night. this is not helping.. 🌸
Caitie Lilly @caitielilly_🔁Six-year-old AJ gets suited up by Marc-Andre Fleury during the street hockey clinic
Emily Hilf @heyitsem12🔁 Good morning to everyone except The Golden Knights for taking Fleury out of Pittsburgh
CD @donvito72🔁I read same as you do. Not only is he not objective re: Maatta. Hes@not objective re: Fleury. I wouldn't classify him as objective period.
Ben Foster @BennyFMTA🔁Crosby just spoke to us, said it's emotional & weird to see Fleury in a different uniform, but noone better to sell hockey here than Fleury.
KING FLEURY 🌼 @jordynshutup🔁Merci Fleury! Thank u for being a great teammate but more importantly, a great role model for this community. Pittsburgh will always love u!
Ryan Lalle @LalleRyan🔁 Mark it down....Marc-Andre Fleury's return to Pittsburgh: February 6, 2018. @GoldenKnights vs. @penguins.
Frustrated Dad @ssm631🔁 Fleury in February. (6th to be exact)
Vincent Candelore Jr @UniEdits🔁 I wish the city of Pittsburgh would have sent the Pirates to Vegas instead of Fleury.
Bray wilkes @wilkes_bray🔁'I’ll give it everything I have to win some games.' ... Fleury welcomes challenge of going to Vegas:
Katie @APoserInAParka🔁@GoldenKnights Guess Fleury didn't come along since penguins can't fly 😥
Jeff Koch @KochMonster🔁@PG_JerryMicco Fleury was magnificent that postseason.
Stanley Crosby @StanleyCrosby87🔁 The only acceptable Fleury tribute video has to be 10 minutes long


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