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Elizabeth Torres @Ellie_vegas🔁 Marc-Andre Fleury watching the replay of him trolling Blake Wheeler is great
RMNB @russianmachine🔁Holtby can do the overly dramatic glove save too, Fleury.
Sportsnet @Sportsnet🔁Devante Smith-Pelly tucks one past Fleury to give the Capitals a 3-0 lead!

sprtsnt.ca | #StanleyCup

Kevaney Martin @KevaneyMartin🔁"You can remind everybody it's the first to four, so we are not done here." - Marc-Andre Fleury


Gerry @gtp_58🔁 game 5 in Vegas is the turning point for the Knights. It’ll be a close game with Fleury taking it on his shoulders. twitter.com Unbelievable guys, how about a little balanced reporting. It’s not over till it’s over.
Annabelle Hayes @AnnabelleHayesF🔁 Y’all mad at fleury when you should be mad at the defensemen for not helping him out lmao
Steve L @SteveInTheBurgh🔁Blaming Fleury tonight seems like a good way to prove you weren't watching the game. How many backdoor plays is he expected to stop?
Rikky Bobby @rikalous🔁Devante Smith Pelé hacky sacks a mid air deflection on to his blade and installs a spanish style shingle roof on Marc Andre fleury’s vacation home. You gotta think he used to wear vans down at the skate park and hacky sack with kids who hate their parents with that coordination
Phil D. @Pegger3D🔁Vegas relied on Fleury to make spectacular saves.
Without that they are merely a good team like several others who d twitter.com idn't make it to the final.
VMS @VMSauranen🔁I guess the only thing still up in the air is the winner. Looks like has played Fleury out of contention, so it's b twitter.com etween Holtby, Ovechkin and Kuznetsov. I hope it's Holtby.

Scootie-Tang @Scootietang🔁When only has to worry about Crosby and Fleury one at a time and not together, he seems to do pretty well. one more twitter.com win and he gets his first Stanley Cup
QuantumCat @TheQuantumCat🔁@Enecchii Yeah I have a lot of respect for fleury. lots of experience with him blocking caps' shots with the pens lol
I want to protect Kanon @Enecchii🔁Yeah, if Fleury gets back into form next game it’ll be close

But the offense for the Caps is ragin rn so it’s gonna twitter.com be intense either way

Daniella @DaniellaOrtegaB🔁Fleury gives up 6 goals in Vegas and Pens fans say: “omg the defense sucks”

Murray gives up 4 goals in Pittsburgh and Pens fans say: “omg Murray sucks”

Get the fuck over it Fleury is not on our team anymore. Support Murray you idiots. This fanbase is so pathetic sometimes

mad♏️ @MadMailloux🔁 Fleury hate will NOT be tolerated anytime of anytime & that’s that on that
Daniella @DaniellaOrtegaB🔁Fleury gonna have 4 straight games with a sub .900 save % in the final.
Murray has never had more than 2 sub-900 playoff games in a row
Adam @Asnow119🔁It's easy to blame Fleury for the Knights situation. He obviously deserves his fair share, but I can't help but wonde twitter.com r when his D core is going to stop at least 1 cross crease pass

I want to protect Kanon @Enecchii🔁Fleury chokin this playoffs
Sammo @thetinysambo🔁Jesus fucking Christ. All these people calling to pull Fleury. Learn how to play hockey will ya?!
Sports Now Official @hockeygeartoday🔁Fleury got them there both years and got them past 2nd round. Guess who couldn't & won't do that? Murray won't even g twitter.com et one, guaranteed. You ppl are seriously beyond whack w this bs. 😂 Enjoy your short seasons
Rhino Bob @Rhino_Bob🔁I will say it again. were not outhustled, outplayed or slower than Vegas. They were simply outgoalied. Helle played well but Fleury was out of this world. Not so much in the final. Jets would have been a way tougher match up for the Caps
Lace Em Up @LaceEmPodcast🔁Caps continued to mount pressure in the 3rd, and they made Fleury look human for the first time in these playoffs. O twitter.com ne win away from glory.
Lace Em Up @LaceEmPodcast🔁Even-Strength Save % (Cup Final)

Fleury - .877
Holtby - .922

However, Marc-Andre Fleury has faced a higher % of shots from the most dangerous scoring area on the ice.

Sports Now Official @hockeygeartoday🔁They're letting up entirely and guys lose their man then let up. Legit just standing there watching. It's pathetic. twitter.com If they don't fix that this will happen again. It sucks it's getting Fleury blamed because with any proper D this isn't hapoening
Zach Torbett @ZachTorbett🔁 people rly out here callin the finals a ‘fleury collapse’ when he put the team on his back for three consecutive rounds
vgk cheering bot @BotVgk🔁LISTEN we already have Marc Andre Fleury so why shouldn't we be able to win three more games?
#1 U.S. Sens Fan 🦋 @SensFansRule🔁I take it at a 70/30 with most of it on the D. But....the goalie is the "last line of defence" however. Fleury is sta twitter.com rting to mire & more like Craig Anderson. 😣😣
METAPHORICAL @punmetaphorica🔁a conclusion is a partiality: Fleury, not doomed
PuckJunkie @PuckJunkieUK🔁Fleury’s busy start to Game 3 includes huge stop on Ovechkin nhl.nbcsports.com
Spencer Fleury @spencerfleury🔁"Zachary drew his first map at age six, in a single sitting and completely from memory. The streets were unlabeled, b twitter.com ut each turn and run of roadway was precisely scaled and plotted, all drafted with the free-flowing confidence of a master cartographer."
H.m.Fozlay Rabbee @HFozlay🔁Are You looking for a photo editor?I will do professionally background Remove in quickly.
Go to hereL:
twitter.com Monfils Fleury
Sports Now Official @hockeygeartoday🔁I seriously can't think of a goalie more ppl seem perpetually poised to bash than Fleury. Maybe some ppl overhype him, but a) he's arguably the biggest reason the Knights got by Winnipeg b) you don't gt THREE FRAKKING CUPS by being wack, even if the team in front of you was elite


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