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15. Spain. @pene____🔁 Now available on MUTTY vs CRUNCHBOY @sergiomutty @fabien_fleury
Fleury Johnny Jackson @JohnnyJackson66🔁 The @GoldenKnights have placed goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury on IR.
Enrico A. Bertoletti @Enrico056🔁 Sorry for the shaky video but here is Gallant explaining the Fleury situation. @SinBinVegas🔁Sorry for the shaky video but here is Gallant explaining the Fleury situation.
Fleury Lawrence County HA @LawCoHA🔁 Repost: This is the moment Fleury took the knee to the face.
Fleury Basil Sherry @goHabs2013🔁 Fleury is out with a concussion. The Bruins will likely be facing Malcolm Subban tonight 👀
Vegas Golden Knights @GoldenKnights🔁Marc-Andre Fleury and Jonathan Marchessault have been placed on the injured reserve list.
Chris Johnston @reporterchris🔁The #VGK have placed Marc-Andre Fleury and Jonathan Marchessault on injured reserve. No word yet on any callups.
Vegas Golden Knights @GoldenKnights🔁Since Last Game



Ryan Cunningham @Rynoizzpro🔁Marc-Andre Fleury trolling last night. Skates up behind Justin Abdelkader, undoes his pants strap and skates away
GB @gb3lasvegas🔁 Marc-Andre Fleury and Jonathan Marchessault have been placed on the injured reserve list.
Kevin Timm @Kevin_Timm🔁With news of Fleury being sidelined w/ a concussion, here's the hit. Was not taken out for a full evaluation, gave up 5 goals after the hit
claire fleury @clairefleurynyc🔁ME TOO.

If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote "Me too." as a status, we might give...

DG3 @GreeneDonald🔁 Fleury is on injured reserve. VEGAS YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO TAKE CARE OF HIM
Heather 🤘🏒🤘🏒 @mustlovebiting🔁That hit Fleury took to the head on Friday. Jeez. ☠
Dr. Kavarga @DrKavarga🔁 Marc-Andre Fleury sets NHL record for most saves by a winning goalie in his franchise’s inaugural game (45 saves)
kimmothy @sheepassisted🔁Marc-Andre Fleury learns some valuable lessons about "giving 'em the business".

That's gotta hurt, .

Kat @Guinastasia🔁Nooooo!!!! Get Well Son Flower!!!! #VGK #PENS #Fleury
RockinSportz @JamesDownie1🔁Golden Knights' Fleury out with concussion
Spiro Rassias @spiro_mtl🔁@GoldenKnights @rboulding @NHLBruins with Subban instead of Fleury and Pickard you'll get allot more Ls soon don't worry.
Sheng Peng @Sheng_Peng🔁David Perron said he knew something wasn't right with Marc-Andre Fleury after collision."I know him pretty well and he didn't seem himself."
Tracey♓ @Teec90🔁 WHAT DID YOU DO TO FLEURY????
NHL Insider Loomis @helmerroids🔁That's horseshit, the camera was zoomed in on Fleury and you could practically see the little penguins dancing around his head, he was dazed
vampire kittens @zeenell🔁 Pretty impressive for Fleury to be at fault for only two of the four goals he gave up after he got kneed in the head.
PhilsFlow @FearTheFlow81🔁Does anyone know how Fleury got his concussion. I'm trying to find out and I cannot find any information.
Jorge @bronxfanatic🔁 goalie Marc-Andre Fleury out for at least a week with concussion.
A Strong Nevada 🌵 @AStrongNevada🔁#VGK goalie Marc-Andre Fleury out for at least a week with concussion. #NHL #VegasBorn #VegasGoldenKnights
Hokkíeyjan @hokkieyjan🔁Another concussion for Fleury. Looks like Malcolm Subban’s first start for Vegas will be against the Bruins
Crystal Hollibaugh @EyeoftheWriter🔁@GoldenKnights NOOOOO. I hope they'll be okay for the game against the Penguins! I wanted to see Fleury when I go...
Alissa| 🇸🇪 @AlissajoanHWE🔁I'm really surprised (actually not) that the concussion spotters didn't intervene on Fleury here. 1-1 game when this hit happened
MakeCanadaGreatAgain @BiasedHockeyFan🔁Alright Golden Knights, Fleury is hurt so your options are: Subban's brother and some 24 year old we had never heard of, Good Luck!
Sarah Sanderson 👻🕷 @Mrs_McBeam🔁What exactly happened to Fleury?
Lindsay 🌸 @LindsMAF29🔁I’m so angry Fleury played the rest of the game on Friday after being concussed. 😒
Dave @dmay1986🔁Marc-Andre Fleury placed on IR for Golden Knights, so looks like Bruins will be facing Malcolm Subban tonight after waiving him weeks ago
Rob Marquis @TheRobMarquis🔁Fleury, Marchessault &Haula on IR. Tuch,Shippy &Subban to play in tonight’s lineup Go Knights Go #VegasBorn @SinBinVegas @VGK_UltimateFan ⚔️
Bria the Landstander @IStandonLand🔁Gonna say some prayers for Subban the Younger. I just don't want him to be ripped apart while Fleury is out
NSR Media @NSR_Media🔁Ep. 28 of features a former & a former 'er. & join the show.
Denise Falicki @dfal182🔁 @LajosOroszlan @GoldenKnights But in defense of the VGK, it was Mantha from Red Wings that hit Fleury in the head 😠


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