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Flake Harry @HarryJBates🔁 Hit Back Of The Throat Did It Petal, Get On, Flake City. @HollyGShore
Jennifer Rubin @JRubinBlogger🔁Flake might consider running as independent, an early test of how quickly the GOP can collapse via @politico
Keith Olbermann @KeithOlbermann🔁Snow @RealDonaldTrump Flake
Flake hayley @HayleyBryce14🔁@KelloggsUS tf kind of frosted flake is this
POLITICO @politico🔁Jeff Flake's potential GOP primary foes have been in talks with the president and top administration officials
Progressive Grandma @ProgressiveGma🔁Flake might consider running as independent, an early test of how quickly the GOP can collapse via
ArmchairWarrior @CrumbyVh🔁Flake is not trustworthy. Fails to meet with constituents. Has not spoken out against new HC. I copied your meme. Wil l be using it. Ty.
Stacy👀 @KleinfeldtStacy🔁The White House has met with at least three actual or prospective primary challengers to Republican Sen. Jeff Flake
Dawna @onecaliberal🔁White House squeezes Jeff Flake - GOP primary foes have been in talks with the president - Democratic Underground
Moses @MosesDidItBest🔁This story is incredible. WH has been talking to potential and current Flake primary opponents including KELLI WARD
Not Sure 2505 🤔 @wilogirl🔁A WH talking to potential primary candidates for a sitting senator, as reports, is really something
Jurgen Matthesius @jurgmeister🔁 Report: Trump hunts challenger to rid the Senate of AZ RINO Jeff Flake
Abreva McEntire @roscoegato🔁Do you have social anxiety? or are you just a flake? BE HONEST!
Jim Dollar @JimDollar🔁Arizona Senator Jeff Flake
is not a Trump puppet.
We need more Republicans
to be like him.
Cecelia Prewett @CeceliaJP🔁 So the White House is actively recruiting primary challengers against Jeff Flake.
Concerned Citizen @thelovelygirl🔁New approval polls
Flake 37%
McConnell 22%
Ryan 31%
Pence 40%
Trump 36%
Know what has a higher favorable rating than these Repubs?
Mary Frances Bennett @maryverobeach🔁 Some great reporting here by @politicoalex on Trump vs. Flake
Tricia Jones @TriciaJJones🔁 @JRubinBlogger @politico Before we all get ahead of ourselves, let Flake vote NO first on #BHCA
Bill Flamank @Mizzou45🔁 White House squeezes Jeff Flake
Andra Morrow @andramorrow🔁I'm Ashamed to find out that
All voted recent to CUT pensions for the Veterans‼️
Alice Ollstein @AliceOllstein🔁How can a reporter quote Arpaio on Arizona politics without noting he was just voted out & is on trial?!
libertyloverginabee @ButzenGina🔁 Report: Trump hunts challenger to rid the Senate of AZ RINO Jeff Flake
Latikia @latikia🔁Jeff Flake, up for reelection in 2018, will upset Arizona voters no matter how he votes on healthcare
Build The Wall @LAMOONLYNN🔁 Dr. Kelli Ward Calls On Jeff Flake to End Medicaid Expansion | Kelli Ward for US Senate, Arizona
TVN @tvn_Red🔁@ThePlumLineGS Right. So how does a candidate successfully primary Flake from the right?
Ruben @ruben1421🔁 Republican Sen. Jeff Flake is unpopular.

Really unpopular.

👑🌹 @aijaaboo🔁need someone to party with saturday 😭 since mfs like to flake
The Hammer @Jim_Peoples_🔁I personally support financially & politically Dr. Kelli Ward 4 her 2018 run at US Senate seat against Flake. Follow & promote this Patriot!
Geneva Harris @Degad103Harris🔁White House squeezes Jeff Flake via @politico
Betsy @Littleone619🔁Figures you'd support the Flake cuz you're a NeverTrumper just as he is. You work for two of the most hateful publica tions against Trump!
Anne Scinta @Idealwoman261🔁 Shepherd Smith of Fox News is a First-Class Demented-Asshole, Trump Hater.

Dear Shep,
Seek help, you fucking flake.

emily @emicrystal🔁Stand your ground @JeffFlake! Do not allow yourself to be bullied by Twitler! He is a thug! #impeach45
I.M. Private @flake_huntr007🔁@sprint i bought (2) sprint galaxy (s3 and s4) phones from a friend when he upgraded. how do i unlock them?
Herb Sanabria @Temple91🔁@armandodkos Three way huh lol Flake can win easily if he caters to those that voted for Hillary since she made AZ close
Kim Hopper @talk1776🔁No runoff in AZ, Flake could win w/ plurality in multicandidate field. If WH were serious, would work to get challenger & push out Ward.
Guineapigs @guineapixs🔁Excuse me madam, could I possibly bother you for another pea flake? My belly yearns for pee flake. Mmmmmm
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Bo Snerdley @BoSnerdley🔁White House squeezes Jeff Flake
M.D. @Meghatron24🔁Flake isn't quite as vulnerable as he looks -- unless the WH goes all-in on a primary challenge. Via
Travis McGee @procrastin🔁Hey AZ Cards fans. Team exec Bidwill is actively engaged in back room efforts to unseat Sen Flake. You OK with that?
Kevin Brown @KevinKay500bee🔁@randalljudt one of two (NV is the other) and likely unrealistic unless Flake loses primary
Russ Lattime @Lattime🔁@thehill another conservative snow flake...
Larry Smith @purplelar🔁 New @politicoalex scoop: White House squeezes Jeff Flake via @politico
Vicky Mayne @VickyMayne4🔁Trump has threatened to spend $10 mil to defeat Flake + Trump donor Don Tapia is hunting for a primary challenger
Build The Wall @LAMOONLYNN🔁 The White House is putting the screws to Jeff Flake, Arizona's other maverick senator
Build The Wall @LAMOONLYNN🔁Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona is unpopular in fact very unpopular. polls show him the worst Senator in America. Vote
PERSISTERHOOD @EWADJD_D🔁 White House squeezes Senator @JeffFlake.
Michele Che 📎❄️☮️ @MicheleChevere1🔁@CrumbyVh Flake has dared to be critical of Trumpenfuhrer and he wants everyone to goose step.
Ponder @Washyourowndish🔁Jeff FLake is being threatened by T. It may be time to support him in his efforts to fight T at every turn. Support r esisters on either side
Guinea Pig Lips @DailyGuineaLips🔁Excuse me madam, could I possibly bother you for another pea flake? My belly yearns for pee flake. Mmmmmm
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wordamplifiers @wordamplifiers🔁 Office Locations - United States Senator Jeff Flake
T&TinTX @TCuccio🔁Their obsession with Trump and I'm loving it!! Chuck you'd have read her profile truly full blooded liberal Snow flake. And the is America
Gene Carbonaro @gcarbonaro🔁📍Arizona📍

Elect Dr. Kelli Ward to the US Senate!

Let's kick Anti-Trump Jeff Flake out of office!

✔️Border Wall
✔️ Defender

Carry on Nashville ! @frosty8556🔁@rolling_2 A Flake is a flake is a flake.
Third Way Politics @TWPolitical🔁Reports that Trump's political team is looking to primary Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) #AZSen

Mother Nature @tempkt🔁 He should relish the challenge from a corrupt, unhinged WH flunky via @politico
lea✨ @modelmaterial_2🔁most of the time if i flake on you it's to sleep or watch netflix by myself😐 #sorrynotsorry
Michael J Tyree @MichaelJTyree17🔁Sen Flake has got to go.
Impeachment Party @SteveSlewaaa🔁Inside Playbook:
-- No new timetable for health care vote
-- WHITE HOUSE ‘squeezes’ Jeff Flake
Bad Horse @BadHorseOC🔁Serves 'em right. If they alienate the center (not that Flake is even all that moderate), they won't have enough lef t to win anything.


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