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🙏🇺🇸Proud American @beachgal4trump🔁 VIDEO: Trump destroys John McCain and Jeff Flake without even saying their names 😁

Flake Patricia Moxley @PattiSM74🔁 Arizonian Swamp Rats🐀 not attending #PhoenixRally
Sen. John McCain
Sen.Jeff Flake
Gov. Ducey
Flake Patricia Moxley @PattiSM74🔁PRECISELY!“@peddoc63: Arizonian Swamp Rats🐀 not attending #PhoenixRally
Sen. John McCain
Sen.Jeff Flake
Gov. Ducey ”
Flake Daughter of Liberty @lleoffled🔁 @SunnyAtTheGulf @Mmarty1230 @tamaraleighllc Add Susan Collins ME and Flake AZ
andrew kaczynski 🤔 @KFILE🔁.'s new ad ties Jeff Flake to Obama, but it looks like a photo from bill signing for judge killed in the Giffords att ack.
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁So Trump has better things to say about Kim Jong Un than John McCain or Jeff Flake.
Susan @EGLIIZ🔁RETWEET if U think Trump should put an End to Anti-Wall Jeff Flake once and for all !!

Eva Wojcik @47whitebuffalo🔁Accd to Trump, Arizona's senators are named "One Vote" and "Nobody knows who the hell he is." Over to you, McCain and Flake.
Brittany Raychelle @Mlssz_Exquisite🔁Trump hits McCain, Flake without using their names: "I will not mention any names. Very presidential, isn't it?"
DEPLORABLE SIS TRUMP @dallashoot🔁Such high energy tonight in Phoenix!

Arizona, remember to vote for and retire NeverTrumper Jeff Flake!

Covfefe~Native @505_n8tive🔁Trump trolls McCain and Flake without mentioning their names in brilliant, hilarious fashion.
Michele @mrs_shelley84🔁 President Trump should pardon Sheriff Joe twice so that John McCain and Jeff Flake can both have their own copy.
nancy g @booda001🔁FACT: Unlike 's Jeff Flake who's approval rating is 18% in Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is widely popular !!

Joseph Belko @JosephBelko2🔁 McCain can now referred to as "one vote"
Jeff Flake is now "weak on borders and crime"


mohanrakesh @mohanrakesh1909🔁 Trump hits McCain and Flake in Arizona without naming them — and appears to relish it:
Sara @sarathecreat0r🔁Trump has better things to say about Kim Jong-un (who by the way starves his own people) than John McCain or Jeff Flake.
Blanchard21 @TBlanchard21🔁Trump is masterful
The left is finished
Stick a fork in em
Burnt to a crisp
Same for McCain, Flake & all the traitorous GOP

Abby Loden @abbyloden🔁Corker defends Flake after Trump attack, calling him “one of the finest human beings I’ve ever met”
J Davis @another_davis🔁7) … on those whose support he needs, starting with McCain and Flake and extending around the world.
And then we have ex-Sheriff Joe:
Lynnette @lymurp🔁@Harlan @bfraser747 @realDonaldTrump Trumps base is trolling #FeffFlake he showed himself as a flake.
Patricia Moxley @PattiSM74🔁 Senator Jeff Flake & John McCain are WEAK!

Can I get a RT if you agree!

#TrumpInAz #TrumpRally #MAGA🇺🇸

raiderjim40 @raiderjim40🔁President Trump drops the hammer on RINO Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake — Arizona needs two new Senators!
Dana Boos @DanaBoos3🔁Dr Kelli Ward, A Trump Supporter, is Running For The Senate in Arizona to Replace The 'FLAKE' Conservative Jeff Flake
Scott Looney @SaLoon1148🔁@CNNPolitics @jaketapper Hopefully you and flake savage each other.
PrimeMover🇺🇸 @primemover98🔁 Trump trolling Jeff Flake and John McCain without “naming names” is priceless!!!


Lori @lorizellmill🔁When your Senators are Flake and McCain, is it any surprise that Arizona is a YUUUUUGE Trump-supporting State?
JOHNTHEPIPER @johnthepiper🔁Despite being home on recess, both Flake and McCain, WON'T attend Pres. Trump's Phoenix rally. And they call themselves Republicans👎🏻
BUY FOLLO₩ERS :xhg @MangoldMohammad🔁 @JeffFlake is a total pussy Flake, and @donlemon is the Lemon of all lousy, phony, TV Commi Lemons.
nopc/M🇺🇸GA @mannreagan🔁Great to see that Dr. Kelli Ward is running against Flake Jeff Flake, who is WEAK on borders, crime and a non-factor in Senate. He's toxic!
Jeremiah Johnson 👊 @w1lfridWonka🔁 Trump unleashes on McCain and Flake. Time for decent Republicans to leave Trump's extremist party?
concetta @RETTinol🔁@d__el @tamaraleighllc It was great! Hate John McCain and FLAKE
Free or Dead @freedomNheaven🔁@JeffFlake is a total pussy Flake, and @donlemon is the Lemon of all lousy, phony, TV Commi Lemons.
Kathy Hollifield @TwettyKat🔁 #PhoenixRally I wonder why the President went all the way to Arizona, and didn't even "mention" McCain and Flake? 😇
Denise Dreon-Watson @denise_dreon🔁URL on t-shirt placed behind Trump? Takes you to a website that says the Cherokee and Mormons (and McCain and Flake) are the "real KKK."
Deplorable Pussycat @Based_Pussycat🔁 .@realDonaldTrump is trolling Sen. Jeff Flake without “naming names”


Lololol 😂

AmericaTheBeautiful @Jessieduds🔁Dr. on talks about challenging Sanctuary Senator Flake in GOP primary.
❤️🇺🇸Leann❤️🇺🇸 @Leannbe🔁ICYMI: Potus destroys Dumb & Dumber John McCain and Jeff Flake without even saying their names 😂🤣🇺🇸👊👍

Jeremiah Johnson 👊 @w1lfridWonka🔁 Trump goes after McCain and Flake in a flare of Republican-on-Republican (rhetorical) violence.
Lostboy1234 @Lostboy12341🔁Mitch McConnell is polling at 18% in his own state. Trump will "rally" him out of the Senate. Same with McCain and Flake.
🤓Protect Law 👈 @ProtectLawLLC🔁How would you describe POTUS's verbal takedown of mainstream Mockingbird media & the unnamed
👉🏼John McCant & Flakey Flake?

Ignore the Statues🍩 @NewaHailu🔁@ReaganBattalion According to Arizonaian Republicans, Keli is better than Flake
Paul Marr @SerendipitySays🔁 "Nobody knows who the hell he is," Trump says of Sen. Jeff Flake after mocking him on borders, crime.
Daniel @danielwesley0🔁@alivitali @benshapiro Flake has to go first
Steven Pease @StevenMPease🔁Trump tonight: Threatens pull out of NAFTA and shutdown, criticizes Flake, incites crowd against McCain and media, defends C'ville handling
Kathy Hollifield @TwettyKat🔁MEANWHILE

At John McCain and Jeff Flake's rally....

American Girl 🇺🇸 @viewpointe23🔁Vintage Trump. Says he was told not to mention any names. (Talking about McCain and Flake.) Absolutely hilarious. 😅
Gabrielle McCauley @GabiGaberialle🔁 So Trump has better things to say about Kim Jong Un than John McCain or Jeff Flake.
Sonja @Sonja_Ann🔁It took Trump badmouthing Jeff Flake for McConnell to threaten him w/impeachment. Not collusion with Russia or praising white supremacists.
D. Rich @Reggiebub🔁I would take Corker or Flake as POTUS right now &promise not to complain.Voices of reason even if we don't agree on politics
Anon @Anon86887982🔁Trump berated Mitch on phone re: RUSSIA, triggering profanity-laced shouting match

Flake to Ky this wk for Mitch $

I'm Back @I3nQDTniJWGvmZs🔁Ronna... Paul Ryan, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham are on official notice... You will be p rimaried!
Gary E Pond @G_Pond47🔁 Trump goes after McCain and Flake, making a point to not go after them "by name"
Mary E. Barnes @MaryEBarnes🔁.Just my luck. As an Arizonan, McCain and Flake turn Democrat, healthcare soars 116% under ACA, and now I have to worry about the plague.
Trish @TexasArmyMom18🔁 Trump owned Senators McCain and Flake tonight, without even mentioning them by name. Our President is a straight up boss.
@nodemsever. @nodems16🔁You see life through odd glasses you god damn Flake get the hell out of the senate and take McCain with you
Dennis @DL1651🔁@SparkleSoup45 @JeffFlake Flake’s at 18% favorability and dropping in AZ.
Skippy Shoots 🐿 @skippy_shoots🔁 Trump just turned out Flake like a little bitch. #PimpHand


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