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#FixTrumpIn5Words joe t @jtinaglia🔁 Trump Is Greatest President Ever! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
#ThePersistence @ScottPresler🔁Let's Have Real Talk:

Hillary Clinton raped Haiti out of Billions of dollars.

Thank you to President Trump for k twitter.com eeping racist Hillary "super predator" Clinton out of the White House.

#ThePersistence @ScottPresler🔁It's racist for democrats to choose illegal aliens over starving black, white, and brown American children.

Thank y twitter.com ou President Trump for putting Americans first.

#FixTrumpIn5Words Laura McGinnis @TxsleuthUSA🔁 #FixTrumpIn5Words Oust his sociopathic Republican enablers
Alex Jones @RealAlexJones🔁LIVE: News Alert: Trump 'Sh*thole' Hoax Launched To Cover Up Twitter Story

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Marcie @4bdd0031144e4a9🔁This madman does not speak for our country. Please RETWEET if you agree.

No Blood for Hubris @NoBlood4Hubris🔁 Welcome to Federal Prison, traitor. #FixTrumpIn5Words twitter.com
Rockviewtees @rockviewtees🔁Check out this item in my Etsy shop etsy.com #steelydan #もっかい見たいあの頃のバンド晒せ #FixTrumpIn5Words #เก่งจริงๆเลยนะตัวแค่นี้ #CFPN
Dena @freedom2bmee🔁 Paris is a Shit Hole, Belgium is a Shit Hole, Chicago is a Shit Hole, Detroit is a Shit Hole, Hilary is a Shit Hole, BHOroken is a Shit Hole, CNN is a Shit Hole, MSNBC is a Shit Hole, Don Lemon is a Racist, Madonna is a Shit Whore. You are free to RT them all!

Everyone please fix themselves first.

: Why you say ‘Let me take a speck out of your eye’ when a plank is in your own? Hypocrite, take the plank out of your eye; then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.


ⓉⓇⒺⓎ ⓅⒺⒺⓏⓎ @TreyPeezyHERE🔁it be like fuck it #fridayfeeling #FixTrumpIn5Words tiny.cc
angelina mundo @angelinamundo🔁LA tomorrow , no kids #FixTrumpIn5Words #fridayfeeling tiny.cc
BC @itsALLBC🔁make moves, yoga girls i you see yall #fridayfeeling #FixTrumpIn5Words tiny.cc


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