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First Take ᴠᴀʟᴇɴᴛɪɴᴀ @valecampolongoo🔁 But first let me take a selfie!
Kirsten Gillibrand @SenGillibrand🔁Heartbreaking and horrific images from yet another school shooting, this time in Parkland, FL. ​Thinking of the victi ms and their families, and grateful to the first responders on the scene. When will enough be enough for Congress to finally take gun violence seriously?
Dinesh D'Souza @DineshDSouza🔁How can Trump “take away” what was never hers in the first place?
Alex⚾️🇺🇸 @aharrington_1🔁 Still one of the funniest First Take moments of all time
Vex King @VexKing🔁

I hope today you're good to yourself, like you should be every day. You deserve to shower yourself in self-love. T ake care of your needs, accept yourself & continue to strive towards your greatness. The first step to loving others is to love yourself.

carleigh @gnarlyycarleigh🔁This morning i woke up to a phone call from my dad...
Dad: im outside come out
Me: What why
Dad: Although you are in college, I had to come to give you your annual rose and take you out for breakfast bc im your first and forever valentines.
My heart❤️😭 i cry at the club
Nicholas Gerasimatos @nicholas_redhat🔁Ready to take your first steps with ? Join our two-hour Ansible Essentials webinar today at 2PM EST.
Carolina Panthers by Chat Sports @ChatPanthers🔁Here's who the #Panthers are targeting in the first round of the 2018 #NFLDraft: #KeepPounding
Jenny @LightsonStyless🔁📣C'mon guys VOTE! Let's take it to FIRST PLACE. SOTT deserves to WIN EVERY AWARD there is... 💪

We can do this fam! 💪💪 Let's do this for Harry. ❤

John E Crozier Jr @crozhaven🔁 How can Trump “take away” what was never hers in the first place?
.sihem. @DeepiTaeHoseok🔁Being an ARMY doesn’t determine if I’m a good or bad person. It doesn’t mean I only feel empathy for BTS. We’re all HUMANS in the end. We all feel emotion and that DOESN’T change because I love BTS.

You guys take fanwars too far. We’re PEOPLE, first and foremost, not monsters.

EmiLatifahAmaliyah @EmiAmaliyah🔁it's my life,do not interfere.Just take care of yourself first
Fed up Saffanna @saffanna🔁Chris Murphy has been a leading voice on common sense gun regulation since the first day he stepped into the Senate.

If we are going to fix America's toxic gun culture, it'll take more Democrats like Chris who refuse to back down.

Zacharey™ @ZachHale_45🔁Some of you need to get over yourselves. Stricter gun laws doesn’t mean banning guns as a whole, and if you fear stri cter gun laws will take away your right to own a gun, you probably shouldn’t have one in the first place.
🐻Victoria James🐻 @VictoriaMercury🔁Yesterday, I woke up stressing about the first world problems of life. Today, I am humbled and grateful to be alive. Never take your blessings for granted.
olivia @oLIV_oil_🔁If you went to bed early, you missed take her first medal in giant slalom! Relive her rise from 5th place in Sochi to the top of the podium in PyeongChang.
Howli @HowliAD🔁Hufff... so surprised me this valentines and said we should take a video ;3 murrrr and I was more than happy <3 this is the first of many n.n hope ya'll enjoy
Alvaro Pinzón @alvaropinzonL🔁BREAKING NEWS: Our first new tent-pole PPV event since 2005 - REDEMPTION - will take place in Orlando, FL on April 22nd. Make your plans now to join us for a huge night!
daddy hull 40-16 @premekee🔁Former Raptor Chris Bosh was on First Take this morning and said he’s trying to get back into the NBA and would return to Toronto if they were to make him an offer.
Gary Wien @Lighty99🔁 - if you are a politician who received money from the NRA, return the money. It’s the first step you can take and wo uld be a good start.
CrazyCanuck (James) @CrazyCanuck84🔁Shitty behavior is not a crime. And why the secrecy? Not just Brown, but everyone. When did the rule of law get throw n out and 'guilty until proven innocent' take over? If it happens, by all means punish him to the fullest extent and ruin his life.
But let's prove it first.
Jenny Ijang @lilyambas🔁NEW: UN Spent $319 Million on Travel in Year, & & “Eligible Family Members” Fly First Class, Take Gifts, Stonewall on Burundi & Rosewood, Restrict Press Which Asks
NIC ✨ @NicoleDEspino🔁Quavo on First Take: "I know the hoops"

Quavo to Stephen A: "I think Cleveland gets out of the East.

*2 literal seconds later*

Quavo to Max: "I think they get out of the East but they won't beat Boston"

Mara Wein @MaraWein🔁Unfortunately shootings have been going on for the past 10-15 years. It will take a lot to stop them. Gun control i s just the first step. The problem runs deep!
Zoe @1207Zoe🔁To the ladies of Killarney, I am truly sorry I was a bit short and wouldn’t take a selfie with you. But I really don’t love it when people giggle at me through windows and sneakily take pictures of me eating fish and chips. I just like it when people ask first. Again. Sorry. ✌🏽
Dessi 💜🐨🐳🦀💜 @pioneerwizard🔁When BTS is under attack, Namjoon is the first to take the open fire, most of the burnt. Actions speak more than words and his actions are+
fifth harmony punch me in the face pls:) @lovada5HDT🔁When I watch the twins videos I have to watch them 4 times

First I just watch it
Second I stare at Grayson
Thirdly I stare at Ethan
Fourth I take screenshots

🃏 @Deno_Dizdarevic🔁No better sensation than that first sip that you take from a redbull!
Sactown mom @sactown_mom🔁@blurrykook Correct, by the age of 12, take your kids to the gun first
Mrs Red Dress @MrsRedDress1🔁Go to take a first look at our Spring-Summer 2018 collection and some of its most iconic items.

Abigail Daquiz @abbydaquiz🔁"These people who kneel down on the first day of school so they’re just as tall as you. These people who shake your h and and say, “Good morning!” and help you rehearse for the spring concert and take you on field trips to see different rock formations..."
Madison Gesiotto @madisongesiotto🔁Yesterday, I woke up stressing about the first world problems of life. Today, I am humbled and grateful to be alive. Never take your blessings for granted.
ً @ivrseola🔁sleep soon jisoo, you need all the rest you can get. although i also lack it, so from first hand experience do take c are of your health!
∆  kira  ∆ @lemonieyoongi🔁 -

bts: we want first win!
armys: ok!
bts: we want daesang!
armys: take, my love
bts: we want bbmas, hot100, triple crown, daesang, global artist
armys: ok, take it, you deserve it
bts: we want world

Support Hashtag @SupportHashtag🔁It's giveaway time! Take 2 🎬

In order, who will be the top THREE riders on combined timing from all 3 days at the (Friday - Sunday)?

*One guess each. The first person to correctly predict the top three will get the swag bag! You have 3 hours from now...GO!

Вася Абрамов @lolkekc48288519🔁Hello, Friends!
Today we want to share with you a small educational program from the famous American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, best-selling author and podcastster James Altusher, the founder of one of the first online shops that take bitcoins.
🧡 @prettybissly🔁But first of all, dont take this webtoon seriously. Just for fun

Mathhh👑 @heyyitsmathis🔁How is the first reaction of some kids during a school shooting to take out their phone and can you function in a terrifying situation like that.
Maryann @mspicher🔁ZERO funding should be provided to cities that protect criminals. Take care of OUR HOMELESS & OUR VETERANS FIRST!

Homeless American Veterans; these words should never be in the same sequence. They should get help first and foremost!

DIRT POD @ManVsParty🔁@HumbleTeej He's gonna take out Black Panther first, watch
Granny @sherdngr🔁Blame "neighbors &classmates" for the HATE GROUP the shooter belonged to?
WTF,IYP!..Time for TRUMP to take RESPONSIBILITY for his awful actions that ALLOWED this Military weaponry to be purchased in the first place!
The BLOOD of 17+ Americans is on YOUR HANDS!No passing the buck!
malibutahoe @na_cary14🔁 Killer in Florida member of resistance groups👉🏼where did we first hear the RESIST>yes night Hillary lost>next day Obama&Mafia goons crying RESIST HATE>Dems & Rhinos have kept their hate promises daily to take down Potus/GOP
Thomas Mulloy @klonewarrior🔁FIRST LOOK!! **Old School YODA in the house for our 2018 Star Wars Night! DON'T mess with The Force 😑 🙌 RETWEET NOW FOR A CHANCE TO TAKE ONE HOME! Single game tickets go on sale MONDAY so come see the on May 4
Rico P is a center left dem... 💯✊🏾✊🏾 @reesetheone1🔁Voters decided to take the house AND Senate away from dems because of that assault weapon ban.... threw out Tom Foley too.

This is why I'll NEVER turn my back on Bill and Hillary Clinton. They went HARD LEFT those first two years in office... and get a bad rap for the last six.

Brandon Tinney @TinneyBrandon🔁Liberal minds are funny things. Think science needs to take a look into These deranged minds. First I'm 18 serving in the us army I myself am growing a gun collection why cause it's my constitutional right. Criminals will always find a way to get around the laws look at weed.
justin ionescu @justin_ionescu🔁The leafs have been playing their best hockey + consistently winning games for the first time in months and your comp laining komarov isnt getting enough icetime? This is about as good a take as eklunds E5 breaks.


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