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First Amendment Rashid Castle-Ali @rcastle06🔁 .@BorowitzReport: N.F.L. Adds First Amendment to List of Banned Substances
Jarrett Hill @JarrettHill🔁A room full of white men just told its 70% Black workforce that it can’t use its voice.

Based on an argument about t he first amendment. And the freedoms of the flag.

Oh. Ok.

The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: Federal judge says President Donald Trump cannot block his critics on Twitter without violating the First Amendment.
David S. Joachim @davidjoachim🔁Breaking -->>>




Brenda Easton @eddieandgail1🔁If POTUS can't block users on Twitter per First Amendment violation, can Twitter not shadowban tweets for political content on same basis? We exposed video of Twitter engineers explaining how they specifically target supporters' tweets, and classify them as bots.
🇺🇸Corvidaryum🇮🇪 @corvidaryum🔁As a Vet, it is hard to comprehend how the NFL feels it is necessary to take away the first amendment rights of players just to appease a Grifter in the WH. It was never about the flag or anthem.

Bjork53 @burk_burk4🔁A judge has ruled Trump can’t block trolls on Twitter because it violates their First Amendment right. So when’s the lawsuit against for violating conservatives’ first amendment when twitter deleted our tweets, shadow bans them, or suspends our accounts?
bartsbuddy63 @stevecolby3🔁"You have to stand proudly for the National Anthem. Maybe [those who don't] shouldn't be in the country...the NFL owners did the right thing"

...says the man who's currently breaking the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by banning people on Twitter, to Fox and Friends.

jean morgan @jeanmor01657867🔁Let me get this straight.

is NOT allowed to block people on Twitter, but IS allowed to ban promoted pro-life tweets, while allowing pro-abortion promoted tweets - because, First Amendment? 🤔

Caesar Saladin @PuppyLauncher🔁A room full of white men just told its 70% Black workforce that it can’t use its voice.

Based on an argument about the first amendment. And the freedoms of the flag.

Oh. Ok.

brownsuga @anijah_1223🔁Breaking -->>>




Jim @henseljim1🔁Use your first amendment - DEPORTED

Use your second amendment, kill kids in school, well, if we have to jail, but no t for your daddy who allowed you to have access to them.

Adam Johnson @AdamJohnson89🔁So, we have to accept nazis marching in the streets bc of the first amendment, but kneeling players protesting racism will be punished. Got it.

Sorry America, but right now, you suck.

Mike the Pissed off Patriot #IamTheNRA👍🇺🇸🇮🇱 @mudflap54🔁I wish these people would learn how to read the Constitution First Amendment rights do not apply when you're working for a company. When you're on their payroll you do what they say.
Denizcan James @MrFilmkritik🔁Trump on Fox & Friends: "NFL players who don't stand for the anthem shouldn't be in this country.

Well, a man who d oesn't understand the First Amendment shouldn't be President.

Moka Kittie🌹🐯😽 @rheaecho🔁American people have to accept nazis marching in the streets because of the first amendment, but kneeling NFL players protesting police brutality and injustice will be punished.

America really sucks right now.

McClane 🤙🏼 @MakJae9🔁Patriotism has become a cult in this country. The President just said it trumps the first amendment. And people will back him up.
Carole M @Carilann🔁Hey you guys! ❤️
I wrote an op-ed for "The Guardian".

I managed to shoehorn the word "shambolic" into the piece, but I don't think they wouldn't have let me use the word "choad". 😂
(No, he hasn't unblocked me yet.)

Caleb @CalebHarrison2🔁"The Second Amendment only covers muskets! Also, the First Amendment says you can't block anybody on the Internet."
Marcus Knight @MarcusKnight_in🔁Go back to your safe space and feel protected from those mean silent protesters who are peacefully engaging in their first amendment to call out violence by the police.
Coach Morgan Randall @TheCoachRandall🔁People seem to love the First Amendment... Until you say something they don't agree with.
Sean Kenney @18seakenney🔁Just a reminder to everyone that the right will defend their lives protecting the second amendment, yet they don’t e ven care when people’s first amendment rights are violated which just shows that they care more about guns than children dying, they care more about guns than 1/2
Josh Blasko @Blasko4life🔁So, corporations are people and can vote because of the first amendment, but actual people can’t excercise their first amendment rights and kneel in protest at a game? Wow!
MojaveRattler @MojaveMamma🔁So if President Trump is no longer allowed to block people on Twitter does that mean Twitter is no longer allowed to censor conservatives?

If the government has officially decided that the First Amendment applies to Twitter shouldn't they have to honor it as well?

Gwenwatel @Gwenwatel1🔁I'm still waiting for you to unblock me on Twitter. A Judge ruled that you are breaking the First Amendment. Stop breaking the law!
noagenda 🚫 @noagenda777🔁When THEY can't get US to take THEIR blue pills, they resort to this:
Divide, Conquer, Terminate. [ ] If you care about the First Amendment and a FREE PRESS retweet .

Hayley Gigliotti @hayleyzjm🔁y’all wanna cry about violations of rights when anyone proposes any form of gun control but stay silent when your pre sident outright supports a violation of first amendment rights. 🤔🤔
Kelly Enright @MrKellyEnright🔁 The The Bill of Rights doesn't start with the Second Amendment, it starts with the First Amendment - Freedom of Spee ch.
Steamed Hams @2010_14_HeatFan🔁First amendment rights don’t apply at work. Try saying some MAGA stuff in front of customers at your job.
Harry Greene @Harry_Greene🔁Enforced patriotism and denial of First Amendment rights isn’t America. It’s unconstitutional and dictatorial. This m an is such a wanna be “supreme leader” that I believe he takes their “disrespect” of the flag as a personal attack on him.
Clint von Gal @von_Ghoul🔁What the NFL’s new rules for anthem protests really mean for the First Amendment, according to experts
Blair @skifflegirl🔁Technically, Trump blocks nobody; Twitter performs the blocking function based on its app. If Trump cannot block people w/o violating First Amendment, how can Twitter block people w/o violating First Amendment?
Jay Couture @GatorJay87🔁@rachelheldevans @JoyAnnReid It’s the first amendment. Issues don’t get much bigger than that.
Glenn Bristow @PoolGirlPhoTog🔁Apparently, cannot block you because his account is public and you have First Amendment rights. Let’s see what happe ns...
B⃟I⃟T⃟T⃟E⃟ 🇸🇪🎙💖 @Bitte__B🔁 Trump Violates First Amendment by Blocking Twitter Users From Feed, Judge Says
P. L. Davis @revpld🔁⁉️WHAT⁉️

On the ’s new anthem policy, Trump says: “You have to stand proudly for the National Anthem or you shouldn't be playing... Maybe you shouldn't be in the country."😳

It’s called the First Amendment, you tyrant‼️🤬

Troy Fauber @TroyFauber🔁Dear Twitter & Federal Judge,
Since blocking people on a public domain violates first amendment rights, does this mean Milo can come back?
fansmanship @fansmanship🔁According to , it's the public financing of stadia that makes the first amendment relevant. Compelling! Rich!
mike @mikeant530🔁Trump is suggesting people shouldn’t be in America because they are exercising their first amendment right. Reminds m e of the time Obama said maybe you shouldn’t be in the country if you own a gun. Trump just loves America so much he wants to take away our rights to protect it.
RaeAnn @RaeAnn2526🔁There is no First Amendment infringement here. 🤨 Those men are paid a ridiculous amount of money to throw a football around. They are employees of the NFL, hired to promote America and football. Get another job if you can’t fulfill your obligation. Pretty simple. 👍🏼🇺🇸
Lauretta H Kielkopf @LaurettaHKielko🔁My first amendment was violated yesterday.

Does this only apply to the president?

Keith Barber @KeithDB80🔁@politico A President who can compel people to not kneel can also use it to compel people to kneel to him.


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