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Firmino kilgrave @kilcrave🔁 Firmino did more in 4 touches than Jesus did in 4 games
Firmino ⭐⭐ ⭐ oDΔFE ⭐⭐⭐ @Iam_YungJoc🔁 Firmino is coming home!🇧🇷
Herfano | حرفان @herfan0🔁 🔴 | Klopp knowing Firmino, Mané and Salah will all be back for some part of pre-season!
Rob Maclean @rob_2712🔁Firmino's coming home post world cup without any injuries
ไพไพชวนไพไหนก็ไพ @PloysoneL🔁 🔴 | Klopp knowing Firmino, Mané and Salah will all be back for some part of pre-season!
Jonathan Shrager @JonathanShrager🔁Danilo not left hotel bar
Ederson there to warm up Becker
Walker liability in a 3
Mendy FRA’s social media guy
Kompan y BEL’s mascot
Delph went home, nobody noticed
Fernandinho there to carry Fred’s boots
Jesus inexplicably keeping Firmino out team
Sterling been missing barn doors
Mootaz Chehade @MHChehade🔁Cannot for one minute understand how Firmino isn't starting for Brazil. Jesus is a decent young player but nowhere n ear Firmino on current ability/form. Absolute mystery.
Dharma Bhagalia🇭🇷 @Kloppholic🔁Not starting Costa ahead of Willian, and Firmino ahead of Jesus, is right up there in terms of some of the most fraud ulent decisions made this World Cup.
Kofi Acheampong Dwetey @kofidwetey🔁so Firmino played 82 of Brazil's 450 minutes at this World Cup and half of Brazil's goals came with him on the pitch. that's some good ass squad management.
Victor Kühn @kuhn_victor🔁1. Gabriel Jesus was obviously not ready for this tournament , firmino was miles better when he was on
2. Casemiro being out was a huge blow to Brazil defensively
3. It blows my mind how Douglas costa hasn’t started the whole time, he is a beast
4. We missed too many chances
Joseph Bucknor @Rodriguez_Bucky🔁@Andrinayago Sigh Fred firmino costa renauto etc should’ve gotten more game time. We had the same fucking 11 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Nigel Ford @NDGF1965🔁3 years ago today Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira joined Liverpool ⚽️🔥

The Philosopher @TheDepths🔁@HenryBushnell Brazil's biggest mistake was not starting Firmino.
Raashplayer @Raashplayer🔁 .@SMignolet's #BEL book their place in the semi-finals with victory over Firmino's #BRA

#BRABEL #WorldCup

Power D @PowerD_Picks🔁Not to sound like a homer, but the refusal to start Firmino may have done Brazil in, in the end. Every game he came o n they looked so much better than with Jesus.
david j biscoe @davidjbiscoe🔁Amazing how it seems fans of every club are uniting to support England and forgetting about club rivalries, apart from most Liverpool fans who are obsessed with Jesus starting over Firmino and Henderson should be captain over Kane lmao
WesHaiti @WesHaiti🔁The only one who understands hiw stupid Tite is to remain faithful with his G.Jesus. 4-4-2 should have been the tacti c to play against Belgium to win with Firmino. Respect
We Adore LFC @weadoreLFC🔁It's the end of the road for Brazil and Firmino. Firmino came on at HT but it wasn't enough for them to get past Belgium.
bruna 🇧🇷 @kathcimz🔁to brasil: thank you for everything. you did a great job in this world cup and i'm really proud about how far we got. thank you neymar, coutinho, marcelo, william, thiago, paulinho, firmino, gabriel, alisson. everyone. you guys DID IT. 🇧🇷❤
hava @costiezmann9🔁 Firmino is a world class player.
raditya @raditsemut🔁Firmino didn't get the chance he deserved, poor management by Tite to keep starting Jesus every single game. Good to know Firmino will at least be back early for Liverpool now
Sisay @SisayBogale🔁Brazil had enoughs quad to go through to semi or final but coach made tactical mistakes. May be good to stick to what he belive but didnt work#Firmino&DCosta
tommy @metis_louis🔁 Brazil need Firmino on. Too many stepover merchants, need some physicality and bright teeth.
Elliott Saul @EllSaul🔁Firmino came on and did nothing at all because he barely got the ball. ALMOST like the problem wasn't who was playing at 9, but who was playing around the 9.
Herfano | حرفان @herfan0🔁Firmino & Costa instead of Jesus & Willian.
Dr Mantis Toboggan @nickstuart118🔁Really successful World Cup from Gabi Jesus. I'm not sure about you but as a Liverpool fan I've not been able to handle it.

gferna @anrefg🔁Think we can all agree, even his biggest fans, Gabriel Jesus was extremely underwhelming in this World Cup. Still young, though.

Thought Firmino was unlucky with his lack of game time.

ᴜʟǫᴜɪᴏʀʀᴀ ᴄɪғᴇʀ @ridhwan5423🔁 I’m struggling to see why G.Jesus starts over Firmino for Brazil.
rebeca tavares fan acc 🇭🇷🍒♥️✨ @firmihoe🔁 Firmino
Minutes played: 82
Goals: 1

Gabriel Jesus
Minutes played: 407
Goals: 0

Thank you Tite you fraud.

Enri C. Castellanos @enri_cruz11🔁@kbell2k Brazil for sure lost cause they left in fagner lame self and didn’t start firmino. Common sense man lol dude needs to be fired !!!
wine & spirits @ana_karg🔁 PUT FIRMINO IN THE DAMN GAME.
rebeca tavares fan acc 🇭🇷🍒♥️✨ @firmihoe🔁Firmino the most obvious substitution at this World Cup. Mad that he isn’t starting. As good as Jesus is he’s not working as a focal point in this team. (I know this means Jesus will now score seven but still).
Alfie D.P. @alfie7177🔁@BrazilStat I think Tite needs to understand that Firmino shud be the center of Brasil’s offense instead of Gabi Jesus
subhajit ghosh @subhajitg43🔁The most mistake he did was taking off Willian instead of Neymar and of cos I've been screaming the Firmino issue over a 100 time
⭐⭐ ⭐ oDΔFE ⭐⭐⭐ @Iam_YungJoc🔁 Firmino and Costa have changed the whole game.
LUKE CAMPBELL ™ @LukeCampbell_8🔁 That’s what happens when you don’t start Roberto Firmino and I’m smiling soooooo much.
Dimas Prabowo Ajie @dimasprabowoaji🔁Cannot for one minute understand how Firmino isn't starting for Brazil. Jesus is a decent young player but nowhere near Firmino on current ability/form. Absolute mystery.
Nizar Abdul Wahid @Nizazar🔁On this day three years ago, Roberto Firmino signed for Liverpool.

What a world class signing it has been!

Ahmed essam @ahmad_eltantawy🔁I even thought jesus was better than firmino but the more I watched the more it became obvious the guy is a way more better finisher can recieve under pressure
loulou @AlainLaurent_🔁@rp_2_3 No end product, and yea I fuck with Jesus but I felt they should’ve started Firmino at least one time
pradipta wahyu a s @pilotkombi🔁 Firmino and Costa are miiiiiles better than Jesus and Willian.
Thomas Johnston @thomasjj_🔁@chris_rod329 Aguero is a god not gonna lie but firmino best striker in the prem behind Kane
Dimas Prabowo Ajie @dimasprabowoaji🔁What a shame Neymar is out, along with Tite, who started Gabriel Jesus (who did absolutely nothing in the tournament) over Firmino. 🇧🇷👋🏼
Monkey D Gongz' @TheKop_Gongz🔁Three Years Ago Today, Liverpool Signed Roberto Firmino for £29m 🇧🇷🌟❤️

One Of Our Best Deals In Recent History! 😍

Adeboi09™ @adenijihammed🔁 Knowing Bobby Firmino he'll be at Liverpool training tomorrow


Thomas Johnston @thomasjj_🔁@chris_rod329 This was beef about firmino and Jesus, don’t hate because Jesus is shite 😂
redordeadlfc @redordeadIfc🔁Starting Jesus over Firmino is criminal and it was always going to come back to bite you. Everytime he came on you b ecame a more fluid side.
WildChild @Ego1__🔁Things to be taken out of Brazil’s tournament run:

Alisson probably isn’t worth anywhere £70m.
Coutinho is their best player.
Neymar isn’t the finished product yet in terms of being in the top echelon of player.
They missed Casemiro badly today.

⭐⭐ ⭐ oDΔFE ⭐⭐⭐ @Iam_YungJoc🔁 Tite fucking deserves that for not starting Firmino!
Ahmed essam @ahmad_eltantawy🔁Firmino is better than jesus and in today match it was so obvious
Fahim @Fahim_Musa🔁Not starting Costa ahead of Willian, and Firmino ahead of Jesus, is right up there in terms of some of the most fraudulent decisions made this World Cup.
Flavio Castro @FlavioLRC23🔁Renato came from the bench on most games. Tite experimented with several midfield formations during the qualifying (F red, Renato, Coutinho, Taisson, Willian, Fernandinho, etc). Most in Brasil thought Tite would start today’s game with Firmino and Filipe.
Alsahim22 @alsahim22🔁I know Gabriel Jesus has great talent but he’s been shite at the World Cup so far. Firmino must be fuming sat on the bench watching that div contribute nothing on the pitch.
Surapong Kertkaew @SKertkaew🔁Well at least Firmino will be back early for pre season. Should've started for Brazil today after his goal in the previous game. Tite deserves this.
Ferdinand. @Lone_R_anger🔁QUICK REMINDERS

Fernandinho is not better then Henderson.

Jesus is not better then Firmino.

Allisson is not a 70m upgrade on Karius.

⚡️Gerard Delaney⚡️ @Gerard33Delaney🔁 Firmino is coming home!
Grant whitfield @grantw91🔁144 games
50 goals
39 assists

3 years ago today, Bobby Firmino joined Liverpool from Hoffenheim.

fifa_king👑 @ansu_ken🔁 Get Firmino on.
the Guy that Strive @zakariyya_fada🔁 Bringing firmino in was the wisest thing the coach has done i just wish he removed that jesus
Shah Ahmed Farouq @medrouq🔁Take out Paulinho and put Fred or move Willian into the middle. Paulinho leaving alot of space too many times. Firmino/Douglas Costa need to come in.
luto 🇧🇷😫 @Ya_medeirosl🔁Casemiro should be present on that game, we missed him a lot!!! Firmino had a great time in worldcup i really liked T he game he played, he should be playing since The begining of The game
L. Graham Smith @lgsshedden🔁Gutted for Firmino. Silver lining is that it means another key member of the squad will be able to get a summer break before linking up for the US tour.
mari 🇧🇷 @yugyolo🔁@ulltae firmino is the new taehyung
Rayquon Elliott @RayquonElliott🔁I've said this all tournament, even this game was perfect for Firmino, hold up play, contribute to defense, more phys ical etc but they're so conventional and predictable...
#UliOUT @KimmichRegista🔁@EliteMartiaI Didn't know Jesus > Firmino was even a debate these days lmao
Jesus is shit
Krik @Jeffrey_Kirk2🔁 Guess they should've played Firmino


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