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Finally Friday REC POWER SPORTS @RECPOWERSPORTS_🔁It's finally Friday and we're feeling great! 🕺 How about you? 🙋‍♂️

#YEG #Friday #FinsUp

Finally Friday @waplog🔁Yaaay! Finally, It's Friday!
Finally Friday Charles Brand @etdweasel🔁 Hooray! It's finally Friday. #FiatFriday 🏁🇮🇹
Finally Friday Writerkevin @kevinresearcher🔁 Good morning, Temple. It's finally Friday! #CherryOn 🍒
WonderKat😽 @WonderKat365🔁@gigirules7 @WGIGNewsTag @klf113 @Calamity_clr Finally Friday! 🎉🎉🎊🎊
Alisha Weinberger @alishaweinberg🔁 When it's finally #Friday .... #FridayFeeling
Finally Friday Chiara @chiara_topic🔁 NEW MUSIC NEXT FRIDAY! Can't wait to finally share it with you, stay tuned. 🙌🏻
Channel NewsAsia @ChannelNewsAsia🔁It's finally Friday
Betty Who @BettyWho🔁Ignore Me will be my first song released as an independent artist in 5 years. Every decision was mine, every detail w as agonized over, and every last bit of my ❤️ is in this song. I can finally put out music the way I’ve always wanted to: straight from me to you. Out Friday.
Edmond Sumner @EdmondSumner🔁Been a long rollercoaster journey, but I finally can hit the court on Friday!
ScorpAthleticBC @ScorpAthleticBC🔁It's finally Friday! BOYS' BASKETBALL vs Oak Park @ HOME! FS @ 4, JV @ 5:30, Varsity @ 7. Come out & support your tea m, Camarillo!
victoria saez @vicki_saez🔁 tomorrow is finally Friday. which also meansssss new video from me!
RT Empire @retweetempire🔁It’s finally Friday! Send me off into the weekend properly... you know you should be sacrificing for my enjoyment. Going without knowing that I’m having fun should always be your intention. 👸🏼💸✨🔮
@marionkraan_7 @marionkraan70🔁 @marionkraan70 finally 🙌 it's Friday Yay 😜and hey I hope you have a fantastic day and a great wknd 😎
Cecil Hurt @CecilHurt🔁What's been the most likely scenario for a week finally played out Friday as Alabama got its offensive coordinator.
JØEL @JoooooooeeeeeeL🔁#FridayFeeling Finally It’s Friday, and people say the week was gonna be short
Rex Justice @TrentonPowers🔁#ReleaseTheMemo

And Lois Lerner’s testimony.

It would finally make a worthwhile Friday evening news dump.

caroline @guccisuitss🔁Next Friday I’m finally getting my haircut
Hunter @_Hunter33🔁 thank god it’s finally friday i say after a long week of only two class days
william spence @WilliamSpence68🔁@luvvacurry good afternoon it's finally Friday have a good day
Mike'l Severe @MikelSevere🔁Friday is finally here!
on at 10

Dava Desjarlais @ladava🔁 TGIF! So thankful it's Finally Friday. I bet you are too. How's things going? All great, I hope. Thinking of you and cheering you on. Find time for what you enjoy. Sending Hugs and Love
HAPPY NEW YEAR @Crazylifeaskiwi🔁Today is finally Friday! Any plans for the weekend other than voting for ?


Rea 🐺 @xSykoForSykesx🔁*stresses all night with dissertation*
*Goes to sleep at 12pm*
*Wakes up to my man finally popping up looking beaaa yoooootiful & healthy as ever 💜*
Life is good. Happy Friday 🙌🌠
Remington Park @RemingtonPark🔁It's finally Friday! 🎉🎉
PLAY with YOUR Club Remington Card to keep earning points...
to score THIS week's dinnerwar e set! 🍽️🍽️
Come warm up YOUR weekend with LIVE music and January drink specials tonight! 🎊🎊
Desu @DesuSheep🔁Aah Friday is finally here.
alexa @alexadionef🔁finally finishing my essay and having my clothes order be ready for collection has made for a very nice Friday
🔮Sorceress Bebe 2.2k🔮 @b_findom🔁It’s finally Friday! Send me off into the weekend properly... you know you should be sacrificing for my enjoyment. G oing without knowing that I’m having fun should always be your intention. 👸🏼💸✨🔮
BRU Coffee and Beer @BRUCoffeeBeer🔁Good morning! Finally it’s Friday!
#yegcoffee #friday #coffee #weekend #yegdt #yeglocal
Dustin Ingram @TsunamiGrind🔁Finally finished the 2nd song for my upcoming EP. It’s called “Out Love” and it’s about falling out of love. Happy F riday.
Latasha Campbell @latmarcam🔁Finally....Happy Friday All!!!!!
T-Bar Drilling @TBarDrilling🔁Good Friday morning!! The weekend is finally here! Hope you all have a wonderful day and a great weekend!
P. ☥ @SunnyBeenOn🔁Happy Friday nigs! It’s finally here.
❤MANISHA VASU ❤ @vasu_manisha🔁Friday is finally here!
Let's cruise through this weekend.

Hanover Panthers @HanoverPanthers🔁: The indoor season is finally here for , as they compete at the Rose-Hulman Friday Night Invite!!!
Uzma Jalaluddin @UzmaWrites🔁Its (finally) Friday.

& ICYMI: the family of an 11 year old girl who falsely alleged her hijab was cut apologised. Among the dozens of emails I've received for their deportation/public shaming, here's the the 3rd kind message.

Weirdly, all 3 have come from Western Canada.

Daniella @dweezy32🔁In 3 whole minutes I cried over the fact: I’m not financially independent yet, classes start monday, I don’t own a s hiba, I have to pay for school still, I finished my daily harvest smoothie, I’m excited its finally friday, and b/c I bought what do u meme & haven’t played it yet
Southern Charms @CharmsandGents🔁It's finally Friday!! I will be doing new shoots this weekend, what fun!! Here is a little sample to help get you through the weekend my sweets! Check out my page at
chris cowling @cowling_chris🔁School is finally back in session so you know what means... FREE STUFF FRIDAY!!! Like, comment, & share for your chance to win this back to school giveaway!!
kait @GraciaKaitlyn🔁 I'm so happy it's finally Friday!
Lacy Kush @LacyKush🔁It's finally Friday!! I will be doing new shoots this weekend, what fun!! Here is a little sample to help get you thr ough the weekend my sweets! Check out my page at
Leo Meier @rightwingleo2🔁And smile !! 🐾😺🐾It’s finally !! 🐾🎉🎉🎈🎈Have an awesome day !! 🐾😺🐾🎉 🐾😺🐾🎉🎈
Jeffrey Dorso @JeffreyDorso🔁Friday announcement: you can now download Def Leppard on iTunes - my 80s workout mix is finally complete!
raze red @Therazered🔁Happy Friday finally
Shane McIsaac @Knuckles64S🔁It's Friday & Justin is campaigning. He's spending the day at the Pikangikum First Nation Reserve in Ont near the Man border. His schedule includes meeting the Chief and Council, learning to fish, unveiling a plaque and finally, meeting band elders. Bets he brings bottled water?
Felinechan @feline_kooi🔁Okay, so I've been watching Riverdale as just something mindless and dumb to watch every Thursday/Friday before work, but my brain actually hurt bc of all the stupid this episode. I think I'm finally done with this show
Patrick J. Burns @diyclassics🔁My second (rather lengthy) blog on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of is finally up! I finish at the end with some thoughts on collaboration and the use of digital tools. Let me know what you think!
WSU SGA President @WSU_SBP🔁FINALLY FRIDAY! Who’s looking forward to the weekend after what felt like such a long first week (ha, three days) bac k at school?!
Yaya @vivalowenhart🔁It's finally Friday thank GOD
Daddy Drewskie @DaddyDrewskie🔁thank god it’s finally friday i say after a long week of only two class days
Chilli the Pepper @pep_chilly🔁It's finally friday. Even plants need a weekend to regenerate themselves. I gonna get drunk on fertilizers today #fridayIsHere #weekEND
Chelsea Bass @SarcasticMoth89🔁THANK GOD ITS FINALLY FRIDAY IM SO HAPPY! Happy Friday, nerds! #happyfriday
Brixtonpubyyc @brixtonpubyyc🔁Its finally Friday! As if you needed an excuse to come see us but use Friday as an excuse to have a few $4.50 1oz wel l highballs!
mankillatheunicorn @mankilla_16🔁It’s finally FRIDAY!
Evren Kiefer @evrenk🔁🎶 Finally Friday, I got my motor running for a wild week-end 🎶

RACHEL (Meg) @Megxfashionx🔁Finally got around to editing the vlog from Friday and Saturday last week! Just need Cerys to send me some extra foot age she got xx
savannah mariah @sssavvie🔁Finally it’s Friday I’m home alone for this weekend thank goodness 😭💕
Tiff the gift 🎁🎉 @MacDaddy_Tiff🔁 Finally Friday🙌🏾
Jess Carpenter @JessCarps🔁Finally had the pleasure of attending Friday Fun assembly. How those kids do the times tables so fast I’ll never kno w! Wonderful to celebrate success along with parents too! . Thanks for the invite


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