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kayla hall @kaylamashea🔁Tia: Colton’s in the final four?
Not for long. #TheBachelorette colton #TheBachelorette
Final FourFinal Four IHustle24 @TexasLegend2400🔁 BREAKING: NRG Stadium in Houston selected to host 2023 Final Four
Final Four Rising Stars @RSSAHoops🔁These 4️⃣ cities will make more #FinalFour History!
UEFA Nations League @UEFAEURO🔁World Cup winner 🏆 Best young player 🥇
Four goals in first major tournament ⚽⚽⚽⚽
Second youngest player ever to sco re in a World Cup final 👌

🇫🇷 Kylian Mbappé 👏👏👏

Match of the Day @BBCMOTD🔁2006 🇫🇷 Fabien Barthez
2010 🇳🇱 Maarten Stekelenburg
2014 🇦🇷 Sergio Romero
2018 🇭🇷 Danijel Subašić

The last f our goalkeepers to lose a final have all played for Monaco at some point during their career.

Mal Devanté🌹 @Dollazmd🔁The 2023 will be played in Houston!

🏟: NRG Stadium
Final Four History (3): 1971, 2011, 2016
Hosts: , , &

Brad Cesmat @bradcesmat🔁VIDEO: “I think we showed what we can do and that’s why we’re excited.” - The Phoenix Organizing Committee reacts to their selection -
Brad Gass @bradgassfox10🔁Let's play an April home game in 2024! Excited to host another at
ronnieleal @lealronnie🔁The 2025 will be played in San Antonio!

🏟: Alamodome
Final Four History (4): 1998, 2004, 2008, 2018
Hosts: &

FOOTBALL365 @theF00TBALLguy🔁The 2024 will be played in Phoenix!

🏟: University of Phoenix Stadium
Final Four History (1): 2017

KAMR Local 4 News @KAMRLocal4News🔁The NCAA announced the sites for 2023-2026 on Monday, with all four cities recently hosting the finale of the NCAA T ournament.

ann eaton @austin_anneaton🔁And San Antonio gets the 2025 Final Four! Congratulations to the SALOC, city staff and the whole community.
Zac✌🏽🏈 @newc88🔁Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, Indianapolis to host Final Four from 2023-26 - via @ESPN App
john grako @johngrako55🔁Arizona was just selected to host the 2024 tournament. The Final Four is more than just a great game, it's a spectacular opportunity for tourism and the local economy, and a major platform to showcase Arizona to an international audience. 🏀
Dunk Dream @Dunk_Dream🔁Final Four sites selected for 2023 through 2026
lisa grier @imagrier🔁My dear friend pointed out to me our final four are 100% the four famous Chrises

Garrett = Chris Pratt
Blake = Chris Evans
Jason = Chris Pine
Colton = Chris Hemsworth

Muffin @katyoun_hana🔁World Cup winner 🏆 Best young player 🥇
Four goals in first major tournament ⚽⚽⚽⚽
Second youngest player ever to score in a World Cup final 👌

🇫🇷 Kylian Mbappé 👏👏👏

Pichupichupichupichupichupichupichupichupichupchu⚡ @AVerySoftDog🔁these are only the paint masters, the final figures will be slightly different (isaac will have clear tears, colors may change slightly and the paint job will be more exact). each figure stands a bit under 3in. in height. and comes with a clear base stand.
Robert Rydzynski @phxskis🔁 BREAKING: Phoenix and Glendale will host the 2024 Final Four.
Emily Duska @EmilyDuska🔁For the first time ever, I am SO pleased with the final four in the bachelorette! It’s about damn time
Steve Miller @1stevemiller🔁We are working hard to bring the Women’s Final Four to Toyota Center! Their site visit will be next month!
Chris maher @MaherGopherup🔁@zagafan87 just won the polo grounds HR contest +450 in final round hit four HR beating Logan Hart
✨Chrysa @ FF KICKSTARTER✨ @cautiousamber🔁Ignis & Gladio have both been unlocked!! Now All Four Chocobros are available !!!

Hendrik Slegtenhorst @H_Slegtenhorst🔁Yesterday, completed the final review, after wrestling with it for nearly four weeks, yet with only minor revisions, of the Spinoza segment of "Constellations of Desire," which begins at Cates Park in Dollaraton in North Vancouver,...
Roxie Bustamante @RoxieBTV🔁The Final Four is coming back to San Antonio, and we only have to wait 2,448 days! How organizers landed the major event again:
Steve Bell @BankHoops🔁It’s “ media complaints about Final Four sites” season. What a tone deaf bunch of dipshits. It’s not about you. It’s NEVER about you.
Ely @amposte503🔁These are the four girls that you voted for during the first game I'll post soon a pic of the final
Mark Passwaters @mbpRivals🔁 Wow! Houston has landed the NCAA Men's Final Four in 2023.
Insane Smitty @Insanesmitty🔁 Harper beats Freeman, 13-12, with :26 to spare.

Your Final Four: Hoskins vs. Schwarber, Muncy vs. Harper

Denise Bauer-DiLeo @denisedileo330🔁Our Four Seasons final round judges for contemporary romance are at & KT Literary.
Enter your unpubbed MS not under contract or self-pubbed through the contest range. Details on our site!
steve baysinger @DaDukeFan23🔁 Indianapolis should get the Final Four every year, IMO.
David @davey10__🔁 BREAKING NEWS
San Antonio chosen to host the 2025 NCAA Final Four.
Pepe Rosas @PepeRosas84🔁Here are the Final Four sites thru 2026:

2019: Minneapolis
2020: Atlanta
2021: Indianapolis
2022: New Orleans
2023: Houston
2024: Phoenix
2025: San Antonio
2026: Indianapolis

Zach Groth @Zach_ABC21🔁Congrats to Kevin Miller, a senior on the Frozen Four team and Spring 2018 grad, who has signed with the !

🚨 He scored 4 gamewinners in 2017-18, including in the NCAA regional final vs DU.

MinecraftStarz14 @Brendan85240221🔁“FIVE.”
“Then I dunno.”
“Clint, if the answer is no to your previous four guesses, then that leaves one final guess for how many fingers I’m holding up.”
“You already guessed that.”
Zinaford McDaniel @DownScreenMan🔁@cthuggin07 @GaryParrishCBS Dallas lol I’m from here. Native. And 100% believe Dallas should never host a final four.
Scott Ball @scottballphoto🔁San Antonio to Tackle Infrastructure Needs After Securing 2025 Final Four
ken @ken_romano🔁 San Antonio chosen to host NCAA Final Four in 2025
miranda @Mirandaaaa_m🔁The NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Final Four is coming back to San Antonio in 2025. is proud to be co-hosting our fifth Final Four with the city of San Antonio.


Grant Renforth @Grant_Renforth🔁BREAKING: I have learned that Indianapolis will host the 2026 Men’s Final Four at Lucas Oil Stadium! This will be the 9th time the event will be held in Indy. (2nd most)
Doug Hockney @Doug_Hockney🔁For the fourth straight year, is in the Final Four of the Best of the Summer Collegiate Ballparks. It is time for fans to vote KMS into the finals - vote on your phone AND computer!


S @RedLomri🔁The alternate timeline theory gets a lot of support from the world of sports this past year.
I can't believe is goin g to Italy, but also:
Loyola's Final Four run
Pats lose the Superbowl
TP leaves the Spurs
Spurs having drama at all
Injury-ridden Celtics' inspiring postseason
Brent McDonald @macgolf68🔁Total bullshit.
Any of barstool experts on top of this shit.
four fucking pitches were thrown before the ball landed in the final minute.
Fuck all you cheatin’ Nats. Fans.
You needed that anyway. Your team sucks.
David Dearing @DD1070🔁@Kami @tsnmike Final Four, Big Ten Tournament, Super Bowl.....screw it, we want the British Open, too.
Charlie Moore Jr.🌊 @USCGamecockBoy🔁Dear WNBA and WNBA teams, why are there no "WNBA experiences" in the ESPY auctions? South Carolina, Notre Dame WBB, Women's final four, but no WNBA? This would be great exposure and cost virtually nothing!

Mary @Mary43000976🔁Please join us on Tuesday in St. Paul for the event that will set the tone for the final four weeks of the primary. Richard Painter lawn signs will be available.
Ruben Rivera @ruben197376🔁Detroit was named one of seven finalists to host the Final Four in 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026, but was not selected to host any of those years it was announced Monday afternoon.
John Wilson @jdub3974🔁 Breaking: Indianapolis to host 2026 Final Four
songbird's lament @blackflowertea🔁Need to get off my ass and write Chapter 23... guys, we're in the first of the Final Four arcs and I'm excited! Is t he end finally coming? JK we still have 18 chapters to go.... to think the last 1/4 of the fic will take almost as much space as the first 3/4ths :O
Reggie Sykes @rr_sykes🔁The 2026 will be played in Indianapolis!

🏟: Lucas Oil Stadium
Final Four History (7): 1980, 1991, 1997, 2000, 2006, 2010, 2015
Hosts: &

Htownfanatic @Htownfanatic🔁I don’t think he’s been to Houston in the last 15 year, 2 Super Bowls, 2 nba all star games, mlb Allstar game, final four, dude lives in a shell
Coach Chamberlain @FGBCentralFL🔁Hoop Dreams Elite 8th Grade Girls’
#13 Stefanie Ingram leads the fast break during their Final Four game at the 8th Grade Girls’ Nationals
💯Shania johnson🔥 @fiercekitty4🔁TOMORROW! We announce the contest to send FOUR people to West Palm Beach (all expenses paid) to hang with us at the final Warped Tour show!!!

Stay Tuned to TFIL for info 😊

Jared Webb @casualjared🔁Yah, knowing how to navigate the city is a skill. I still remember living in Arizona for the final four. It was insa nnnnnne how crowded it got
Maya @original_mayooo🔁Bruh Houston hosting the final four in 2023‼️‼️‼️‼️
Jay @jt_fischer9🔁We now move on to the road to the playoffs as we roll through the final four weeks of the regular season. The inaugural NBA 2K League Playoffs will commence August 17. 🏆
Chris @ChrisIsHidden🔁It’s the final week of Stage 2, see how the top four in Division B shakes out on the way to playoffs!
AAU Basketball @AAU_Basketball🔁Hoop Dreams Elite 8th Grade Girls’
#13 Stefanie Ingram leads the fast break during their Final Four game at the 8th Grade Girls’ Nationals
SheelaC. @SACoop56🔁 Y didn’t Tia bring this up LITERALLY AT ANY TIME BEFORE THE FINAL FOUR???? #TheBachelorette
Melissa Long @mlong144🔁News: Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix and Indy get the new round of Final Four bids. Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas miss out. Full list of cities for the next eight years here.
KENS 5 @KENS5🔁The Final Four is coming back to San Antonio, and we only have to wait 2,448 days! How organizers landed the major e vent again:
Derek Dunn @WFIW_DerekDunn🔁 New Final Four sites, per the NCAA: Houston (2023), Phoenix (2024), San Antonio (2025), Indianapolis (2026).


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