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Fight For 15 @fightfor15🔁Poverty isn't just about dollars and sense. The isn't just talking about money. We're talking about the entire syst twitter.com em and how it hurts us every day. Listen to Ciara on :
SOUL @SOULInChicago🔁Make no mistake, the rich are taking it all. And since the , it's only getting worse.
Hytched @gethytchednow🔁YW Boston is glad to be at the Raise Up MA Congress Day today at the State House, supporting the bill and the !
Maricarmen Campos @Maricarmen__10🔁Top UC officials "make more money...while we suffer...We're not asking to make like they make. We're asking to support us enough to pay our rent." Oscar Rubio, UCLA food services worker. The continues TODAY!
Nick Cacioppo 🌹 @nick_dangr🔁Tired of your local government granting tax breaks to profitable companies that won't pay a living wage, drain the economy, and leave you holding the bag?

You should be.

Kate Larose @KateLaroseVT🔁S.40 (bill to raise min wage to $15) passes VT House 77-69; many years later, I’m still dealing with impacts of working low and minimum wage jobs for most of my 20s. I voted yes to raise up all Vermonters.
Pam Stenehjem @damnpamfromnamm🔁Trying to speak about real solutions & then was thrown back at U.
These Hillbots are more programmed than a PC

These & more issues can defeat Trumpism!

Will Hogan @WillCHogan3🔁We need justice lawyers too! Mary Joyce Carlson reminds us when 1st fast food strike started there was no wage conversation in US. Little convo about $9 an hour! But hundreds of strikes later has changed that for 22million!
MerrimackValleyPrjct @MVP_MA🔁Great Haverhill chapter meeting tonight with MVP leaders Susana and Bill co-leading our signature collection trainin twitter.com g. The chapter set some ambitious and attainable goals and are super excited to help us pass and the !
Laura L. Wilson @ellewilson🔁Today Local 26 airport workers joined to rally for $15 an hour, $9 for tipped workers, and paid leave for all!
Laura Burch @LBurchProf🔁Poverty isn't just about dollars and sense. The isn't just talking about money. We're talking about the entire system and how it hurts us every day. Listen to Ciara on :
Jennifer A. Johnson @JenniferMobile🔁In Alabama every black lawmaker supported the cities’ rights to raise wages, every white lawmaker voted against.
Ben Kreider 🌹 ✴️ @ben_kreider🔁FACT: Unions are one of the most effective economic tools for keeping inequality under control and workers strong
Rep. Daniel Donahue @RepDanDonahue🔁Retweeted Harriette Chandler ():

Our economy works best when all working people are able to meet their basic needs.
We need to keep up the and to make sure our workers can...


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