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#fightbacktx Alicia Resendez @Whatshername60🔁 Handmaids watching anti choice #SB8 debate above from the House gallery #txlege #fightbacktx
#fightbacktx BB @brentleyann🔁 Not many dry eyes left in the rotunda. Thank you handmaids for spreading the truth! #fightbacktx
#fightbacktx Jeune @ExMrsSallah🔁More leftover political performance art from the left behind Texas Marxists promoting abortion. #fightbacktx
#fightbacktx Alicia Resendez @Whatshername60🔁 I wanted to tweet this but it is too long. #SB8 #txlege #FightBackTX
#fightbacktx Bad Girl Productionz @BadProductionz🔁 I'm glad Tinderholt is a family values kind of guy. #txlege #sb8 #FightBackTX
#fightbacktx Cen! @IntroToMig🔁 This pic sums up #SB8 debate.
ACLU of Texas @ACLUTx🔁Because facts don't get you too far when it comes to anti- abortion logic at #txlege #fightbacktx twitter.com
ACLU of Texas @ACLUTx🔁 is once again putting politics over people. Women's reproductive rights are under attack again twitter.com
WAL @WALTexas🔁Remember these men are so "pro-life" they blocked 2 maternal mortality bills from passing last week.

NaziHunter @commie_pink🔁forced breeders in psycho Jesus name #fightbacktx
Cyndi #resist👊👢👊 @cyndiwanek🔁@ProgressTX This picture says it all. A bunch of men trying to making decisions about women. Women defending women.#FightBackTX
Waimea Witch @WaimeaWitch🔁Handmaids making another appearance in the gallery today as the House takes up anti-abortion SB 8
NaziHunter @commie_pink🔁#fightbacktx breeders for white trash Jesus
ethan @yes_rlly🔁 #SB8 uses non-medical and vague language to stigmatize abortion and make health care harder to access #txlege #fightbacktx
Alicia Resendez @Whatshername60🔁
Stripping women of and choices is not your right.
That's religious hypocrisy, u rape & beat the very same women.
Alicia Resendez @Whatshername60🔁 #SB8 author is MIA & not giving members the opportunity to question opposition to their amendments.
NaziHunter @commie_pink🔁#fightbacktx God fucks have ALWAYS been the enemies of liberty
NaziHunter @commie_pink🔁 #SB8 #txlege #FightBackTX
We need an amendment to ban boner pills! Old white men spilling seed is just evil!
✊ Katniss 👊 @meadowgirl🔁And the anti-choice man is upset that women are using technology & reading.
NaziHunter @commie_pink🔁#fightbacktx Roe v Wade stands you God fucked simple bitches
♿ 5200 CUZZO ♿ @BoogieFONTE🔁Texas is really on some OTHER shit , TRYING to control what a woman does with HER body...Nah, nah fall bacc fam
ProgressTexas @ProgressTX🔁#SB8 author is MIA & not giving members the opportunity to question opposition to their amendments.
All American Me🇺🇸 @scott_towel🔁Someone make a timeless oil painting and name it "The Men who still control women's healthcare"
ProgressTexas @ProgressTX🔁“Do you that TX has the highest maternal mortality rate in country?”
@GinaForAustin on how #SB8 could make it worse.
#txlege #fightbacktx
Debi @Debi_Davi🔁. delivering a powerful speech against politicians interfering in safe medical procedures
Bad Girl Productionz @BadProductionz🔁
Stripping women of and choices is not your right.
That's religious hypocrisy, u rape & beat the very same women. twitter.com
TXSnark7❄️ @TXsnark7🔁 This amendment would ban second trimester abortions #txlege #sb8 #fightbacktx twitter.com
Alicia Resendez @Whatshername60🔁 is hoping that, under the Trump administration, no bad deed goes unrewarded
Alicia Resendez @Whatshername60🔁We have a feeling we know how the “pro-life” "religious freedom” zealots will vote on this amendment.

Dr. Valerie @wethepeopleTX31🔁Don't be fooled by my quietness. I'm in observation mode. You will hear and see me #SB8 #txlege #FightBackTX


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