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FergieFergie Christian Writer @Christianwgsca🔁 #TheFOUR season ✌🏼. @Fergie ♥️♥️
FergieFergieFergie vp sam @sam_sage22🔁 I posted a picture of Fergie with Gru’s face and my grandma for real THOUGHT IT WAS ME I’m so-
theCHIVE @theCHIVE🔁🔊*SOUND ON*🔊 This dog does an amazing impersonation of Fergie 💀
Ian Hecox @SmoshIan🔁Fergie’s 2008 is now so two thousand and late. Feel old yet?
The Four @TheFourOnFOX🔁Some things never change. to & before the greatest show of all time came along. Catch both of them on the season p twitter.com remiere of June 7 on !
bai @baileyeckertt🔁hit it fergie “i don’t have the energy” - @carlee_eaton
Mx.Kat.Ellis @Kat_Fergie🔁Listen, I’m sick of this. I love hockey but it’s often a SHIT environment for anybody who’s not upper-middle class, a twitter.com ble bodied, white, straight and cis. Especially when we’re talking about “men’s/boys” teams. We can do better hockey family.
Pergieeeee 👽 @scarlet_fergie🔁Unexpected Pass 😂😂
💜Val💜 @Vallie_76🔁@jttnkid_nsync @JTYesGawd @jtimberlake @Fergie Omg I was in there!!! ❤️😍
hungry boy. please feed. @originalturt🔁@Kat_Fergie Mood.
Orlando @OTC_Lando🔁Lmfaooo I swear I keep watching this on repeat, one of the highlights of all star weekend is the players reacting to Fergie singing that national anthem.
jeff de richemont @peoplenews_info🔁Fergie arrives at the Premiere Of Fox's 'The Four: Battle For Stardom' Season 2 at CBS Studios - Radford on May 30, 2 twitter.com 018 in Studio City, California.

Stephanie Ferguson @Fergie_Ferg1694🔁 when someone treats you like an option, help them narrow down their options & remove yourself from the equation.
fErG @Fergie_J92🔁Is JR still high?
KT @KT_holland🔁Kids on the national out here spelling words like "bewusstseinslage” and I’m still misspelling “tastey” with an “e” because that’s how Fergie taught me how to spell it in Fergalicious
Natasha @NatashaZake🔁 Why ain’t Fergie sing the National Anthem?
zombie @7vsong🔁Who did it better? Nayah Damasen or Fergie? 😂
beasy mist @idfczoe🔁no opening to any song is better than London Bridge by Fergie (C) 2006 A&M Records
Andy TR @_andreatr🔁too many memories @justintimberlake (IG: @justintimberlakesource)
Mx.Kat.Ellis @Kat_Fergie🔁It feels like a hot blade piercing my soul when someone posts a screenshot of their phone screen and doesn’t crop out the little bit at the top with the time and battery level and whatnot
L$Dev @LiveLoveDMND🔁Yung Bans sounds like a Mixture between Fergie & Jesus 😭
KIM MALACHOWSKI @FERGIE_KIM🔁Excited to be giving away Estee Lauder's Pure Colour Envy Eye Palette in "Defiant Nude"! Enter here: on blog to WIN it. Beautiful neutral shades for summer! blog giveaway
Peewee Parkway @Shuckaveli🔁Who allowed Fergie to make Big Girls Don’t Cry? It should be illegal to make someone cry this loud.
❤ 🚜 🚑 @Sol_officcial🔁Fergie - Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal) youtu.be via @YouTube Quem lembra !? Ahhhhhh 💔☹️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Pergieeeee 👽 @scarlet_fergie🔁 No one knows what you feel inside.💭
Pergieeeee 👽 @scarlet_fergie🔁 If she’s important to you, show her.
Pergieeeee 👽 @scarlet_fergie🔁 I will never be the same again.
Fada milionária da turma da Maconha 🚬 @fevdls🔁 fergie_-_big_girls_dont_cry.mp3 twitter.com
Natasha Jones @MsBerry_jones🔁 retweet this if ur a big girl that cries. i’m trying to prove something to fergie
Marcus @KramDGAF🔁@warriors @NayahDamasen You gotta admit she sang he anthem way better than Fergie
Alex Huey @AlexanderHuey🔁Kids on the national out here spelling words like "bewusstseinslage” and I’m still misspelling “tastey” with an “e” twitter.com because that’s how Fergie taught me how to spell it in Fergalicious
SAVY 🌴 @yvettesavy🔁fergie’s part on pump it gets me a lil too hyped
jacob @thatslicekidd🔁Fergie helped the Black Eyed Peas pioneer that hip pop sound that earned them multiple plaques. Her impact ugh.
Hai @1Haibaybay🔁 Fergie’s 2008 is now so two thousand and late. Feel old yet?
Taisa. 🤔 @Taisasouveira🔁fergie_-_big_girls_dont_cry.mp3 twitter.com
guilhermo @thenxwclassic🔁@Fergie @Versace @TheFourOnFOX hey queen, i'm a brazilian fan and love you, please follow me ❤
Chris Erickson @EricksonPrime🔁All-time favorite at each position

C: David Ross
1B: Ernie Banks
2B: Ryne Sandberg
SS: Ja twitter.com vy Baez
3B: Kris Bryant
RF: Andre Dawson
CF: Dexter Fowler
LF: Billy Williams
SP: Fergie Jenkins
RP: Lee Smith

Lou Benson @louson1🔁Takin' a break😋 with this NEW Adriana Evans😎🍸
LeBron Wyoming

Fergie twitter.com
gilson @newluckyone🔁gilson's top 6 artists this week: Madonna (115), Fergie (21), Taylor Swift (21), Beyoncé (18), Katy Perry (17), Lorde (14) #jotafm
👽🛸m a g a n d a s u s e j🛸👽 @xxLIRON__🔁 Fergie made some great music in the early 2000s. So did the Black Eyed Peas.
Samantha Nicole @Fergie_Samantha🔁 if u dating a 11/10 , retweet dis .
DontReferenceMe @ItsASecret91🔁 3rd Quarter Golden state>>>> Peak Utd fergie time
Samantha Nicole @Fergie_Samantha🔁 Juuls are stupid

Quit smoking flashdrives you fuckin weirdos twitter.com

Swift Wave Radio @swiftwaveradio🔁#NP Fergie - M.I.L.F. $ #SWIFTWAVERADIO
Samantha Nicole @Fergie_Samantha🔁me: *sits down to eat*
my dog:
me: you can’t have any
my dog:
me: it’s not good for you
my dog:
me: i said no
my dog:
me: okay fine you’ve convinced me
Celebrity Talk @Celebrity_TT1🔁Fergie Trolled Again Over Disastrous National Anthem After Little Girl Slays The Song At NBA Finals #Celebrity hollywoodlife.com
Fashion & Beauty NG @omnigist1🔁Fergie Trolled Again Over Disastrous National Anthem After Little Girl… goo.gl via Cargohub.ng
Samantha Nicole @Fergie_Samantha🔁 “welcome to the midwest” starter pack: a thread
Fatimaaa @fatimalagmay_🔁She sang it better than fergie twitter.com
tristinrose 🌺 @tristinrose_🔁 When Fergie said, "I still go to Taco Bell, drive-thru raw as hell" I felt that on all new levels
hewad @elitequantum12🔁Zidane has been extremely clever. He was obviously told there isn’t much dosh to rebuild squad or bale and Ronaldo are off. Realises he can’t challenge barca and winning a 4 th CL is unlikely with a fading squad. Jumped exactly right time like Fergie did ✅⚽️


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