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Satomi @satomifletcher🔁 Fierce Impact gets up along the fence to claim today's last race @royalrandwick @atc_races
The Dodo @dodo🔁This kitten was teeny tiny when she got her leg stuck in a fence. Her new mom was SO worried, but it turned out she a twitter.com lready knew how to run around on 3 legs just fine! 💪❤️
FenceFence Mike George @mikeian471🔁@rainbowsks Sometimes I'm on the fence but not for long!
Fence Tai @Dohatai🔁 Flowers at the fence #arthistory #realism
Rubber Bandits @Rubberbandits🔁Anyone, on the fence. Ye have the rest of the day to get out and vote YES. Both Lynx Taxi and Mytaxi will give you a twitter.com free taxi to your polling station up to €10. Here's a simple guide to using your vote, and polling stations.
Jordan Devlin @Jordan_Devlin1🔁Super reluctant to be political online, but I would just like to urge anyone that may be on the fence today to twitter.com today. For your mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, daughters. They deserve our trust, they deserve a choice, they deserve our support.
Samuel Pugh @SamuelPugh25🔁 Steven Gerrards cousin.. crushed against the fence.. You’re Liverpool Supporters and you’ll do it all again
MrSexon @NSexon🔁@BroadcastMoose @AVFCOfficial @FulhamFC Get off that fence Moose.
Those splinters will be hurting.
เปิดเพื่อปั่น @YvojMFqg7xKhlOe🔁This is activity from people who want Elecction in 22 May 2018 at Thammasat University.
The destination is Government House. (An hour from the University)
But they cannot go because the soldier still around the fence.
The leader has arrested from the law they make by themself. 1
Space Cowboy @spikespeigel🔁The mask has been pulled off: Israelis are Nazis, Nazis are Israelis. The assassins along the concentration camp fence target children for goofs.
John Cawdell @JohnCawdell🔁 Holly weather forecast last night was rather on the fence. Getting ready for Twickenham today and Wembley on Monday twitter.com . Shorts and t shirts or waterproofs? Hopefully a double success.
Annabelle Fisher @annabellebessie🔁I see your "the editing on this [Catwoman basketball scene] is truly buckwild" and raise you a "Liam Neeson jumping a fence from Taken 3":
Nick Clark @mr_mojo_rising🔁This is what I call sitting on the fence! twitter.com
Linda J. MMaldonado @j_mmaldonado🔁Siamese kitty walking the fence
Stvyj - The blog @stvyj🔁1/ Dear Microsoft bloggers. Your company has changed and focused on their stren twitter.com gths and has reinvented themselves. Why do you constantly keep looking over your shoulder/ over the fence at Apple. It’s like everything is in spite/fear of.
germesindo costa @g8c2ctabogmailc🔁The ProtectaPet fence is brilliant&gives us complete piece of mind, now our kittens can roam around free from harm. They worked non stop and made sure there was no escape for Milo and Millie! ProtectaPet have been brilliant from start to finish&I would definitely recommend them.
germesindo costa @g8c2ctabogmailc🔁Here's Jerry enjoying her domain! Thank you again for the hard work! The fence has given me enormous peace of mind so well worth it.

CONSIGLIORE @iykebufo🔁Approximately 1,600 rioters are now assembling along the security fence on the Gaza border. The rioters are hurling rocks & burning tires. IDF troops are responding with riot dispersal means & fire in accordance with standard operating procedures
M @mclovespizza🔁This is Cooper. He built the picket fence himself. Needed a break from the rest of the world. 13/10 relatable af
युग परिवर्तन @yugaparivartan🔁Would like to be proved wrong. But if you have to waste efforts on your core supporters, how much time and effort wil twitter.com l you have for the fence sitters.

The last variety is always enough in any elections and up for grabs.

Scott ⚾️ @stlredbirds85🔁Got a place to stay if you're ever in St. Louis bro. My spare room is full of mug shots of folks who tried to scale twitter.com the fence and failed miserably. You'll fit in sort of - Disney Security
kim walsh @WalshKim🔁How hard can it be to leave these things upright and against the fence or wall? Do we have to pay a council tax supplement for that?
Bipolar Bear @BipolarBearDick🔁Hi Twitter Fnds, I need to re-home a dog.
It's a Miniature pincher and tends to bark a lot.
If you're interested, let me know and I'll jump over my neighbour's fence and get it for you.
Dick Gilhespy @citybirding1🔁Its been a bit manic in the back garden this week with fledged Starlings and Blackbirds all calling for grub, and all twitter.com trying to get into the pond together. Only the one young House Sparrow on the fence to-date.
youknowwhoitis @lolhellnoS🔁Anything happens to a dog and full of social media is in meltdown, but when that cat got volleyed over the fence everyone was howlin, hahahaha dogs are number one ft cats
Big Duke @BigDuke077🔁It’s not a border. It’s a prison fence and they want to go home (Great Return March). Who’s paying what? Are u trying twitter.com to regurgitate propaganda talking points?
Hugh Maguire @HughMaguire3🔁@oconnellhugh Spot on they are elected to show leadership, not sit on the fence.
Abla Abdelhadi @AblaAbdelhadi76🔁The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced a new fatality.

Hussein Abu Owaida (41) succumbed to his wounds, having been shot by an Israeli sniper. He was apparently far from the perimeter fence when shot.

Gabrielle Renee Seunagal @__ClassySnobbb🔁For quite some time, I've been on the fence over the neverending pro life v. pro choice debate. After much thought, I twitter.com can only support the latter. I think that if someone gets pregnant, she should at least have the CHOICE of ending that pregnancy if she decides that's what best.
for love of foxes @AgainstHunting🔁Oh fencing? Didn't Ms Portwin of that totally useless org the Countryside Alliance mention fencing a whil twitter.com e back? You'll be needing those terrier boys with their fence mending tools who follow the hunt.
Buildit @builditglos🔁Doing up the garden this bank holiday weekend? Need a new fence?

View our 2018 fencing brochure today: twitter.com

Jush @judy2mao🔁Njaga, we can have a new brand of politics if we stopped sitting on the fence and just analyzing situations. We have surrendered our politics to thugs. So if we demonstrate, they won't hesitate to maim and even kill. Join now. Not tomorrow.
Margaret Higgins @Marg33337🔁@GraceBrodie Still don’t understand why anyone listens to Corbyn. He sits on the fence, abstains or just waffles.
No use.
Stef @announcer_stef🔁Top read (and rant) from , not so much getting off the fence as tearing it up and battering Tory ministers for their normalisation of dishonesty
Sharif Nashashibi @sharifnash🔁At least 109 Palestinians, including four children, were injured by Israeli forces on Friday during protests along twitter.com the Gaza border fence with Israel
Peter did nothing wrong @Isisfoxx🔁I ended up distracting my dogs by giving them some food and they forgot about it. I hope it decides to get off the f twitter.com ence soon though because idk how long they’ll stay distracted
Aedín @_Aedin🔁Okay Noah fence but if the counting could be quicker and the official result could be released that would be great c twitter.com os I’m hungry but too nervous to eat x
🌙💓✨ @Salma_TheMoon2🔁This kitten was teeny tiny when she got her leg stuck in a fence. Her new mom was SO worried, but it turned out she already knew how to run around on 3 legs just fine! 💪❤️
Ruth2E 😇 @Ruth2E🔁 @yearsandyears @BBCBreakfast @alexander_olly we r literally on the other side of the fence 😭😭😭❤❤❤
Maurice Dockrell @DockrellMaurice🔁For me the main excitement of the count will be if Dun Laoghaire retains its crown as the most liberal constituency i twitter.com n Ireland. Also how my home area of Blackrock voted. big shout out to the genuinely liberal public reps who stuck their necks out not the fence sitters
Becky2243 @Becky22431🔁crusoe, i think you’re small enough to weasel through the beer tent fence and bring us back some cold ones! 🍻
Chan-chan @sethchan🔁 @AlanDersh @jjz1600 if they're not a country, how is the gaza fence an international border
ren 🐊🍜 @xeoniios🔁@Munche_ at least i didn’t break my leg over some fence lol
Mark Townend @SpeccyTechy🔁More aggressive, ill-trained Officers this morning. A female protester dragged, pinched & slammed into a fence. Currently in ambulance on way to hospital. All for ’s benefit. Don’t let this industry destroy your community like it’s done to ours.
Michael want you back @5sospunkstrhood🔁 How can I make sense of feel'ns so immensely intense, that it's like my heart's try'n to fence w/compet'n emotions, as Calum's darkly succulent, unintended godly gorgeousness, is just too existentially dense?!
Heather @hceedee🔁So I'm sitting on ma bench in ma garden watching the Great Tits buzzing about feeding their young in ma nest box, and watching the Dunnocks dancing about, when I see Foxy behind ma fence at the back, Does it not just walk round into the garden bold as Brass! 🦊
Caremark Mid Surrey @midsurreycare🔁If we all do something SMALL we can make a BIG difference. this and chat to an older neighbour over the garden fence.
Derek Thomas @Coffeewarblers🔁Australian cat-proof fence protects endangered species bbc.co.uk #wildlife #cats #rewilding #Australia #mammals
I don't like divas or double daffodils @wumblemacdumble🔁Husband was evacuated from the east end to Driffield. Over the back garden fence was an RAF base. Lancasters and Well twitter.com ingtons 😊
Jack Martin @10mrtn🔁So, went to see Catfish lastnight. We stand in a line for about half an hour and the whole time, skelly was complaini twitter.com ng about how much he needed a piss so after 30 mins of waiting he gets straight in there finds the nearest fence does the business, gets shot out straight away
Marie Fitzsimmons @mfitzsimmons40🔁Australia builds the world’s longest cat-proof fence, and other environmental news you may have missed.
Deepak R. Samal @deepaksam5🔁 @polldec Csds is used by INC to confuse fence sitting neutral voters. Its a shame.
Kamel Hawwash @kamelhawwash🔁Any MPs who are members of , which has failed to condemn for its murder of innocent civilians at the fence, should leave that anti Palestinian organisation which Aljazeera exposed in its under cover documentary, the Lobby.
A Better Mill Hill @ABetterMillHill🔁Unsightly and dangerous electric fence installed by farmer on Popular Totteridge Valley walk. Risk to children and d twitter.com ogs. Is this legal
Tom @tcw_arsenal🔁Fence sitting: 3-1 Pool or 2-1 Real.

I think if Pool play normal game I think they will have spell that blows Madr twitter.com id away. But am hopeful that they realise it's a CL final, try and play it a little tighter and then they don't win in my opinion.

Pavan Dandapanthula @pdanda80🔁When HarrisX presented a list of arguments for and against the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile that have been used publicly, fully 56% of its survey respondents came out in favor of the deal
Sankar Chanda @sankarchanda99🔁Meanwhile in Gaza more violent attempts to sabotage security fence, riot, hurl rocks, burn tires, and and hurt Israeli soldiers. Hamas, UN, international press waiting for Israel to blame angle.
Sharmanator @sharmanator992🔁Dear : I wish I could always remember you by the wonderful Facebook live we did sometime in early 2017.
Since then, so many instances - when you could have stood up for something instead of fence-sitting & equivocating at the altar of "neutrality" - passed you by.
twickenham tweets @twickerati🔁How hard can it be to leave these things upright and against the fence or wall? Do we have to pay a council tax suppl twitter.com ement for that?
mapata @Marita_1010🔁Do they tie the sheep by the leg to the back fence and cut of bits to cook while keeping the rest of the sheep fresh? You'd sell you grandmother to make a buck.
Pasco Fire Dept @PascoWAFire🔁Structure fire on Seabrook Ct. started at the fence and spread to the garage. Please stay clear so that units can work the area.
Lachlan Mosley (WINNING EDGE INVESTMENTS) @BlackBookRacing🔁@ASearleee @astokes92 @Punters Hahaha. Wat a pearler! Sat quiet on the fence until the seas parted
jayy @_jaysf🔁Took Katelin to her first concert and she got kicked out for jumping over the fence into the GA section... so yeah it was LIT
kyle @tearost🔁For those still on the fence on the vote tomorrow, I urge you to read through this image. This referendum is not asking for your personal moral stance on abortion. Be realistic and remember that the 8th does NOT put a stop to abortion in Ireland.
J. Malik @K2JAMRock🔁At least 25 Palestinian protesters were injured today by shots fired by Israeli soldiers who continued repressing the protests of the Great Return March along the border fence of the Gaza Strip.
Tinka @TinyTinkerBell9🔁That looks actually decent. Though I‘m still on fence with the Uncanny Valley design of Pooh and Co. but I‘m actually twitter.com interested now.

So wait...Robin is his last name? I always thought it was a middle name

☀Callie Murphy ⚓ @callie_rochelle🔁 Makes you wanna build a ten percent down white picket fence house on this dirt
John Ellis @TheAshes1011🔁Absolute Nonsense Jeremy. Stop using the Irish border for political gain. We know what you’re doing and are not foole twitter.com d by it. Get off the fence and give us Labour’s solution as I’ve not yet heard a consistent one yet.
George gardner @Georgeg48436979🔁 kids in the past have got threw the wooden boundary fence on Hawthorne in Kirkmuirhill and down onto M74 Motorway s twitter.com outhbound OFFSLIP J9 and have threw Stones & Bricks at Vehicles coming off the M74 Motorway at OFFSLIP J9
Garrett @GarrettD45🔁I love when my dad promises to do something fun like golfing or fishing or even having a beer by the fire, THEN SAYS twitter.com FUCK IT AND TELLS ME WE ARE BUILDING A FUCKING FENCE INSTEAD STARTING AT 8 AM ON A SATURDAY. Cool, pops. Real cool
Jane @Jane87735612🔁A woman in Mount Pleasant snapped this photo as a wayward 'gator looked for an escape route from her backyard. MORE:
♡ dydara love bot!! @ousamakasa🔁noah fence but just watching how vocal he was in ep 4 had me dying like he cares abt them all so much
n i n a🍡 @youthnebula🔁Seungkwan's shirt meaning: "To Carat who stay with us with unwavering hearts for 3 years; To members who are like firm fence yet warm like home, who stay beside e.o thru thick and thin, for everything - Thank you"

Martin Danks @MartinDanks🔁TBF... you have me by the bollox. Me and my big mouth. 😂

I wouldn’t change it though. Would rather stick my neck on twitter.com the line with an opinion and be pelted for it, than be a fence sitter.

universal citizen @mureithikiarie🔁@wiseouma One more reason why they must not be allowed near the perimeter fence of state house
George gardner @Georgeg48436979🔁@transcotland urgent repairs need to be carried out on the boundary fence on Hawthorne in Kirkmuirhill .
LizzyM @LizzyM_TO🔁“Obviously the demonstrators at the Gaza fence weren’t threatening anyone’s life. A massacre certainly took place. There was undoubtedly no justification to shoot thousands of people, kill scores of them and turn hundreds into cripples. (1)
Ibrahim @e_bo30🔁Imagine if China put a 365 square km area with almost 2 million people under siege for 11 years, and then shot anyone who got close to the fence. There would be international outrage. But Israel, as a U.S. ally, gets away with this with zero consequences.
George gardner @Georgeg48436979🔁 The boundary fence has been badly damaged in six to seven places on Hawthorne in Kirkmuirhill .
The hole boundary fe twitter.com nce runs up Hawthorne and just next to OFFSLIP J9 Southbound on the M74.
Ian McWelsher @breathnach11🔁@FudgeVonBummy @john_mcguirk Ya jumped over the fence baby!!
Александр @AlexLonger🔁Addy just sent pressed our alarm panic button by accident &had two LAPD show up climbing over the fence to find him skinny dipping!!


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