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#FearTWD#FearTWD Mollie Z. @ziminsky6🔁 Crossover™ #FearTWD #SDCC2018
#FearTWD Mollie Z. @ziminsky6🔁 Alycia and Colman exclusive portrait #FearTWD (Via @EW)
#FearTWD Mollie Z. @ziminsky6🔁 The awesome cast of @FearTWD. This group is funny and fun together. #sdcc #FTWD #FearTWD
The 100 @The100serienews🔁 🎥: All the room wishing @DebnamCarey a #HappyBdayAlycia !

#SDCC #FearTWD #AliciaClark

#FearTWD Mollie Z. @ziminsky6🔁 On July 31 Alycia and Colman will be promoting the second half of season 4 live on Facebook #FearTWD
#FearTWD solia Ayanna @Gracelingh🔁 #SDCC2018 : TV Insider - #FearTWD Cast Interview
#FearTWD#FearTWD Mollie Z. @ziminsky6🔁 That smile though 😍 Happy birthday, my love 💕 @DebnamCarey #FearTWD
#FearTWD solia Ayanna @Gracelingh🔁 #SDCC2018 : TV Insider - #FearTWD Cast Interview #2
#FearTWD DoYouSeeHerToo - It'sLexa @lichthraefn🔁 the real star of #feartwd
#FearTWD Tatiana Sladkovskiiy @TatianeSlad🔁Definitely must see. After news and trailer of course for the sake of an interesting story, yeah.
Bryan Bos @brainbospsp🔁 🎥: All the room wishing @DebnamCarey a #HappyBdayAlycia !

#SDCC #FearTWD #AliciaClark

#FearTWD abi @Biebersvxmps🔁 Alycia, Danai, Maggie, Colman and Lauren #FearTWD #TWD (Via getty images)
FearTWD UK @FearTWD_UK🔁A very happy birthday to #FearTWD's Alycia @DebnamCarey, hope you're enjoying #SDCC2018 today! 🍰🎉
FearTWD @FearTWD🔁“Hey Alycia… it’s your birthday today.” - . Can we get a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our girl ?
Lauren Cox @Iaurencox🔁.@DebnamCarey says Lexa would win in a fight against Alicia. She ain't lying. #SDCC #FearTWD
Ale @AiLaikAle🔁 Most talented

#OnceUponATime #FearTWD #FeartheWalkingDead #13ReasonsWhy #GameOfThrones

Susy Stark 🐺 @AllStarsLA🔁"Comic Con Day 2. and co are so glad to be here with you. " (via IG kingofbingo)
Susy Stark 🐺 @AllStarsLA🔁"Mood: To our friend we love this song but have never learned the lyrics. " (via IG kingofbingo)
DinoBear ☣ @Nodoka192🔁Everyone help us wish 's an amazing birthday (and Comic-Con) today!! (📸 via )
Shelli Lyn @mysskyttirox🔁Ooooooh.....I’m literally on the edge of my seat!!! ❤️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ LOVE you on . June is such a multi-dimensional, mul twitter.com ti-faceted character who can go in so many directions. Can’t wait to see what her future holds! Love you 💕
Rob.M @TheRealRobM🔁Can't wait for the return of #FearTWD and #TWD ! #SDCC
Mollie Z. @ziminsky6🔁I miss on , but I am happy that she is doing so well with 😘❤
MarsKz @JMKZ1991🔁 .@DebnamCarey says Lexa would win in a fight against Alicia. She ain't lying. #SDCC #FearTWD
Vic Joyner @VicJoyner🔁Gimple just said it’s “possible” that more characters will cross over to despite any TWD time jumps

Mollie Z. @ziminsky6🔁 Fear the walking dead Comic Con Panel #FearTWD #SDCC2018 youtu.be
LP1 14/09🥀 @Cath_Payne123🔁“I’m very protective of taking real responsibility in Morgan as a character” - Lennie James on keeping Morgan interesting and evolving on Season 4

☯️🦓Zibbles Zeb🦓☯️ @ZibblesSez🔁Pt 3 of my News roundup's here with loads of for

LP1 14/09🥀 @Cath_Payne123🔁 Nature is the theme this fall for both worlds. #FearTWD twitter.com
Maria Perdue @MariaPerdue7🔁Live from , it's time to slide on into ! Nothing says "ready for the weekend" quite like sliding into a pool of walkers and making it out unscathed.
RSA @RS_9779🔁 - - 30+ HQ Tagless Photos bit.ly
Alexa @RedneckAlexa🔁"We want to make sure that has its own identity. Everything that we do, we want to make sure that you guys are getting a different experience." - Greg Nicotero
cam @beatrice0468🔁Thank you so much for your time I’ll always be here to support you,I love you so much! Hope you had the best birthday filled with love 🌸 I hope to meet you one day! (Thanks ) 😭😭
Kelly 🐼 @x_badillo🔁Alicia kicks ass and takes names in this teaser for tomorrow's Season 4B trailer 👊🏻


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