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Father's Day mr.spanch🔪 @sabssume🔁 father’s day coming
Gabriel Valenciano @gabvalenciano🔁People ask me how I feel about everything I’ve been through in life. I tell them one thing. All I know is that God p twitter.com robably allowed me to experience all this so that I can one day be the best father I can be to my children and understand what it’s like to feel what they feel.
Father's Day John Lennon @johnlennon🔁Today is Father's Day
in Tonga
Send tributes to your dad at
Father's DayFather's Day Angie Pedley @AngiePedley2🔁 Father's Day is June 17th doodlecatsshop.co.uk
Madness @MadnessNews🔁See Lee Thompson’s rocku-mocku-documentary movie “One Man’s Madness” in Cinemas this week only:
twitter.com Pre order the DVD and CD soundtrack in time for Father’s day from the Madstore now!
Ace Micheals @secretnikkishop🔁This FATHER’S DAY - don’t waste electricity!… instagram.com
Jemah 💋 @beyoncettt🔁“If there ever comes a day when you don’t love her anymore. Please don’t tell her. Tell me. I will take her home”

A father’s love transcends all 😭❤️

Bailey of Sheffield @baileyofsheff🔁We are travelling every weekend around some of our retailers who stock our Cable Bracelets. June 9th we have a "Me twitter.com et the Makers" event at Chesterfield, 11am - 3pm. Last weekend before Father's Day. 😉😊
Antoni @TonishitoU🔁Happy Father's Day to all the good dads out there!
Collab Sex Effort @_LaStar_🔁 Can’t wait until Father’s Day so I can see all y’all fine ass daddies 😬
kd @kden629🔁I feel zero compassion for this father. With all these shootings, and a sensitive teenage son, he didn't think to loc twitter.com k them up? Yes he did, but convinced himself he didn't need to. That's negligence all day every day. Just give forks to a toddler and point at the outlet.
Stephen @stephen2010wwe🔁 fuck your femisim shove it up your ass saying we don’t derseve Father’s Day when 1000s of dads do nearly more the twitter.com n woman do for there kids .
Shawn @spatrickf🔁@CNN He really fucked up for Father's Day.
Dana @danahk9_🔁Wtf is this. I literally don’t like what this world is coming too.. ban Father’s Day? How bout ban your right to comment this dumb shit
SourceBottle @SourceBottle🔁Website seeks submissions for Father's Day gift guide for dads who love health, fitness, the outdoors and active life twitter.com styles
LEAGOO @LeagooOfficial🔁

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Ace Micheals @secretnikkishop🔁Whatever you do this FATHER’S DAY - don’t get… instagram.com
Lynn Connolly @LynnCo77🔁FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL!
We are giving one lucky person the chance to win the Hair and Body Wash and the Beard Wash for their Dad or partner on behalf of the kids😃
All you have to do is LIKE+RT
Good Luck😎
vegeta sama @elleira__🔁Just in time for Father’s Day 😂 @LassFinnegan twitter.com
HandKnittedYorkshire @yorkshireknits🔁Having an amazing Father's Day sale!!! 15% off entire shop!!!

andrew T @amtill1976How amazing is this beer & chocolate hamper from ? A perfect gift for Father’s Day and we’ve got one to giveaway 🔁
LRC Media @LRCpr🔁He’ll dab. He’ll roll the dice. He’ll mow the lawn. Indulge dear ol' dad in some epic dad dancing this Father's Day with a trip to Ray Charles Plaza and a day of fishing the Flint River.


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