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#FastnachtDay Kevin Fitzsimmons @kevinfitz1🔁Sugar? Syrup? Burger/Bacon/Egg/Cheese? Whatever toppings, Happy #FastnachtDay #FatTuesday #FastnachtBurger
97.5 WKMZ @975wkmz🔁 Be like Dwight Schrute. Eat German donuts. #FastnachtDay
Alex Vic @alexdoesradio🔁Be like Dwight Schrute. Eat German donuts. #FastnachtDay
#FastnachtDay#FastnachtDay#FastnachtDay#FastnachtDay Angela Cook @angelacookwrite🔁When you love #FastNachtDay but decide to #Irish it up.
#fastnacht #HotToddy
#FastnachtDay Pennsylvania @PennsylvaniaGov🔁Happy Fat Tuesday! Here in PA we're celebrating #FastnachtDay with these tasty Pennsylvania Dutch treats. #PAproud
PA Department of Community & Economic Development @PADCEDnews🔁Happy or for all of you Pennsylvania Dutch out there! We hope you with a sweet treat today. twitter.com
Gettysburg Bike Week @GburgBikeWk🔁Happy Fat Tuesday! Here in PA we're celebrating with these tasty Pennsylvania Dutch treats.
Gettysburg Bike Week @GburgBikeWk🔁Happy ! After taking one bite of a fluffy, doughy and just slightly sweet fastnacht, it will be a tradition that you want to celebrate, too. For the full recipe and story visit our blog - .
Rep. Krueger-Braneky @RepLeanne🔁Today is - the day my grandmother always made delicious donuts to mark the start of Lent. Does anyone know of a good twitter.com place to buy donuts in ?
Jennifer W. Sheehan @jenwsheehan🔁@sesack can i throw in that it's also #FastnachtDay
KohlLibrary @KohlLibrary🔁 Pursue your happiness this #FatTuesday or #FastnachtDay with a sweet treat! pennlive.com
Sister Cities @sistercitieslou🔁 question: which of Lou’s Sister Cities has one of the largest carnival festivals in Europe? twitter.com
Luciann Szokoli @RubbaGoose🔁Finally it’s #FastnachtDay!!!!
Oreo Teeth @oreoteeth🔁Thank you #MaryannsDonutKitchen for making the very freshest treats on #FastnachtDay
visit PA @visitPA🔁Pursue your happiness this #FatTuesday or #FastnachtDay with a sweet treat! pennlive.com
MarshmallowMBA @MarshmallowMba🔁This is how we do in PA... ! Tomorrow we ... Yes that DOES mean ! twitter.com
Lisa Colón DeLay @LisaDelay🔁I’m not German, but that’s how they make them around here. This year I paced myself. #FastnachtDay #wisdom #TummyTuesday
Lisa Colón DeLay @LisaDelay🔁A had a #FatTuesday #FastnachtDay donut. It may have weighed about 3pounds. Potato flour. Whew! Once a yr only. 😯


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