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#Falcons Ricky Treviño @trevinoricardo1🔁 It’s everywhere. Never forget... #Falcons
Charlotte Observer @theobserver🔁Injury news is mixed, but ’ loss to opens NFC South door for .


John Breech @johnbreech🔁I think that's the first time I've ever seen a team lose because their coach tried to call a timeout. twitter.com
#Falcons Eric Stangel @EricStangel🔁It’s everywhere. Never forget... #Falcons
jordan mims @Thejordanmims1🔁 RB Devonta Freeman on coach Sean Payton making the ‘choke’ sign at him: “that man don’t know nothing about choking. He ain’t from where I’m from.”
Hoodie Buddah @BuddahOGStatus🔁 Rematch in the Dome on Christmas Eve should be fun! #Saints #Falcons
(((Mike Reader))) @mreader🔁Injury news is mixed, but ’ loss to opens NFC South door for .


1978 FALCONS FAN @dirtybfan🔁Why is wearing his stat line from last night on a t-shirt?
Blaine Kummet @bkfox5sports🔁Just going through ' video -- he got a great shot of the Sean Payton 'choke' gesture which seems to be directed at . There's an official just feet away, so NFL knows who to call to find out what was said.
Neil Shelat @NeilShelat6🔁Remember that time the #Falcons beat the #Saints 20-17 on #TNF? Good times.
Portia Kirkland @portiabgrlmusic🔁With Brittany who is a fan to the 10th power.… instagram.com
Amy Lawrence @ALawRadio🔁FRIDAY podcast is so much more than football. Yes to Week 14, & the Browns' moves PLUS new coach, deals, Sixers-N twitter.com ets swap, Christmas music & a new cookie experiment. Thanks for listening!

Scott Schlemmer @scottschlem🔁Don’t tell me the is going soft and “what are defenders supposed to do” nonsense. This is textbook on how to lay a b twitter.com ig hit legally!!
Bostic P @Bosticp🔁-Refs gifted the 9 first downs from penalties
-Called roughing the passer on nothing and it led to a TD
-Took away FG before half even though clock was stopped
-Saints lost 12 starters to injury
-Refs end game by penalizing a coach for calling a timeout


jake tiberio @JakeTiberio🔁Marshon Lattimore may be the most overrated rookie I have ever seen. He held Julio all game. Was basically hugging h twitter.com im when he got the interception.
Dennis Hess @djhesstweet🔁 RB Devonta Freeman on HC Sean Payton making a choking gesture at him. Free plays it cool 😎

David A. Johnson @onslaught4456🔁From last night’s wacky game against the : coach Sean Payton explains that strange late-game penalty that sealed the loss
Ronnie Velazquez @rawknee90🔁 Rise Up In Any Weather!! ⚫️🔴⚫️🔴 from Norcross Ga twitter.com
The 2nd To Last Jedi @Mr_MITCHELL_2_U🔁Ryan’s bad game brought out his haters in full force. They were down right GIDDY he struggled. They are NOT fans and I’m going to just block all that BS going forward. Who has time for that stupidity?
WalkerJonesWayX @WalkerJonesWayX🔁Today on presented by : Sun Belt Commissioner , , former star , handicapper .
John Wagner @jwagnerblade🔁#BGSU hockey: A closer look at the #Falcons entering this weekend's series with Alabama-Huntsville ... toledoblade.com


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