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Falcons Kenneth Bryant II @kenneth2bryant🔁 A miserable weekend for Falcons fans but this takes the edge off a little bit.
Anderson Myers @LasName_1stName🔁 Falcons fans fighting each other after that L against the Eagles
Falcons The Offseasonoholic @TheFalcoholic🔁Yearlong issues culminate in another heart-wrenching finish for the Falcons thefalcoholic.com
Falcons Allen Strk @Allen_Strk🔁Yearlong issues culminate in another heart-wrenching finish for the Falcons thefalcoholic.com
NFL on ESPN @ESPNNFL🔁Falcons fans RN
NBC Sports Philadelphia @NBCSPhilly🔁It was still a bye week for the Falcons.


Mike Greenberg @Espngreeny🔁The #Falcons playcalling on the final sequence inside the 10 was the sort of awful that gets coaches fired.
Mary Khaye Garcia @KhayeMary🔁 .@TMGirlsBball_ lose to Colony at the Joe T. Classic this afternoon at Lathrop. Freshman Neal Garcia led all Falcons wi…
Kosi @yung_koko🔁Saints fans...

Y’all shoulda waited till after y’all game to get them Falcons jokes off 😂

Come join us on the couch 😂

Corey D . @ctdenson_🔁 No Falcons slander ever again from an AINT. Y’all pure trash
Kenneth Bryant II @kenneth2bryant🔁 the place where the Falcons spend MOST of the salary cap (offense) did NOT come through on Saturday. It’s time to c twitter.com ut those areas and invest in other ways.
Chino @theogpooh🔁@trapnc we gon beat them by more than we beat the falcons watch
Jaguars fan Anand @AnandPappu1🔁Matt Bryant told me he’d like to play 2-3 more years and that he’d like it to be with the .
Owl Gifts @OwlGifts_🔁😙😙👌 Adorable. .!! Credit : - On the way back home from a great working weekend, with super people and great falc twitter.com ons .. 👉For info about promoting your owl art or crafts, send me a direct message .gifts or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Zachery Martin @_MrMartin_🔁Georgia Sports Fans last 365 days:
1. Falcons blow 28-3 point lead in SB
2. Hawks start the rebuild era
3. Braves get punished/lose prospects bc of GM cheating
4. ATLUTD loses playoff game @ home in PK’s
5. UGA loses in CFB Championship
6. Falcons lose in 2nd round of playoffs
Bri Gray @BriGray1🔁 Dear Saints fans,
Karma is a bitch.
Falcons fans. twitter.com
Lucky Lucianno @HighEndFly🔁Falcons 26 or younger:

Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman, Deion Jones, Grady Jarrett, Keanu Neal, Ricardo Allen, Takk McKinley, Vic Beasley, DeVondre Campbell, Duke Riley, Austin Hooper, Jake Matthews, Justin Hardy, Brian Poole, Wes Schweitzer, Kazee, Toilolo

Good luck, pal.

USA Sport @usa_sport_today🔁Falcons offense takes step back in follow-up to Super Bowl #nfl
Eric Heisler @Heisler_Eric🔁 and I were in good company Saturday night in London with others from the Philly area, as the beat the Falcons. Lon twitter.com don will be hearing a lot more of this come October.
Samuel Crabtree @SamuelCrabtree_🔁 Saints lose.
Falcons lose.
Shula fired.

Gotta say, not a bad week.

Wende Neen Show @WendeNeenShow🔁Considering the Falcons are out you might be right @girlthatsrondo twitter.com
theKONGLIST™ @theKONGLIST🔁REWIND: Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles | 2018 NFL Divisional Round Game #NFL #Falcons v. #Eagles fb.me
Luke @LukeLyons_78🔁At least the Falcons can cherish something this year twitter.com
Valentineaux ⚜️12-😭⚜ @_iTaughtHerThat🔁Falcons fans rejoicing so much because they know if the Saints won last night, they were gonna win the super bowl. So they were shook. I get it.
Kainan Roseman 🦅 @KDorsey713🔁2004: Eagles face Vikings, then Falcons, on road to Super Bowl.
2017: Eagles face Falcons, then Vikings...

2010: Eagles beat Giants in miracle fashion before losing to Vikings in Philly.
2017: Vikings win in miracle fashion, now come to Philly.


Bo Flocka @Spiffyqtp🔁 So let me get this straight #falcons fan feel better now because the #saints lost 😭
Danielle Gosizk @gosizk_danielle🔁 can you please look at views on the eagles game . It wasn't a win for Philly it was a loss for Falcons. Get CC was twitter.com Viking but come on!
d a n u @DanuGladobili🔁Mr. is great at getting players to be honest. His instant oral history on the final incompletion to Julio Jones is another example:
Bob Vetrone Jr. @BoopStats🔁 @BoopStats And all Eagles against 7 different opponents cowboys, Rams, Bucs, Panthers, Falcons, Cardinals and Vikings
Komets Hockey @KometsHockey🔁Falcons (3) at Squirt B (1) - FINAL goo.gl
Da bachelor C @CortneynelsonC🔁Only down fall is the Falcons this playoffs from a wholesome standpoint, but generating an awesome playoff appearance habit @undisputed
Boogie @Boogie02406174🔁🚨Athens Drive MLK Showcase🚨
🏀#9 Green Hope vs. #6 Broughton
📍Athens Drive High School

The Falcons (13-3, 2-0) step away from conference play to take on the Caps (14-1, 4-0) in a big showdown.

George Ortega @fukkngeorge🔁@Luis___bruhhh I’m glad they won the other team I thought could beat. Falcons and Vikings I called it
saksit martin @king_donkeykong🔁@RealSkipBayless @undisputed Falcons blew it!
david arcement @drumby72🔁@NOLAnews If y'all want a good laugh, go watch the video of this dude when the Falcons drafted him.
Drippin’ in Finesse @alejandro_dn98🔁When the Falcons are 0-16 then we can talk twitter.com
Nick @Nickolah84🔁Good morning. There are 13 teams that have not won a Super Bowl. There is now a 3/4 chance that list shrinks and still contains the Atlanta Falcons. This is what I want.
Jules Winnfield 🤓🤵🏾 @Livingnthe90s🔁Oh they won’t spend too much time on that today, everybody wants to talk about the saints Vikings game. Good for me t twitter.com oo since the falcons lost 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Hoody Wayes @ScooterMcDougl2🔁 @SEC_Exposed so as a bucs fan I’m suppose to be upset that the falcons and saints lost? Only in the sec
faith laurent @laurentfaith🔁saints fan till i die bitch who dat nation stand up and get fucking crunk bitch black and gold to the superbowl fuck the falcons 28-3 drew brees greatest of all fucking time bitch
Cam🎲 @foreign_camm🔁@Fadytweettweet @onlyonejj22 He hates the falcons anyway. He talked shit about us last year in the divisional round saying “he owned us”
Philly Sports Talk @PhilaSports_🔁“The most important thing, the Atlanta Falcons did not score a single point in the second half of that ball game.” -
Black & Gold Review @BnGreview🔁In addition, last night changes nothing about the fact the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl and threw an i twitter.com nterception to a butt.
DJ Leauxl @DJLeauxL🔁Fire weekend. Falcons lose on sat Saints lose on Sunday. And a dope experience in between.
e @ohandtree🔁@angrywhodat Sorry. Saints winning > Falcons losing.
Albeit not by much. But still
Lord Ferg ♒️ @imso_different🔁Watch how many people from Falcons twitter start asking for Mularkey to be brought back as OC.


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