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#FakeNewsAwards PAM4TRUMP🇺🇸#MAGA @pami943🔁 RT if you’d like the #FakeNewsAwards to be an annual event !!
sandysue @catladyaz🔁 The #FakeNewsAwards only real winner:
🇺🇸 God bless our president.
#FakeNewsAwards Chris Patrick Morgan @xpmorgan🔁 This headline writer deserves a Pulitzer.

#Trump #FakeNewsAwards @realDonaldTrump

Eskéléa @HelliZe🔁« @realDonaldTrump is totally mentally able to govern a country » #FakeNewsAwards
#FakeNewsAwards Danielle Muscato @DanielleMuscato🔁This headline writer deserves a Pulitzer.

#Trump #FakeNewsAwards @realDonaldTrump

Dan Bongino @dbongino🔁Big congrats to CNN for absolutely dominating the #FakeNewsAwards. Well done!
ACLU @ACLU🔁The presidents's is just the latest in a long list of attacks against our First Amendment's freedom of the press.

N twitter.com o really, we have a list.

Waking the new @WakingNew🔁 "It just was . . . It just was . . ." I think the fact that you push a false narrative too extremes, you actually twitter.com think your ignorant spin of the "news" is the truth. You are a propagandist, not a journalist.
AngryAmerican @jdavis3🔁Let American public see the memo already twitter.com
Don Pewtress @pewdrdad🔁It's 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

go to the propagandist promoting
Instead of the factor from Obama's Administration!

isn't your culprit - If MSM won't cover it, we will 🗣

amaterasu @kursumer🔁The most serious case of recent fake news is not on Trump's list. NBC substantially assisted the military coup in Turkey which killed hundreds. NBC falsely reported, citing a "senior U.S. military source", that Erdoğan had fled the country.
Anhad Repooc @anhadrepooc🔁🏆
🥇”Russia is Fake News”
🥈“There is no collusion”
🥉“3 million illegals voted”

🥇Donald Trump
🥈Sarah Sanders
🥉Fox News

🥇Mike Flynn
🥉Paul Manafort

🥇Don Jr

🚨🚨 #ReleaseTheMemo 🚨🚨 Jen 🇺🇸 @PolitiKellyRite🔁The winner of the today is:


lakingsfan! @mammoth_trump45🔁 @StockMonsterVIP @Acosta @CNN He wants to win a #FakeNewsAwards next year. He feels left out
AngryAmerican @jdavis3🔁Never going to happen you idiots twitter.com
MammaGing @ckmystuff🔁They should have held the in with a bunch of playing in the background.

AngryAmerican @jdavis3🔁Wow, those poor women, their government is not even on their side, remove/deport the invaders who attack your women twitter.com
B Sirius Now @BSiriusNow🔁Maybe the was no flop.

Maybe it was intended to see how hard all of us together can trend a topic.

Do you even see what is doing?

Robert E. Lee, Jr. @BigbootBob🔁While Trump's attributes the "bronze" (#3) medal to CNN, in fact, NBC & CBS also originated or "verified" the same false story in an extraordinary case of triple fake news placement that still lacks all transparency or discipline.
Texas Grandma @Donnam8470Donna🔁 🏆 ❄️ 🏆

Got My 🍿 Ready For
The Fake News Awards

MSM Is No Match For .
But It Kinda Feels Personal

Ann Shine @duckster46🔁Fake News CNN👉🏻the Sh*tHole Network‼️
Well done ‼️

Cathe Clapp @CLCDCK🔁The FACTS:

- Number of "Fake News" Stories" Trump could find for his after a year of reporting: 8

- Number of these stories corrected by the press: 8

- Number of Trump Lies over last year: 1,593

- Number of Trump Lies which he corrected: 0

AngryAmerican @jdavis3🔁 gop.com This has been one hell of a year, Love you President Trump so much twitter.com
WandaMillerNoBS-here @WandaMiller5102🔁POTUS Trump mocks you Fake News idiots by creating the and creates a trending storm on Twitter. He is a marketing genius! And congrats CNN you are far and away the Most Trusted Name in Fake News! I bet Donna Lemon is throwing a hissy fit😄
John phelps @Johnphelps90🔁Some REAL News ..Haitian Senate President Tells How The Clintons Attempted To BRIBE Him

Jeri Mickelberry @jerimickelberry🔁I'm not watching the this year. But I will listen in via wiretaps planted in the WH by the "Deep State," headed by a secret Muslim/Kenyan ringleader, while I eat pizza at an undercover sex-ring restaurant with Frederick Douglass near the Bowling Green Massacre.
Dr. Cush @thesimpsonist🔁Is this a ? While his supporters are on overdrive, using , , and to distort and deflect, POTUS likely has no twitter.com problem with the congressional impasse over a government spending bill assuming it will distract from news that he:
BDkins @BDkinss🔁 RT if you think Donald Trump should take 1st in the #fakenewsawards.
Paul Gleason @PaulGleason13🔁The Greatest Political Scandal in HISTORY...

Gets buried by the Deepstate Media.

Kirby @KirbyKirby7398🔁 Second #FakeNewsAwards category:

Worst overall network?

Alien @ireckonmate🔁@PoliticalShort #ReleaseTheMemo
Sal Of The Earth🌎 @11SBiase🔁@paulkrugman #FakeNewsAwards winner
Alachua Oath Keepers @AlachuaOK🔁 And the winners are... infowars.com #FakeNewsAwards
Gabriella ❤️✟️🇺🇸 @WarriorofGod97🔁What a week to be sidelined with the flu.


5 hard core and
As always please RT and add your
Mike @butlerm1977🔁Only $175USD deposited to that bitcoin address. If we want that reward to soar, please send more donations! Only 6 twitter.com donations so far.


Kat😼🔹 @KathleenReiser3🔁Champion of reminding the competition that he's not going to give up his prize easily. What a competition we have on our hands in 2018!
Marc @Marckymarc40🔁 Completely Ignores Bombshell!
Deb Scott Pelton @DebScottPelton🔁 Who deserves Trump's #FakeNews award 2018?

#FakeNewsMedia #FakeNewsAward

Vote, then retweet

Mary Red @MaryRed031073🔁The fake news award goes to...

-----> Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Deplorable Covfefe @BarefootChris46🔁If they are FBI agents they do Sweetheart.
I think you are bucking for a 2018 Award, now let's and send them all to twitter.com GITMO.
Jeff Thiessen @JeffThiessen3🔁

Congratulations to CNN, who was awarded 4 out of the top 10 in the ❗

Lisa Barone @LisaBarone🔁Remember when the idea of banning the media/ killing off the freedom of the press seemed like a joke? How naive we w twitter.com ere...

THE WORLD IS FEMALE @amandamaarques_🔁And the winner of the 2018 is...

The partnership of , , and the entire Republican Party/FoxNews! 🎉 🎊 🏆


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