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De'Asia➰ @_DeAsiaRaquel🔁 When the Face ID on the iPhone X doesn't recognize you because you took your makeup off
Face ID Christian L. @CRLarsennn🔁 When Kobe uses the Face ID on the #iPhoneX
Face ID Calvin Casino @calvincasino🔁 Introducing Face ID, the means for unlocking your iPhone X. #AppleEvent
🇳🇬 @shaizau🔁 When the Face ID on the iPhone X doesn't recognize you because you took your makeup off
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Face ID Hylerios @HyIerios🔁 Ready to bypass iPhone X Face ID
Safwan Ahmedmia @SuperSaf🔁Apple, "Face ID can't be fooled easily."

Arya Stark, "We'll see about that"

#AppleEvent #iPhoneX

DAVID DOBRIK @DavidDobrik🔁My main concern with the new face ID on the iPhone X is how in the world is John Cena going to unlock his phone
Frankie Boyle @frankieboyle🔁Set your Apple Face ID to your comeface, so that if someone mugs you for your phone they at least have to wank you off first
JAN LAJAN @KlivJ🔁Fellas, don't let her take selfies with your iPhone X. She's really setting up Face ID for her access to your phone. Stay woke.
hup @hup333🔁Does Face ID make the iPhone X more secure? Depends who's asking | ZDNet
Just Joram @YuleMseeJR🔁 My main concern with the new face ID on the iPhone X is how in the world is John Cena going to unlock his phone
Madi_Rose @Madi_Rose_Bitch🔁"Face ID just another plan by the government to steal ya melanin. Don't fall for the white devils tricks brotha."
Never Trust A Tory @pplwhocantpark🔁 New iPhone comes with Face ID, meaning it can easily recognise the idiot who spent £1,000 on a phone.
Alex Hung @alexhung🔁First phone was in pre-board mode. Needed Passcode to unlock Face ID, just like Touch ID phone would after reboot.
Callie Lewis-Byles @callieelb🔁 reckon face id will still work when ur clarted @ 5am ?
Matt @iPadMatt🔁@drbarnard what do you think of Face ID? Also that you have to swipe up after it unlocks..
Kelvin Tan @ratmedia🔁 iPhone X’s Face ID raises security and privacy questions
PewdsDidNothingWrong @Pewds_nibba27🔁You made a racist joke for the iphone face id feature on chinese people now you are making it on some of muslim women . You indians don't
PLEASE SHUT UP @EkbirPurewal🔁Can't wait till the IPhone X face ID doesn't recognize you females after y'all wash ya face
Feranmi Oladavies @feranzie🔁My main concern with the new face ID on the iPhone X is how in the world is Lagbaja going to unlock his phone in public 🤔🤔🤔
Tim Sondrup @timsondrup🔁“Tap to Wake” and “Face ID” will be extremely useful when cooking.
Dee Richards @deerichards🔁Apple suffers embarrassing demo Face ID failed iPhone X launch. Wonder how many people were fired/demoted over this?
Arnold Thoughts @ThatArnoldGuy01🔁 and could be unlocked by face Id and only your face can unlock it and it’s super accurate and secure.
Mego @mego42pemberley🔁"The new iPhone has Face ID!"
"It's waterproof!"
"You can stop people from leaving voicemails!"
Calvin Casino @calvincasino🔁 Schiller: iPhone X has Face ID. Chance of a another person unlocking phone using Face ID is 1 in a million.
FACE.ID @FACE_ID🔁The FACE.ID can that the on your doorstep is exactly who they are claiming to be.


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