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Popular tweets tagged with Fabregas:
Darryl Anderson @MrArsenal_🔁 FABREGAS SENT OFF!!!
It gets better and better
Fabregas Desmond Olusoji ID @Dex_mund🔁 ⚽️ FT: Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

🔴 Gary Cahill Red Card

🔴 Cesc Fabregas Red Card

📅 Next PL Match - Spurs

Fabregas Mr Anderson...ò.̯Ó @Jerome_OM🔁 No Costa, Hazard, Fabregas, Cahill, Pedro, Bakayoko

Aug 20 Tottenham vs Chelsea;

Chelsea fans:

Kevin Göransson @GoranssonK🔁 FABREGAS SENT OFF!!!
It gets better and better
Fabregas SPORF @Sporf🔁⚽️ FT: Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

🔴 Gary Cahill Red Card

🔴 Cesc Fabregas Red Card

📅 Next PL Match - Spurs

Chelsea FC @ChelseaFC🔁Fabregas is sent off. #CHEBUR
Premier League @premierleague🔁RED CARD Cesc Fabregas is the second Chelsea player to be dismissed after a 2nd yellow card. They trail 3-1 v Burnley


Rosie @rosiesfc🔁 17 - Fabregas booked for sarcastically applauding a Burnley free kick. 0-0
Precious @predolski🔁Conte: "Moses was banned. I don’t know if Pedro will recover for the next game but we will have two players banned, Cahill and Fabregas."
Andy Skelding @AndySkelding🔁 suffered a Fabregas Red card, thought I'd give a chance to be above me for once
A Man Has No Game @DorkAtCoolTable🔁 No Matic* Costa hazard Bakayoko

Pedro Cahill Fabregas suspended for at least two more games

Gosh I love a crisis

AStreetcarNamedEDier @ToDareIsToDier🔁Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas will be suspended for the match against next weekend after receiving a red card today.
RomanoFirstHalf @RomanoFirstHalf🔁 Fabregas is sent off. #CHEBUR
Öliver. @UtdOliver🔁If Spurs do not beat Chelsea next week with no Fabregas, Cahill, Costa, Pedro, Hazard, Moses then they should be expelled from the league😜
🔗 🔗
#MourneviewPark #RobHolding #Fabregas @oEquinoXo @ToxicosDeVicu
🇪🇸 @MagicianCesc🔁 Players we are missing for Spurs:
Erico Chelsea FC  ™ @EricoDrogba🔁Vokes fouls Fabregas and then kicks the ball away. No card. This referee, like 90% of his colleagues in England, is absolutely terrible.
Tebogo Malope @TebogoMalope🔁I will however give them some props for being able to pull back two goals 9 men down, expected a whole lot maturity from Cahill and Fabregas
JAÌYÉ 👑 @kblitte🔁 Not a good way to treat Fabregas and Batshuayi
harrison 🇳🇬🇺🇸 @TGH_23🔁Fabregas "The red card? My career is ending. I'll do my best to break some ankles and end other careers too. If I go down, we all go down."
ibraCadabra @Petit___Pont🔁 Kante and Fabregas on a mad one
GGMU (Tom Slagter) @slagtertom2🔁At that moment of time it is a very tough decision ad well so I have to understand why he was given a red. For fabreg as I agree
BlueTipsie @TemitopeOjo11🔁 No Cahill, No Fabregas. It will be interesting to see how we line up against Spurs at Wembley #CFC
SOS Report @SOSReport🔁@D_Peezy @sidcelery Fabregas not there to literally just get in the fucking way so he can have a little touch for no fucking reason.
Ƨӈϊεяϊff ŦӈεεϑεαƔ @iam_babbangida🔁Antonio Conte will be having nightmares about this game for a long time.

Three thoughts from Chelsea 2-3 Burnley:

Elliot Awudumapu @ElliotAwudus🔁#PlayerRatings: #Burnley stun Conte's nine-man #Chelsea. #Epl #BURCHE
🤙🏽⚜️® @manliketomas🔁We have Spurs next, Fabregas and Cahill are out. Who do we have in midfield to replace Fabregas? We're completely fucked.
MAJOR~X @DauraAbdul🔁No Costa, Hazard, Fabregas, Cahill, Pedro, Bakayoko

Aug 20; Tottenham vs Chelsea;

Chelsea Fans/Haters:

Moscrop @AndyMoscrop🔁Cahill -3 points and Fabregas -1 point! Another solid start to my fantasy football season
#21 @TheRaphOss🔁 fabregas' first yellow card was because he was clapping


Ƨӈϊεяϊff ŦӈεεϑεαƔ @iam_babbangida🔁Chelsea: We have a no space for youth, go on loan

No Costa, Hazard, Fabregas, Cahill, Pedro, Bakayoko

This life is a pot of beans 😂😂

Noah Weisling @NWeisling🔁Pee #1005... just wanna say thanks to @ChelseaFC for getting Cahill and Fabregas suspended for their match against Tottenham next week ❤
J. @PsychoCesc🔁FT: Chelsea 2-3 Burnley. Reds for Cahill, Fabregas. Goals for Vokes 2, Ward. Then Morata, Luiz. Craziness. Terrible reffing. Utter madness.
H-AFC❤️ @SomeAfcLove🔁 Fabregas to Nasri, still Nasri, looks for Arshavinnnnn.....
Mohamed Naseem @banaseem🔁FULL TIME: Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

A terrible start to their Premier League defence for Antonio Conte's Blues

Aizen @Midn1ghtw0lf🔁 81 - RED CARD: Fabregas is off for a second yellow card following a foul on Cork.
Margot @Margs92🔁@E_Bez93 My team name is absolutely fabregas what was I MEANT to do
damiLOLa @Denock__🔁No Matic, no Fabregas, Bakayoko is out with an amputated leg and Chelsea have Tottenham next. All eyes on Kante, the Nightcrawler
King Conte @im_bharath10🔁For me Willian and alonso were subpar today. Morata has shined given amount of time. But Kante did what he is suppose d to do with fabregas.
ahmed @aasscarlosla🔁RED CARD Cesc Fabregas is the second Chelsea player to be dismissed after a 2nd yellow card. They trail 3-1 v Burnley

Ali Al Majid/McSpeed @AliMcSpeed🔁There has been MUCH more that has been let go than Cahill's sending off. Fabregas shouldn't have got a 1st red for th e ref's dumbness.
George @GeorgeStow🔁 "3-1 to the referee" the fans now chant, following yet another correct decision to give Fabregas his second yellow.
Mr Anderson...ò.̯Ó @Jerome_OM🔁 Fabregas and Cahill😂😂😂😂? ?😂😂😂
Sua @suathe10🔁Fabregas along with Cahill will miss next week's game against Tottenham following their red cards.

muhammed sharij @muhammedsharij🔁 What the hell was Fabregas thinking? Did he not know he was on a yellow? Embarrassing.
muhammed sharij @muhammedsharij🔁 Fabregas booked for clapping 😂😂😂
Big Alvaro @CarefreeMorata🔁Players we are missing for Spurs:
Josiah Matrix @Gangstanatra🔁Said Cahill and Fabregas
Denis Carey @CareyDenis🔁 Talk about losing your head. Fabregas. Clownage from Fabregas today. Utter clownage. Live on @TodayFM
U.n.c.l.e Lwanga* @LwangaMundo🔁With Fabregas suspended for next week's Tottenham game, this becomes an even bigger issue for Chelsea. They are desperate for a midfielder
LION. @officialdavies🔁fabregas' first yellow card was because he was clapping


FantasyFootballTalk @FPLFantasyTalk🔁Anybody own Fabregas and Cahill?
MICHAEL IFIE WENIS @Smokeebenz🔁@ChelseaFC Harsh on Cahill and Fabregas
Rio United @Rio_mufc62🔁Conte is a joke, got Tottenham away next week and now hasn't got Cahill, Fabregas, Costa, and Matic cause he sold him to a PL rival 😂 jokes!
kevin james cross @kjcross0171🔁Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas will also be suspended for the game against Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley next weekend.


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