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FM100 Memphis @FM100Memphis🔁 #TrafficAlert overturned vehicle on Walnut Grove at Farm Road.#FOX13GMM as traffic every 10
#FOX13GMM#FOX13GMM#FOX13GMM#FOX13GMM Jéan-Paul L @Gentleman_esq🔁Weather and traffic every 10 minutes @BrittaniD_Fox13 @LeahBethFOX13 #FOX13GMM
#FOX13GMM#FOX13GMM Jéan-Paul L @Gentleman_esq🔁The incredibly Sublime @LeahBethFOX13 breaking down all your traffic concerns every 10 minutes on #FOX13GMM
#FOX13GMM Joey Sulipeck FOX13 @joeysulipeck🔁 @joeysulipeck That's why I got my yard work in yesterday! #FOX13GMM
Valerie @valonfox🔁Waiting for Jeff Sessions #USAG @JimFOX13Memphis inside @Fox13Kristin outside #FOX13GMM live Watch now!
Valerie @valonfox🔁#Sessions just stepped up to the podium #FOX13GMM Live now
Valerie @valonfox🔁 protesters are surrounding the parking garage door where Attorney General Jeff Sessions entered Fed Building live
Valerie @valonfox🔁Meanwhile, protestors have moved to Front Street side of Fed Bldng . #FOX13GMM w live #Sessions
Valerie @valonfox🔁#Sessions "Got to secure our borders" drugs that kill our people and fuel crime come from Mexico. #FOX13GMM
Valerie @valonfox🔁Watch #Sessions live on air #FOX13GMM or
Valerie @valonfox🔁#Sessions "never seen this kind of deaths" from drugs before #Heroin/Opiods says "surge in drugs" related to surge in crime #FOX13GMM
Valerie @valonfox🔁#Sessions "make priority to prosecute criminals who carry guns"
Valerie @valonfox🔁#Sessions Sycamore Lakes Apt complex.. 7 people murdered there.."think about" people who live in fear #FOX13GMM
Leah Beth Bolton @LeahBethFOX13🔁 Mem "experienced violent crime surge" last year "43% increase in homicide" #Sessions #FOX13GMM
Valerie @valonfox🔁Mem "experienced violent crime surge" last year "43% increase in homicide" #Sessions #FOX13GMM
Valerie @valonfox🔁#Sessions says increase in crime is "not a blip" #FOX13GMM
Valerie @valonfox🔁Former US AG for West TN and current Cong. David @DavidKustoff introducing #USAGJeffSessions #FOX13GMM live now Watch
Deborah Taylor @neshea1🔁Protesters gather in Downtown Memphis ahead of Jeff Sessions live. Join us now to find out what they're asking for
Valerie @valonfox🔁Nooooooo....ANOTHER wreck shuts down a lane on I-55 river bridge SB
Valerie @valonfox🔁How do you feel about new law (soon as Gov signs) allowing domestic abuse vics to carry a gun...after order of protection filed? #FOX13GMM
Valerie @valonfox🔁lol....sure. And, the humidity never gets above 50%.
Valerie @valonfox🔁#FOX13GMM has Jim inside federal building with the AG
Valerie @valonfox🔁Protesters gather in Downtown Memphis ahead of Jeff Sessions live. Join us now to find out what they're asking for
Heather Soat @HSoat050713🔁@valonfox You & Mom BOTH said, "Oh how cute!!" SECONDS apart about the Toddler Prom!! #ThatJustHappened #FOX13GMM
Valerie @valonfox🔁Whoo Hoo!! I55 Mississippi RIver bridge is now OPEN!!! (just in time for 2 lanes of the I40 bridge to be shut down at 9am) #FOX13GMM traffic
Valerie @valonfox🔁uh oh....Houston Levee Rd closed!
#FOX13GMM w traffic every 10
Valerie @valonfox🔁What if I find a *new* ? Can I still get those tickets? find out what we talking about 8am
Valerie @valonfox🔁Once again crews aid investigation finding 9mm shells at murder scene update at 8:30
Valerie @valonfox🔁 I 55 River bridge shut down SB lanes. Big rig accident. Take I 40 bridge into Memphis W updates every 10
Valerie @valonfox🔁Ever been this drunk?
Video have to SEE to BELIEVE! drunk man sleeps on moving car for 14 miles #FOX13GMM w/ details
Valerie @valonfox🔁School is ALMOST out for the summer!!!
Valerie @valonfox🔁MPD says St Jude Children's Hospital is a "primary target" for terrorists. That's why what happened this am so concerning. We live #FOX13GMM
Valerie @valonfox🔁Good news –all clear Suspicious package was right by on campus housing for families says hospital a "target"
Valerie @valonfox🔁All clear suspicious package was called in by Hospital security. It was suitcase. Turned out it empty
Leah Beth Bolton @LeahBethFOX13🔁Made it to Thursday! Are you watching ? I'm tracking your until 9:30. WATCH:
Heather Soat @HSoat050713🔁This popped up on my FB timeline. 7 years ago, today, The actor who played in was on
Valerie @valonfox🔁#Learned on #FOX13GMM @mpdMemphis paid out about $1million in overtime during the most recent 2-week pay period. #6000hoursOT
Valerie @valonfox🔁This popped up on my FB timeline. 7 years ago, today, The actor who played in was on
Heather Soat @HSoat050713🔁@ErnieFox13 @valonfox Found a news story for you all to talk about on #FOX13GMM.
Heather Soat @HSoat050713🔁@LeahBethFOX13 You didn't mention you were taking over the weather!!😂 #FOX13GMM
Valerie @valonfox🔁#FOX13GMM proud of @uthsc
Valerie @valonfox🔁Major drugstore chain won't sell sunscreens w #SPF lower than 15 @CVS policing your suntan.Want Coppertone SPF 8? out of luck #FOX13GMM
Valerie @valonfox🔁Some Horn Lake, MS customers waking up without water this am. #FOX13GMM learning main water valve blew overnight
Valerie @valonfox🔁appreciate you, sir!
Valerie @valonfox🔁#TrafficAlert #FOX13GMM with traffic every 10
Heather Soat @HSoat050713🔁WOW!! Tell Beau good luck on his test!!👍Hard to believe he will be in HS next year!! For summer vaca, come on up to MO!!😉


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