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#FIFACongress TrendsinUSA @TrendsinUSA🔁#FIFACongress is at top! Know the hourly TOP trends. Visit hashgurus.com
Concacaf @Concacaf🔁. Returns to in 2026. Thanks to the vote. Congrats to , , ,
#FIFACongress#FIFACongress FIFA Media @fifamedia🔁.#FIFACongress takes place in #Moscow today.

Visit @FIFAcom to watch the live stream.

➡️ fifa.com

#FIFACongress Eren.J @DarkhyAyoub🔁 United bid win .
But we will always support Morocco
#FIFAWorldCup #FIFACongress
Victor Montagliani @VicMontagliani🔁. returning to in 2026. Proud to have played a key fundamental role in the past seven years. Thanks to the vote. , twitter.com , ,
NCP BAGLAN @ncp_baglan🔁Attended The 68th Congress at Moscow's Expocentre and met FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

flexible dancer creator of billboom🔥🔥 @cheezykhii3🔁Rt and like
Nate Nash @NateNash3🔁. returning to in 2026. Proud to have played a key fundamental role in the past seven years. Thanks to the vote. , , ,
#NotYetUhuru✊🏾 @stephen_muturi🔁FIFA President Gianni Infantino: "All associations of FIFA will receive $6m each for development of football in their countries." Including Kenya.
Colin Jordan 🦊 @colinjordan🔁BREAKING: The 2026 has been awarded to North America! Here are the bid’s 23 proposed venues in US, Canada, and Mexico. 16 host cities announced in 2021. Final will be in LA, NY, or Dallas. 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇲🇽
orange lion @OrangeLion99🔁Disappointing results that the bit got today from the . 65 votes out of 203 is a painful shock! some political aspects must be reviewed by the country of Morocco. Proud of my country.
Jeffrey Gower @Gower_Jeffrey🔁Big news! 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇲🇽⚽️We’ll be hosting the World Cup in 8 years! Also, isn’t it weird that 2026 is only 8 years a twitter.com way?
Canada Soccer @CanadaSoccerEN🔁Celebrating historic win with and leaders & legends Special thx for your vision!
HaitianAmerican @HACSONET🔁. Returns to in 2026. Thanks to the vote. Congrats to , , ,

CharmaineCrooks @charmainecrooks🔁Celebrating historic win with and leaders & legends Special thx for your vision! twitter.com
Scary Thoughts (Mick) @Mickandu🔁........."1 Hour Poll".........

"Do you think people would use Twitter, to use people?"

吉田茂 @shyoshid🔁You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book. 📚


#WLE @flegontnazarov1🔁. Returns to in 2026. Thanks to the vote. Congrats to , , ,
flexing dance that way👉 @Officialkidthe2🔁Rt and like twitter.com
Katrina Lehto @LitheraPrime🔁Sweden calling out FIFA for not compensating women's member clubs while compensating men's clubs. That's what's up, Sweden!!!
Vancouver Event News @vancouvernews🔁“A country called Canada welcomed us in and the boys on the football team made me feel at home. Today I’m 17 years old and I play for the men’s national team and I’m a proud Canadian citizen.” stole the show at , pushing bid
Ndahafa @euniqness🔁After seeing the American pitch, Canada, Mexico, USA deserve to win the Bid.

Americas have the stadiums, hotels and all the infrastructure. They can host the World Cup tomorrow afternoon.

Morocco must bid again in 30 years.

O.G. @Odary_G🔁Infantino says all Associations (211) of FIFA will receive $6m for football development projects.

Leah Cavanagh @leahcavs🔁HISTORY!!!! The World Cup is coming to Canada!!! get ready to welcome the World!!!!
Andreas Selliaas @aselliaas🔁In May I asked the bid if they had a profit estimate like the Morroccan bid's projected 5bn USD profit. They didn't have one, USSF president Cordeiro replied.
Now it's all over : 14bn USD revenue, 11bn USD profit if United wins.
Pablo Bateson @PabloFootball🔁thank you fr your excellent tweet updates throughout the Congress inc huge decision to award hosting rights to c twitter.com ongratulations 👏 & commiserations to wth their impressive bid effort 👍
Steve Glean @Opeth360🔁It’s official! Congrats to on bringing the back to region after 32 years. Amazing feeling to witness & hold history!
Kees van der Laan @keesvndrlaan🔁@NickJMButler Different people, same mentality... #followthemoney #FIFA #FIFACongress
TrendWiki Canada @TrendWikiCanada🔁***New Trend Alert***

2. Coupe
3. Canada and Mexico
5. Denis Shapovalov
6. Jim Egan
7. Lindsay Shepherd
8. twitter.com

Emma Brain @EmmaPinkyB🔁 Oh god. I've just realised what this means. The return of the 'SOCCER WORLD CUP'. #FIFACongress @united2026
Network8 TV @network8tv🔁Breaking: United States, Canada & Mexico joint bid wins hosting right for 2026 FIFA World Cup #WorldCup #FIFACongress #2018WorldCup
Sarfraz @Il_Fantasista_🔁freedom of press ? Not at all. Only official pictures are allowed or a tiny small spot next to the official camera. No possibility to film freely, no interviews, no mixed zone, no nothing...
(((davidberens))) @davidberens🔁FIFA to open disciplinary proceedings against Jibril Rajoub #FIFACongress
Wallace Ritchie @WallaceRitchie🔁 awarded the 2026 World Cup to Canada, USA, and Mexico.

FYI, : This is the only wall that Mexico is going to pay for twitter.com .

Maurice @Mauricederrek🔁Among the stipulations in the US-Mexico-Canada bid for 2026 World Cup, Mexico which is a bigger footballing nation than the other two combined gets to host only 10 games.

FYI, the 2026 WC will have 48 teams, and at least 70 games.

ThingsRacing @racingthings1🔁Who is faster? #Lopetegui #hierro #WorldCup #FIFACongress #BTSPROMPARTY
Mav'Merch @KenKariukiM🔁Football is big business fam! Waah! 👉🏾"United Nations of Football"

FIFA has 211 associations, you do the math! #FIFACongress

David Molloy @ChiefMolloy🔁Congratulations on USA-Canada-Mexico winning the World Cup in 2026 - Rumor has it Keyworth Stadium is in the running to host a game????
Jacqueline Mulhern @JacqMulhern🔁FIFA overwhelmingly rejects Palestinian FA proposal, supported by Iraq and Algeria, to amend human rights-related wording in its statute - an attempt to sanction .
Scooplus @scoopluscom🔁World Cup 2026: Canada, US & Mexico joint bid wins right to host tournament. twitter.com
Jonathan Pedneault @j_pedneault🔁 awards the 2026 World Cup to Canada, US and Mexico. Did they get the memo about the wall, the kids separated at the twitter.com border, the hate-filled rhetoric, the unravelling of the liberal order? I guess they don't care. and already made that clear.
Praful Patel @praful_patel🔁Attended The 68th Congress at Moscow's Expocentre and met FIFA President Gianni Infantino.



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