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#FAT2018 E. T. R. Soles @EaterofSoles🔁 .@selbst: “in law, what is inexplicable is unaccountable” #fat2018
IBM Watson @IBMWatson🔁Our teams have worked around the clock for 9 months to make #IBMWatson 10x better at recognizing faces: ibm.co #FAT2018
IBM Watson @IBMWatson🔁We continually test and enhance , and will be launching a significantly enhanced Watson Visual Recognition Service - twitter.com with more robust facial recognition - by the end of this February.
#FAT2018 Meredith Broussard @merbroussard🔁After party at Caffe Vivaldi! #FAT2018
Arvind Narayanan @random_walker🔁As FAT* matures into a "top tier" venue, paper acceptance will get highly competitive. The usual consequence: papers twitter.com get more clever and convoluted to impress reviewers. Let's remember the moral urgency of the work and not turn it into yet another academic conference. 🙏
Kevin Robinson @krob🔁For folks at still thinking about , this talk is blowing my mind: .

The level of ambi twitter.com tion, brilliance and ability t twitter.com o work at multiple levels of abstraction simultaneously is incredibly inspiring for what CS can be.

Sunny'D @napstervab🔁Quite a lot of good papers at , Defina proceedings.mlr.press tely a venue to consider for people working in Fairness and accountability. My twitter.com fav. nterventions over Predictions: Reframing the Ethical Debate for Actuarial Risk Assessment
Sunny'D @napstervab🔁Sunday morning read:
Analyze, Detect and Remove Gender Stereotyping from
Bollywood Movies : proceedings.mlr.press #FAT2018
Iain P 🇪🇺 @IPv2🔁Key takeaway from day 1: we need a movement of computer/data scientists that doesn’t restrict itself to the narrow bounds of superficial, technical neutrality. Algorithms are political artifacts, and need to be critiqued and developed as such.
Mike Bolas @MikeBolas🔁The latest IBM BA Daily News! paper.li #ibmwatson #fat2018
しましま @shima__shima🔁Leaving NY. Many thanks to @fatconference #FAT2018 organizers.
Henk Poley @HenkPoley🔁. sent a pre-print of their paper to the companies after acceptance. Face++ didn't respond. MS sent a response. IBM had the best response -- replicated the paper internally and released a new API yesterday. Wow. New API classified darker females at 96.5%
Michelle Oraa Ali @michelleoraaali🔁 The Poetry of #FAT2018 Q&A:

“There is a non-countable infinity of information measures”

Dennis K Subz @Dennis_Kinney_🔁I wanna know if YOU need to jump on this today. Let's come up and work with this yo it's gonna change EVERYTHING watc twitter.com h
Michelle Oraa Ali @michelleoraaali🔁 Intersectionality👏🏾matters👏🏾for👏🏾computer👏🏾vision #FAT2018
raquelrenno @raquelrenno🔁Sad to be missing in ! Luckily it can be followed remotely. studies going places!
Hamid @heghbalz🔁Q for dwork talk, what if decoupled classifieds lower overall accuracy bc of lack of enough data compared to single classifier using all data?
Aurélie Pols @AureliePols🔁.'s great tutorial series on the limits of social data gets a shout out from at — slides from her and colleagues' courses are available here, and highly recommended by all known recommender systems
Suresh Venkatasubramanian @geomblog🔁 Thank you all for a fantastic #FAT2018. This has been an amazing two days.
Virginia Dignum @vdignum🔁 redefining concepts via technical definitions has so debased language that 'fairness' becomes an equitable distribution of subjection
Tobias D. Krafft @NetworkTobi🔁 Thanks all for a great inaugural #FAT2018, and hope to see you at #FAT2019!
Carrie Mathews @x_Zoomak_x🔁 speaking at on facial recognition of female/POC: "we use this word 'minority' but in fact we are undersampling the majority of the world" 🙌👏
John Reagan @joreag🔁John Reagan: Alejandro de Miguel: : Our teams have worked around the clock for 9 months to make 10x better twitter.com at recognizing faces:    - : Our teams have worked around the clock for 9 months ...
PyData Bratislava @PyDataBA🔁Check the new tutorial materials from - - Thanks for the great conferen fatconference.org ce !!
Joshua Loftus @joftius🔁Thread with some more explicitly political thoughts after #FAT2018 twitter.com
ADM_ENT @ADM_ENT402🔁ADM_ENT challenge has been accepted.... twitter.com
Shion Guha @shionguha🔁 "21 definitions of fairness" is slowly reaching meme status at #FAT2018
Shion Guha @shionguha🔁, if you have advanced to candidacy or a scholar, w/ a doctoral degree no earlier than 13, interested in furthering the conversation of fairness, accountability & transparency of algorithms in laws & governance, Apply 2 join us this summer in SoCal

SheekhaJ @ShikhaJariwla🔁And the crowd goes wild! Law should mandate transparency for training data and algos in certain contexts.
Chris Marsden @ChrisTMarsden🔁I made it to - well I made it eventually to lovely coffee/tea/drinks with lots of wonderful people from major univer twitter.com sities, corporations, small NGOs and especially library scientists. Moreover, I made it to for the band! Thanks .!
VogeleLaw @VogeleLaw🔁 Can't be at #FAT2018 in person? Follow the live stream here: fatconference.org
Jorge Ortiz @jortiz81🔁IBM improved their face recognition API after published her paper in

raja suresh @rajasuresh🔁Recommendation systems for police officers

Generalized polya urn for where to send an officer in case of crime

raja suresh @rajasuresh🔁One of the best talks in about fair recommender systems (consumer side) by

Enjoyed fairness, accountability & transparency conference way more than I thought tough when I'm back I'll be on a few alnighters to do homeworks 😃

Michael Ekstrand @mdekstrand🔁Thank you all for a fantastic #FAT2018. This has been an amazing two days.
Michael Ekstrand @mdekstrand🔁Musing after about differential treatment of disabled people by data-driven processes. No idea if the data even exists for this to be a danger; maybe medical/insurance domains would be where to look. Just thinking out loud; open to thoughts.
FATREC @ RecSys @fatrecsys🔁Thank you for attending our presentation "Recommendation independence" at
We upload our final version slide slideshare:

Jenifer S. Winter @jenifersunrise🔁If you're excited about , come work with us! Cornell's new Initiative on AI, Policy, and Practice is looking for our first postdoc. Work with me, , , and twitterless Jon Kleinberg
Analog B. Wells @ruha9🔁Wish we could see more explicit discussion between the analysis of AFST by Chouldechova at and by in "Automating Inequality" ()
E. T. R. Soles @EaterofSoles🔁Delighted to be at learning more about racial justice implications of emerging artificial intelligence. Tune in!
Angela Zhou @angelamczhou🔁something that I think is missing from the conversation at and the turn towards interventionist thinking is recognit twitter.com ion of the role that the Neyman-Rubin potential outcomes modeling framework plays in real empirical policy work and program evaluations!
Vipassana @vpsnv🔁Reflecting a bit on and I can't get this unrelated tweet out of my head:

There's tons of technical work to be twitter.com done (e.g. debiasing ml systems), but without political/social work all we'll end up with is a sharper unjust system

LSE Data and Society @LSEdatasociety🔁The inaugural concludes, having done a terrific job of galvanising attendees (& beyond) towards a wider, deeper, mor twitter.com e interdisciplinary yet nuanced FAT* discourse. We look forward to sustaining this enthusiasm & shaping it into lots of great research!
Technology, Law and Society Insitute @sociolegaltech🔁, if you have advanced to candidacy or a scholar, w/ a doctoral degree no earlier than 13, interested in furthering t twitter.com he conversation of fairness, accountability & transparency of algorithms in laws & governance, Apply 2 join us this summer in SoCal

Tea Kreen @BCCRSS🔁
ANY/ALL use of incl. and esp. =
Don't ? does not care is no
= taking and Reading
Andrew Selbst @aselbst🔁Congrats and thanks to all the organizers for a fantastic inaugural FAT* conference! I’ll look forward to this one every year. #FAT2018
Lilian Edwards @lilianedwards🔁 Bonus points if you're from different disciplines. #FAT2018 twitter.com
Mar Hicks @histoftech🔁I love the content of but I'm really confused/concerned about the name. This isn't an event about size positivity. I twitter.com know some larger scholars *in your field* who say they'd hate to have to use that hashtag (). Maybe consider changing your acronym to FAAT?
Mar Hicks @histoftech🔁Wow, totally wish I were at right now. cc twitter.com
Colin Hill @ceh0🔁I absolutely agree! A huge takeaway from was that bridging interdisciplinary gaps leads to some really impactful wor twitter.com k.


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