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Daniel Obregon @dobregon🔁 @American_CAC Thanks for having us, @American_CAC! #FAFSAchat
#FAFSAchat Better Make Room 🎓 @BetterMakeRoom🔁A3: YES. Students have to renew their #FAFSA every year that they are enrolled in college. #FAFSAchat
Kat 4 Obama @Kat4Obama🔁 Hey! 👋🏼This is #BetterMakeRoom! We're excited to join this important twitter chat! #FAFSAchat
Joni Petschauer @petschaerjw🔁 A6: If you need money for college, what are you waiting for? Do it! #FAFSAchat
Better Make Room 🎓 @BetterMakeRoom🔁A1: Here are some things you need before filling out the 2018–19 FAFSA:
1) Your FSA ID
2) Your Social Security number twitter.com
3) Your driver’s license
4) Your 2016 tax returns
5) If you're a HS student, make sure to have a list of the school(s) you are interested in attending
Better Make Room 🎓 @BetterMakeRoom🔁A6: It’s SO important that you complete the FAFSA. You never know how much $$$ you’ll actually qualify for! And remem twitter.com ber, you are not alone. Your school counselor or your college/university financial aid office is always there to help you out! We're here for you too!
Chris Rouhier @ WJU @ChrisRWJU🔁The first "F" in "FAFSA" stands for FREE! If you're asked to pay to file the FAFSA, you're at the wrong site!
Korynn Schooley @kmschooley🔁Standing reminder that it's wild we need to have things like (as great as it is!) to help students navigate in order to improve their lives and, in turn, their communities and our country.
ThePARRILLADiBlasio @fansFLANfamily🔁A3: YES. Students have to renew their every year that they are enrolled in college.
UUtah Sch & Fin Aid @UUSchFinAid🔁 A4: Get verification done early and then your $$ will be ready to go for school.
Pamela Clark @clarkgisa🔁A6: DON’T LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE! Each year, more than $24 billion of financial aid goes unclaimed.
Gary Wrinkle @wrinkleg🔁 #FAFSAchat starts now. Discuss the college application process w/ @American_CAC @CollegeAccess @FormYourFuture_
FL College Access @FLCollegeAccess🔁I'm representing at the . We're a statewide network seeking to expand college access for all Floridians. I also head up FCAN's FAFSA Challenge, which seeks to increase statewide FAFSA Completion by 5% over the previous year:
Kwan An @ReVeluv4life🔁Q5: What resources exist for students and for professionals helping students complete the FAFSA?
AHS Go Center @ahs_gocenter🔁A6: COMPLETE THE FAFSA--it’s not too late! Most state, public university deadlines are in March!
Janet Hagood @JanetHagood🔁A6 ALWAYS complete the FAFSA—it is NOT for “poor people.” It is for everyone. FAFSA is just another form you need to fill out to go to college. FAFSA serves other purposes than just financial aid
T Davis @CounselorTDavis🔁A6: If you haven’t completed your fafsa yet and you want to attend college next year, DO IT NOW!
Jillian Hasner @JillianTSIC🔁 Thank you so much to each
#FAFSAchat participant for being here and for all that you do! twitter.com
Kaitlin Lovely @MMCC4KT🔁#FireUp for FAFSA completion and former chip, Antonio Brown!! #FAFSAchat twitter.com
Allie Ciaramella @alliegrasgreen🔁*interactive* online dashboard. Less interactive but equally excellent: completions are up 6% over last year via twitter.com
Laura Owen @LauraAdamsOwen🔁Thank you for covering such an important topic twitter.com
Iowa College Aid @IACollegeAid🔁@American_CAC Iowa high schools can follow fafsa.iowa.gov to keep up with their FAFSA completion rates! #FAFSAchat
Joni Petschauer @petschaerjw🔁 A5: A5: We have a video to walk students and educators through the entire narrated by yours truly!
Joni Petschauer @petschaerjw🔁 A5: We also realize that counselors need guidance with facilitating completion open houses. Check out our DIY kit for strategies for a successful completion open house.
Joni Petschauer @petschaerjw🔁 A5 A5: We offer many, many resources on our blog about completion. From using the IRS DRT to verification, we are here to help!
Joni Petschauer @petschaerjw🔁 A5: Students should check out Steps2College.org for helpful FAFSA resources!!! #FAFSAchat twitter.com
Joni Petschauer @petschaerjw🔁A6 The word “aid” in FAFSA has a negative stigma. Family income is personal; students don’t want to admit they need it. Dispel the myth. FAFSA is for EVERYONE no matter of family income! Just another form in the college application process.
Joni Petschauer @petschaerjw🔁Jump in and apply. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!
Joni Petschauer @petschaerjw🔁A6: It’s worth it! Nearly all the students we serve get free money for college: youtube.com
Joni Petschauer @petschaerjw🔁 A6: As our friends from said at this past year, “First, you hafta FAFSA!” Complete your FAFSA NOW because you could be missing out on FREE $ for college.
Joni Petschauer @petschaerjw🔁 A6 If you need help with the , don't be scared to ask for help! Ask your college's financial aid office or members for help!
Joni Petschauer @petschaerjw🔁 A6: Don’t leave free money from the on the table for school! Each year, students leave BILLIONS on the table that they could use to pay for college. Filling out the is the first step to getting that cash for college!
Joni Petschauer @petschaerjw🔁A6 training program for school counselors and college access advisors can help you assist students and families through the financial aid process
ACAC @American_CAC🔁We're so glad you joined us today! twitter.com
Joni Petschauer @petschaerjw🔁 A5 In Utah, is here to help. We want counselors, educators, students, and parents to feel comfortable with the , so we answer any questions that they have. It's nice to get an answer from a friendly face like mine!
Melissa Caperton @CapertonMelissa🔁Thanks for sharing your expertise! #FAFSAchat twitter.com
Laura Owen @LauraAdamsOwen🔁 YES!! Wonderful group of like minded folks here - thanks for all the new resources twitter.com
NCAN @collegeaccess🔁Thank you so much to each
#FAFSAchat participant for being here and for all that you do! twitter.com


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