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EvolutionEvolutionEvolutionEvolution Fefo 💦 @Felipe_Oif🔁 gaga tour evolution
Evolution Jayden Goswick @GoswickJayden🔁Mustache on a stick... but under which nose? #mustache Play #BlobfishEvolution today!
Evolution 1D/5sosMum @1D5sosMum🔁 Taking his music on tour, Harry Styles has never looked better:
abdulmalik @malikahmady🔁 Evolution of the Bicycle
Evolution Tina Jackson @TinaJac22661258🔁 The evolution of your favorite soda cans over the decades
Evolution chris b @c_bates14🔁 Abstract titled, "Evolution", by Bob Belz #abstract #abstractart #wacom @FineArtAmerica
EvolutionEvolution bella @marmyte_🔁a bruise Evolution
Evolution Apple World @apple_industry🔁 The stunning 40 year evolution of mobile phones #AppleEvent
jas @jasminermiles🔁 The evolution of Childish Gambino
Evolution dido_cokyu @dayatlo1🔁new $sk21 skull evolution is live, masternodes-mix-dark send-airdrop
Evolution erren elizalde @thelonelybeau🔁a saint//songstress//kilay goalz//thigh goalz//kutis goalz//mega evolution// supermodel @DUALIPA
Evolution British Vogue @BritishVogue🔁Taking his music on tour, Harry Styles has never looked better:
Evolution HuffPost Politics @HuffPostPol🔁Alabama Senate frontrunner Roy Moore: Evolution is fake and homosexuality should be illegal
The Spectator @spectator🔁Nearly every socialist experiment begins with the dream of an equal society and ends with people eating their pets
Basic Evolution @Basic_Evolution🔁BASIC EVOLUTION - THE NIGHT IS ALRIGHT [OFFICIAL AUDIO]: via @YouTube
Ethical Guru @Sourcing_Guru🔁Colette Rivet of at today discussing & cannabis/vaping image:
Juan Carlos Q Velez @VelezNephHepato🔁Evolution made Na taste so damn good. But Na not for everyone. Diuretics make it possible to live and eat for many.
Aman @Amanbadboy77🔁@TaxidriverLon @liberal_leftie @LeeFalconer @KellyCates They are only gone temporarily. You can't stop evolution.
Mukesh Punjabi @MukeshPunjabi6🔁Evolution of complete man: integration of intellectual abilities, physical strength, emotional stability, ethical values- Rev Prof. Satsangi
Rj Manik @rjmanik87🔁Be Part of the (R)evolution
Dennis Mtz @EvAnEsCeNcYa🔁In the first episode of "The Making of Synthesis", hear a bit more about the evolution of the new album!
t @praisebellarke🔁i see no evolution. he looks exactly the same in 2017 as he did in 2006
Ricardo Villadiego @rvilladiego🔁Everything’s bigger in Texas! Come visit us at next week to learn about the Cyxtera Partner Network!
nick @nicksbass13🔁It kinda is. Whites aren't having as many babies as other races. They are killing them selves. Evolution baby.
Daddy Big Bull @DaddyBigBull1🔁@iheartbbcslut Pathetic whitebois. When will they realize that evolution is eliminating them. It's simple natural selection
Sean H.T. Domencic @SeanHTD🔁Prot Science means lies about evolution, climate change, etc

Cath Science means nudity-recognition tech to filter thirst from snapchat

David Joseph @davojrock🔁@U2
Why do u think Fox News added *POLITICAL* 2 your interview? "evolution applied 2 political consciousness"?
Nicola Wright @NicolaMWright🔁Back in the driving seat, Toto enters the Touring Cars Classics event in the iconic 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II!
Enrique @EnriqueNunezOlm🔁Another flashback and, a Transcendental Pendulum Summon?! Another evolution of Pendulum Summon like Overscale Pendulum! Creative Reiji! 😍😆
Blackmail @BlackmailDaBand🔁BREAKING NEWS! Blackmail rocks 2nite @ The Old Miami @ 9pm, opening for Inohs Sivad Evolution, come on out for a hot night of rock-n-soul
Stanislao Cantelli @Stany__92🔁@AnastaciaMusic
Evolution. Why.
"Why ASK why"
"Why US? Why?".
Steekie Nolan @SteekieNolan🔁Of course dinosaurs lived side by side with people. Where do you think The Flintstones got their inspiration?

Beaver Hall Group @Canadian_art🔁So lucky to have found at the book sale! Pivotal writings on the evolution of painting and sculpture in Canada.
Evelyn Walters @canartbuzz🔁So lucky to have found at the book sale! Pivotal writings on the evolution of painting and sculpture in Canada.
evelynwalters @evelynwalters🔁So lucky to have found at the book sale! Pivotal writings on the evolution of painting and sculpture in Canada.
(((Sidney Winston))) @SidneyWinston🔁All gods are imaginary. Evolution is science fact.
James McSherry @occamslastrazor🔁Throwing rubbish out a car window places you below chimps on the evolution scale - fact
Rev. Ken Comfort @RevKenComfort🔁Of course dinosaurs lived side by side with people. Where do you think The Flintstones got their inspiration?


Allan Skerratt @AllanSkerratt🔁Uber is the best thing since sliced bread not renewing their licence is example of halting evolution to keep extortionate black cabs in work
Evolution Stones aren't available until WAY late in the game and are hard to get, so be advised.
Uprising Quotes @BotOfUprising🔁Palutena: It's quite rare for a Pokémon to be more famous in its middle stage than its final evolution.
Flying is Believing @FlyingBelieving🔁The Most Important Scientific Revelation of our Time "Space Is Not Empty, It's The Seat of the Most Violent Physics"
Tony Conrad @FaithFamilyTech🔁Want to guarantee you'll get carded at ? Wear a evolution t-shirt.
Susan Perkins @NYCuratrix🔁Heads up to grads: Hamilton apps for due much earlier than normal. Announcement soon.
JOjo @JOjojosiejay🔁Simply, no! It's called evolution mel, things change, deal with it

dido_cokyu @dayatlo1🔁new $sk21 skull evolution is live, masternodes-mix-dark send-airdrop
Barbara Mc @Roxy4080🔁Alabama Senate Frontrunner. Evolution is Fake and Homosexuality should be Outlawed. All together now. Fuck you!!

Neeraj Khanna @neeraj3🔁Evolution: the constant quest for achieving something bigger and becoming a better version of…
willow mainframe @willowmainframe🔁the core divulged evolution, and the porcupines honoured the light - willow mainframe - (53553) - (42441) - (96780)
Jeeves Williams @jeeveswilliams🔁I’ve enjoyed the gradual evolution of @kennimarmi from Twitter mutual to iMessage acquaintance to good friend to US—México postal service.
AlexandraNovosseloff @DeSachenka🔁China’s evolution into a leader in UN peackeeping contributions is quite something.
MCHL CYN @falahismchlcyn🔁I liked a @YouTube video Logo Evolution: Rede Globo (1965-Present) (Part 1/2)
Don Johnson @offgrid2010🔁Refusal 2 accept the concept of evolution is part of that denial. We do have animalistic/even canabalistic instincts just below the surface
Tom Bishton @tombishton🔁😍 loving the new album from . Some would say I’m overplaying it.. but I ask is that even possible? 😂
Damien Mulley ¸ @damienmulley🔁You don't have to be map nerd like me to love this 🔥 conversation about past + future of maps podcast 🗺️
Lucky Leo!! @Leo_Zeke🔁Shuhei Yasuda sure is giving Misty an extra nice treatment, he even animated her Mega Evolution move.
Damjan Plamenac @DamjanPlamenac🔁@vicenews Rather extinct one Trump (there's more where those shits came from) instead of billions of years of evolution.
Nemiah Ladd @NemiahLadd🔁Using hybridizing stickleback mesocosms to quantify the complex dynamics at the intersection of ecology & evolution.
Juice Ari @ArinnarTV🔁@Ms_Nope @thegermgerm EVOLUTION
💕 👑 💕 @SakuraCandy06🔁 the evolution of #tvxq this makes me soooo much miss the old days 😢
Jive Battersea @JiveBattersea🔁 Be wary of swamp monsters! #runescape17 @ Battersea Evolution
Markov ebooks @markov_ebooks🔁The evolution of significantly more likely applications Markov chain starting in the social simulation literature refers to
nick @nicksbass13🔁@Socia1politica1 @ShawnaLeneeShow You're scared that whites will be 8% o the population, not the majority. That's evolution.
Basic Evolution @Basic_Evolution🔁BASIC EVOLUTION - LOST IN WONDERLAND [OFFICIAL AUDIO]: via @YouTube
Dave Ling @CoachDLing🔁You see what I'm dealing with ... they call this evolution. The younger generation comes along & I'm nearing obsole scence.
Bommy Cha @bommycha🔁The Evolution of Women in Stock Photos via @nytimes
Marilyn Hallihan @MarilynHallihan🔁Links to critical reviews of the film 'Food Evolution' from academics & others - good resource
Tim Janssen @TimJan67🔁Beauty Products Marketed to Black Women Contain More Dangerous Chemicals, Study Says via @collectiveevol
Kai @ Animate @chupakaibra🔁People who don't like casseroles are wrong and weak and evolution is coming for them


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