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España almale @almale🔁what... @elpais_espana
España Mundo Deportivo @mundodeportivo🔁FINAL: #POR 3-3 #ESP #Rusia2018
España Ika @Ika97984488🔁 ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡GOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL DE #España !!!!!!!
EspañaEspaña dick pate @dickpate69🔁 I am supporting Spain this year for the World Cup...c’mon boys! Viva españa! 🇪🇸😈😍😘 G x
Federico Toral 🏀 @fedetoral🔁

98-91 (1-1)
J3: Domingo

RM: Carroll 16pts(3/4trip), Thompkins 16pts, Ayón 14pts-10reb
6pts-2reb-4a s-2rec

B: Janning 18pts(6/6trip), Diop 16pts, Poirier 12pts

Tolaas Bluue @TolaasBluue🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Cristina Ramos Highway to Hell Got Talent España
Poa-Producciones @EDeportiva🔁⁠ ⁠
Golazo de
Gol de Portugal
🇵🇹3⃣vs 3⃣🇪🇸

⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠
Poa-Producciones @EDeportiva🔁⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠
Final de un partidazo
🇵🇹3⃣vs 3⃣🇪🇸

⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠
Paul Brookes @pb70mcr🔁Dropped a massive bollock, wouldn't swap him for anyone. I imagine he's getting loads of shit in Espana
DreamCatcher is Coming @ArielStrokes🔁Blackpink 6 en tendencias España. Bts could never
Frenando @Hondoncity🔁@StrongerYce @miniA3 @dr_Sacristan @Icomem_Oficial @OMC_Espana ¿Chiste?
maybe im joking...maybe im not @screwyoumegn🔁First of all, lemme pat myself on the back for calling that tie. I knew Ronaldo was gon come out to prove some shit.
But Portugal not winning bc they did a 4-4-2 & still got scored on 3 times & España def not winning bc they left 4 back & Ronaldo still got clean looks
Ruby Gutierrez @thegeek104🔁@WildpipM I was going for España
[WC] Annie (애니) @hyunnieebee🔁Well at least it was a tied. Good job Espana
Vincent Dikole @dvince_19🔁Take away nothing from David De Gea though, he’s still the best in the game. Busquets is so massively important for Espana, incredible even. And then there’s ISCO disco 🔥🔥.. lest we forget Don Andres, he’s still got it. Class is permanent
Joe Alessi @alessismore64🔁The director of the Portugal v Spain missed a trick when Ronaldo's wonder goal went in, all we all wanted to see was Sergio Ramos' face.. (is there a GIF where a huge pile of dogshit lands on his head? If only)
Lluis F. Santandreu @LudwigSF🔁Sorry but this time I will not agree with you hahaha. VIVA ESPAÑA, FORCE SPAIN! 🇪? ?
NCummings @biobitchnc🔁Dear twitter fam, I apologize in advance if over the next month my feed gets a little futball heavy. I don’t sports m uch but the beautiful game and I have a thing. You understand.
Marisa Tacoma @MarisaTacoma🔁@eric_espana Miss Vanje for LIFE!!! She's my ringtone now. I hope she comes back for all Stars.

What was your fave look?

zengreenyoda @zengreenyoda🔁, Cristiano Ronaldo, The Assassin from Madeira, the ballon d’or, the Champions league trophy collector, the big game hitter, the prince of Madeira, the king of Madridismo, the greatest Madrid player strikes vs La Roja Espana with fury, clinical precision, focus.
Noel J Decan @noeldecan1🔁@EliperezCNN Not a CR7 fan but had to admit his direct "sombrerito" kick to tie vs España today was perfect. Damn!
maxlan @maxlanmadokaa🔁
Resumen de la Jornada
🇪🇬 0⃣ - 1⃣ 🇺🇾
🇲🇦 0⃣ - 1⃣ 🇮🇷
🇵🇹3⃣ - 3⃣🇪🇸
Seguí todos los partidos minuto a minuto por

maxlan @maxlanmadokaa🔁 NACHOOOO..What a goal!! #Espana 3-2 #Portugal..
Zohaib Qureshi 🇵🇰 @ZohaibQureshii🔁Do retweet with name of your favourite team
Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷
Vai Brasil 🇧🇷
Forca Portugal 🇵🇹
auf geht's deuts chland 🇩🇪
Allez les bleus 🇫🇷
Come on Belgium 🇧🇪
Vamos espana 🇪🇸
Come on england 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
🇪🇬 شجع مصر

Global News Report @robinsnewswire🔁Who knew a tie could be so exciting? Had an awesome Friday lunch watching Portugal vs. Spain!
JESS ♥️ @jessey_espana🔁I love how skinny you feel first thing in the morning before you eat & then you eat a cheerio and it’s like helllllllloooo Shamu
Silver R. @nomnommtl🔁Wow! What a nail bitter, I was sure a draw but a 3-3 draw that I didn’t expect! But still TG a draw! Lol
Cyrux Zero Kowalski @Cyrux0Kowalski🔁 REAL

THE NOVEMBERISH 🇳🇬 @beads100🔁Day 2 Reflection 3 3, interesting game, rooted with skills, determination from the highest order, great rivalry, surely both have things in common, both still have things to offer in this tournament, surely both have great potential to progress
Garrett Johnsen @GarrettJohnsen🔁Deutscheland. Belgium. España.

The only teams I care about in The World Cup.

Tom @tomwhitfield87🔁Watching that Nacho goal on a loop from now until the end of time #WorldCup #España
🇧🇷 كاراكتر بيگانه 🇦🇷 @Ensanbodam🔁@mdbisha90 :))) so what are you going to do with espana :))) ?
Kyle Hudson @KyleJHudson🔁Today proved he is the best in the world. Never give up, never surrender. Hat trick against was beautiful.
BiShA 🇲🇦 @mdbisha90🔁@Ensanbodam Don’t be happy that much 😒españa wait for you 🤫
ًa🏳️‍🌈 @Igbtaedie🔁@ericnamofficial SI ES ASI VIENES EN ESPANA BABY WE WAITING FOR YOU
jocelyne-#SOSNICARAGUA @_jocelyneg🔁My dad calls me since he knows I'm watching the game. Here's how the conversation plays out:

Pops: Esta ganando Espanã?
Me: No. La Cristina echo el gol los primero 5 minutos
Pops: A la gran puta!!! Coma mierda

Ste Unsworth @steunny🔁not keen on but my days delivered a sublime hat-trick to equalise against Espana. 👏👏👏
rossidubs @rossiw77🔁It's not just Sunday league that you get tackles like this. 🙊 Ferrao knocked out and had to be taken off. He's okay today though 🙏

Demetrio Imedio @driverjoa🔁 Cabify What the hell is wrong with your client service? All I get is e-mails saying that I have to write within a certain line. You charged me twice for the same ride. This is costing me more time than it is worth. I'm expecting something in return.
Abdulrahman @hamanney87🔁Cristiano Ronaldo ‘always believed’ he would score a hat-trick vs after his last-gasp free kick for
Emilio @emilio_moreno🔁An AI simulated 100,000 World Cups and predicted who's going to win this year! Y sale España! Bufff... se acaba de c aer mi fe en el machine learning!
now you know i aint one to gossip but @goodmoarning_🔁Praying game strong between Spain, Portugal, and Mexico during the games. Let’s see who la virgencita sends la Rosa t o
#Piesie77_Herrera @piesie_mcboafo🔁that sensational hat-trick from for against just bought a huge pressure for !!!
The Trying 30s @thetrying30s🔁Who knew a tie could be so exciting? Had an awesome Friday lunch watching Portugal vs. Spain!
Domain Name Market @dnmarketplace🔁Good domain possibility?: www.España vs ?? Its trending on google...
🦋 @mixedchiicc🔁@Subtweetg0d Ayy hold up, did you justtt now put España in your name? You’s a trip😂😂
Sam Brand @SamNBrand🔁Let’s and let’s talk about THAT goal. We take inspiration from all areas of society and people living with Type 1 doing their thing... Nacho just did his... ¡Hala España! 🇪🇸 Diagnosed with T1D at 12... scoring in the at 28. ⚽️
Basu Gopal @BasuNephro🔁I really think Portugal 🇵🇹 has a better shot of winning then Espana. But my favorite is Iran 🇮🇷 because plant-based therapies seem to be more exciting
Play @

Pablo Olivera @Olivera4Congres🔁Another day of "World Cup 2018" futbal games in RUSIA.The "BEATIFUL GAME" "JUEGO BONITO"continues to show its attract ion of many people. RUSSIA won the opening game 5 to 0.The BEST game so far was the one to day between ESPANA and PORTUGAL that ended with a tide game 3,3
Anna Casademunt 🎆 @Anna96Casad🔁VENTAS OFICIALES de DISCOS de ESPAÑA 🇪🇸
Semana 23 (1 a 6 de junio, 2018)
4️⃣ 💿💿💿💿
5️⃣ 🔇

Diego Antonio @Diego_Antonio14🔁World Cup Russia 2018 | Portugal vs España Spain | 3-3 | Highlights | HD
APA@Comcast @APAComcast🔁Comcast is ready for the World Cup! Check out your favorite teams on & set your settings to receive text alerts on when they are playing!!


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