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Mainá Itê Navarro @MainaIte🔁 Here




#FridayFeeling Thundercats #EndangeredSpeciesDay

NY Wolf Center @nywolforg🔁BREAKING NEWS!
Mexican gray wolf Rosa made a priceless contribution to the recovery of her rare + at-risk species – s twitter.com he had 9 pups (6 boys + 3 girls)! Beyond being cute, the critically endangered kiddos represent the success of the Endangered Species Act.
WWF UK @wwf_uk🔁It's - and here are 5 of many species in decline. 💔 We must continue doing all we can to tackle the threats our ama twitter.com zing wildlife face.
NRDC 🌎 @NRDC🔁We don’t remember anyone voting to kill elephants, bears, and whales in the 2016 election, but that’s become part of twitter.com Trump’s agenda. These iconic species shouldn’t die in the name of big-game hunters and corporate interests. Act Now:
Bolsterturf @Bolsterturf🔁 -Jane Goodall one of my favorite person in this world for her work on Primatology..she's one of few dedicated person & an inspiration for generations to come 💖💎🦈🦖🦋🐬🐻🐾🐧🐘🦏🐼🦅
John Holmes @jhaue🔁This , meet the Striped Legless , Delma impar. The decline of these beautiful little lizards is symptomatic of the loss of Victoria's grassland ecosystems to industry, housing and agriculture.

LARRY Ⓥ @larrryfisher🔁Today we will lose 200 species of plant, insects, birds and mammals.

WE are the causation of such destruction.

Animals are not:
Or clothes

Their home is not there to be decimated and their babies are not their to be stolen.

Liu wai ling @liuwailng423🔁BREAKING NEWS!
Mexican gray wolf Rosa made a priceless contribution to the recovery of her rare + at-risk species – she had 9 pups (6 boys + 3 girls)! Beyond being cute, the critically endangered kiddos represent the success of the Endangered Species Act.
Mother of Porgs @MrsVoorhees🔁An Amur Leopard for

Can you suggest a reliable organization where I could donate towards Amur Leopards?

Scott Robinson @DScottRobinson🔁Bald eagles have bounced back from the brink of extinction. Their success is proof that diligent conservation efforts do make a difference! We all play a part in .
sʌn (səˈgeɪʃəs) @534f57494c4f0a🔁Twitter deleted this tweet from ? I wonder why?

UnderwaterWales @UnderwaterWales🔁The Angel is on of our most endangered species in the UK – declared extinct in the North sea but can still be found in the South West and Welsh waters. More information on
Susan Vinten @SueVinten🔁It's - and here are 5 of many species in decline. 💔 We must continue doing all we can to tackle the threats our amazing wildlife face.
Nick @nickbutcher88🔁Rhino poaching in South Africa alone has increased by 9000% over the last decade 🦏

Let's all work together to rid the world of poaching. Retweet to end poaching.

Amy🖤Ⓥ#FBPE @AhForFoxSake🔁 HERE'S why meat consumption is causing mass wildlife extinction 😢🐘🐆🦏🦒🦓 #EndangeredSpeci peta.org.uk esDay
Francis Masse @GeoFrancisMasse🔁A good read for today - how to work with and support local communities initiatives as central to tackling
Shaun Cowling @ShaunCowling🔁100 years ago there were 100,000+ wild tigers roaming the planet and they were nowhere close to being endangered. Now there are as few as 3,800 and they are severely endangered.

Vani @ZVaniav🔁Today is . Lolita was abducted from her family in the ocean 47 years ago. She now lives in the SMALLEST orca tank in the world 😢
... @am_fatahillah🔁Today is & . We took this as a clear sign to dedicate today to sawfish
Sawfish are 1 of the ocean's most critically endangered groups of elasmobranchs.
Learn about Sawfish biology at
Jill Langhus-Griffin @jlanghus🔁Almost 1500 bird species face extinction and we’re to blame act.gp
Stephen Warman @StephenWarman🔁Vultures make up 5% of the Top 100 EDGE birds. The California Condor is #4, the Red-headed Vulture is #36, the Hooded Vulture is #38, the White-headed Vulture is #58, and the Egyptian Vulture is #73.

Brian's Tale @brianstale🔁Are you scared of sharks? Our zebra shark pups will have you going from 😱to 😍 in no time!
Beth Pinheiro @beth_mpinheiro🔁Today is
member zoos and aquariums around the world are dedicated to saving species from extinction.

Image by:

Juha Manssila @jutamans🔁We are the last generation to help save some of Earth’s most iconic species from disappearing.

Take action for :

Cristina Hiba @cristinahiba🔁“Let us develop respect for all living things. Let us try to replace violence and intolerance with understanding and compassion and love.” ― Dr. Jane Goodall

Krista Sayeau @rambling911🔁Because we want our grandchildren to share our world with the amazing animals we know and love today.
LucyPevensie Ex-GOP @LP6801🔁 Happy #EndangeredSpeciesDay to all my fellow "Never Trump" conservatives... all 23 of us who still standing.
UnderwaterWales @UnderwaterWales🔁Would you eat an species? Some fish such as the European Eel are more endangered than snow leopards but still appear on restaurant menus. Check our fish list to see which threatened or endangered species to avoid
53 c3 a9 72 67 69 6f @SARS096🔁At this moment, somewhere in the world, even though it's , poachers are taking mothers from their babies
Anthony Santamaria @liberty_me🔁 The British people are an endangered species due to mass migration.

Royal weddings are always political & propaganda princes are nothing new, but using a prince to promote the destruction of his own people is novel.

Thomas Silvester @ThomasSilveste1🔁Incredible movement study shows 1 individual spent time in 8 countries & 6,000 km in 1 month by 1 bird, making them hard to protect! Vultures are critical for healthy ecosystems & are regularly poisoned through human-carnivore conflict.
Dee Adams @DeeAdam50297555🔁Since 2000, over 1 million endangered pangolins have been taken from the wild.

We've teamed up with and their remarkable rodents to help sniff out pangolin trafficking

Beth Lundy @whovian_0229🔁We are experiencing the 6th mass extinction on earth and our precious wildlife is disappearing faster than ever.
This we appreciate all of the Wildlife Warriors helping to save our planet’s beautiful creatures. 🐅🌿🌍
Dr.Surabhi Agarwal @agarwal_surabhi🔁Today is , an opportunity for people of all ages to learn about the importance of conserving endangered species and everyday actions they can take to help protect them.
Q #PatriotsUnite “Off with their heads!” @RedPilledGal🔁Let’s talk?!? Know your rights!
John Skardzius @jskardzius🔁Today on , learn how snow leopard selfies and AI can help save the species from extinction:
Tom Fitton @fittontom🔁EDGE of Existence is the only conservation initiative in the world which aims to protect the world's most unique and evolutionarily distinct species before it is too late. Read more about the science behind EDGE here:
Laura Underwood @laurajayne161🔁Would you believe this tiny bird is one of the world's most threatened species? Due to illegal hunting and habitat loss the spoon-billed sandpiper is in serious danger of extinction. Find out what you can do to help us save it >
Dwayne Walker @DelVal_DirAdmit🔁conservation & animals are so important. that’s why i’m studying zoology at next year and also hopefully conservation and wildlife management. we need to keep our amazing animals and environment here with us!🌎🦒🐼🐯🐝🦈🦏🐆
Rapunzel @Bekie_O🔁I'm the BIGGEST fish in the sea! Please PROTECT and SAVE me. There has been significant population declines in whale shark numbers from ongoing human impacts including fishing and boat strikes 😟🐋🦈
Jenn Harper🌹 @jadedragon26102🔁The Endangered Species Act has helped many species dodge extinction but it's under attack—how much trouble is it in?
Mauricio Lopez @mauilopezp🔁On , we must reaffirm our conservation efforts to protect ’s endangered/threatened species & their habitats like the American alligator, sea turtles, the panther, and coral reefs.
olina s.r. @O_Radimer_S🔁 Last July, FOUR PAWS helped care for the adorable Borneo orangutan baby Gonda. Gonda was found next to his deceased mother near a palm oil plantation. Borneo orangutans are , in large, because of massive habitat loss.
53 c3 a9 72 67 69 6f @SARS096🔁There are 373 North Atlantic Right left. Last year 17 were killed from boat strikes, more from fishing gear entanglement. NO CALVES WERE BORN THIS YEAR. Trump wants to allow sonic blasting oil exploration in their territory.
Dudley Doright @LuciDavies🔁It's ! It is important to respect animals and the environment. In return, you receive the greatest gift of all: a healthy and beautiful world. 🌍
☯️KRSN☯️ @AdamicPro11🔁These aren't just animals, THESE ARE PEOPLE, family we have hunted for style, pride, and false chivalry.

When the l twitter.com ast tiger leaves, so do I.

danny williams @dpwilli52🔁The Disney Conservation Fund is focused on saving wildlife for future generations by working with leading conservation organizations to stabilize & increase the populations of at-risk animals including apes, elephants, and tigers.
Dee Adams @DeeAdam50297555🔁A lot of people might not be aware that African lions are an endangered species. Our work aims to halt the decline of African . Who's with us? 🙋🦁
Klaus Riede @KlausRiede🔁Today is !
Join & celebrate the successes achieved thanks to the Endangered Species Act.

Vegan Tweets @VeganRTThe latest TheVegan🔁//paper.li/VeganRT/1387328994?edition_id=0b38cde0-5b55-11e8-9031-0cc47a0d15fd" target="_blank">paper.li Thanks to @TheGayVegans #endangeredspeciesday #vegan
Norman Revill @normrev🔁This illustration of a sloth is taken from 's Alphabeasts, first published in 1990. The Pygmy three-toed sloth is sadly critically endangered.
Enya deFeijter @enya_defeijter🔁Today is Did you know that 6 out of the 7 species of sea turtles are globally critically threatened or endangered? Learn more about sea turtle conservation at
Joe Caruso @JoeCarusoGuitar🔁The latest The Joe Caruso Daily! paper.li #royalwedding #endangeredspeciesday
Mohamed Abdi Hassan @mabdihassan🔁Rhino poaching in South Africa alone has increased by 9000% over the last decade 🦏

Read about our work to protect endangered species and

fz / Fuzisawa @fz_fuzisawa🔁Let me show you a picture of Adrianna who is an amur leopard. One of my very distant relatives. It is and they like so many other species need protecting (pic from treasury_cat on instagram)
Social Mkting East @SMarketingeast🔁The latest SMarketingeast Daily! paper.li #endangeredspeciesday #royalwedding
Shannon Nicole @shannonsshelves🔁Studies show that close to 800 species, including endangered ones, are known to have been impacted by plastic pollution. Here, provides an eye-opening read that’s more than timely for .
Mayank Singh 😎 @mayanksingh19f1🔁Meet the women committed to protecting wildlife and forging beauty from brutality along the way on.natgeo.com
SinmaraDesign @SinmaraDesign🔁. I'm making a roar to this ! Join me: p2a.co
Nili Majumder @NiliMajumder🔁Today is !
Join & celebrate the successes achieved thanks to the Endangered Species Act.
Jorge Ulises Garcia @jorgeulises0475🔁Shark populations are declining around the globe, with over 140 species of listed as endangered, threatened, or near threatened by extinction. 😔🦈


Seana K. Magee @skmagee🔁, , & other diverse & magnificent species may all disappear within our lifetimes. presents us with an opportunity to reflect on why we need to give the priority status it deserves!
regine ruelle @reginersl🔁Black rhinos are critically endangered. Yet, hunters pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to kill them for gruesome trophy prizes. 💔🦏

This , stand with us to end trophy hunting & save these gentle giants from extinction:

Felix Olusola Abayomi @FelixWildlife🔁May 18th is , a chance for people of all ages to learn about the importance of protecting endangered species and how our actions they can help protect them.

Illegal trade is a criminal industry worth more than £6 billion yearly.


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