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Shannon Donahey @rembike🔁 Today is #EndangeredSpeciesDay. See what it takes to help save endangered rhinos in Nepal.
#EndangeredSpeciesDay ⓚⓐⓘⓩⓔⓛ @kaizel_witchie🔁 Chimpanzees should NOT be used for animal research. RT if you agree! 🙈 #EndangeredSpeciesDay
#EndangeredSpeciesDay Kyle Kryszcel Kirby @Kyle_xy03🔁 #EndangeredSpeciesDay List of the MOST threatened #Elasmobranch families (Dulvy et al 2014)
#EndangeredSpeciesDay 🌸 @ShineHato🔁 Today is #EndangeredSpeciesDay, so here is the majestic snow leopard ❄️
#EndangeredSpeciesDay Angela Svensen @AngelaSvensen🔁 If animals could speak, mankind
would weep...
- Anthony Douglas Williams
#EndangeredSpeciesDay frances sims @SimsFrances🔁 'Panda' porpoise could be extinct In months #EndangeredSpeciesDay
#EndangeredSpeciesDay Jayce Edwards @jayce_edwards🔁 Why do musicians love this rare blue butterfly? #EndangeredSpeciesDay Because its a Fender.
PETA @peta🔁Lolita was stolen from her family in the ocean 46+ years ago. She now lives in the TINIEST orca tank in the US 😢
George Takei @GeorgeTakei🔁Republicans who put country above party are an endangered species. Those who represent a blue district are soon to be. #EndangeredSpeciesDay
CITES @CITES🔁It's today! With our collective efforts, we're on right track to , but more needs to be done!
Armando Díaz V @v_nightryderb🔁It's our duty to protect the incredible wildlife we share our planet with. Not only on but every day!
Claudia Novoa C. @CnSathya🔁It's today! With our collective efforts, we're on right track to , but more needs to be done!
Virginia Roberson @GinnyRoberson🔁 Prachi Mehta on the Forest Owlet which faces threats from deforestation and superstition
Jo Scheuer @ScheuerJo🔁It's ! 🦏 poaching increased by 9000% in 10 years and half of world’s was lost in last 40 years.
Ekpere Nwankwo @EkpereNwankwo🔁Biafra in danger Storms Biafran Women Conference In Abiriba,Strips Them Naked
Lali @laliargentina🔁For many animals, time is running out. On , see what you can do to help them:
vegetarien bio🌳 @PatriotMalien🔁On , see how you can help raise awareness about animals at risk:
maldift @aldifahrial🔁Today is , these creatures are in great peril and we could lose them forever! All because of us! Humans! 🌍🥀
Erna F. Angdamdewi N @angdamdewi🔁There are fewer than 700 Sumatran tigers in the wild. On , see how you can help:
Shakira Stowers @ShakkAttackk🔁SO, today is . You'll be shocked, SHOCKED I'm sure, about my favourite ES: (manta are Vulnerable)
Dale @1Trumpeteer🔁It's crucial to recognize mentally stable liberals on

Most have abandoned principle & filled the void w/ spite.

Michele 🇺🇸⚾ @MickyGreen01🔁 That's Joe Manchin. He is a member of the most endangered of all species: A Decent Democrat. They will soon be extinct
🌟☁️ @politicalbun🔁Happy ! I made this pixel art poster of diverse US endangered species. I even pixeled a lichen.
Hiromi @ourheartswill🔁US: There are more endangered animals than ever. Here's what to know on via
Rouge Radiant @RougeRadiant🔁 On #EndangeredSpeciesDay
learn how @CITES works towards achieving the #GlobalGoals:
lutz @EmilyELutz🔁The Arctic Fox. Look at this cute little guy romping along on the Arctic tundra. Save him!
Wildlife Film News @Wildlife_Film🔁Wildlife Film News Daily is out! :) Stories via @darahhansen @vmitv @mcsuk #endangeredspeciesday #wildlife
Natro @LycoPsycho🔁By 2020 world will have lost 67% of its wildlife. Please RT to put this under spotlight on 👪🌍
The Cat @r2n1151🔁Our new People's Party is worried about 🐘🐝🦍🐅 NOT Pay 💰 Day.
Are you in? Sign the petition:
Mona Stepczyk @mstepczyk🔁Now THAT is a

Great Friend!!!

🐢 🐢 🐢 🐢 🐢

Leah Rutherford @DQ8FpsoW6GrqgdH🔁Endangered and threatened and fish always need healthy , not just

Luna Hasnaa Hermosa @LunaMaripposa🔁There are millions of animal species, but man is the only animal​ capable of destroying them all...💀

JFT96 @KIRKBYKNOWSLEY🔁Today is > spare a thought for the miserable sods whose job it was to write & market the vacuous/ dull !
LambertGlowbug 2 @lambertglowbug2🔁My highest respect to save so many endangered species. Unfortunately, honest politicians are now extinct.
Devang Vyas @devanghvyas🔁What will it take before you act.
Reduce your consumption
Be kind to nature
Teach the children

Daniel Martin Moore @danielmmoore🔁Six sea turtles species – all protected by the Endangered Species Act – call U.S. waters home
Elizabeth Hogan @EHHogan🔁Avoid if you don't want to support this to . Take action for :
kristie @krw73x🔁 More than half of all wildlife will be gone by 2020. #EndangeredSpeciesDay
Becky Walden @rdwalden🔁Attracting native insects like bees and butterflies can help pollinate your plants!
Neish @neish397🔁Only 3 pairs of hen harrier bred in England last year, when there should be over 300 pairs
Francine Ffolkes @frnff🔁The latest ALL_ENVIRONMENT DAILY! #florida #endangeredspeciesday
Naughty Bastard @NaughtyBastard🔁This celebrate the miraculous recovery of the once critically endangered Porno Bush.
Shawna Bourke @ShawnaBourke🔁The latest The Shawna Bourke Daily! #endangeredspeciesday #cdnpoli
Fatma Öncü @Fatmanc7🔁A world without the Endangered Species Act, is a world without Mexican wolves. It's , a day to honor the ESA
Sheila Costello @SheilaCostello6🔁23,000 species are threatened w/extinction.
Who agrees we need to come together to save them?!

Kinsey @orcasla🔁For : action shots of my main work species - Coho Salmon - attempting to complete their life cycle. Elk R. Humboldt
Sheila Costello @SheilaCostello6🔁 Do I count? I'm the very last male northern white rhino - could use a little help.....
seopocalypse ♡SEOLO♡ @apatheticwoot🔁On , we’re highlighting success stories that offer a glimmer of hope amid the extinction crisis
Tyler Rockers @TylerRockers🔁On , it’s important we take a moment to reflect on the significant population decline within the Democratic party.
Suentassu @anonyymi77🔁Whites are a global minority and our countries are being flooded with non-whites. End
Sheila Costello @SheilaCostello6🔁This , join 's and to help protect tigers! Learn more >>
Shannon Donahey @rembike🔁These turtles could get off the endangered species with the help of satellite tagging. 🐢

Dan Fortenbaugh @dan_fortenbaugh🔁“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.” - Gandhi 🌊😀🦈


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